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Megan Fox & Mickey Rourke: Passion Players

Megan Fox & Mickey Rourke: Passion Players

Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke shoot some scenes for their upcoming movie Passion Play in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday (January 9).

During one scene, Megan, 23, and Mickey, 57, got into a truck together and Megan kissed Mickey on the cheek.

In the flick, Megan plays an angel who tries to redeem Mickey‘s character after he saves her from a gangster. Mickey is set to play a down on his luck trumpet player.

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megan fox mickey rourke passion play 01
megan fox mickey rourke passion play 02
megan fox mickey rourke passion play 03
megan fox mickey rourke passion play 04
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Credit: Deetz/Raef/Ramirez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • http://hayden Mary

    love Megan fox can’t wait to see her new movie

  • Anna

    What happened to her face?

  • Ilia

    I want this woman!

  • s

    she looks like 40 yr

  • Afrika

    If it sounds like a flop, looks like a flop then IT IS A FLOP!!!

  • jdub

    i’m actually really excited for this movie. Megan looks gorgeous as usual

  • Travel Blogs

    Great movie!

  • mika_says_hi

    sounds like a cool movie.

  • Headless Obama

    big risk making an odd movie like this, really don’t think there is much of an audience for this

  • BlahBlah3000

    she looks weird when she smiles

  • Kelly

    My sister signed up to be an extra in the film and got a callback and didn’t even go! Should could have seen her! Lol, she’ll regret it.

  • fedita

    what happened to her face? somebody said that she had a plastic surgery…i don’t know if it’s true but her face doesn’t look the same!

  • CanadaGirl

    Megan looks so beautiful. Her clothes are spectacular; that purple is quite vivid and rich.
    *sigh* I wish I was Megan.

  • whatevs

    oh look! she looks totally different when there isn’t 10 pounds of makeup on her face…what a surprise! not. she’s a 2 face.

  • xxxx


    She has had ALOT of surgery… and she doesn’t know when to stop either. By the time she’s 30 she’ll look like Joan Rivers if she doesn’t stop now….

    Anyway, wonder who she blew for this role?

  • go sox

    Amazing how normal she looks when she’s not hanging out of her clothes.

  • dae

    the ONLY thing that megan should thanks for the platic surgery without that she woundnt be called beautiful that for sure

  • D

    @fedita: just google megan fox plastic surgery then you will see before and after pics very clearly

  • santa fe nm

    it must B cold…

  • Gene

    Mickey Rourke is an excellent actor hope he can carry her cause she’s not that g8t.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, are her legs really that pale or are those stockings?
    she looks pretty hot but im just not the fan i use 2 be
    didnt even no she was gonna be in this movie, hopefully she wont mess it up

  • Lauren

    And The Award For Worst Actress Goes To ….MEGAN FOX!
    Congrads :)

  • 100mph

    Ooooo!!!! Mickey*…

  • Mileena

    Her face has changed a lot…… she doesn’t look the same. Ugh those celebrities have to stop it with the plastic surgery, especially when it’s so damn visible. They’re so insecure. The worst thing is one of my best friends told me she would get some surgery done if she was a rich star ugh. What a shallow world we do live in! Btw, I hate this ho. She’s pretty but I’ve seen better. Even Angelina is much sexier than her and less fake !

  • Just Me

    Wow Megan as an angel is definetly something im curious to see

    and aw she looks beutiful

  • Catherine

    Megan is very sexy !!!

  • Whoever

    She is still hot, but her face does look different!

  • pee and poop

    What is the big deal about her? She is just another mediocre actor in Hollywood who is pretty but not all that. I’ll take Angelina Jolie anyday over this person.

  • idontknow

    this movie doesnt sound good. i dont care about megan either way, but mickey i do not like. he’s gross personaality and looks wise.

  • jdub

    she got a nose job and her jaw/chin done. calm the hell done. you people tear this girl apart for no reason! 90% of hollywood has had some work done in their life. Megan is gorgeous and she was even hot before she had some work done. so please stop hating and comparing her to Angie, bc its really getting old

  • I Love Megann Fox!

    she looks so different here omg.. she had to have more plastc surgery done she looks so weird now.. why would she do that she was so beautiful before

  • Ilia

    Wow, this forum is plagued with hateful c**ts. If you DO NOT like the actor/actress stay the f**k off of that thread, it is as simple as that. Surgery or not, this woman is stunning.

