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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Hotel Head Out

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Hotel Head Out

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are both spotted leaving St. Martin’s Lane Hotel on Thursday night (March 11) in London, UK.

Gerard, 40, is on the cover of the April issue of Men’s Journal. He said, “I think I get laid less now than I used to, because I’m way more paranoid now – look at f—ing Tiger Woods! I mean, I’m nowhere near as naughty as I used to be, partly because I did a lot of that when I was drinking.”

Gerry also admitted to some commitment problems on his part. “In the last five years since coming out here, I’ve had two relationships. I’m not a big relationship guy. One of my vices is, I’m too wrapped up in myself and not always in a good way,” he confessed.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler heading out from their hotel…

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jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 01
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 02
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 03
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 04
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 05
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 06
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 07
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 08
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 09
jennifer aniston gerard butler hotel head out 10

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  • ugh

    she’s really a fugster, aint she?

  • ugh

    is this real or photoshopped? a young fat JA?

  • lisa

    obviously it was either a party or an interview.. they are wearing the same clothes they had on at the premier.. WHY the implication that they were together or that something had happend.. Trust when this movie opens next week..they will not be seen again together.

    Nothing going on.. and How sad that this movie had to be promoted this way. What happened to just making a good film for the audience to see and letting that film stand on its own..

  • miss_aveiro

    @ugh yes of course it’s jen????? c’mon are you blind or what?? it is clearly photoshopped

  • serena1994

    i love jennifer. ;d btw is she and butler like a cuple now, or something ?

  • miss_aveiro

    RT @JimCarrey: Guys want an angel who can act like a devil,not a devil who can act like an angel.Unless you’re Brad Pitt then give it a go!… HAHAHAHAH I love jim carrey, he knows what angelina truly is: a DEVIL who acts like an angel!!!…. well not everyone can be so wonderful as jenifer a. is !!! I LOVE HERRRRR…. she looks great and has a heart of gold not like stupid homewracking angelina

  • ugh

    believe me, if they just effed in that hotel, they would never come out in front of paps; every move they make in front of a camera is staged

  • angel


  • ugh

    and i think that fat photo must be when she was hawking nutri-system, pre-friends days

  • janey

    WOW..look at those manly knuckles on Jen!
    Butler is drunk again lol

  • LuckyL


  • lylian

    I’ve always said I thought that Dedn is quite pretty – BUT – she’s looking pretty rough in these photos.

  • Battle borne

    @miss_aveiro: she looks great and has a heart of gold not like stupid homewracking angelina

    Read more:

    I wish you tools would stop with the AJ/JA war; it’s so 5 years ago, people. Must you insist on turning every thread that mentions either Jolie or Aniston, into a battle between the two?

  • GFW

    Go home and get some rest Gerry. I beg you. R.E.S.T. now…. please. :o)

  • Cuinn

    Gerard sho’ looks rough. What’s a rugged Scotsman to do?

    After seeing the repeatedly retarded reactions from some of the loons present here, I hope Gerard never does another movie with Aniston; nothing against Jen or anything, I just hate to see Gerard get caught up in the JA/AJ war.

  • ugh


    its not all about your alleged “war” ! People will call it as they see it, and this heffer is one desperate chick. fugly, always showing her ass because its all she’s good for and even gerry knows it, just using her-she may as may play violin on the street. has nothing to do with liking the JP’s, nothing every f-king thing is about them

  • Josie

    Gerard is kinda pathetic…he’s what in his 40′s? time to settle down, you’re not 25 anymore Butler, and you’re definitely no johnny depp (who looks to be in his 30′s and has more class in his pinky than gerard ever will have) with his fluctuating weight, his bloated face and giant overbite…let’s be honest, he’s no Brad pitt, he can’t get away with this whole “i’m a macho man and sleep with loads of women, he doesn’t have enough charm or charisma, and he definitely does not have the looks for it either.

  • Delicious

    That Man is looking rough, and the man face, rougher.

  • Cora

    Oh dear God. Check out pic number five. Click on it. Her dress is so short it doesn’t cover her rear when she sits down. You can see her bare behind on the car seat. Classy.

  • lisa


    Every time you fools compare them you make Aniston the loser..Everytime.. you make it seem as if she is only a person of relevence as her life relates to Brad/Angie’s the thing is the 3 of them have nothing to do with each other..

    I bet you will see when Angie promotes her film.. Anisiton will not be mentioned. She will talk about her film, Director , other actors.. Plus her man and their kids.. see no need to mention Jennifer. Angelina has a full life.. for people who claim to be a fan of Aniston you all must really think her life if pathetic. YOU only talk about her hair, or body and who she is or is not dating.. What woman measures her worth this way..

    but I am not a fan.. but thank God Angie and Brad have fans that see them in a different light.. People of substance.. more then the superficial..


    Ugly as usual. Once that bomb explode next week. You won;t see her ugly azz with Gerard no more.

  • Abby

    This is their premier night people. Nothing more.

  • lila

    Thanks JJ!!!
    Jen looks stunning!!!! Her legs are freakin gorgeous!!!
    Love her!!!!

