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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Congressional Couple

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Congressional Couple

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony visit the U.S. Capitol to meet with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Wednesday (September 16) in Washington D.C.

Jennifer, 40, and Marc, 41, discussed education in the Latino community and new legislation concerning college affordability.

Later in the evening the couple attended the 32 Annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Awards Gala where they honored Marc with the CHCI Lifetime Achievement Award.

FYI: Jennifer wore a nude Victoria Beckham dress and toted around the Ferragamo blush colored “Musa” python clutch.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony speaking at the U.S. Capitol…

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jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 01
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 02
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 03
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 04
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 05
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 06
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 07
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jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 16
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 17
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 18
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 19
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 20
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 21
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 22
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 23
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 24
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 25
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 26
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 27
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 28
jennifer lopez marc anthony congress 29

Credit: Somodevilla/Devorah; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • rhonda

    Don’t you love how these people walk around giving each other awards for mediocrity!

  • sally

    yuck, yuck, DOUBLE YUCK

  • martinica

    she looks so old..


    What’s up with his pants? He looks like a guy from an old 40′s movie! UGH!!

  • sam

    I always have this thought when I see them together she is fat ( her body type) he is and skeleton probably a body type too. She can carry him not the other way around.

  • lisa harris

    What does she have to say about LATINOS??>> Anyway…why go to
    congress for that..

  • jeimy

    and the irony of this is with the jewelry shes wearing a few latino kids can pay for their college education. What a waste!

  • ronie

    WOW she looks sensational in VICTORIA BECKHAM dress… i was surprised… VB clearly made nice dresses

  • diana

    that dress is almsot exactly like the one miley cryrus wore to the mtv movie awards! that’s not bad for jen – it’s bad for miley.

  • Affleck Fan

    Yuck! Why would they want them there, both are has-been, untalented hacks. That husband of hers is nothing but a crackhead/heroin addict, they are both so gross. The Afflecks should have been at the White House talking about important issues, i.e. health care and education. Who cares what they Hispanics want they are all illegal aliens, especially the POOR-HOE-REEK- (garbage)-CANS!!!

  • robocop

    I think this woman is gorgeous, but with the dark dress she looks bad and old. Perhaps she was ill or something

  • Anita

    She’s glamourous and beautiful!!:)

  • fargo

    I think Jennifer Lopez just likes to dress up. She has said it before that she just likes to show up to public places to show off her dress. I mean why is she always going ot the Oscars when she’s never been nominated once or been in a film that was nominated. She’s so superficial.

  • boo

    forget changes in the latino community, change the american education system period. these two high school educated puks are no use to the cause because they’re so shallow, greedy & insincere. fight for spanish as the second official language in the US and drop the term latino. it’s such a vague term anyway like black…too general.

  • Chrissy

    I hate to be an a-hole here, but is it ten years ago? Why are we talking about J-Lo? Chick hasn’t been relevant for a while.

  • jadelc

    Jennifer looks amazing, beautiful, i love victoria as well so i would not hate on her,.she should be whoever she wants to be, it’s her right, but jennifer’s figure is what most women should have and desire, not the all bones bodies most celeb out there have. I’m glad both ladies are friends, they’re both fabolous in their own right. too bad this site doesn’t have the pictures of jennifer and victoria having dinner last friday on nyc, they both looked stunning. jennifer and victoria rock.

  • lissa

    I think she has a movie coming out!

  • Nadal

    ugly beasts! And where are their horrendous looking children?

  • Ben

    She is making a movie which will go straight to video release and only Puerto Ricans will but it with their food stamps. She has zero talent and even after all of that skin whitening cosmetic surgery, nose jobs and everything else, she still looks like a broken-down, has-been puerto rican.

  • Mesilly

    is marc Anthony on drugs, he looks terrible.

  • Martha

    Why is Victoria allowing this sort to wear her beautiful clothes> Her fabulous designs are not for this kind of brown people. Now Beckham’s designs will get a bad name.

  • rachael


    Listen you B**ch, I’m Puerto Rican and I wouldn’t buy her fu**en movies. And that food stamp remark you can stick up our A** because I have a very good job and don’t need them. YOU STUPID IGNORANT B**CH!!

  • bennifer2

    JLo and Skeletor are finding ways to have their pictures taken anywhere the paps are. Both are media whores who are no longer relevant. JJ please stop wasting your space, your readers are not interested. Eeeeeeeewwwwwww! More Robsten and Bennifer2 pleeeeeease!!! JLO retire already – you look very “matronic” whatever you wear. Loose those wigs! BTW, is that guy in plaid pants your driver?


    Would someone please tell me why we need to know ANYTHING about these two? THEY SHOULD JUST GO AWAY!!!!

