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Madonna: Post-Christmas Party at the Kabbalah Centre

Madonna: Post-Christmas Party at the Kabbalah Centre

Madonna takes her two daughters Lourdes and Mercy to visit the Kabbalah Centre in London during Boxing Day on Saturday (December 26).

Madonna‘s sons David and Rocco were seen returning to her home after spending Christmas with their father, Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie. David was seen kicking around a water bottle while Rocco high fived and hugged the driver good-bye.

Sherlock Holmes is in theaters now, starring and Robert Downey Jr.,Jude Law and Rachel McAdams!

20+ pictures inside of Madonna‘s Post-Christmas Party at the Kabbalah Centre…

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  • g!na

    speaking of a fashionista! Mercy is dressed to the nines and could show her older sister a thing about nice dressing! Lourdes outfit looks dirty as usual. lol. Mercy looks lovely. ♥

  • haley

    Mercy looks beautiful. Lourdes looks like a typical 13 yr old girl just like my daughter! little miss attitude. LOL. She’s growing up. I do love this pic of Mercy she looks like a diva.

  • SantaBabe

    Why are they celebrating Christmas I thought Madonna was Jewish? Confusing for the children.

  • Jason

    Leave them alone..

  • infamous

    Madonna’s face is looking scarier than ever. Blown up cheeks and pulled back like a wind tunnel.

  • Penny


    She also wears a crucifix most of the time. Confused much? lol. I know plenty of people not just of other faiths, but even atheists, that celebrate Christmas. Makes no sense to me either!

  • Mike

    Madonna’s not Jewish. She studies Kabbalah and you can belong to any religion you like even if you study Kabbalah because it’s not a religion. They’ve always celebrated Christmas and other holidays.

    And there goes Gina again making snide comments about Lourdes. You’re kind of obsessed with that kid!

  • Mike

    @infamous: What are you talking about? You can’t really even see her face, she has glasses on and a hat. Just goes to show you’ll make the same comment regardless of how she really looks.

    The photographers need to back off from those kids. They are practically in Mercy’s & Lourdes’ faces. They have long lenses, there is no need to be that close to those kids.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Ever considered getting therapy for your addiction?

  • Tazina

    Gina is obsessed with Lourdes. From her comments, it is obvious she wants to be just like her and since she knows she can’t, will make derogatory comments instead…..jealous people do that to try and feel better about themselves.

  • Ciara

    Mercy looks like a boy but her outfit is adorable.

  • CanadaGirl

    Gorgeous family. Mama Madonna rules the roost and her kids look well mannered and well behaved.

  • I can’t take it anymore

    Whatever about Madonna. She is puzzling. I do not really like her. I used to love her music when she started in 1980′s and I was in college.

    SHE DOES seem to taking mothering important and serious and her kids are valued and they know their mother, all four of them,and not the nanny’s as their mother.
    Madonna,she ‘s a mother alright, yeah a real M-O-M. Who would have thought it!! ??!
    LOL, Good for her because the money and cd’s and all of that is great and love from media and fans, but she has real love and in a real life in that of her kids.

    Good for her.

    Also,and keep in mind I don ‘t like her music ,but her kids are all dressed appropriately.

    Mercy looks sooooosooo cute in her hat, coat and tights. I love tights on little ones and I buy them in different colors for my niece.

    Not taking a shot at anyone like Katie Cruise , but how hard is it to dress a little girl. That child must be part vampire because she never feels the cold as in weather 50 and below.
    She could have been in snowy London and been out in a sleevless or short sleeve dress, no tights,dance shoes. Crazy.

  • Jason


    Do you know Lourdes? Because you can’t judge on the outside.
    And if you can judge and talk crap about Lourdes (or other people), by just looking at her (them), it says a lot more about you than it does about her (them)..
    And it is proven, that people who talk down to or bad about other people feek very bad about with themself.
    Lourdes didn’t choose her mother to be Madonna, so you can never blame her, for being a celebrity child, if that is what you’re jealous about..
    I feel sorry for you!!!!!
    And I hope you’ll get better..

    I hate that the paparazzies are following celebritie’s children..
    Their children are no celebrities, so they shouldn’t have the right, to put a camera in their face when their in their private life..
    And by the way, a celebrity is just a normal person, like you a me, who’s just admired by their job, so all that hysterical atmosphere that there is about celebrities is crap, in my oppinion, then because I think people like my doctor do a GREAT job, I should run over to him screaming “I LOVE YOU!! CAN I TOUCH YOU!!! CAN I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU!? OMG, IS IT YOU, MY DOCTOR!!? I CANT BELIEVE IM MEETING YOU!”.

  • Old

    Does her paid boyfriend Jesus f*ck her in her ass???

  • g!na

    @Ms Anonymous: no, tell me how therapy goes for you!

  • Albert

    @ G!na! your use of the word: “Spic” and “Whore” to describe Lourdes is unwarranted and unwelcome. Please take a racial overtones and stuffy it! You must be on crack!

  • chase

    @Old: oh god, Madonna is looking nasty! Poor Jesus has to f*uck that nasty crotch. Madonna is like a pedofile, jesus is closer in age to her druggie looking dark circle-eyed kid.

