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Victoria Beckham Enjoys 'The View'

Victoria Beckham Enjoys 'The View'

Victoria Beckham heads back to her hotel after appearing on The View as a guest host on Wednesday (February 17) in New York City.

The 35-year-old ex-Spice Girl and fashion designer recently kept things low key by previewing her autumn/winter 2010 collection on Sunday at a private event space off Fifth Avenue.

According to USA Today, she showed 26 pieces at the event, including a dress she plans to wear on Oscar night.

“I’m super-excited. I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do,” Vicky told USA Today. “To see anybody in my dress, whether it’s someone famous or my sister wearing one of my dresses — they make women of all shapes and sizes look really, really feminine.” 10+ pictures inside…

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Photos: Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • lakers fan in boston

    why did she get invited 2 the oscars? she’s a freaking nobody
    as the british say, she’s just a WAG
    or maybe she’s just dressing 2 go 2 some oscar event, idk
    dont like how she looks, ugly coat
    what she showed at her show was pretty good, wouldnt say great but it fits her line

  • just passing through

    She’s such an UGLY person inside as well as out.

    She should try to be less shallow, showy, flamboyant (sp?) and excessive in showing off her immense wealth- it’s actually quite grotesque.

    If she were a warm humble individual, she might be better received by the public.

    Just my own humble thoughts.

  • calite

    Her new collection is amazing, its getting great reviews. I’ll supose this ia faux fur coat, because she already said that she does not wear fur.

  • coc

    It’s not faux fur. She is LYING.

    That isn’t a Faux Fur….It’s a REAL Fendi fur coat. I’ve sold that coat at the Fendi flagship store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan and it is 100% REAL.

    Real Fur moves, fake fur is stiff. Look at the motion.

    She lies, but who cares? I’d still wear it.

  • Jane


    Why do you hate her so much? Why do you wish such horrible things? You read a few articles and see a few photos and you think you KNOW her? I’m not a fan of her, but I don’t LOATHE her (or any other celeb) for the simple reason that one should not judge lest he wants to be judged as well. She could be an amazing person in real life and here you are saying such disgusting things.

  • Camilla


    She might be a “nobody” in the celeb world, but you are deff a nobody in the real world. Cover up honey, YOU REEK OF JEALOUSY.

  • RobininSC

    I rushed to read this article on Victoria B. because I found her appearance on the View very enlightning..She’s a First Class LADY! she has so much zest, she’s very positive, and a true role model for those who give her the time of day..unlike the above posters..

    Yes, I was impressed by Victoria B. she had me drawed in and I’m curious as to why she doesn’t have her own talk show or why she isn’t a guest on the View more often. She is so classy! a 100% doll..
    If you don’t like Victoria B. maybe you need to learn what a true, real, classy woman is all about..she emobodies the word, WOMAN :)

  • Diego

    I really like her cuz that’s how she is, kinda shallow but she doesn’t hide it and IMO she’s beautiful I remember than when I didn’t know who she was like 5 years ago I thought that woman is so perfect always dressed up and impeccable looking. and the three first posters are obviously the same sad person since “they” said basically the same

  • infamous

    I could barely watch her today, her neck can’t hold up her tiny face. She is so frighteningly thin it’s alarming.

  • lalalaove

    I’m almost certain that’s real fur. But, darnit she looks good otherwise. LOVES HER!!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    She’s Pretty
    Love Her

  • ++Logan++


    That is REAL fur. She only says she wears faux fur because she doesn’t want PETA to come and attack her.

    She doesn’t care about anyone but herself, so do you honestly think she cares about animal cruelty?

  • tell it like it is…


    how can you call her a liar; regardless of whether you hate her or not one thing you have to give her credit for is PR.

    there is no way she would say its not real fur when it is; because it’s VERY EASY for PETA and other groups to check that claim!!! She would be well aware of what would happen if she’s caught hiding the truth!!!

  • serge

    Her PR is excellent without doubt as she actually is talentless. Her clothes are designed by others copying other talented designers in the main. She just takes credit. Shameless is the word. There is nothing humble about VB.

  • Re: Camilla^^^

    Tell me Camilla- why is that when one does not like a certain so-called “celeb” and states their opinion as such do ppl. automatically shout “Jealousy”? Hmmm? I can assure you that ppl. who may not like this VILE woman are not jealous of her they don’t like her because of the fake, stuck-up, “I’m sooo much better than the rest” persona/attitude she exudes- who in their right mind would be jealous of that? Maybe it’s you who’s jealous and wishes that you could trade places with this vile woman. I can assure you, ppl. have way too much else going on to be jealous of this fugly/talentless/only still relevant due to her husband/fake/selfish/pretencious Bit**! But you keep on drinking that beckham kool-aid- I actually feel sorry for the so-called “fans” of this vile woman that you are so blinded by her status/wealth, etc. that you cannot see her for what she trul is- a despicable, vile human being. To each their own, I guess.

  • saj

    A good example of what happens when you starve yourself. You can see all the fake hair she needs to cover her lack of hair. Stylists have often said how dreadful she looks in real life and I saw her the other day; she has no hair to speak of…Don’t starve yourself girls.

  • Seth

    Starving yourself not only makes you bald – it makes you utterly charmless. This woman wouldn’t know how to be charming naturally if her life depened on it. And jealous – non.

  • sad

    saj is right – you can see the join in her hair.

  • pip


  • pip


  • yep

    Thats right peeps. You’re not jealous……you’re just in here whinging and complaining about this person because you don’t care about her. I know, I know. Most people would take to a website and spend their important time ragging about someone that doesn’t really affect them, much less make them jealous. Oh by the way it would be envy. Jealous would be if she interfered with your husband.

  • http://google toni

    love her styles, especially her purses.

  • cougarsdatingsite

    did her husband cheat on her?

  • co

    go find someone else’s male child to harass and abuse

  • Super fat burner articles

    LOVE HER ! ! !

  • ToriyaMatt

    Vicki is famous only because of her husband, without him, she is nothing – “hope” they will split… She will be alone by herself, she will become fat and alcooholic (oh yeah it sounds great to me)

    i liked her when she was in her spice girls period but … she is a bad singer, so what is her role ? She is just a Barbie, with a peanut inside the head, i prefer Paris Hilton to her…

  • guest

    She has spent her money and is a lout with the white hags and bitches on the view who pp;ontificate bitch mouths for her friend diaz the penis sucker to abuse persons with her hyena cackle and pretentious obnoxious attitude. Beckham muast be like her hiusband if her hyena coments about private issues and who wants money and her penchant for controlling other people with her blow jobs is a miassion of mercy or just a prostitute being a whore. A lawyer and a shrink need to advise whores on the view about invading privacy and dirty nasty comments about white whore projects and nominal protectores white whoopi bitches on an antagoniastic mission to give blow jobs.