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Orlando Bloom: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador!

Orlando Bloom: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador!

Orlando Bloom has been appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, in recognition of his commitment to the rights of children around the world.

“I look forward to working with UNICEF as they continue to make the world a better place for children,” says the 32-year-old British actor who has already seen the work UNICEF is doing in Nepal, Russia, and Sarajevo. “UNICEF doesn’t just deliver humanitarian aid, which is what they are known for all over the world. They also educate and provide tools which help women and children face challenges specific to their own lives. I responded to how UNICEF works as much as I did to the work itself. I look forward to learning more and to supporting UNICEF any way I can.”

To celebrate 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Orlando will, this week, record a PSA for UNICEF on the importance of clean and accessible drinking water.

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • U

    Awesome! :)

  • allspice30

    Congrats Orlando! We know you will do Unicef and the children good with your new role as Ambassodor!

  • LuckyL

    Well I’m glad all these a**holes are getting off their butts now <3

  • ????


  • PotcLuva

    wow that’s so great for him, glad he’s doing it

  • your daily dose of….

    Yeah I’m sure the positive publicity and attention has nothing to fo with his motivation.

  • lilyrose

    You’re wonderful, Orlando. God bless you.

  • dabu

    @your daily dose of…

    So what if he does get attention and publicity? Maybe enough people will donate or become aware that a few children that would have died might otherwise live.

  • baby Gone

    At least he’s gettin’ attention for something worthy and positive and not for merely gossip….

  • @your daily dose of

    I see I didn’t have to hold my breath for long until someone twisted these news to make him look evol.
    You don’t get named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for posing smiling with a kid here and giving some dollars there. It’s given to those who really work and are involved in the cause.

  • love Angelina

    Yes, it catching on…………….for all the stingy millionars out there just banking all thier money it’s nice to read someone besides Brad and Angelina doing some good.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    what “celeb” isn’t nowadays? not impressive.

  • There is someone

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    Tom Cruise only promotes and donates to his Scientology cult, that’s who.
    Congratulations, Orland, It’s always better to garner attention for doing something good for others than for getting drunk at a club.

  • Mandy

    He’s so cool. Good work Orly!

  • um, yea

    um, yea, actually celebrities DO get named just for posing and getting their pictures taken in these places, and then partying about it later for the press. You think they actually get their hands dirty by digging new latrines!? HAHAHAHAHAHa. Psst. This is an honorary PR celebrity title honeys. Bloom ain’t picking up a new 9-5 save the world position at HQ you know, though he sure could use a legitimate job now. No, his career is flatlining again, so its time to pull out the sweet papfests and charity gigs to prop himself up. Hook, line, sinker. But hey, goodwill away, Bloom’s fans have never been known for their smarts.

  • sigh

    Yeah because he’s always clubbing. Always meaning three times a year.

  • @15

    From all your post the only thing I managed to make out is that he’s a monster because he has a girlfriend.
    It’s ridiculous, now we have to defend him from being named UNICEF Ambassador LOL!

  • lol!

    This fandom can even make people doing good work seem evil.
    He doesn’t take a camera crew with him like certain other celebs. The only reason that we know he went to Nepal is through UNICEF, not Entertainment Tonight. he has been to Nepal several times, and helping people is nothing new to this young man. As everyone who has ever known him has said time and time again…he is a truley good person. I know that some people just can’t understand what that means, but please try.
    He is using his celebrity to bring awareness to a cause. Only really hateful people could see anything wrong with what he is doing.

  • what have you….

    He’s been doing things for UNICEF for quite some time without the publicity.

    To those of you who find bad in the good, I have to ask: What have you done good lately?

  • citylove

    Orlando ! It’s cool that he’s doing another project with unicef. He seems to love a lot doing this kind of thing

  • LYNN

    Thank You , Orlando Bloom. So Proud that you accepted the job. You make UNICEF and the children happy . I know Angie and Brad will be congratulation you. AGAIN THANK YOU.

  • sasha

    Young, rich and famous doesn’t often translate into doing good deeds.
    Good guys are not that common in Hollywood.
    Good for Orlando for being the exception to the rule.

  • Who cares?

    Who cares what motivates Bloom or any other well-known celebrity to lend their name/time to something this worthwhile. If it helps any kids who need help, then I say “good on him.”

