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Kate Bosworth 'Adores' Alexander Skarsgard

Kate Bosworth 'Adores' Alexander Skarsgard

Kate Bosworth heads into a hotel in New York City on Thursday (February 12).

The 27-year-old actress wore a long plaid shirt but carried her jacket inside instead of wearing it. Kate also sported Made in Heaven ‘Vienna’ jeans in Basin!

People caught up with Kate at Tuesday’s Chanel dinner and asked her about the rumors of her dating Alexander Skarsgard.

“We are very good friends,” Kate said. “He’s a wonderful, wonderful man. I adore him.”

As for their relationship status, though, she said, “That’s a minefield, man! I’m not stepping into that.”

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Credit: Dara Kushner; Photos: INFdaily
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  • true blood

    Everyone adores Alexander Skarsgard. All his co-stars rave about him.

  • cute

    She is a cute girl. I wish she’d stop dressing like a hobo.

  • Nine Songs

    Does she wear a wig?

  • Dieter

    I wanna lick the pooper of her’s !!!

  • Nine Songs

    Her hair looks different from the other night.

  • jj fans

    Bosworth was born in January of 83′. She’s not 24.

  • truly

    the plaid is cute. the gold chains look tacky.

  • ewwwww

    @Dieter: That’s gross, plus she’s all bones. ewwwww

  • twin peaks

    @Nine Songs: If she’s wearing a wig, it’s not a very good one.

  • jean

    Well I guess she won’t get mad when someone tries to get with Askars,Since they’re “just friends”.

  • pointless

    Just Jared- they asked her about her relationship status, specifically who she is dating, she said she didn’t want to talk about it. When asked about Alexander she said they were just friends. Who cares anyways. She is a D list actress who is does more coke than work.
    I HATE him after he said that Lady Gaga is fat. What disgusting people they both are!!!! They deserve each other. If Lady Gaga is fat then I guess it is official you must be anorexic, do coke, and party hard in Hollywood, and look like skin and bones Bosworth to get Alex’s approval. Disgusting!!! Both of them!!!

  • kali

    @jean: lol, good point. :-P

  • Top Gun

    This girl has an attractive face but it’s time to try some Rogaine. Do they have a Hair Club for Women?

  • Jessie

    How could she at one point say they are good friends and then say she has no comment on their relationship status? People need to learn how to write and read the whole report.

    Why do you keep posting about Kate anyways? There are lots of people at Fashion Week. Post about relevant people!

  • Nicole

    Not her again

  • Lisa

    So why does Alex say he has no gf and now she is trying to allude to something? He is such a liar.

  • blonde lover

    They are just friends? Well, then someone should call up that reporter whose boobies he was ogling and arrange a date. He seemed totally into her.

  • Lola

    I love how Alex acts like he wants nothing to do with her but Kate tries to imply otherwise.

  • Lisa

    @Rogaine Okay I never noticed that she was that bald before wow

  • honey

    I like her. It’s a shame she’s balding.

  • groovelicious

    Kate Bosworth is 27 years old. I think that’s Kristin Chenoweth. She’s 41 but looks younger.

  • high five

    I don’t like her outfit at all. She is pretty without makeup but she dresses like a slob.

  • Nia

    Okay so Alex has completely ruined it for me
    first he says he only likes girls young and fresh
    then he is supposedly nelly fang
    then he dates evan rachel wood- gross
    then kate bosworth- sick
    then he calls lady gaga fat
    then he lies about not dating kate bosworth
    something is wrong with this picture he is too new on the scene for so much drama, crap, and bad choices so early on
    not into him at all esp after the lady gaga thing and the dr*ggie kate

  • lilac

    No comment or we’re just friends would have worked fine. By rambling on like that, she’s opened the can of worms she seems to want to close.

  • Bunny

    Askars has the worst taste in women.

  • lovely

    can you read? the article says ” As for THEIR relationship status, ” not her.

  • Hala



    @lovely Actually I did read the article and the reporter’s question was for her to comment on WHO she was dating since she INSISTED that Alex and her were just good friends and that’s when she made the minefield comment. People changed the question to make more controversy. She insisted that she and Alex were just good friends and that she wanted to make no comment about who she was dating. Who cares if they date though? She is irrelevant and trying so hard to be relevant and he is on his way out soon. He rose too fast and made some really stupid mistakes and a lot of enemies. Trust. Just sit back and watch.

  • Yawn

    Have you noticed that only the low ranking actresses are attending the fashion shows this year. All the real celebrities are working or traveling to some amazing place, ie madonna, gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie, beyonce, etc. of course, kate is there. what else does she have to do except chase alex skarsgard around l.a.?

  • rebound

    Alex is just a rebound for her.

  • Alice

    So I heard that he was gay according to The Awful Truth. He got outed for running around in parks in L.A. and having sex with guys there in the woods. And then he is supposedly seeing a cute African American guy who he took to Sweden in October. So if you choose to take a guy with you to Sweden instead of the co-star you are supposedly seeing then what does that mean? Especially if she is not working. Hahaha! I think Kate is saying that to get rid of the gay rumors for him because they are rampant on the internet right now. Besides by saying that sites like Just Jared keep putting her on and she gets more attention. I want to see a pic of this guy he is seeing though. They say the pics of them are on the internet including the one in Sweden.

