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Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Steakhouse Sweethearts

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Steakhouse Sweethearts

Taylor Lautner keeps his arm wrapped around rumored girlfriend Taylor Swift after a romantic dinner date night out at Ruth’s Chris Steak House on Wednesday night (October 28) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Swift, 19, who wore an Armani Exchange top, and Lautner, 17, took home a few leftovers and were also spotted shopping together at the alice + olivia boutique. The rumored couple was surrounded by a sea of photographers at both locations. 25+ pics inside…

Yesterday, People outed Taylor Squared‘s Love Story.

Inside is a video of Swift talking (rather giggling) her way through talking about her rumored romance with Lautner.

Click inside for the clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Taylor Swift on Taylor Lautner: He’s Cute!
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taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 01
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 02
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 03
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 04
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 05
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 06
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 07
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 08
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 09
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 10
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 11
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 12
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 13
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 14
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 15
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 16
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 17
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 18
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 19
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 20
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 21
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 22
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 23
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 24
taylor swift taylor lautner steakhouse 25

Credit: Stefan/Scott/Radcliffe; Photos: INFdaily
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  • saima

    i still think selena and taylor r betta and like i sed on the last post..this couple arent gonna’ll be ova in a blink of an eye but they still luk preety gud 2getha

  • tiffanie

    well.selena and taylor are better -,-
    just kind of werid taylor and taylor LOL

  • Babe_luv_ya

    Taylor Swift is too skinny. Not a good role model at all. And Taylor Lautner…Well as boring as Taylor Swift. Please, Jared, please, Summit! Give me some Rob Pattinson ! I really, I mean REALLY miss him. I miss his humour, I miss is smile, I miss his sexy aSS accent, I just miss him. SO PUH-LEASE GIVE ME SOME PATTINSON .

  • jasmine_taymhie

    SELENA and TAYLOR look better than that girl..ugh!!!

  • secretaffair

    Is that his car? or he borrowed it! he just been involves in 4 films only and i don’t think he can’t afford to buy Audi R8! now i’m jealous!!!

  • alicia

    Taylor Swift isn’t too skinny and is a great role model for young girls. She is pretty tall and that aids in her being so skinny. I hope it works out for Taylor and Taylor because they are both good people.

  • JJ

    Taylor Swift is a lovely girl and is dealing with her fame quite gracefully. Hope whoever she dates treats her right.

  • ****

    Put on your glasses, you horsey teethed little b*tch. Then you wouldn’t have to squint all the time.

  • aska


  • AndrĂ©

    people are crazy.~taylor and selena were never a couple LOL
    get a life

  • **Jamie**



  • florine

    OMG c’est sa voiture ??? Waouhhhhh elle est vraiment belle !!!
    => it’s his car ? it is so nice ! sorry if there are faults …. I’m french
    J’adore Taylor, vive Jacob ! lol

  • Jules

    Why so interested in teenagers lives?

  • wWowW

    If Selena and Taylor were better…they’d still be together. They’re not. I love people believe they know better than the ACTUAL people involved. If these two like each other, good for them. If was meant to be with that Selena girl then it either would have worked out before or will in the future.

  • cam


    since when does being skinny make you a bad role model? that is really reaching. you must really strongly dislike Taylor Swift. Too bad you are NOT in the majority. Most people really love Taylor Swift. I dthinks Taylor Swift is awesome & am happy for her success & if she & Taylor Lautner are dating – good for them.

  • Minot

    Nice choice,lautner!
    I believe you have way better taste than with gomez ;)
    Swift is as gorgeous as always..
    Congrats for both of you!

  • xtina

    does anyone feel weird that swifty basically recited stevie wonder’s speech?? she is so boring i am yawning

  • jasmine_taymhie

    taylor is lucky..she dated the hottest wolf in town!

  • Mary

    “Swift, 19, and Lautner, 17″
    RAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pinkrose

    Taylor Lautner is a child. Taylor Swift at 19 is way more mature. They won’t last the winter. This is a fauxmance to promote his movie. But they more than likely will remain friends.

    They look more like brother and sister. Both squinty-eyed with the big noses and the awesome bodies. Having said that, she is a lovely young girl, talented songwriter and really gracious. She is beginning to know herself as a woman.

    Don’t don’t much about him, except his obsession with his physique had better be just for the movie and not a part of his true character. He should be ready to date Swift , beginning to understand himself as a man, in another 8 years.

  • Trish

    Plez, they are 2 years apart, get a grip haters, they are adorable together!!