  • your daily dose of…. @17

    No one mentioned anything about a GF sweety…….. she has nothing to do with this, I’m not sure why you brought her up.

    I’m not saying that PR is the only reason he did it, or that what he’s doing isnt a good thing, but I’m sure PR it had somepart in it. And if it did it doesnt have to mean that his actions arent genuine. He may very well care about UNICEF.

    I wish his fans would stop thinking the sunshines out of his ass and that he can do no wrong. No one is perfect and there is nothing wrong with pointing out that he isnt either.

  • @24

    But why can’t the haters admit that he has done a good thing, without twisting it into something else?
    “He may very well care about UNICEF.”
    Such cynicism.
    Yeah, I’d say that making several trips to some one of the most remote areas on the planet, to bring awareness to a cause indicates that he cares.
    If he wanted PR, he would have travelled to Nepal with a camera crew, and not the single UNICEF photographer. He did all of this good work under the radar, and you still claim that he did it for publicity.
    We have never said that he is perfect. But can’t you just ONCE admit that he isn’t such a bad guy?

  • ellie’

    That’s awesome Orlando other stars need recognition..Good for you..For caring..

  • bravo

    Good for him (and UNICEF)!

  • frazzled_rock

    Such a good boy.

  • American

    I find it quite unbelieveable that celebrities run all over the world posing and throwing their money into projects when americans can hardly eat. There are children to be educated RIGHT HERE-There are veterans lying in nursing homes and hospitals with NEEDS insurance and pensions don’t meet. There are children in the state of caiifornia where most of them live who are unfortunate to have low life parents. These kids are pushed through an educational system that cares as much about them as the celebs do-The sad thing is americans buy tickets and support the life styles of those who take their money over seas-It was said that michael J gave over 300 million to charity-Jolie.Pitt/Anniston/Winfrey-all of them claim to give-where is one american woamn, man or child who benefited from them? Do you know someone personally? I don’t mean they should stand on the corners passing out benjamins, but I am sick of seeing what I see-

  • @29

    Since Orlando is British, your American viewpoint is kinda moot, but anyway…

    Americans, of which I am one, should be demanding better care for our children, elderly, etc., we are the “richest country in the world” supposedly and we have the resources to take care of our own. And, we should – shame on us.

    Sorry but I am one American that feels “we are the world” and poor countries with no access to running water deserve attention and if it takes celebrities to awake us from our spoiled slumber then it is a good thing.

  • in two minds……

    well this is good news, I’m glad OB’s work for unicef has been recognised, i suspect that there is some real interest in this for him and its not just something his PR agent came up with…

    but you have to admit the timing is good for him….. yesterday there is an article in the times online about how he pulled out of in Education without it looking as if he had much reason and today this…….

    cynic that I am, I can’t help putting the two together….

    @American – interesting post, i don’t think helping your own nationals has quite the same appeal……

  • in two minds……

    well this is good news, I’m glad OB’s work for unicef has been recognised, i suspect that there is some real interest in this for him and its not just something his PR agent came up with…

    but you have to admit the timing is good for him….. yesterday there is an article in the times online about how he pulled out of in Education without it looking as if he had much reason and today this…….

    cynic that I am, I can’t help putting the two together….

    @American – interesting post, i don’t think helping your own nationals has quite the same appeal……

  • @in two minds

    I’m going to spoil your fun. It’s UNICEF the ones that name people ambassadors, not him or his PR people. Besides I read the decision was taken on monday last week. That is before that article appeared.
    BTW that article is confusing and doesn’t explain anything.

  • @31/32

    Yeah, the UN is widely known as being in the back pocket of publicists.

  • @29

    As an American myself, I can understand your frustration about the problems we face, but you must understand the difference in the poverty levels that we are discussing.
    In the US, no matter how poor a child is, they have access to clean water and food. In Nepal, as you saw on the videos with Orlando, children die because the only water that they have access to is contamited. In the US, no child has to die from starvation or disentery. You can’t say that about many of the countries that these celebs visit. In the US, being poor might mean that you only have two shirts to wear, and half to eat beans every day. In some other countries, being poor means that you may not survive to see your fifth birthday.
    And just because there isn’t news releases for their gifts, doesn’t mean that celebs don’t give to US charities. Oprah is well known for her altruism. Remember her gift of one million dollars to a college a few years ago? That will help underpriviledged kids go to school. And what about all of Brad Pitt’s work in re-building New Orleans? That was all over the news. Did you forget that?
    And as for Orlando ( even though as a Brit he ‘owes’ us nothing), one of his pet charities is Peace Games, a program in California (and a couple other states) that helps kids in trouble, or with broken homes stay in shool.
    These are good people who donate where they deem fit. It’s not your place to judge them. Unless you think that the children in Nepal or Africa aren’t as important as the children in the US. Then that’s a different problem altogether.

