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Cam Gigandet: Family Fun!

Cam Gigandet: Family Fun!

Cam Gigandet takes out his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and their 5-month-old daughter Everleigh Gigandet out for some shopping in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 8).

The 27-year-old Twilight hottie has been keeping busy working on multiple films.

Cam‘s next movie to be released will be the alien sci-fi horror flick Pandorum. Recently, the producer of the film, Paul Anderson, shared a little bit with MTV about the role Cam plays in the film.

“For fans of Twilight, there’s a scene where Cam‘s completely naked,” Paul said. “He’s covered in blood, of course. There’s more Cam nudity in this than there is in Twilight!”

Pandorum hits theaters September 25.

FYI: Cam & Dominque are using their Baby Bjorn carrier and Bugaboo stroller!

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47 Responses to “Cam Gigandet: Family Fun!”

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  1. 26
    cici Says:


    wow good come back, no just a huge fan who cares.

    @illara: he goes all over filming movies, has a family who he loves and they support him, his life is great.
    and dude i get the james thing but this isnt james it’s cam. and cam and dom are a family and seems some of you are maybe jealous, and some just may be ********. cam knows from family and friends who read up about him online, what is being said about him and dom and they dont care. you are wasting your time, nothing is going to change. cam and dom are together and have a daughter get over it. cam and dom have lots of people out there who love them, their daughter. cam has many fans who support his career and relationship i talk to them a lot.

    like i said b4 ppl who just go on looks will be disappointed and alone, looks arent everything ppl need to learn that.

    you people dont know cam or dom, you dont know their lives.

  2. 27
    lucy Says:

    god cam is so damn sexy

    i wish i was dominique, she’s beautiful and cam’s girlfriend and mother of cam’s beautiful little girl. dominique is lucky, i’m jealous.

    that one great looking family and bloody naked cam, pandorum here i come. plus i cant wait to see all of his upcoming movies, he has been really busy these past months.

  3. 28
    camgigandetlover Says:

    cam is so damn amazing. he’s a great actor, great father, great person. he is a big sweetheart. he’s whole family is sweet. dominique is a lovely person she’s sweet. and everleigh is a little cutie pie.

    cant wait to see pandorum.

  4. 29
    sue Says:

    cam gigandet hell yea

    beautiful family

  5. 30
    ivanka Says:

    @ashleyrose: ditto

  6. 31
    Aùberii Says:

    So so so so cuuute :D .

  7. 32
    nicolegold Says:


  8. 33
    britney Says:

    who cares what she looks like? he has a baby to take care of now and thats a big problem. i feel bad for him to be in this situation. he had to grow up fast. cici seems to know the family and i find it odd that they would go online and read peoples comments. why would they care and if they do, thats a sad life. we are just kids that enjoy jj site. i am a fan of twilight but not cam.

  9. 34
    britney Says:

    is she latina? the baby looks latina

  10. 35
    britney Says:

    honestly i don’t see cam in his kid one bit.

  11. 36
    heather Says:

    simple. cam is hot. she is not.

  12. 37
    cici Says:


    i dont know the family, i wish i know the family but i dont. if your not a fan of cam’s the what the hell are you doing commenting on him, just leave him and dom alone. cam is 27 years old he is a grown man can date whoever he wants and can have a kid he and dom are grown and great parents. look at everleigh you can see both cam and dom in everleigh, everleigh looks like both mom and dad. cam has said that he doesnt read what people say about him online, but that he has family and friends that read what is said online and they tell him what they read, so yea cam knows what is said about him, he hears from friends he doesnt read it himself. and still after hearing it, it doesnt brother him he doesnt care, he is happy living his life with his family happy.

    simple cam loves and wants to be with her. he finds her beautiful.

    like i said above i listen to what cam said’s in interviews and what pictures tell me. i dont know the family, wish i did but i dont.

  13. 38
    casey Says:

    cam gigandet and his girlfriend are both sexy/beautiful and they make great looking baby.
    cant wait to see pandorum and the rest of cam’s movies.
    leave cam and dom alone they have done nothing to you, they are just happy and loving their lives. they know their problems and they can work them out.
    cam has found dominique beautiful for four years, no matter what you say cam and dom are together

  14. 39
    Kristina Says:

    @CICI: i love u.
    and people (haters) u are retarded, seriously. how could u say that aBABY is ugly? OH MY GOD! ok u could say that about girl, but she isnt ugly too, but about baby?? u people are stupid.

  15. 40
    cici Says:


    how sweet, someone who loves me, thank girl. the ppl are really just haters who have nothing better to do.

  16. 41
    cici Says:


    how sweet, someone who loves me, thank girl. the ppl are really just haters who have nothing better to do.

  17. 42
    Alice Says:

    no wonder he wanted to dump her ass

  18. 43
    cici Says:

    you heard that where online with all the other false rumors

  19. 44
    redneck Says:

    kara, taylor, fatface, kell who cares what you think, my guess is you’re a pack of fat *******…bet i’m right, you sound jealous.

    beautiful family, Cam is HOT

  20. 45
    redneck Says:

    @illara: illone, maybe this is his idea of fun, just cause your life sucks, dosn’t mean his should. I think he’d disagree with you…you should tell him yourself, his life sucks

  21. 46
    Syllabam Says:

    Cam and his family are darling. His wife looks like an interesting character…

    I have seen Cam in Twilight and “Never Back Down”. I have thought that he was type cast and was a one trick pony. I just watched “Pandorum” and I have to say that this boy is built and beautiful – BUT – he is a very INTENSE actor! Kudo’s to Cam for his performances. When you consider his roles and characters in all his films up to now – he knows how to produce; he is quite an actor!

  22. 47
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    very nic…

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