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Natalie Portman Goes To The Gotham Awards

Natalie Portman Goes To The Gotham Awards

Natalie Portman is presented with a career tribute at IFP’s 2009 Gotham Independent Film Awards at Cipriani Wall Street on Monday (November 30) in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress donned a beautiful navy sequin dress with tie dye tank by Proenza Schouler.

Nat is currently preparing to shoot her latest film, Black Swan. Asked about a rumored sex scene between her and Mila Kunis, she replied, “It’s a very extreme movie. It’s like very extreme situations. But it’s not explicit in any way.”

“It’s a psychological thriller about what happens when you reach the top,” Natalie told MTV Movies. “My character starts being paranoid that she’s going to be unseated.”

FYI: Natalie is carrying a Judith Leiber Disco Ball clutch!

30+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman being honored at the Gotham Awards…

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natalie portman goes to the gotham awards 02
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Photos: Larry Busacca/Jemal Countess/Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty, PNP/WENN
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  • Headless Obama

    Career tribute wow i guess i’m not the only one who thinks she already peaked

  • Mary

    “Brothers” with Jake and Tobey opens this Friday !!!

  • Kate

    “Natalie Portman is presented with a career tribute at IFP’s 2009 Gotham Independent Film Awards”

  • elsa

    she looks a bit like queen rania from jordania in these pictures….beautiful woman……

  • pretty young girl

    Pretty but shes starting to look old.

  • rhonda

    Hollywood people never run out of award shows do they?

  • Alias

    I wonder if Natalie contributed any money so Polanski could make bail?

  • Naima

    I try to like her, I really do but there is something so off and arrogant about her. She comes across as the type to be cool in public but behind closed doors she’s judgmental and bigoted. I read an interview with her in Vogue a few years back and she was making some really unflattering comments towards her experiences in Spain and with the Spanish people. I remember she had to apologize a few years back regarding some comments she made about Afrikan women and slavery, she was comparing herself to an Afrikan female slave, she’s that arrogant.

  • Ll

    Yeah it’ll be nice to see that Nazi “Ivan the Terrible” released too, since what he did was also “a long time ago”, just like Roman Polanski. That’s what you thought, right Natalie? That we should just let Roman Polanski go because he raped that little girl years ago, so the fuss should just die down?

    What would actually be fair would be for an old man to drug and then rape Natalie Portman in the ass, just like what happened to that 13-year-old girl. Then, instead of the rapist going to jail, people should call Natalie Portman promiscuous and almost deserving of the rape. Since Natalie Portman doesn’t think what Roman Polanski did is deserving of jail time, I don’t know why she wouldn’t agree to this.

  • Dont tread on me


    Guess you have nothing better to do but, bring up shit that is irrelevant to anything with Natalie. Both of you are disgusting how you harp on the same ass shit all the time. The fact you wish harm to some actress you hate only triggers the fact you both need medical help.

    As for arrogant I could list you a name of actors A list to Z listers who are 20x more arrogant then Natalie ever would be. What you see is the geuine article, she is intelligent, beautiful and ppl like #7 bash her b/c they are the haters of the world who wish to be her and can’t be.

  • ?

    Natalie is beautiful and smart and talented and there is absolutely nothing not to like.

    Roman Polanski served his full jail sentence, there is not need to punish him more just bc some judge wanted to be popular with the media.

  • ?

    I am talking to no 7,8 and 9.

    AGAIN and AGAIN, do your homework, Polanski served full sentence in jail, he should be left alone as any one else who is not a celebrity. He should not serve twice bc he is famous.

    Natalie Portman is smart, well educated, talented, successful, beautiful and humane. I guess that is what bothering you, she is too perfect for your tastes.

  • Jake G

    Natalie rocks!

  • Hayden C.

    I’m not surprised that incomparable Natalie Portman has become so successful at such a young age. You’re the best, Nat!!! <3

  • Mila

    Nat looks great, love her !

  • padme

    Looking lovely as always. Congrats, Nat!

  • Den

    Congratulations, Pretty Eyes :) Miss you sooo much. :(

  • Big Bethany

    @elsa: I don’t think she would appreciate being compared to someone of a different religion, she has pretty strong feelings about the middle east.

  • jamie

    I hate her dress, but her hair is so beautiful, love her!

  • Boom Boom PAU#16

    I wish this stupid subject of Polanski can just be dropped. Duh!!! Half of HW signed the petition too. Why not wish most of HW dead then? It is some love the D and Z-lister idiot’s Ratchel Biloooo and Gayden Chystlemeth and, are haters of Natalie. Go on Bilpoo’s threads then.

