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Jennifer Aniston: Love Happens!

Jennifer Aniston: Love Happens!

Jennifer Aniston shines in a Valentino dress and Louboutin shoes at the Los Angeles premiere of Love Happens at Mann’s Village Theater on Tuesday (September 15).

The 40-year-old actress, who was accompanied on the red carpet by co-star Aaron Eckhart, recently shared about her interest in motivational and self-help books. “I’m always going to be interested if somebody gives me a self-help book,” she told Parade. “I’ll at least give it the first couple of pages because sometimes they speak and sometimes they don’t. But they’re worth investigating.”

On fans never getting enough of celebrities, Jen said, “It’s embarrassing that people are focused so much and putting so much money into gossip magazines to escape. The paparazzi and the magazines deserve their share of the blame, but they’re just supplying a demand. It’s unfortunate that people don’t care that they’ve been lied to, they don’t care that they’re being sort of messed with and not given the full truth. They buy them anyway.”

35+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the Love Happens premiere…

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jennifer aniston love happens 21
jennifer aniston love happens 22
jennifer aniston love happens 23
jennifer aniston love happens 24
jennifer aniston love happens 25
jennifer aniston love happens 26
jennifer aniston love happens 27
jennifer aniston love happens 28
jennifer aniston love happens 29
jennifer aniston love happens 30
jennifer aniston love happens 31
jennifer aniston love happens 32
jennifer aniston love happens 33
jennifer aniston love happens 34
jennifer aniston love happens 35
jennifer aniston love happens 36
jennifer aniston love happens 37
jennifer aniston love happens 38
jennifer aniston love happens 39

Photos: Michael Caulfield/Getty, Adriana M. Barraza/WENN
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  • boo


  • black

    And you buy them too Jen.

  • R.

    Lovely.. Just stunning..

  • fugster

    I like Rachel but she’s really looking old & dry already. The one that is still looking good about her is just her hair…

  • bigheart

    oh what a poor premiere , so talentless , she’s totally can’t act

  • pepper

    gougous, ageless, healthy, happy looking, aw she is so adorable, and not jutting bones of protuding viens how refreshing.
    Jen is awesome!!!! The movie was good to, I recomend seeing it!!!!!

  • Anlgsp

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! She’s stunning! :D

  • dopey

    she still sucks. why is she still talking?

  • so fake

    So plastic and fake. Could she be a bigger drama queen? She’s all for stirring the sh!t to get noticed and stay in the rag magz.

  • so fake

    Even her hair is fake as Paris H.

  • serena87

    yes like a pork with a apple in mouth!
    how can you say about this woman stunning…????
    AGELESS??????yes with lot of botox
    HEALTHY? with 2 chef mmmm
    HAPPY LOOKING? She has love in life a beautiful family kids…well of course she loves just herself….
    AWESOME MOVIE..what????? shit happens???????????

  • whatever

    Eat your heart out Brad Pitt!

  • lennie

    you are the QUEEN of how to use the rags so shut up Chinnifer!

  • gem15

    Not a fan, but she looks good.

  • Lynn

    ummmmm…! boring!!!!

  • oh yeah

    Lame movie!! dumb actress!! certified box office DUD !!

  • jamie

    Competing with Megan Fox for movie opening’s I see. I wonder who will win.

  • .

    You haters are stupid to realize that when she says this she also says that they are lying about your idols. Don’t believe what you read !!!!!

  • A different opinion

    Huh!! How the mighty have fallen! You know she is expected to be on Chelsey Lately Thursday night? Guess that’s the new hangout spot for A-List actors.

  • wendy

    Aw she looks STUNNING, that dress is so her, pretty but still sexy, she never tries to hard, ever.Love her for that!

  • Why

    She is so beautiful and charming ! I love her.

  • .


    You are truly very very very very SICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    old. tired. old. tired. and wasn’t this movie made like 10 times…by her before? old. tired. b actress. old. tired.

  • .

    A very warm and teary interview

  • Michele

    go see THE INFORMANT!!!

  • lisa

    as much as i don’t care for Jen, i REALLY hope that she beats Megan at the box office!!

