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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Santa Monica Sweethearts

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Santa Monica Sweethearts

Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton take a shopping trip together on Saturday (November 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Last weekend, Kenzie admitted she was a bar soap enthusiast. “I love trying new aromas,” she said on her blog. “Currently I’m addicted to South of Frances’ Verbena. It’s a French milled soap made of 100 percent vegetable oils leaving my skin smooth and refreshed with it’s shea butter and scent. I also have to add that the packaging it came in is biodegradable and recyclable. Bar soap is a more sophisticated and delightful version of body wash which is contained in a plastic bottle.”

10+ pictures inside of Santa Monica sweethearts Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 01
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 02
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 05
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 06
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 07
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 08
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 09
chad michael murray kenzie dalton santa monica 10

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  • nativenyker
  • Po

    Not to be mean, but she kinda looks ridiculous with her sunglasses and beret.

  • Tamesa


  • kendall


    I agree . You wear a beret like this if it’s cold and she’s still wearing a Tshirt . That’s weird .

  • roro

    cradle robber!

  • julia

    what does this chick do with her time besides blog about bar soap and fashion? and who cares about her opinion?

  • Eww

    In all of these pictures, especially 6 and 7, Chad literally looks like he’s dragging around his 10 year old sister. She could even pass for his daughter.Lol They just look so disgusting together and that red lipstick makes her look like a clown.

  • kate

    Chad looks hot!!!

  • nat

    Yeah!!! Chad looks really handsome here!!!

  • Len

    Chad’s body is weird. Some days, he looks like he gained some muscle and some days he looks kind of scrawny. In this case, he looks scrawnier then he was a few weeks ago.
    As for his fiance, out of all the good-looking girl across the country alone, I can’t believe he’s with someone who has the body and the looks of an 11 year old boy. What does she have over him?

  • karly

    So she talks about biodegradable and recyclable products and then rides around in a gas guzzling Hummer?

  • Hanna

    Chad Michael Murray is great.

  • Jo

    Chad looks happy again.

  • wtf

    they will never get married.

  • Beth

    great looking couple!! shes so pretty : )

  • Kay

    Chad’s a f*ckin douche.
    If thats what you think a “happy” person looks like, then you may want to look closer. I don’t doubt that he was probably told to look more happier and alive since everyone’s been noticing how he literally looks like he’s had the life sucked out of him in recent weeks/months which has left people questioning what’s going on with him. And second, he’s still barely smiling and if anything, looks like he’s smiling a little at the paps.

  • stacy

    This guy must be the male version of Rachel Bilson in Jared’s eyes. He certainly gets articles posted on this site quite frequently, but what does he actually DO?

  • nik

    Chad’s hot!!!

  • Jess

    Chad is damn sexy!!!

  • Beth

    no offence, and im not going to bring Sophia into this, but Kenzie look’s like a blow up doll seriously. And that hat is way to big for her head! She’s too small for him they look silly together, and why do they never show any emotion towards each other? tbh, i can’t believe he is still with this rebound girl.

  • Yummy

    wow Mr.Murray looks hot. Lets not talk about his daughter, Kenzie.

  • Kay

    I´ve changed my mind. He looks happy.

  • Denise

    A handsome man with a great body. We love you Chad Michael Murray!!!

  • …..

    If you’re calling that happy..

  • etoile

    ITA with you, i notice that too. This summer, when he was spotted at farmer’s market in LA several times, i was like “waow he totally gained some muscles” (especially in the incubus green shirt !), and lately i’ve got the impression that he lose some weight and seems skinnier ! It’s very strange ! Seriously, i wonder if he takes something to help or which made him “puffed up” or “bloated” (sorry i don’t know the right word).
    And yeah Kenzie has no curves, how could he find her sexy and feminine ?

  • Janet

    I understand. You want to say that smaller women have to be with a smaller man? Ridiculous!!!

  • Sunshine..

    I thought they broke up. What happend?
    He looks great.

  • etoile

    seriously, you crack me up !