  • Erika FONSECA

    This guy is AMAZING!!!!

  • awww

    Love him!

  • {}

    I don’t believe in OB anymore . All seems for show and PR. Sorry

  • @38

    yeah, all those kids in nepal were paid actors
    and they were on set, not really in country
    orlando made arrangements with an international organization to play along with this pr stunt
    even though he has a history of being devoted to children’s charities, this is just a ploy
    See how stupid that sounds?
    The man did a good thing, and you idiots still fault him for it
    P A T H E T I C

  • whatevs

    Sure UNICEF made an agreement with his PR and named him Ambassador for show.
    Even you folks should set certain limits dontcha think?

  • @40

    No, their irrational hatred has no limits.
    Neither does their stupidity.

  • ano

    If the person does charitable affairs with all heart it perfectly well and if all for the sake of popularity I not so support it. I hope, that Orlando does it not for the sake of the popularity, therefore I wish him successes in all!!!

  • @42

    Well, since he is so low key about his charity work, it’s a safe bet that he DOES NOT do it for publicity. He doesn’t drag a camera crew with him like some other celebs. *cough*angie*cough*

  • Shameful

    Yes he does all his charity work low key and it’s only made public if the charity institution wants it so and the ones who say he’s doing this for publicity know it.
    Of course not everybody is born with the gift of having scruples, and are capable of accusing serious organizations that work with serious issues of taking part in a circus. And the saddest thing is the shallow and trivial reasons that move them to do this.

  • LOL!

    More for ‘The List”.
    hater, day one: Orlando is a has-been, no one wants him, he has no influence anywhere in the world
    hater. day two: Orlando is so famous and influential, that he’s able to bend an international organization to his will
    UNICEF Chairperson..”no, we don’t have time to worry about the genocide in Darfur, we have to get this PR gig finished for Orlando by Monday”.
    All that garbage has to be coming from the delphidiots. Thay are the only ones stupid and/or crazy enough to believe it.
    As they say in the South, ‘the boy done good’. Can’t you idiots put aside your jaundiced view of the world and at least admit that? Or will you now claim that children’s charities are a bad thing, since Orlando is behind them? hmmm?

  • :/

    Why do you always have to go to the extreme in your self righteousness? No one said anything like the drivel your spouting here until you. You always open your mouth and ratchet up the hatred another notch. Wtf is YOUR problem? Your hatred and paranoia is what is

    P A T H E T I C

    Such a credit to Bloom and his other fans you are.

  • LOL!

    Oh, OK.
    So you think that it is OK to spread your lies and hatred?
    People were on this thread spouting drivel about this being a PR stunt. Are you blind? Or are you just ignoring those posts? Just like you ignore anything that doesn’t fit in with your agenda?
    The only ones going to the exrtreme are the haters who are re-defining the boundaries of common sense. Trying to play the innocent victim is laughable.

  • mark

    orlando is a great actor and a role model for kids. he has been in 6 of the most successful movies of all time and audiences love him. plus unlike most of hollywood’s young heartthrobs, he is out there promoting causes he believes in. more celebs should do that. he also seems like a genuinely good guy.

  • mark

    and lol – you should get a life. what have you ever done for anyone other than spew hatred on the internet. i heard someone actually was charged with slander from a website and we are all traceable. so be careful. and more importantly, look in the mirror before badmouthing people that are actually making the world a better place.

  • @mark

    Post 48 was spot on. But I have to correct you about LOL. Go back and re-read their posts. LOL is actually defending Orlando against the hatred spewed by the delphites and their like. LOL may be extreme, but the delphites deserve anything they get. THEY are the ones trying to bad mouth Orlando. THEY are the ones who are saying that this is a PR stunt. They try to twist everything that Orlando and/or Miranda do. If Orlando found the cure to cancer, they would say that he just did it for the money. They are repulsive.