  • Black

    Gwyneth should beat her down for sleeping with her husband.

  • nelly fang

    Ted casblanca said alex has never been a blind item.Who knows really whats going on with him
    .They’ve been spotted making out too many times for them too just be platonic friends.

  • Fat

    Fat! Lady gaga is NOT fat! How rude and mean is it that he teased her and call her fat and then made gagging faces after kissing her. I saw that post and think it is just awful. What is he perfect that he feels he has the right to call her fat? What does he call Kate? Perfection? No way.
    In this day people are trying to move beyond judgement, criticism, and unrealistic standards of beauty because we have seen what that has done to some and the results are deadly, anorexia, bulimia. So sad that Alex would perpetuate this when most of his fans are women who could never live up to that standard nor should they want to. I guess they are not good enough to be his fans then.
    So I would like to ask Alex what should all women look like to be beautiful and accepted? I am just sick thinking of how Lady Gaga must have felt being humiliated on her own video set.
    How would Alex like it if someone judge him on his looks and humiliated him? Or for that matter his mother? Sister? Cannot be a fan of man who does this to women. Kate is perfect for him though. Anorexic. The way he likes them!!!

  • Alice

    @nelly fang Actually Ted Casablanca NEVER said that Alex was not a blind vice. He was actually asked point blank to take Alex out of the running twice and he refused both times. Ted actually alludes that Nelly Fang is most likely bisexual and then he alludes that Alex only likes Kate on certain nights. That is why she is so insecure with the situation because she knows what is up but is hoping that everything changes and he commits to her exclusively. From what it sounds like around L.A. is that Alex is really getting around with lots of people, both boys and girls including Michael McMillan aside from Kate and the African American man. I don’t think he is ready to be with just one person. It is better that way though. If he is not sure then better not to give anyone too much hope for something more.

  • nelly fang

    Iremember he was asked about it and alluded that he never wriiten a Blind item about Askars.Regardless,Who cares if he is gay/bi. He’s still has something going on with Bosworth.

    I also don’t understand why JJ keeps posting KB and Rachel Bilson.

  • Sugar

    PEOPLE , the Gaga story was completely bogus !!! Don’t believe every bit of crap that is written. AS is a very nice man.

    You have to take gossip for what it is, which is mostly BS.

    The only reason KB is posted or even talked about is because of her friendship with AS. She is a D list actress after all. JJ puts it up because it causes a buzz. Her profile needs to be raised before the release of Straw Dogs in 2011. This is how they do it.

  • @fat

    @fat, calm down. Do you really, truly, honestly believe that someone would a)be stupid enough to insult the person whose video he’s in, and that b) that person would be insecure enough to let a stranger’s opinion affect them so much? If you do believe those two things then you must really have a dim view of humanity. Maybe you should start focusing on your own life instead of projecting emotions onto people you don’t know.

  • Lia

    ‘As for their relationship status, though, she said, “That’s a minefield, man! I’m not stepping into that.”

    Aka, I wished but he doesn’t want my skinny a$$

  • L

    lol, you guys are crazy.

  • LaLa in LA

    Completely agree! If you read the original story on People, you’ll notice it says”K.B. “may” have been at Chateau Marmont…. It sounds to me like another one of her desperate attempts to keep her name in the press. The fact that it supposedly happened this weekend, before she went to NYC for fashion week is an interesting coincidence too, IMO. The only press she is getting anymore is about him, so of course she wants to be linked to him more.
    Also – you CAN NOT believe anything Ted C has to say. I’ve completely stopped reading his stories after the Gaga/Askers piece. That story made NO SENSE! If you read it carefully it says Gaga is crushing on Askers and she is getting pressured to loose weight (which I completely believe Hollywood power types are pressuring her. Hopefully she’ll be able to stay strong and not give in. She looks great!). The “source” from the video shoot said Askers was making faces after kissing her. It didn’t say anything about him commenting on her weight. Ted C also wrote in one of his mailbags that Askers wasn’t Nelly Fang. His comment was “what do you think Nelly Fang and Alexander Skarsgard have in common?” when asked specifically if Askers was Nelly Fang.
    As I said Ted C is full of Sh*t. I’m starting to think there is no Nelly Fang at all. It’s just another of Ted C’s total B.S stories.
    As GROSS as I think K.B is, at the most I think he and K.B. are only F*ck buddies. Why her? Who knows he could do SO MUCH better!

  • http://Heidi heidi

    Wow, so much gossip flying. At this point, Ted has said that to guess Nelly Fang, you have to link past roles and current networks to hot guesses and make a very creative link, as one poster did with Scott Speedman. The answer is not any of the usual suspects, assuming there is even an answer at all. This is Ted C.