  • Puh lease

    “Eat your heart out Brad Pitt”

    LOL! Delusion, thy name is FanUston!

  • Sam

    wow she looks incredible!

  • Stephanie


    I can’t wait to see this movie…

    Jen has never looked better!

    Best body in the biz!

    Looks at those legs…plus, I love that sparkly dress. Quite a change from her usual classic lines.

  • H.

    Love the dress! Very cute on her.

  • me

    Ive always liked her but she really is starting to sound a little on the desperate whinny side. She does look great, Im half her age and I’d kill for her legs

  • lexy

    As always Jen looks great! Love to see JJ promoting REAL actresses with talent and style!

  • longest chin
  • longest chin
  • Anak

    As always gorgeous, simple, centered.

  • http://justjared Brad & Angie

    Please if we did not buy the mags she would not be paid they way she is, JUST SHUT UP.

  • chin can’t act

    here they go again with the:

    she is beautiful
    she is cute
    she looks good for her age
    she has a nice body
    wish I have her body
    love her
    love her hair

  • imo

    ToJenniferAnistonFans @ 09/16/2009 at 7:48 am

    If you are from ethnic background be aware of Jennifer Aniston fans.They are very ignorant, racist low life.
    Some of them wish death on little kids and hate black and Asian people.
    That’s the kind of fans this woman attracts.


    You are an ashole. You know nothing. I’ll be sure to inform my Vietnamese sister-in-law and niece as well as my best-friend (African-American) that I am racist because I am a Jen Aniston fan.

    Your comment has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

    Why do you and other JA haters feel the need to insult and degrade anyone who likes her. What is your boggle with this woman? Why does she cause you to hate so much. Could Jealousy be the key?

    My sister-in-law and I can’t wait to see “Love Happens”.

    I watched the above video–a little girl (a St. Jude’s patient) announced to JA she was cancer-free. Jen cried, I cried, what a great piece of news.

  • the real women


  • zk

    LOL!!!!! Lied to? Who is she kidding!!! Her entire career and “persona” is a fabrication!

    So here is Rachel Green in yet another rom-com…….

    it’s been Sooooooo played!!! I wish these sites would stop showing her altogether and maybe then she’ll just go away.

    It’s outrageous that she makes more money than Meryl Streep or any of the top REAL actresses!!! Now THAT is criminal!

  • longest chin

    she/he will scream if he see his white hair…huhuhuhu!!!

  • @Jenniferanistonhaters

    You guys are really really REALLY sick and ignorant. Bet you get off during your little hating parties. Tell me , did it feel nice to have an orgasm for the first time in your sad puny little lives? Really I am curious! Tell me! Also not ALL Jen fans are racists, better look in the mirror on that one. Geesh you piss me off so much.

    With that being said,

    Jen looks absolutely gorgeous! I want to see this movie.

  • chin can’t act

    he/she looks good because she work her @ss off to get to look like that. as for the husband stealer that you called she is naturally beautiful. no fake tan, no $50,000 hair cut. no tons of make up, no going to the gym 2 hr a day. also, this chin chin ho is so pathetic even if she has a brother he wouldn’t want to kiss her ugly small thin lips which she needs injection to make the lips full like.

  • Frida

    Looking good, I love the dress. Atleast she’s not wearing black.

  • chin can’t act

    longest chin @ 09/16/2009 at 9:11 am she/he will scream if he see his white hair…huhuhuhu!!!

    her body might look like a 30 year old but her face is old. no wonder she always has long hair is because she wants to cover her old wrinkly face.

  • Gigi

    I am excited to see this movie, she is so sexy and funny. Luv’s her!

  • ex

    ex…allways a ex….forever a ex….ex,ex,ex,ex,ex…..


    Oh, please! I wanna see who of you will look like that when you’re 40! Let her be…
    If you think she has some problems, look at your self talking about a person that you don’t even met e that don’t even care about you! Go get a life, a job, some good to do with your free time!

  • sally

    It is strange that she would look so much older than she was 5 yrs ago, although still good-looking
    i remember seeing her stunning smile back then, and now all i read about her is these nonsense
    c’mom jen, you can do so much better than this

  • na

    absolutely stunning is not even good enough JA cos u r looking so beautiful gal