  • g!na

    @Albert: no, crack is wack! poor man’s drug, just for you darling.

  • g!na=stupidity

    @g!na: ;

    Really do you think anybody will take your comments seriously troll, spewing your usual hate,you sound so ignorant and idiotic,I’d be so embaraased making a fool of myself as you do

  • cassie

    Madonna is looking scary & someone needs to take her kids before they end up like her pole dancing and thrusting their crotches like her in videos.

  • Albert

    @g!na: @g!na:
    @G!na, your comment to me made me laugh! lol You’re such a Drag Queen!

  • g!na

    @Albert: yeah, kind of funny :)

  • SJ

    why is david dressed in little girl clothes????

  • SJ

    @SJ: nevermind comment read post wrong

  • Mike

    People who make disgusting and racist comments about children are mentally disturbed. It’s clear there are people here who are obsessed with Madonna’s children and that of other celebrities because they themselves have pathetic lives and must put others down in order to feel better about their own sad existence. Consider getting some therapy and medication.

    Racism should be forbidden on this site.

  • anja

    What’s wrong with you people? G!na only said she didn’t like the way Lourdes was dressed, and you began insulting her!
    Personally I like Lourdes’s style but it doesn’t mean I think those who don’t are mentally ill

  • sammantha

    Maybe you should read posts more carefully

  • amanda

    @Mike: TAKE A CHILL PILL! just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them mentally ill. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you like it or not.

  • eliott

    Madonna is a good mom. It always seems a bit surprising when a “wild child” grows into a loving & responsible parent, but it’s more common than one might think.

    Lourdes is adorable. I like her style.

  • Luv Madonna

    When I look at Madonna, all I see is a kick-@ass woman. What an inspiration! She’s done all kinds of strange and quirky things, had all types of adventures, yet she is still the same strong, independent woman who takes life by the horns. Fabulous. Love her family too. Mercy and David truly look happy blessed to be hers. Lourdes will no doubt grow up to be just as powerful as her mother. Great!

  • atrium

    Love Madonna

  • Hane

    If that was Katie and Surie. Surie would have on a sleeveless party dress, no socks, and ballerina shoes, or heels.

    While all others around her would be bundled up.

  • Lucy Lover

    what a good mother

  • lakers fan in boston

    at some point fugdonna, u gotta give it up and accept ur old
    she looks like a dumbass with that red hat
    lourdes is really cute, pains me 2 think she might turn out exactly like her mom=[

  • Mike

    @amanda: No. Calling a child dirty, Sp*c, and wh*re is an act of mental immaturity and mental instability. If you can’t understand how calling a child derogatory and se x ually-suggestive names is appalling, maybe you should re-evaluate yourself. The comments by this person towards that child sound like an obsession and are brought up in every post. One thing is to disagree about someone’s outfit, but another thing is to be downright nasty and racist.

  • Doc

    I don’t think Lourdes will turn out like her mom. Look at the poor kid- does she ever look happy whenever she’s dragged through the paparazzi by the publicity-hungry old crone? She still tries to celebrate Christmas in spite of her toxic mother’s hatred of all things Christian. Lourdes, if you read this please know that nobody will judge you if you take the high road and people realize you’re nothing like your mother. Judging people because of their families is the most unfair thing anyone can do, there are a lot of good kids that are subjected to this and it’s not right. When you’re 18 you’ll be in charge of your own future.

  • road

    For once and and for all Madonna is not anti-Christian, in fact its quite the opposite, she respects the true values and trade marks of Jesus Christ, she even has bible quotes blown up on the big screen at her concerts for inspiration, Madonna loves Christinaity and Cathoicism, just because she questions things and studies doesnt mean shes anti religion

  • teresa

    @Mike: and you have a degree in psychology to diagnose these symptoms? So what if a person says things you don’t like. You seem very obssessed with Madonna and too protective of her children. Amanda was saying just to calm down your reading too much into thses posts. If someone makes a negative comment it’s on them not you too worry about or making psychological evaluations.

  • jolentini
  • yaya

    I hate Modonna music, I think she is a weird, old, and a crazy lady in a way, but i think she’s a good mom to all her kids and that all that matters. People should not talk bad about kids it makes you sound petty and gross.

  • Stone

    Lord have mercy on me!

  • Chef Jacke

    Do they have different fathers?

  • delilah

    Madonna’s kids will be great. In fact, according to people who know them, they already are. Very well behaved children, courteous and kind.

    The worst thing Madonna could do is spoil her kids and not discipline them when they’re naughty. Those are generally the kids in Hollyweird that go down the wrong path. Giving kids lots of love and disciplining them when they step out of line is most of what children need.

    Madonna adores her children and she doesn’t let them walk all over her. Lourdes is at an age where she’s starting to listen to friends and pulling away from parental figures a bit, but Madonna is well aware of that. Successful adults had to start gaining independence as young people. It’s normal. Madonna knows how to raise children. She’s not afraid of her kids and she wants them to turn out right. They will.

  • MMA

    They’ve obviously spared the rod.

  • http://i-love-lourdes-2 QueenMadonna23

    I Love Lourdes too!
    My website is : and, my forum : !

  • kneck

    lourdes is wearing a tshrt that was dropped infront of her door by a 17 year old…

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