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Jennifer Aniston: Baby Got Back!

Jennifer Aniston: Baby Got Back!

Jennifer Aniston shows off her gorgeous body at Disney studios in Los Angeles on Monday (January 11).

The 40-year-old actress, who toted around a black Ferragamo bag, wore a pair of pants that seriously flattered her famous booty!

This past Thursday, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan told Us Weekly that she’d love to have Jen on as a guest star – or as the perfect girl for Ted!

“I’d love to have Jennifer Aniston!” Aly said. “I’d like her to turn out to be the mom.”

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jennifer aniston disney studios wide leg jeans 01
jennifer aniston disney studios wide leg jeans 02
jennifer aniston disney studios wide leg jeans 03
jennifer aniston disney studios wide leg jeans 04

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  • umm

    Yeah Flat Back!!!!

  • becky

    Over 40, still sad and still single.

  • addds


  • addds

    B I T C H
    she will be always single

  • gerard

    In the first picture she looks like a man.

  • annab

    She does look good in that outfit. Very flattering. At least she isn’t super skinny like some of the other famous people. Normal weight body for once.

  • ummahyk


  • Mary

    Still single and happy :)

  • ivy

    She maybe single but atleast she not a homewrecker

  • ivermom

    As usual…she is gorgeous :)

  • bet

    love the comment by JJ.” Baby got back”. that is amazingly shape back very proportional with her body type . i love the whole style on her. i love the hair and her cute smilly face.

  • Lurker

    LOL, Jen as the mom. Jen won’t be happy with you Al.

  • Lurker

    LOL, Jen as the mom. Jen won’t be happy with you Al.

  • LoveLeeR

    maybe AS TED’S MOM !

  • bet


    she is a symbolism of woman with dingity , independecy , and strength.

    please forget about homewrecker thing, most of the wholywood celebrities have that character in this day.It is a trend for being more famous.

  • http://justjard tina

    she is so butiful>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>she have good body batter than angi flat booty.

  • just saying

    Jared, Jared, Jared.. you know the loons are going to make you change the title. They will whine and boo hoo about it until you do.

  • bet


    did it you guys have enough moms in hollywood, that you can saticfied your obesesstion. there are mom like Octom, Cate , Branglina, Jennifer Garden, Resee, who drag them in every camera. This are the usuall one. If you guys are not satsfied your obesesstion from those mom. There is no need to force one, or open thier drawer to tell you about thier private life of what is happening in thier private life.

  • Dawn9476

    It is really disturbing that Jen haters think it is sad to be over 40 and single. Like a woman is nothing without a man. Do you feel this way in general or just about Jen? Because you need help if you think that about every women in 40. It is really a pathetic line of thinking that a woman is nothing without a man.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..ahahahaha.. flat ass.

  • Dawn9476


    Apparently to Jen Haters, not only is it pathetic for a woman to not have a man but it is pathetic not to be a other either.

    It’s such a 1950′s way of thinking.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be mother, not other.

  • bet


    becuase they are a kind of women who are weak , very dependent on man. there life can not function unless a man follow them in every of thier move, even when they go to the bathroom to poo.

  • leatherface

    Good Gawd woman, I could make a nice purse out of that leather face.

  • Tashiki

    omg, she’s boooring..

  • what back?

    Jared, what are you talking about? Her ass is flat. Thick, but flat. Chunky thighs, too.

  • Jen


    hahahaha. that’s what I was thinking. Not everyone is meant for marriage and to have kids. Also, you do not become a better woman or fulfilled just by being in a relationship. It’s a really archaic line of thinking.

    Jen is a pretty successful woman and I don’t get all the hate, if a person is independent, especially a woman, that is pretty admirable. She also looks gorgeous. Love the outfit.

    oh and Jen haters I am not a Angie hater. I dont see things in black and white and hate on Angie just because I happen to like Jen. I think both of them are great ladies but in different ways.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    botox face and same sad hair style
    her butt is flat if Jessica S. had those high waisted pants on everyone would be crying MoM Jeans

  • bet


    we are not saying do not have a man by your side either , if the right man comes around why not. When a woman is ready to open her heart, she will do it , otherwise , no rush, There is not rull that said you have to be stuck to the ma to his hip and tight to breath air.



    Why do some of you people constantly compare Jen & Angie? I don’t get it! Jen is Jen and Angie is Angie. IT’S OVER — LET IT REST ALREADY!!

  • Kenzie

    Most woman in their 20′s would love to have that booty.

  • Lena

    @nakedoldjennifer: If you call that a “flat ass” than what is Angelnia’s? A “sink hole”. Jennifer has a beautiful body, one that is more true to life than a lot of other really skinny actressess and models.

  • bet


    do not be jealous, that ass is what ass suppose to look, not pan cake ass usually we see it on this site.

    i like Jessica Simpson body too but she is a littel bit to the thicker side. it not bad if you like that kind of shape too.

  • Katie

    She’s gorgeous! Love her :) Such a class act and great actress!!

  • anonymous

    fat ass

  • bet

    jen is wearing high waist pant. and showing loonies that how high waist pant suppose to look, not make you over blown baloon, or hunging tooth pick.

  • Ilia

    Wow, buns of steal. Beautiful woman, fit, trim and healthy!!!

  • Grace

    Jen is a happy, lovely, gorgeous, brave and brilliant woman.
    Definitely, she is not a home wrecker.
    Love Jen always

  • buttaface

    Her bod ain’t bad, but it absolutely does NOT make up for the face or the personality.

  • Whamo

    She is so much hotter than that scrawny Angie heroin addicted husband stealer b1tch

  • jhon

    ugly old b!tch

  • Whamo

    All you Jen haters out there I’d like to see what you fat cottage cheese asses look like. You people make me sick! 99% of you couldn’t hold a candle to Jen’s looks or even Angie (even though she’s a drug addled skank)

  • wendy

    Her body, there is only one word for it; PERFECTION!

    A huge inspiration for all women, not just her generation, fantastic body role model.

  • ayrin


    and still, beautiful and gorgeous as she is, she was left. Maybe her personality sucked big time.
    Good comments… only about body.
    JJ is pimping this tv actress big time. This blog also encourages the “triangle”

  • bet


    Jen has the whole package, the smile , i mean did you her smile and those teeth, remeber they do not like horse teeth andaslo, she does not smile like a horse too. unforgatable cute face. Pesonality, with humor who will beat that.

  • mike

    i miss her long time see her jennifer , now back…..i lover jen

  • Catsup

    Miss Lonely Emblem is wearing the high wasted jeans. No big deal . I see her face has healed from the bruising so she called the paps to say CMon ovah I want to show off me me me. AUG!
    I am so sick of this hag. Wouldn’t miss her in the least if she took a long walk off a short cliff..End of story. Nobody would miss her because she can’t act to save her life. just sort of a waste 5 yrs after the fact still whining over Brad Pitt. Talk about nervewracking.

    Enough already Lonely You would never have a baby anyway , All one big farce. Always was. I think if this leater faced woman was just a titch honest she might be likable but PFFFTTT~! forget it ain’t going to happen.

  • Lisa

    @what back?: Darlin, you need to get you some glasses, stat! She has a great booty as well as body.

  • HA!!!

    Maybe in the trailer parks throughout middle America it’s hard to find a woman in her 40s with a decent figure. Otherwise, there are women who are “forty & fabulous” all over the place. You ‘ladies’ need to get out more.

  • Lisa

    @bet: You are soooooooooo pathetic!