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Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller leaves Jude Law‘s place in London on Tuesday (February 2).

The 28-year-old actress got an escort outside – Jude walked her to the door and the two chatted before Sienna went out to her car.

On-again-off-again couple Sienna and Jude, who broke off their engagement back in 2005, reportedly reunited over the holidays, spending time together on the beach in Barbados with Jude‘s children.

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Credit: Will Jackson; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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159 Responses to “Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London”

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  1. 26
    ++Logan++ Says:

    I just don’t get her.

    She needs to close her legs. She is with a different guy every month.

    He needs to hurry up and settle down instead of making babies with strangers.

    If Sienna takes him back, she’s truly an idiot, because he has 3 children, an ex-wife, a fling with a random, a baby with a random, slept with the children’s nanny and cheated on Sienna.

  2. 27
    All Women Stalker Says:

    Wow, 2005? It has been that long? Time flies.

  3. 28
    Sha-nay-nay Says:

    No, he’s an idiot, ’cause she’s been with Diddy and Ifans!

  4. 29
    Rany Says:

    I’ve always hoped they’d get back together. They are so cute and I hope they stay together.
    I love her coat.

  5. 30
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i just noticed as well but she always has 2 go 2 his place, walk of shame lol
    she looks better when she’s going out of the house, when she goes in she looks in desperate need of a shower
    damn those are some nice legs, shame she had 2 hide em =[

  6. 31
    Frida Says:

    wow, she’s desperate because she’s at his house?! Honestly people, you should get a life.

  7. 32
    foodiedatingsite Says:

    SHe is one hornee woman!

  8. 33
    observer Says:

    I think Jude Law and Sienna are together to throw off the bad press both of them are getting. Them faking being together is a good thing for their PR. The press writes about their relationship and takes pictures of them together and leaving eachothers apartments. To not leave room for writing about what a hohohoho she is and Jude being a bad dad for ignoring his child with the nobody fame-hohohohoho who had his new baby daughter not long ago.

  9. 34
    firemandatingsite Says:

    I wonder if she has any diseases from her hundreds of boyfriends

  10. 35
    Danny Says:

    I wonder if he’s had time to see his FOURTH child yet? Huh? Probably not. There’s vacations to take, ho’s to shag, coffee to buy…Probably more children to create so he can ignore them too

    These two waste the very oxygen they breathe.

  11. 36
    Mimina Says:

    So, she is too pretty and nice for him????? he was unfaithful, yes but he admitted and apologizes. In the other hand she was with a married man father of four (even a newborn baby), one of jude’s best friends (Rhys Ifans), one of Rhys best friends (Matthew Rhys), her sister ex (DJ something…), another Jude’s fiend (Daniel Craig), etc….. o yes, but Jude is the bad one…right! He is only stupid after all the drama she created in the past. Her carrer only grow up because: she was Jude’s fashion GF, Jude cheated on her.

    And dont tell me i cant talk about them because everybody is doing it here. Some said good things and others bad things, but everybody is giving an opinion.

  12. 37
    sharyllee Says:

    Just leave them alone!! Forget the past.. Maybe they love each other. wish them the best.. I love Jude.

  13. 38
    To Mimina Says:

    Totally agree with you. I don’t understand why everybody’s critisizing Jude all the time. Just because he’s a man and he’s made a mistake? Look what SM has done. If I were him, definitely I wouldn’t be with someone who has slept with my best friends again.
    By the way, who knows SM before she’s Jude’s girlfriend? At least I didn’t.

  14. 39
    xxx Says:

    The out fit is SO ADORABLE. I love it.
    But seriously Sienna.. why go back to Jude? This will end in tears all over again… mark my words.

  15. 40
    To Mimina Says:


    Even that married man father of four didn’t take her, right? why should Jude? Why? There are plenty of good women in England. All right, I can’t stand any more. Sorry, Jude, I’ve decided to stop being your fan anymore, or I’m afraid I’ll speak sth. really bad about your girlfriend. I’ll leave you alone. Anyway, I’ll still watch your movies. Hope you’ll dump her soon, then I can watch your sweet pictures without any fear again. Byebye.

  16. 41
    ll Says:

    I want to punch him right on his face. Arghhhhh!! OMG Jude, please!!

  17. 42
    Belly Says:

    It means nothing to me, really.

  18. 43
    macbeth Says:

    Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie! Razzie!!!!
    i’m gonna be knee-deep in booze, blow, and whоres, celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 44
    macbeth Says:

    hurrAy!!!! hurrAy!!!! hurrAy!!!!
    can’t wait

  20. 45
    macbeth Says:

    Razzie 2009 – Ceremonial Celebration of the end of this ho’s career.
    Razzie 2010 – Ceremonial Celebration of the end of this faggоt’s career.
    afterparty in Chateau Marmont, free five bottles of Bollinger and caviar to everybody.
    special guests for ’09:
    Stephen “Big B00bs Lover” Sommers, and
    Ridley “I thank God I fired Her!” Scott

  21. 46
    Tired Says:

    sandra bullock got a razzie yesterday and she was nominated for an oscar today. so getting a razzie is not a bad thing.

  22. 47
    downlowinfo50 Says:

    Weren’t Jude and his ex-wife rumoured to be swingers and/or wife swappers? Maybe Sienna was the jump off for all of Jude’s friends because he enjoyed it? Jude seems to like the women, and I seriously doubt he’s going to give them up just because he’s now back in a relationship with Sienna. Also, why didn’t dude wear a r*ubber with baby momma? Are you f*ucking kidding me with that? He’s got money, fame and some pretty decent looks and he left birth control to her? IDIOT of the highest order. I tell him like I told my little brother, bring your own rubbers because some chics are treacherous and will get you caught up. Now he’s tied to this chick forever, and she’s selling her pix to the tabloids. Then of course the nanny wasn’t even as good looking as Sienna, but a pretty face won’t keep a man at home. I saw him and Guy Ritchie dancing Flamenco. They’re **** dancers. Let’s hope they don’t f*uck like they dance!

  23. 48
    bebe Says:

    i hope they can work it out together. they were the beautiful couple. love jude and sienna.

  24. 49
    macbeth Says:

    that was real funny
    and so true

  25. 50
    chinesedatematch Says:

    I can only hope she gets tested

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