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Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller Leaves Jude Law's Place in London

Sienna Miller leaves Jude Law‘s place in London on Tuesday (February 2).

The 28-year-old actress got an escort outside – Jude walked her to the door and the two chatted before Sienna went out to her car.

On-again-off-again couple Sienna and Jude, who broke off their engagement back in 2005, reportedly reunited over the holidays, spending time together on the beach in Barbados with Jude‘s children.

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Credit: Will Jackson; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • macbeth

    I bet ifans knocked on her backdoor as well
    many times

  • carmen

    So how long before Sienna is sneaking out of Getty’s hotel? I can’t help but think that this is all just a means to cover up her affair with Getty. It just makes no sense that she was spotted with Getty, then it was hushed, and then all of this stuff about her and JL came out. If SM will run back to JL, then we all know it’s a matter of time before she runs back to the married man.

    These celebs know how to avoid the paps when they don’t want to be seen and heard. If they don’t want people to comment on their personal lives, then they need to stop putting all their business out there. How interesting that after being nominated for a RAZZIE, she goes back to getting attention by her personal life ( the man she is currently sleeping with).

    I agree, she is the one who is always leaving and going. Why is that?

  • carmen

    Why is she always playing the victim? If she doesn’t want to be seen, then don’t tip off the paps. She tips off the paps and then wants to whine about it later. Perhaps this the excuse she will use when she goes back to having an affair with Getty, that the paps made her do it because they are were always in her face.

  • dulce

    There is too much water under the bridge on this relationship. They’re cute together, they’re always been. If they have been able to turn the page and learn from their different mistakes (both made them)..chapeu¡¡ but it’s a real pity that Jude hadn’t been able to find another woman, just occasional flings (the last one with unexepected consequences..) to make him forget Sienna. It’s very suspectful that now that her career is down, she is searching him, I can’t help but think that she is needing to become the attention focus again and who better than Jude to help her regain being on first page again??? Jude, you know I love you, but let me tell you that concerning women you are too candid¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Sweet Annie

    I wish them all the luck. Well, I m a hopeless romantic, maybe they are meant to be.

  • sunseeker

    I agree with you, I do not think Getty and Miller are finished and this is all a publicity stunt until Getty files for his divorce. Lets wait and see, maybe we are wrong but I doubt it.

  • Teri

    Sienna would scoop out her own kidney for publicity.

    I can’t believe Jude has stooped to this trash. Both of them are revolting.

  • Sue Astill

    Jude Law is a hasbeen and so is she.

  • groundcontrol

    Lowest denominator @ 02/02/2010 at 2:39 pm “Walk of Shame”
    Grow up, little frat boy. These are 2 adults. There is nothing shameful about it.

    Reason Number One to avoid sex with frat boys – current and aging ones. They are clueless about sex.

  • the truth

    Really do love her but she shoudn’t have went back to jude.Its called backslideing and she should have left home alone and stay with the other guy.( not the married one) Its her kind are taste anyway.But still hope it work out.Should have stay with hayden.

  • whocares

    nasty bimbo, the whole year we’re gonna introduced to a new man and say nice, sienna has a new man, she is no s** anymore
    until she got together with jude again she was still together with getty
    and jude law has a new born baby

  • grimey

    Anyone know what brand those sunglasses are? I love em!

  • bsweet

    @boo: I totally agree

  • hmm

    she is gorgeous….I do not know why she is doing that. I would kick that arrogant idiot in the ass. She should look for a guy without children.

  • Teri

    She should look for a guy without a wedding ring!

  • azlyn

    jude n ritchie dancing flamenco….wow..!

  • Fat Cat

    @the truth:
    Hayden’s a has-been douche. Does he even do films anymore?

  • Líria

    @macbeth: What a sad, lonely human being you must be!

  • little Sophie

    Karma’s gonna have a couple of surprises for you, “daddy”. I hope you still sleep well at night.

  • bambambam

    go to hell sophie

  • to bambambam

    What a rude inhuman being you are! But I am sure, the Mother Nature will take appropriate care of you and your posterity.

  • macbeth

    it never ceases to amaze me how many braindead fanatics
    are willing to allow complete strangers(celebretards) to stick an arm
    (way past the elbow) up their backdoor and move their mouth.
    it must be love lol

  • to 74 aka little sophie

    au contar mademoiselle
    it is you are rude inhumane and cruel

    is your other name mary mary quite contrary
    back down to hell you go

  • to 75 aka macbeth

    i think macbeth needs to practice silence and shut up

  • bambambam

    sienna showing up at his door
    on this day
    at this time
    looks mighty suspicious
    thought i’d put that in the record

    now then as far as making magical predictions…you are not god, you are evil
    so go to hell

  • to macbeth

    to 75
    macbeth, if you look in the mirror its your butt that is retarded and so are your rebuttals.
    figure that one out

  • to macbeth

    to 75
    macbeth, if you look in the mirror its your butt that is retarded and so are your rebuttals.
    figure that one out

  • macbeth

    the truth hurts doesn’t it

  • macbeth

    or is it the “arm” ?

