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Megan Fox Is Empire's Sexiest Movie Star

Megan Fox Is Empire's Sexiest Movie Star
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  • dianad1968

    Jared, you are such a hypocrite. Why not just say Megan was named sexiest, without the whole “she beat Angelina” c*ap. Let’s see, Angie has 6 kids, and is about 10 years older, and still she was second. Let’s see where Megan will be when she is Angie’s age.

    BTW, Megan needs to find her own style, and stop copying Angie and Dita Von Teese. The girl doesn’t have an original thought in her head.

  • dundies

    who the fuck even makes these lists? probably some middle aged hobbit. i highly doubt angelina would care, let alone is aware

  • Jen

    I agree Angelina is a sloppy second…………… usual.

  • shelly

    Sexy? Angelina?….maybe 5-6 years ago. Now she’s a dirty old hippy. She shouldn’t be in the top ten.

  • keep America green

    -the new crop of starlets is taking over, move to the side of the road with the other refuse Ms Jolie, the road crew will be by to clean you up later

  • chambao

    She is nr 1 so what, thats just because she is more young and also more young in this industry,but she doesnt look that sexy and beautifull, she doesnt have e rare beauty, i really have some friends that look like her, really.
    And regarding to AJ,dianad1968 is right, why you have to mention that she is nr 2, or is just so suprise to you that a Beauty and Sexy Angelina Jolie is not nr 1, that whoever made this list is probably blind.

    And AJ is for shore that, a Masterpiece.

  • jdub

    damn straight! love MF

  • who’s angelina

    youth and looks are the tokens in hollywood….

  • Moon

    @dianad1968: Yes Angie has 6 kids but she didn’t have them all and she has a nanny for all of them plus she gets botox everyday or when she can. Yeah, She is old news!!! HA!!!

  • momo

    The sexiest and least talented. Kind of like her still.

  • celia

    EMMA WATSON is number 3!! GO GIRL!!! But Megan Fox as number one is a JOKE!

  • celia


    Angelina is GORGEOUS and she’s only 33 or 34. She won’t have to worry about wrinkles for a long time. I think it’s sad that another female would say something that degrading about a fellow woman…but that’s the country we live in.

  • Jorden

    And where is Jennifer Aniston on that list…..
    lol Oh wait… sexiest. My bad.

  • Angie forever


    Old news hahahha keep dreaming honey,just look at your MG before she had all the botox thing and all other things and than we will talk,actually you can find a lot os proofs about that.
    And I didnt know that its so unusual to have a nanny really, thats so rare for me, wooooow.

    Angie is natural beauty and thats it, she doesent need to do anything to look good.

  • barf.

    Yes Jolie is certainly “sloppy seconds” where as your beloved old hag Aniston came in.. wait, get ready for, #18!!!!! WOW~!

    Sadly, a dead woman beat her. Thats saying someting. :-)

  • dianad1968



    So let me see, “s*it for brains”, because she didn’t give birth to all six, that makes a difference? Ok then, she has 3 kids, and was STILL #2. And please stop with the nannies c*ap. Everyone in HW has nannies, so why shouldn’t she? And for the love of all that’s holy, STOP with the botox nonsense, because I know even you don’t believe that.

  • popop

    godda’nm ‘nough is ‘nough l am a fan Megan don’t get me wrong but my interest is starting to wane…l have a feeling that she didn’t ask for any of these ‘sexy picks’ so l’ll roll over 180 degrees and say that she’s had nothing to do with these polls. That said, love, love Megan Fox.

  • ana

    emma watson was number 3!!!!!!!!!!11 that’s awsome…that’s natural beauty!
    i love angie!! she should be first and megan second…

  • Oh….how…..lovely…

    Personally I don’t think AJ has been sexy for a long time. Unless when she’s trying extremely hard.

  • dianad1968

    @keep America green:


    For your sake, let’s see how much staying power the “new crop” has. Talk to me again in 5 years.

  • Angie forever

    I think that you dont even stand about your comment, thats funny, you can see a lot of pics of AJ at the red carped vith very casual clothes and steel looking georgeous and you say shes trying extremely hard.Oh honey, you are so funny.

  • hot !

    Angelina looks like Megan’s fug sister.

  • Amanda

    Sorry to say but Angie has seen the top and now she’s heading down the other side at breakneck speed.
    #2?…. they are just being kind for old times sake.