  • Kay

    Stop being a b*tch and using MY name as a way to praise Chad. I stand by my original comment which was #16 and I repeat- Chad does NOT look happy. I agree with everyone who says that these two make an extremely weird looking couple. I will never be able to wrap my head around these two.
    And let’s all sit back and laugh at all of the comments made on the first page about “Chad looking hott.” Its the same idiot saying that over and over again using different names. You think he’s hott, we get it. But STOP making a fool of yourself by repeating it as if you’re on auto pilot.
    No wonder Jared is always getting annoyed with people who write like 20 different comments using different names every time.
    Man up and say what you gotta say once and MOVE ON.

  • Miranda

    I´ve waited soooooooo long for new pictures of Chad. Thanks Jared.
    Chad is great. Can´t wait to see his new secret project.

  • Chloe

    They both look like a cute couple, and i love these photo’s, especially since we don’t get a weekly fix of the lucious Chad anymore, god i miss that sexy beast. on TV. Kenzie looks so pretty by Chads side, lucky girl. Thanks JJ for keeping us updated.

  • Keira

    From where do you know that Jared is getting annoyed about people who write like 20 different comments with a different name. I myself did not know it until now. I think you yourself must have written on different accounts several times to have noticed that. And, do not shout at fans of Chad Murray!!!

  • Losers..

    She’s like some 8th or 9th grader but he looks like a real man. He needs real woman, wait but he had one until he screwed up everything.

  • Nic

    She probably knows because Jared himself has made comments in articles about other celebrities that he posts about how some people make several comments using different usernames every time they post to make it look like a bunch of people are saying the same thing. Its pathetic and I’m glad Jared is finally taking notice of that.

  • pup

    I bet they’re already married. I mean, wedding bands?? Who does that if they aren’t hitched. Just my opinion.

  • Lis

    Nice purse. Who’s the designer?

  • Losers..

    They’re still not married. Kenzie talked about him in her blog and called him her ”fiance”

  • brightside

    Such a great looking couple. She is so delicate and elfin, beautiful bone structure and so very feminine. He is tall and handsome and very casual. They are holding hands and looking very happy together. They look as though they would have lots of fun in bed together. I like the way this couple look. She reminds me of an anime/manga character. She is so beautiful and gamine.

  • amy

    They are looking ridiculously stupid together. She’s way too short and too young for him.

  • Love u Chad!

    He started working again I bet that’s the reason he started losing weight again stress! but he’s still looking gooddd!! .. He might be a little happy (im not going to start up the past) but he did look much happier in the past his smile used to brighten up his face, this year overall he looked like he was forcing it a bit but still love you!!

  • shana


    oh look a bitter sophia stan still holding onto the past…shocker.

    anyways, I hate CMM…but kenzie looks the cutest here she’s looked in awhile. At least her boobs aren’t hanging out everywhere.

  • who cares

    She sounds really snotty. I buy my liquid soap in bulk and don’t even need the stupid recycled paper.

  • Tric

    Lol. You’re either Kenzie herself or someone related to her judging by the way you’re describing her. Gamine? Delicate? Very Feminine?

  • nunzio

    @Kay: Get a F’ing life and stop starting fights on a website about celebrities that don’t give an F about you, you fat smelly cow.

  • Kay

    @nunzio: F*ckkkkkkkkkkkkk you b*tchhhh.
    You f*ckin fat pig.

  • Kay

    F*ckkkkkk you fat f*cking pig.
    Go f*ckk yourself.

  • nunzio

    @Kay: HAHA, what a dirty C*nt, go kill yourself fatty.

  • BLah

    Kenzie is a brainless S L U T.. FACT!!!

  • Kay

    You want talk about a dirty c*nt you twisted FAT little b*tch? Take a good f*cking look in the mirror because I’m sure you got some nasty a$$ sh*t growing out of your fat pussyy.
    And after that, go jump in front of a fast moving truck in the middle of a highway so it can break your f*ckin bones into tiny a$$ pieces. I’m sure you won’t be missed.

  • britt

    its funny how shes talking about recycling yet they are driving a hummer.. haha funny! but i agreee i think the beret looks a little bit too big for her, but if it wasnt for that she would probably look a lot better