  • Sisi to Juju

    Do you know, Juju, that now, after I’ve had so many men, my beef curtains got stuck wide open.
    I know, Sisi, sad to say but I know. Now your chocha can swallow a whole watermelon and shake it all around.

  • Juju to Sisi

    But did I tell you about my anaI canal, Si?
    No, and I don’t wanna hear it.
    C’mon, Si, I’m just trying to say that my canal is so…
    Shut up, Ju!! I told ya I’m not gonna hear it!!
    but my canal…
    Shut the fuсk up!!
    Alright, Si.
    But do you know Rhys Ifans?
    Yeah, you could say so.
    Yeah. And he’s well-endowed, right, Si? You know what I mean.
    Well, I hasn’t measured his.. but …. How the fuсk do you know about that??
    Well, that’s what I was trying to say, Si, my canal is so….
    Oh no!! You fuсkin’ faggоt!!!!!

  • Juju to Sisi

    Oh, don’t be that way, Si. You are not the Miss Virginity 2010 here! And I’m talking about your backdoor also. Besides, I know how many cоcks you’ve had in your mouth since we split, Sisi.
    Oh you do?? ‘Cause to be honest I’ve lost my fuсkin’ count of them already.
    I don’t know the exact number, but I heard something, Si.
    Yeah, that’s awful, Ju.
    Yeah that’s awful, Si. But I still wanna kiss you in your mouth.
    No wonder, Juju.

  • Diluvio


  • little Sophie

    There are things in life that you can do only once, “daddy”. You get that one chance and if you blow it, well then you blow it.
    My only hope is that I will never see you in my life, “daddy”.

  • Sofia
  • dolorescraegt

    another acting honor for the very talented mr. law….twice nominated for the oscar, winner of the english academy award….nominated for the tony and winner of the olivier award…..talent is as talent does…he is some actor…..

  • damn, you stupid

    “granny” dodoles
    he’s unemployed
    try to get used to it

  • it’s about time

    to castrate this f’ing idiot, right at the neck
    and if that’s what we have to do to find some justice in this whole sordid mess all I can say is “it’s about damn time.”

  • dolorescraegt

    jude, matt damon, kate winslett and marion cotilliard are going to star in” contagion” a new film by director steven soderberg. starting to film in the fall.

  • lol

    yeah no sh!t, granny!!??
    ” contagion” aka “Syphilis and Me”
    imdb says you are a liar, granny dodo!

  • lol

    yeah no sh!t, granny!!??
    ” contagion” aka “Syphilis and Me”
    imdb says you are a liar, granny dodo!

  • lol

    yeah no sh!t, granny!!??
    ” contagion” aka “SyphiIis and Me”
    imdb says you are a liar, granny dodo!

  • hey granny dodo

    do your kids know about your little “secret/hobby”?
    you know, in Japan, people would actually call you a bukkake queen!

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Wonderful for Jude! will star in Contagion with Matt!! What is “Contagion “”about? Also I will see “Repo Men” even I do not like bloody movies..

  • as for that “Award”

    “…There are dozens of fantastic, talented, hard-working actors who are brilliant each and every night, but when it comes to award ceremonies they often find themselves overlooked.
    The Oliviers aren’t the Oscars: if they are to retain their currency, it shouldn’t be just about frocks but about the industry rewarding those who genuinely deserve it for the work they’ve done on stage.”
    welcome to the Reality, braindead fanatics

  • What is “Contagion “”about?

    A Guide to understanding your STD’s, “ladies”.

  • Bitch back

    So he’ll be working back-to-back this year with first Sherlock and then this new project? I guess Sadie will be solo-parenting most of this year too.

  • Gee, Sadie

    do you really need a rocket science degree in order to comprehend that simple truth: faggоtism and fatherhood don’t occupy the same planet!
    choosing a faggоt as a father of your kids is a big NO NO, Sadie!! got it?
    what else do you need to prove that? isn’t it obvious already??
    now go and talk to your lawyers!

  • Gee, Sadie

    that is if you don’t wanna hear from your kids how they were the punch line to sordid joke by the water cooler.

  • macbeth

    karma has a funny way of catching up with people
    looking at 2009
    but it was only the beginning