  • Amy


    This is not true at all, when you have no facts dont talk, really im not trying to argue here but Angelina Jolie is georgeous and thats a fact, and because she is georgeous, Megan Fox is trying to be like her,thats nothing wrong in here, she is following an icon, not somebody bad and ugly and not succesfull.

  • SAY WHAT????

    Movie star? Movie star??? Sexiest MOVIE STAR???? Talk about mediocrity being the new ‘excellent’! When did HW get soooooooo low in its standards that a kid who has had ONE movie make bank, is suddenly called a MOVIE STAR??? Fcuk! If i was Angie id tell them to get their fcuking hands of my name and image!


    Um, what is Empire mag anyway? Never heard of it. LOL
    re Empire’s list, OBVIOUSLY, that had gone to press before Megan Faux’s movie that she headlined tanked at the box office worse than Maniston’s.
    Why would JJ phrase this topic so, because he knows Angelna is more popular than Megan, and it will draw all Jolie’s fans and haters into a thread. It’s why he tries to put Angelina on everything. You’d think he’d respect Jolie more since she makes him so much money, and got him mentioned in the pages of Vanity Fair. He could have phased it like this: ‘Empire says Megan Fox #1 Sexiest — but FACT IS that she BARELY BEATS OUT new Mom Angelina Jolie, who hasn’t worked in damn near two years, and spent most of that pregnant, raising her kids, and traveling to war zones – what’s wrong with that pic.’ Empires online poll says 80% believe Fox should be ranked lower, while 65% say Jolie should be ranked higher. DO THE MATH. Listen to your READERS, Empire – all two of them! :)
    Also, I guess this mag composed the list and sent it to print before her director and crew came out and labeled her dumb as a box of rocks ungracious hack, and before the papz and fans at the Toronto Film Fest told her she ‘looked better on TV’ and wasn’t sh*t in person (Actually, I felt bad for her – that was way harsh). Hahahah!!
    Empire kinda has egg on their face – since they thought Fox’s movie would be a smash, and went to print with that list. Can you say embarrassed??
    People were laughing at that list with the ‘no longer IT’ girl as #1, last week. Fox is over. Why do you think she’s come crawling back to Michael Bay director of Transformers (whom she called Hitler) and apologized and said her words were twisted. All she has is Transformers 3, and she’s promising her first born to get that gig again, and not be killed off.
    It’s actually really sad and pathetic to see how the media builds these poor people up, and then when they have to sadly face FACTS, that the media and magazines don’t make people movie stars, WE the public do – then they have situations like the one Megan is in.
    All she has is her mens mag rep – and even they boycotted her last month – guess Empire didn’t get the memo on that either.

  • clark

    why do people argue over these lists, they mean nothing, most of you people sound crazy, geeze get a grip

  • SubSub

    Angelina Jolie is still #1 in my book. Megan Fox can only dream of being attractive an Angie’s age.

  • kristyjoe

    i want to see megan w/o make-up , then i will see who is true beauty. i already seen the other one w/o or less make-up, please i wanna see megan true beauty and w/o sunglasses.

  • christine

    Uh OH!

  • alex

    i love how this post started off as megan takin tha number one spot as sexiest movie star, yet all tha replys yall post is jus one big fight… wow. fightin online is like competin in tha special olympics. even if you ”win”, ur still retarded

  • lakers fan in boston

    i totally agree that megan is sexier than angelina
    but is she more talented than angelina?
    eff no, not even close
    i honestly use 2 think that megan would be the next angelina, beautiful and talented
    but sadly megan isn’t
    looks like no1 can be angie =[

  • Britta B. Skeptic

    I think the thing that people are forgetting is that Angelina is 10 years older than Megan Fox. She is also raising six kids. Angelina doesn’t try as hard anymore to dress sexy or wear tons of makeup. You almost always see her in photos looking very natural. Megan Fox is attractive, but if you compare the two when they were about the same age then hands down Angelina Jolie is far more beautiful. Not to mention that everything on Angie appears to be her own. She is naturally gorgeous. Megan has had a nose job, lip injections and a boob job and probably god knows what else. No doubt the girl is pretty, but nothing in comparision to Angelina’s natural beauty.

  • Charlotte

    Alright man who are you idiots? Megan Fox is the sexiest person out! I don’t understand why Megan is trying to look up to Angelina Jolie. Jolie is nothing. Megan Fox is hotter in every way.
    #10.. what the F*** are you on about? If Megan had no talents she wouldnt be in Hollywood in the first place.
    #4., good on you :)