  • Melissa

    Ben knew what he was doing when he dumped this over-the-hill glorified housekeeper. She has never had one iota of talent and only made it as far as she did by sleeping with every producer in Hollywood. As you can see it only worked for a short amount of time and now she is back with her extremely unattractive, emaciated husband. They are both plastic, phoney and stupid so they compliment one another well…trash attracts trash I guess.

  • grow up!

    You people are so racists against Puerto Ricans you should be ashamed. And so what if their children are dark, I’m sure both Jlo and Marc loves them, please people, get a life. I’m sure Jennifer is happy with mark as much as Jennifer Garner is happy with Ben.

  • rachael

    @grow up!:

    Puero Ricans come in ALL colors. I happen to be white with blue eyes! It’s people like Ben who need to stick his head in sand so that no one will hear the ‘hate’ coming out of there mouth about other people. It’s people like Ben who will keep this country from growing and ending such hate against people of color — no matter where they are from. He’s an jerk!

  • odie

    She looks so old??how old do you think she is?? she’s 40, of course she’s aging, byt at least she doesnt use botox to look younger-she accepts getting old, she has a gorgeous body+she still looks beautiful.

  • Chrissy

    Um, yeah. I’m not Puerto Rican but am equally offended by some of these racist comments. The food stamps comment…

  • jen

    What do these idiots know about education. Self indulgent PR stunt.

  • jen

    Seriously you could fund the education of Latinos of a modest sized town with the resources used/needed to get these two morons fixed up to come to this event.

  • #31

    PR stunt??? Wow!!! trying to be funny and a hidden racist.

  • ??

    How is it that has been celebs keep getting ivited to the Whitehouse or to congress? WTF can they contribute? Money? They could have just sent a check? Why all the photo ops? Is it a government or a show business facility?

  • twpumpkin

    I hope these two losers ask Nancy Pukelosi why she is screwing up our country.

  • Anthonina

    The only good thing I have to say is that at least she is wearing nice elegant, age aproppiate clothes from Victoria Beckham, other than that It’s obvious their visiti to the WH is a publicity stunt. The same goes for Jennifer Garner, except that she dressed like a giant pink lollipop.

  • Luciana Damon


    You are right Victoria Beckham didn’t want to design for me.

  • Anilec

    She looks so beautiful in Victoria Beckam”s dresseIs…awww Victoria Beckham is my idol

  • Jaswant

    The Vicky Beckham dress looks amazingly beautiful on J.Lo

  • Killan

    Affleck Fan, I’m not Hispanic but I would love to see some Puerto Ricans kick your sickening racist, ignorant, redneck ass! It figures you would be a fan of the lamest, ugliest actor in Hollywood. You piece of pure garbage. You and Ben not only get the finger, but the bird as well. Do the world a favor, you two, and DIE.And burn in HELL for eternity, you scum of the Earth. It’s people like you who have ruined this country, you slimy underbelly of a filthy snake. LOSERS

  • So sad

    JLo is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s stunning, and she always will be no matter how old she gets. I don’t understand why in 2009 we still have so much ignorance and hatred towards other races. All those commenting against Puerto Ricans on here… are just utterly disgusting. Hope you get what you deserve.

  • Africanamerican

    I’m totally offended by the racist comments about Puerto Ricans. There is a difference in not liking J LO and Marc for being overly flashy. You can say you don’t think they are not talented. But hating on them because of their race is pure racist.

    Leave Ben Affleck out of these comments, he is no racist.
    Just because he broke up with J Lo doesn’t make him a racist.

  • Jen

    Some of these comments are so racist it’s sick. I’m happy for Mark he is such an amazing singer and some of you who are saying he should go away must not realize that he is known around the world way before Jlo was famous for being one of the best salsa singers out there but of course you guys are stuck in your bubble so you wouldn’t know that. JLo looks fierce in that Victoria Beckham dress. People can criticize all they want but she seems to be happy.

  • ???????????????

    @Melissa: ……………By comenting on a JLo post ur just increasing her popularity……if u didnt secretly love both her and Marc u wouldnt waste ur time on this post……….

  • Puerto Rican

    I am also personally offended by people dissing out Jennifer and marc just because they are PuertoRicans. Puertoricans are just as human as you azzholes are and you are just jealous of them. Who cares about Ben, JLO is happy with her own kind I’m sure. And so is Ben.

  • Carol

    Jennifer looks amazing, beautiful

  • Carol


  • Louis

    te amo Jennifer eres la mejor :)


    She’s glamourous and beautiful!!:)

  • Fiore_

    she looks sensational. omg! JLo is beautiful!


    Esta mujer me vuelve loco!