  • Jess

    Lovely couple! I adore these pictures and look at them in pic 20! So cute! Go TayTay =D (Also I LOVE male Taylors car! Audi 4-life!)

  • roro

    What great publicity he’s generating. They do make a good looking couple. So what if it didn’t work out with the other Disney princess? Together, they can make beautiful if squinty eyed babies. And there will be lots and lots of songs written about it.

  • xio pio

    Jonas Brothers, who? You go girl, he is too hot to trot!!

  • sweetness

    I think these two are so cute together and adorable…and lucky for both of them , because they both have admirable qualities…they are sweet, kind, hard working in a tough entertainment business.

    The haters are more bizarre here than the looney Angelina haters.
    What have these two done to anybody in Hollywood except work hard and have good genes?

    Taylor Lautner is much more appealing than his fellow New Moon co-stars who always comes across as unhappy grungy dirty and resentful for being actors…Glad he’s got a much bigger role as Jacob in this Twilight fanchise.

  • Realme2008

    A two year age difference is really nothing. Now them having the same name is too freaky for me. Who would want to date someone with the same name as you?

  • !

    she dresses like she’s 30…and having someone do your hair and makeup for a date @ 19 is weird and pathetic.

  • LOL!

    Oh, yeah. Like being two years older makes Taylor Swift a regular COUGAR! Puh-lease. Get lives people. These two ‘young-uns’ are HOT together.

  • Madison

    Wow, she is so pretty and amazing! I want to marry her! –

  • stef

    He’s 17 and he drives this car I’m so jealous!

  • Natalie

    YOU GO GIRL !! LOOL she’s gotta good taste in guys !! but i still think its a fauxmance but they do look good together besides selena and taylor l. never even dated so chill peopl !!

  • Emily

    awww i love taylor swift but i want taylor lautner to be with selena!!!!! haha

  • Lucy86

    Taylor Lautner is soooo hot and they’re a great couple. Love them both :)

  • unknown

    Taylor and Taylor thats just wrong…

  • unknown

    Taylor and Taylor thats just wrong…

  • Tata

    I love Taylor Swift, she is the nicest person ever!!! Wish you all the luck, Tay :)

  • Tre

    @unknown: Get over it, nothing wrong with the same name. If you don’t like it, then never date someone with your name, DUH!!

  • Tre

    @Mary: You’re an IDIOT!!!

  • Izzie

    Selena and Taylor NEVER dated. It was never confirmed. You guys could dream on if you want to. Anyhoo, Taylor L. seems to be spending more of his days running around to random locations with Taylor S. then he did with Selena. “Telena” if poor ancient history that unfortunately never existed. They are loosing touch. And Taylor S. and Taylor L. seem to be even closer friends then Taylor L. and Selena have been,so… and I would’nt really call them a couple until they have been confirmed, I know…but I like the cute and funny sound of “Swiftner”,LOL! Anyway, those of you who worry they’re a couple…dont start crying your eyes out just yet…and those of you who say she’s too old for him…age is just a number. Go Team Jacob.

  • katie


    you can’t blame her for being to skinny, just because she is skinny doesn’t make her a bad role model. Maybe she can’t help the way her body works and she is unable to gain weight. She is a great person, a positive role model, who is down earth and is able to relate to her fans because she has been in similar situations espically with relationships and we can hear it in her songs.

    don’t judge her because of how she looks.

  • neruaL

    I think they’re a lovely couple, but … if they got married … they’d both be Taylor Lautner.

    And that … well, it’s needless to say.

  • t

    im guessing PR stunt, she had a new album coming out right and he is in NM!

  • Courtney

    They’re so cute!

  • coco

    Blah blah blah
    i dated a vampire boy
    blah blah blah
    then vampire boy dumped me
    blah blah blah
    I will write a song about it
    blah blah blah
    and make a ton of money

  • coco

    BTW Swifty may get a call from To Catch a Predator becuz he is jailbait!!! Watch out!

  • Ellie

    Calling someone else by ur own name is weird

    they’re 2 years apart, no big deal

    but what if it was 4

  • Marieme

    Unlike Miley, an increasing sl*t whose trailer trash parents are living vicariously through her, Taylor is such a composed, sweet and classy young lady. I adore her and am so happy that she continues to succeed. Go girl.

  • charlie

    lol @Mary

  • Missy

    @coco: Such a Jealous hater, you just wish you were her, lol, Get over It!!

  • Sheri

    @Ellie: well, it’s two, so Quit worrying about it! None of your BZness!!