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Colin Farrell & Girlfriend Welcome A Son

Colin Farrell & Girlfriend Welcome A Son

Colin Farrell and his girlfriend Alicja Bachleda welcomed a son on October 7, according to E! News.

The 33-year-old In Bruges actor, who has a child from a previous relationship, is now the proud papa of baby boy Henry Tadeusz Farrell.

Colin and Alicja met on the on the set of Ondine earlier this year – she played a woman Colin catches in his fishing net (who he believes to be a mermaid).

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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  • unknown

    What a slut… he needs an irish girl… Flush it down the loo.

  • orig malibumom

    Sorry-I don’t mean to be rude, but I wouldn’t “have a nice day” with Colin. Hotness and gray matter are usually mutually exclusive!

  • basta

    earlier this year? wow, they’re fast :D

  • Eilinn

    I just googled pics of Alicja. She has really oily skin, lol. Sorry, had to say that ;)

  • nikaNYC


    wszystkiego najlepszego Alicja dla Ciebie i Twojej nowej rodziny ;)

  • Jokergurl

    I wonder what his ex Emma Forrest thinks of this since she’s writing a screenplay (being made into a movie no less) about her and Colin’s relationship. Yeah, kissing and telling not very classy Emma. Anyway congratulations to the cute couple Colin and Alicja.

  • neo

    Finally a nice normal name.

    And his GF has a WOW-WOW-WOW figure after 2 weeks.

  • verlin

    One word – manwhore. Settle down Colin and quit dicking around.

  • namers

    Isn’t this his second with a different girl?

  • gosc

    nice couple! she’s so pretty!

  • ck_always

    Quit talking like you’d resist that. Come on in Colin ..

  • magdalene.

    Congrats !
    I’m only so sorry for Alicia cause she’s a really fantastic girl and unfortunately we all know that their relationship won’t last long… :|

  • maggie

    why you don’t showing pictures of her?

  • gossipxoxo

    I saw her in ‘trade’. she’s great actress!

  • maggie

    I saw her in ‘trade’. she’s great actress!

  • @Eilinn

    @Eilinn: Just wondering, are you Irish? Your name sounds very Irish to me. =)

  • maryrowery

    nasza duma narodowa… :/

  • Jola

    Alicja is amazing! Colin’s got lucky.

  • Jola

    Alicja is from Poland just like me ;) She is famous in our country

  • Olivia

    oh ! I love her. I saw her – she’s beautiful. A heard Polish girls pretty – I don’t know I”ve never been there! Maybe it wil be a first normal couple ?

  • ellie’

    Well congratulations … Just like BP&AJ you guys work fast at least you weren’t married at all as the one was when he got his girl pregnant… Wish you all happiness..

  • ellie’

    I would also like to say I saw pics of her and shes gorgeous…

  • Lilka

    I hope he won’t hurt her. I’m from Poland too and Alicja was never a celebrity type or a fame whore, even though she is very popular here because she played a main role in Andrzej Wajda (our most famous director, Oscar-winner) film as her debut. She was always rather the ambitious, decent, smart type of an actress. She didn’t change boyfriends like the other young actressess. She had one serious relationship, which ended about a year before she met Colin. She have to be very much in love with him, because this whole situation with quick romance with Hollywood Playboy and a child after few months is just not her style. Everyone who has known her before is shocked.

  • mezus

    Alicja is very beautiful !!!
    Love her <3

  • Mmmm

    shes beautyful,good luck

  • Noelle

    I think that Alicja and Colin’s relationship won’t last long, because he’s one of the most popular playboys in showibiz. Alicja is very in love with him, but I think that she’s not his last. But she’s finally popular in usa and when her romance with Colin will end up she will always have child with him.

  • blair

    There are some pictures of BEAUTIFUL Alicja : ;)

  • nice one
  • Ann

    Congrats :D i’m so happy for him :D

  • Katsaridoula

    she has greasy face… urghhhhh

  • ammadeo
  • ammadeo
  • Ruth

    Congrats on the birth of the baby! I really hope that the relationship lasts longer than his previous affairs and wish them the best of luck.

  • sorella

    Love Colin, one of my favorite actors…just saw In Bruges and Cassandra’s Dream on DVD and no matter what role he plays, he’s riviting to watch, has that it quality on screen. However he lives his life off screen, you rarely hear about it, he’s not always in the news and a media ho. Maybe he had troubles in the past, but you don’t hear many bad things about him lately and he seems like a good father to his first son, has those strong Irish roots so likely a family man..

    And such nice normal names for his kids…James and Henry….love it…sounds like he’s aiming for a line of kings to suceed him lol. No pretentious weirdo names, just good solid ones.

  • http://justjared deke

    These celebrities have babies like they are going out for ice cream. No responsibility at all! Haven’t they heard of condoms. There are too many people in the world.

  • Tdani

    Why is he always so scruffy, oily, and dirty-looking? The thought of him, who is a male jiggolo/whore, producing children is just gross and his girlfriend has issues having a baby with a guy she just met on a movie set a few months ago. These two I’m sure probably deserve each other.

  • nico

    Wow, she looks so great!!!!!!!!!
    Lucky Colin ;-), yes she is so much better then A…..

  • lizzie
  • xox

    cool! :)

  • pat


  • I smell a rat

    This guy needs to get snip snipped…didn’t he think about a condom? Nobody plans on a baby when they first meet on set, so it’s obviously an “oops.” Either that, or she trapped him.

  • fk

    I bet angelina is kicking herself right now. she could have had him but she chose the dummy

  • true story

    he cheated on Emma to be with alijca

  • LuckyL

    ellie’ @ 10/31/2009 at 6:29 am

    Well congratulations … Just like BP&AJ you guys work fast at least you weren’t married at all as the one was when he got his girl pregnant… Wish you all happiness..
    You just can’t keep their names out of your vicious mouth. All that is irrelevant. It’s about if the two people are going to be committed to their relationship and the children. Your fake well wishes are nauseating.

  • Ladyy♥

    Aww´congratulacions to Colin,Jjeje Henry sounds like a prince name:D Colin´s Second son:)


    If so many people dislike Brad and Angelina then why are so many people trying to be like them. So many men in HW are trying to dress like Brad and women are trying to dress like Angelina. Suddenly there’s this interest in the world–not to mention it is now okay for HW actresses to have babies and actors to be good fathers. Oh and as far as colin is concerned he has another son who has a disability and he did not announce his birth, talk about him, or acknowledge he even had a son until he met Angelina and tried to impress her because he was infactuated with her–but she only liked him as a friend because even then she had another :) on her mind.

  • Melodee

    I hope the child is healthy and normal

  • Yuck

    Foxy Brown, how idiotic. The JPs didn’t pave the way for hollywood men to be good fathers, they’re not the first to have kids and make it work. What at fanbot doofus.
    Colin Farrel and his new squeeze will last a while but he’ll soon move on to father more children with other co-stars. Don’t forget the condom next time.

  • Jokergurl

    He’s still prettier than she is :) just had to say that.

  • remember da truth

    Oh please — here we go again. Desperate women saying a man has to be in a relationship, because if they are just dating, they are a “manwhore”.

    Get over it. HOw clingy can you get? Why can’t a man date someone for a while, and if they decide they don’t want to be with this person forever, or even exclusively, move on? What is all the man-bashing by bitter, lonely women on here about?