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Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle to Madeo!

Orlando Bloom: Motorcycle to Madeo!

Biker boy Orlando Bloom heads to and from Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood on his motorcycle on Tuesday (January 12).

The British actor celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Orly!!

Last night, the alleged ringleader of the Hollywood Hills burglars turned herself in to police after a warrant was issued, TMZ reports.

Rachel Lee was charged with five felonies for her alleged theft of celebs’ – including Orly’s – belongings.

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  • Olivia

    He is so sweet in this photos.
    But I don’t like his relationship with Miranda. I don’t think they match together and as much as I have tried I cannot make myself to like her, I don’t know why…

  • mmmm

    He is not attractive..

  • ?

    is he doing anything ? any movies?

  • observer


  • wha?


  • yes!

    love him!
    So handsome!!

  • @1

    Well, then he should drop her.
    I’m sure that the only opinion that he values is from a total stranger on the internet who doesn’t know either one of them.

  • omg

    Ahh man Jared. Seriously? You follow up that haawwtt!! young soccer player with this old limper? It’s a new year, new decade boy! People have moved on and want fresh fresh fresh!

  • Olivia

    @@1: Oh…I am sorry “Miranda”! (I just expressed my opinion, you could also express yours without attacking).

  • bandit

    Does he even act anymore?? Why does he live in LA when he doesn’t get any acting jobs. Something fishy about why he rarely seems to be up for a part or in a movie anymore.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    love him she is damn hot !! yummy !!!! :D lol

  • Starting over?

    I don’t think he’s being offered the ‘plum’ roles anymore. He failed to impress critics with his work in Kingdom of Heaven and especially Elizabethtown, two films where he worked with high-profile directors and was cast as the lead. He needs to re-establish himself by doing it the hard way now by accepting smaller supporting roles in less high-profile, yet still high-quality, films where the parts are more character driven. Too bad he dropped out of “An Education.” There’s a small indie-style film that’s been generating a whole lot of positive buzz.

  • Liliana

    Wouldn’t it be much easier to check the informations before writing such a hateful comment? I’m not an Orlando Bloom fan, but it took me a few seconds to check out that he finished 3 films, which premieres are planned for this year, his other film is in-production and the other two are in talks. He isn’t a very good actor, but he has played in many movies and is still working, so he shouldn’t be compared with this “Twilight” extras (for example Ashley Green) who played episodes in very bad movies and now are big stars with covers and interviews in almost every magazine. His fame is much more diserved.

  • @omg

    You mean Cristiano Ronaldo? Eww!
    Metrosexual to extremes + horrid taste in clothes
    I prefer the old limper.

  • @12

    Actually, he got great reviews for Kingdom of Heaven.
    Please try to put aside your irrational hatred to do a bit of research first.
    And if he HAD done An Education, I’m sure that you would be complaining about him taking a small role in a small movie that bombed at the box office..

  • citylove

    ORLANDO !!!!!!!!

    you’re late JJ XD

  • http://justjared LOL

    The Delphi loons in their craziest hahahaha seeing their pain makes me happy because they are hateful people.

  • Lila

    Isn’t his birthday on February 13th?

  • hockeydatingsite

    He was good in LOTR

  • K

    Love you, Orly!!

    Can’t wait for the new projects to come out!

  • nursedatingsite

    I hope he gets marriedd

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  • wow

    So cute!

  • Cookie

    He’s smiling! It’s a long time since I’ve seen him smiling!

    Oh, yeah.. Almost forgot…

    This has been just an observation, I don’t need someone b!tching at me!

  • LOL!

    Just an observation?
    I believe that your powers of observation are a bit tired.
    He was smiling all over the place in St. Bart’s with Miranda. And he was certainly grinning in some of the pics from when he and Miranda went to the Thai restaurant.
    I guess that we differ on what we consider a “long time”

  • Cookie


    Well, sweetie, my life includes so much more than just ogling at celebrities days on end. And counting in which pictures they are smiling or pouting or doing sit ups.

    You didn’t even consider the possibility that I might not have seen all those pics you just listed up there. Funny. Oh, yeah! I know why’s that… Because everyone commenting on ORLANDO BLOOM’s pics must be his devoted, hysteric and crying fans who follow him and worship the ground he treads upon where eeeeever he might go.

    Yeah, well, my mistake of commenting in the first place, I suppose.

  • khalil

    happy Birthdat Orly !

  • http://justjared LOL

    26 Is another Delphi loon in pain pretending to be a random poster LOL SO PATHETIC .

  • LOL!

    Oh, so you just happened by to post the usual drivel without being a fan or looking at previous pictures??
    OK then, if you don’t look at pictures very often, it was pretty stupid of you to post what you did in the first place. You spoke as if you had knowledge of his habits, and you are now claiming that you don’t care enough to look at pics even every two weeks or so (New Year’s pics).
    So you posted without knowledge….that makes you ignorant, right?
    Oh, and playing the martyr is laughable.

  • Cookie


    Oh, my God… Are dissing me because I said that I don’t need b!tching about my comment? Did I annoy you that much? Well, I’m sorry for doing that. Jesus…

  • kay

    I thought that you said you were a non fan, and had more to do than check out celebs 24/7. Yet here you are, back again on a thread about a person that you claim not to care about.
    Me thinks she doth protest too much.

  • Draico

    Does he ever change his clothes?? Time after time he photographed and you can pretty much garauntee what he’ll be wearing!

  • http://justjared love him

    Hope we see pictures of him at some Golden Globes parties .

  • @32

    Well, there are a few possible reasons for that:
    1) He wears the same clothes o try to make pap pics less valuable.
    2) He travels so much that he sticks with the same few pieces to keep things simple.
    3) He just doesn’t give a d@mn.
    My guess is #3.

  • sara

    I guess that he and Miranda have been able to spend some time together. She is still with him in LA. They went to a GG after party together last night.
    Pics and video are on x17.

  • Stainsgroupie

    He is still a very handsome man. Older but just gorgeous. He will be around for a long time, don’t worry.

    The comments here are so funny. If you aren’t a fan of Orlando’s why are you here? To post a negative comment or cause arguments? Either way, that’s so pathetic. If you are a fan, like I am, enjoy the pictures and ignore the crazies. That will really drive them crazy to be ignored.

  • Dr NYC

    Let it rip!