  • ugh

    i miss k. heigl – she was so classy @ TUT preem. even when he licked her, just went with the flow, not a desperate show off like c/nt face here

  • Jen and her man are HOT!


  • The Bear Jew


    I slightly agree with you. I have nothing against Aniston and I can’t help but like Angelina(hard to dislike someone who adopts orphans afterall, but I’m not one of these “St. Angelina” people either.). Brad is a shitt or pitt stain, maybe even both. I’ve never cared for him; thought him to be overrated in looks and acting ability; he’s a better actor than Clooney though. Brad has a tramp stamp, what a dork; but he does seem like an attentive father. That “southern” accent Brad did in Inglorious Bastards was terrible. Eli Roth(The Bear Jew)was the best thing about Inglorious Bastards and he’s far sexier than Brad.

    Read more:


    Two words for the hurry out of London, Talk Shows. Thats what they have to do to keep the public interested in Bountiless, and Sony needs to keep it in the top 6?

    One word for the constant plugging of the movie for SONY to make it’s millions.


  • bet

    Love this woman. Having a great time with Gerard. but the papariz are out of control.

  • bet

    i am still in the moment of yesteday cuttness and hottness. by the way did you guys so her perfect ass too. While we are focusing about her amazing leg, we forget the perfect 10 ass.

  • bet

    I read one place jen would not mind getting back with ex boyfriend. We all know John Mayer still love jen. and he is immature. May be If he grow up, i think she still have a feeling for him.

  • ugh


    no one f-king cares

  • mia

    I want her hair!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    mia @ 03/12/2010 at 9:53 am

    I want her hair!!!!!!
    A gray piss stain?

  • anonymous

    she looks like a h@@ker

  • bet

    i read some where else again.. that jen said, for those hater who write about her that she fake relationship. She said it is insulting, for people who has great time with your costar, autmatical she fake relastionship. She love people that was it. This her job she is doiing her job, leave her alone. She said she is in great place, undesrtanding all this hate is to make money.

  • Ellen

    Ugly and desperate.

  • bet

    How many time those has two has to say they are freind for them to get it.

  • bet

    I like Dlisted, even taugh he is harsh to many celebrity, but he does not accuse them with speculation.

  • June

    God she is so gross and haggard looking. I don’t see why people find her attractive – is everyone here middle-aged???

  • j

    what an effing slut and gerry your so stupid to get caught with that fugly hooch…Wow i used to be your fan but geez man your a man whore now…get a life and settle down …..

  • Tim

    I don’t get why she dresses like such an aging slot – why doesn’t she dress her age? Enough of the low cut shirts, tight pants, tummy tops, nips on display, etc. – she is starting to look like a thinner cheaper version of Mariah Carey.

  • Liddia

    Hahha! Do you see in the pictures – someone else – someone she pays not a family member – is holding their hand in front of her eyes? Like Aniston is so important. If she hadn’t used her divorce to promote her acting she would not be stalked by tabloids, but her PR camp used Brad and Angelina to turn Aniston into a tabloid regular. The karma – she will always be alone, is aging and will always have the paps prying into her life.

  • Abby

    They both look tired. It was a long day. I think G had just about had it with the camera lights in his eyes when these pics were taken.

  • Fritz


    Oh yes, June…we’re all middle aged hags.

    *evil cackle*

    Careful, we may cast a spell on you! Whooo!

  • Liz

    Terrible way of promoting a movie! No one will buy that. Jennifer look like a MAN! If Butler is a real man, for sure he will not be attracted to another man. 100% sure after this movie, this two will not be seen together again! Poor aging Jennifer! She is trying too hard to get a man!

  • “hater”

    I am bored already, must we see another week of the hasbeen Jen and Gerry show?

  • oh yeah

    they sould do a pornn movie!

  • someone

    Some of the people on this site.(most actually) are ridiculous..first…saying Jen looks like a man is retarded..second..shes allowed to have fun, she doesn’t need your approval to have a good time with her costar..she and Gerry seem to be very good friends, and I would want someone to put thier hands over my eyes too, if I had 20 flashbulbs going off in front of me..

  • Question

    If no one cares about either of them, how do you explain all the people who showed up screaming their lungs out at the premiere? Many news sites and TV shows have reported the wildness in the square last night. Heavens, imagine what it would have been like if people actually liked them!!

  • Spanky 29

    @Question: LOL

    Top Ten Reasons To go to BH premiere:

    -maybe there wasn’t any soccer on TV

    - lining up early for Harrod’s clearance sale

    - to see how lilttle Aniston can wear without getting arrested

    -They thought it was Pirate of the Carribean 4

    -heard there was a free smartwater and yoga mat given away with each ticket bought

    -hoping Gerry will flash his ass….. again

    -Because Huvane threatened to kill their first born

    -to watch the firefighters remove Gerry from Aniston’s death grip with the jaws of life

    -Because the tickets were buy one get a dozen free

    -and finally….they are all insomniacs and this movie will help their condition