  • Ilia

    Anjelina Jolie looks like an old, disposed condom. I wouldn’t touch that dragged-out sl*t with my d**k attached to a ten foot pole. There is a reason why she had to be artificially inseminated, Brad didn’t want to poke her where sun doesn’t shine. Megan Fox is 10 and Fugjelina is 0.

  • I Love Megann Fox!

    i agrre with llia im sorry for criticzing but all i was sayin was she looks alot different then a few weeks ago. I just dont know why she would want more surgery she is already beyond stunning

  • fashionista

    She looks like his ex wife, model Carre Otis when she was her age…

  • Ashley

    Yeah she does kinda look like Carre Otis.

  • Mel

    She must be bored as hell in New Mexico. That’s probably why she’s being so paparazzi friendly, getting papparazzi’d is the only excitement she’ll have the entire time she’s there.

  • SubSub

    This will flop. Good luck though Megan. lol…yeah.

  • Kelly

    @Mel: It’s actually not boring. Albuquerque is more of a place for people who are athletic and like to be out. The mountains are so pretty.

  • Fox

    STFU you bitter haters!
    Megan did not have PLASTIC surgery, i swear some of you are so jelous it’s so obvious. But who could blame you, you all probably look like her $h!t, and are only hiding your hideos faces behing a keyboard and bash on gorgeous people

  • Fox don’t pop an artery…

    @Fox: Fox, can you breathe? I mean, seriously, get out of Megan Fox’s ass – you’re just gonna walk around talking shit. Of course she had plastic surgery, any one who’s not blind or stuck in anyone’s ass can clearly see that. People are allowed to have opinions, okay. We can’t all LOVE the same person, y’know. Just not possible. As it is, I can tell you’re like ULTRA obsessed with Ms. Fox….so, I mean…c’mon dude..girl…w/e you are, get a life.

  • xxx


    You think this thing hasn’t had surgery… ? wtf is wrong with your eyesight? She has had atleast 5 major procedures (if not more) + botox + contact lenses

    I mean come on.. why are you sticking up for her anyway? its not like she’d like you or be nice to you in RL… oh wait you’re probably a pathetic 13 year old horny boy…. LOL guess what? you don’t have a shot.

    But wait.. why is your name Fox?
    Maybe because you ARE megan, defending herself.
    HAHAHA. Suppose she has no fans to do that for her, right?

  • Adora

    playing a part of an angel? what a joke

  • Grle

    I want to ask your question from u. wtf is wrong with your eyesight? megan doesn’t wear contact lenses. her blue eyes are natural!!!
    she looks stunning as usual!

  • 123

    megan has had only minor surgeries aka a nose job due to a broken nose to correct the deviated septum, but the rest is due to injectibles

    she may look slightly different here because her face is a bit puffy due to Juvederm and Restylane been injected into her cheeks (laugh lines) and her lips and because she is rather thin at the moment it’s more noticable, luckily the injectibles are temporary !!

    I think personally she needs to gain some weight and she should stop the injectibles into the face since she is still very young but the lip injectibles are alright because she knows not to over do them.
    and she should differently not try anything new to her face since I think she has reached perfection already

    megan has an eye for perfection so it would make sense that she is very worried about her looks

    she says she likes the pain of tatoos but since she can’t cover her whole body with them I think she has become addicted to the pain of the injectibles which is why she constantly gets it done

  • twilightzz

    What’s up with her face?!? It looks just so different.. it kind of reminds me Claire Forlani`s smile.

  • look
  • kara

    I don’t like Megan Fox at all but she looks pretty without all the artifices

  • Michelle

    Megan is very pretty, plastic surgery or not. What difference does that make, it’s impossible to think of even one actor who hasn’t had any kind of procedure. Btw, Angelina has had a LOT of work done.

    Mickey Rourke is an amazing actor and I just hope that she will be good enough to work with him.

    Obviously this isn’t going to be “Transformers” or “Twilight” trash. This will be an interesting drama for adults or near adults – not everything is aimed at the teens audience.

  • Lena

    @pee and poop:
    Oh Skangeline, go back to caring for your kids or scheming on how you’ll be stealing Johnny Depp from his girlfriend….don’t HATE! She’s more beautiful than you ever have or will be.