    It is great to see we have a wonderful, talented, intelligent actress on this thread for a change instead, of a z-lister actress who cannot even speak coherently and, does nothing but media wh*re and, is fugly too I may add.
    Natalie looks gorgeous! Love, the hairstyle and dress. So sophesticated looking.

  • lexy

    Her career has “peaked” – well there are plenty of actresses who would KILL to have “peaked” as high as Natalie! She’s talented and she’ll take a break when she’s ready – she’s got the potential to be the next Meryl Streep.
    If you care so concerned about Polanski contact YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT officials and LAW ENFORCEMENT people! Who cares if Natalie signed the petition at the end of the day she can’t do anything about his crimes! It’s the job of our GOVERNMENT and LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies to stop criminals NOT Natalie Portman!

  • wtf

    Again, she is in favor OF RAPING CHILDREN!!!!

  • @22

    Says who!!! Do you know the ton of other celebrity actor and actress’s that signed that Polaski petition as well. Do you wish them the same dead or claim they are in support of raping children. Why beat a deadass horse now. PPL are sick of you haters comments that have nothing better to say but, Natalie is in support of..Please how about Harrison Ford, how about the number of other directors, producers, studio representatives who also signed this. Give it a major rest and the next time you wish to bash a A-listed actress who is has more talent in her little finger then you do in your comments of hate go back to the Lohan, Hilton, or Bilson lame talent know bodies who ppl like you support.

  • @22

    She is not in favor of raping children, she is in favor of a fare justice system. Polanski served his full sentence and should not be serving anymore, that is what the petition stands for in the end. The judge who changed his mind after the media put pressure on him was removed for misconduct. Polanski served full sentence, the judge was wrong to change it and was removed, case closed.

  • lexy

    Please if some of you are so concerned with raping young girls why not go volunteer at a shelter or after school program or rape crisis center or go do some research on the huge problem we have with human trafficking and sex slaves here in the States? I guess b/c it’s easier to sit around and blame Natalie Portman for crimes than actually doing something about the rape crisis in America.
    BTW, who knew Natalie was in law enforcement and a some sort crime stopper by night! Perhaps she stole a light saber from the Star Wars set and goes out and at night wearing a cape and stopping crime!

  • Corinthians

    Wow. Welcome to Nose Job City. She’s still pretty, though.

  • Jokergurl

    Natalie Portman is lovely, great actress too. She’s not dummy either.

  • vinnyblue

    congratulation Natalie!!!
    wish you all the best.

  • gdm

    Congradulations Natalie!

    It’s great to see someone in the public eye who thinks, and is a promotion of diginity just by her nature, yet remains human to see that it’s the more silly, and less serious things that make life great.

    Hope she always think, and promotes an evolving world, but always remembers in the long run, nothing is too serious. I think her life will remain in a possition to view balance, and it will be interesting to see her continue to mature. Hope she stays a long time in the public eye.

    Wow said a lot, but the end of what I’ve felt compeled to say.


    Didn’t Natalie Portman sign that petition to free child rapist ROMAN POLANSKI? What a disgusting person they both are.


    Disgusting bitch. How can she defend a man who anally, orally, and vaginally raped and drugged a terrified 13 year old child her??? What kind of monster would defend Roman Polanski? She needs to get her head checked. There is something seriously wrong with her.


    I was a big fan of hers. But there’s no way I can continue to watch her movies after I found out she signed the Polanski petition. It’s confusing because she loves animals and is even a vegetarian so why would she agree with child rape? She even kicked off the TODAY Show’s 16th annual holiday toy drive on Nov 30th. I’m confused and heart broken.


    The reason she participated in the Today Show’s annual holiday toy drive is because she’s trying to recuperate her image. A lot of her fans are no longer her fans. There is a ton of trash talk on her fan sites. The toy drive was just a publicity thing. As far as I’m concerned, she’s worthless scum.


    Polanski NEVER served his full sentence – he bailed before the judge could formally sentence him. He was in jail for just a few months. How can that be the full sentence of a man who raped a child in every one of their orifices not to mention drugged her? Anybody that defends Polanski is going to receive really bad karma in their lives. This includes Natalie Portman and all her fans who defend this terrible mistake of hers. It’s the way the world works. I guarantee it.

  • @34 and other lunatics

    Do your research, Polanski cooperated with authorities and served his full sentence, case closed. When judge changed his mind about the sentence due to media pressure he was removed from the case. If you are no longer NP fan than you can’t watch any movies bc most of HW signed the petition. Get a life.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks alright, nothing special but she still looks good
    i dont really like her dress but she still looks cute
    i kinda agree that age is catching up with her but who cares really
    she’s a beautiful woman regardless