    And the Gaga stuff is also bogus. First off, even in Ted’s post, he did not say AS ever called Gaga fat, just muttered under his breath and didn’t look enthusiastic. Ted’s post then went on to say the same source said Gaga had been getting pressure from the suits to lose weight and had been starving herself ever since. However, Gaga herself said she loves Swedish men and she loved kissing AS, who is a great kisser. She said they didn’t pick up a friendship because she is too busy for new friends, but if she saw him again, she’d kiss and hug him. Given that they aren’t even in the same business, why would she lie and kiss his azz like that if he was rude about kissing her? Why, if she was so humiliated on the set, would she work again with AS’s friend Jonas, the director who asked AS on the set as a favour? Gaga seems to have emerged just fine from that shoot. And Gossipcop already busted this story as bogus.

    And Ted introduced his gossip–and he is always careful to note that is what it is, not fact–by saying Gaga didn’t need to lose weight and was fine as she was. Well, duh–she looked great in Paparazzi. Today, he just made another post where he congratulates Gaga on looking great because she’s lost weight??? Oh, now he thinks she needed to lose weight? AS is not the one with an issue about Gaga’s weight. Ted is the one milking this for hits, as he usually does. Given that he just totally embarrassed himself by pretending to have hot scoop on The Jensen and Ackles wedding and posted some stuff that was already widely known and circulated and which fans of the show not only knew earlier but also in more detail, Ted’s “sources” are pretty suspect.

    Kate looks pretty here,. I think the interview was poorly transcribed and it makes a lot more sense that her answer about the minefield was in response to who she was dating, if not Askars, than re-answering the same question about Askars. I’ve seen it written both ways.

  • nanny825

    Okay girlies, let’s not get all bat sh-t about this. Clearly, they hang out together and do whatever FWBs do on their occasional drunken dates (how romantic!). I don’t think she is losing her hair, she has NEVER had good hair and it’s always been thin and fine. I think her fashion sense is good WHEN OTHERS ARE DRESSING HER. Aside from that, the best thing about her wardrobe is her purse collection.

    Please don’t blame Alex for being a liar – Sweden is WAY different from the uptight pilgrims here in the USA ( I am guilty BTW). In Sweden, it’s quite acceptible for them to go out with, have sex with, and OH YES, see and be seen with other people as long as they are not openly a couple (which means they have decided they are a couple). They have never declared themselves a couple. So, the fact that people see and Tweet about them being together, it doesn’t make them BF and GF. But considering this is the US of A, we see it totally differently when they say one thing (We’re just friends) and display in the public eye something we consider entirely different (PDA at the Golden Globes after his announcement that “I’m single!”)

  • Sarah

    @ nanny. My God are you judgmental. Whatever Alex & Kate are doing together, clearly it’s working for them, so why are YOU getting all uptight trying to bash the girl when all she’s doing is living her life? How exactly would you know that they have “occasional drunken dates”? Do you honestly think that every minute they spend together is reported? Whatever you’re basing your opinion on is only a fraction of the story, and you’re filling in the rest with a very hateful and nasty attitude that smacks of resentment.

  • Wilson

    She has early onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should talk about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • anna

    Question to Alex: So you say that faithfulness is the one thing that is the most important in a relationship(per Glamour article).
    However, you are dating a girl who slept with one of her best friend”s husband and tried to break them up.
    So I guess Alex was just giving lip service once again and likes to date women who sleep with other people’s husbands(because they are so good at being faithful in their own relationships or just really good at being faithful to her married boyfriend), do coke, don’t eat, throw up their food, have early onset baldness(yes, she should talk about it she could help a lot of women LOL), are terrible actresses, a famewh*re, and some who clearly is just so damned desperate.
    Okay ladies out there, go sleep with your best friend’s husband and you may have a chance with Alex. Also, don’t eat and if that is hard for you then sniff the white stuff I heard it helps. LOLOL- these TWO are complete jokes and Alex is so gay it is not even funny!!!
    Just Jared- Seriously STOP posting about Kate!! She is a joke and so NOT newsworthy!!!

  • firemandatingsite

    She looks good

  • Haha

    @@fat they are allowed to have their opinion so stop trying to quiet people down b/c you are so in love with Alex and defend every little stupid thing he does. He should learn how to defend himself instead of hiding behind stupid fangirls.
    @Sarah Um all I know is that if a guy wouldn’t claim me as him woman their would be very little a** being tapped. If any at all. A few times yeah sure but move on if the guy is not giving you the relaysh that you want. And she so clearly is chasing the crap out of him around L.A. Showing up at parties to prevent him from meeting other girls/guys especially other actresses. She is clearly pathetic and he is pathetic for wanting to BE with someone so pathetic even if it is just a booty call. Alex doesn’t have to try with her, she is a sure thing at this point. So why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. Funny that Alex never talks about her but she managed to try and allude to something. Why? Because she is embarrassed that she had to go to Fashion Week by herself. None of the men in her life want much to do with her in the end huh…orlando, chris martin, james rousseau, alex?- who knows but he is clearly the most stupid of all four.

  • bad taste

    Look the spokesperson for Anorexia!! Just the way Alex likes them. Gaga fat my a**!! Kiss my a** Alex!