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Britney Spears is a Bebe Babe

Britney Spears is a Bebe Babe

Britney Spears gets a security escort out of the bebe boutique on Rodeo Drive on Wednesday afternoon (March 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old entertainer’s divorce apparently caused her ex-husband Kevin Federline to get fat.

“Everybody saw how I got divorced, it just wasn’t a good situation for me. It was tough to watch a person that you love go through all the things she was going through,” K-Fed told talk show host Bonnie Hunt. “‘That was just the beginning of it. I hit 30 years old, I stopped dancing, I hadn’t been dancing for years, I started eating, I’m sitting around on the couch playing with the kids here and there, getting lazier and lazier and getting fatter and fatter and fatter.”

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britney spears bebe boutique 01
britney spears bebe boutique 02
britney spears bebe boutique 03
britney spears bebe boutique 04
britney spears bebe boutique 05

Credit: TC; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ who cares about K-Fed?? Britney looks cute!!

  • …….

    She is an adorable hot mess tbh

  • ivanka

    kfed was hot IMO when he was a dancer.. to bad he made britney a mess

  • Dany

    Britney looks beautiful :)

    But I hate Kevin!! is very ridiculous.

  • Rick

    K-Fat is a sorry piece of nothing that siphon money from women to live off. If that sorry trailer trash got off his sorry behind and work to support all the kids he put out he would feel better about himself. He is a lazy piece of trash that has to keep swinging on Britney’s name to stay relevant.

    Britney is looking super hot. Way to move on with your life. Leave garbage sitting beside the road.

  • ++Logan++

    “Everybody saw how I got divorced, it just wasn’t a good situation for ME.’”


    You used Britney for your own publicity, knocked her twice, married her for like 2 months. The girl was probably suffering from post natal depression, then you gave her actual depression by divorcing her, taking her assets and demanding spousal support for the 2 seconds you were married to her.

    So i’m not suprised Britney turned out that way…Your a cheap asss joke.

  • JSYK

    @++Logan++: “probably…”

    She DID suffer from post natal depression.

  • mika_says_hi

    britney looks so good!!! white really suits her!

  • facts

    Daaaamn <3

  • eli

    Britney looks better then usual in these photos. Good for her. But unfortunately her body has lost harmony … those legs are massive! If I did not look at her head I could have confused her for Kate Gosselin! Sigh :-(



  • Dana

    Britney is dressing like Mariah Carey..Still loving the Dog the Bounty Hunter weave.

  • Dooley

    How sweet she wearing her Easter Dress.

  • gio

    loooove her!!!!<3 she’s a hot mess

  • the_boyfriend

    Her body looks so on point here, amazing.

    Not really a fan of the glasses with this look.

  • MPA

    I’ve seen her in worst outfits…but, of course, she had to mess everything up with this terrible pair of glasses…Oh God!!!

  • Just Sayin

    eww shitney is so trashy and so is her following!

    immature, dumb same sounding music
    No Class, No style

  • happy girl

    still great legs. trashy but perfect legs.

  • xxx

    Perfect legs.. what the heck are you people talking about? She’s overweight.

  • happy girl

    oh come on, she is an average american girl size. she is trashy, for sure but her legs have always been super hot and still are. pains me to admit. lol.

  • tasha

    She still can’t clothe herself, sorry but those shoes? that dress?
    Her body just looks horrible, her skin it looks like she hasn’t wash herself for a long time! She just can’t fit herself in anyway!

  • Dreads

    @++Logan++: RIIIIIGHT. How the hell can he say such things?! He never really “loved” her like he’s claiming “the person I love” HA. Gimme a break! He’s just an ass. And ate all her money….

  • li

    She looks so old on her face! She should please be on a diet, her body just don’t look feminine, to much muscles everywhere!
    She has a bad skin also without getting tanned so much!

  • sheila

    Horrible dress on a horrible body!
    I just don’t know where she gets those short, cheap looking clothes all the time! She has not the body to show so much skin

  • agnesa

    She is too braid everywhere, those strict clothes doesn’t look good on her

  • Nicole

    She looks so trailer trash, when will she ever lose the weave and step out with her REAL hair for once? She looks awful, if you’re that rich at least have someone do your hair. You’re not 18 anymore Britney, you’re a Mom. Dress like it.

  • sexy Boy

    Well she is looking very hot right here! I hope this doesn’t sound wrong because I am a HUGE britney spears fan and even if I wasn’t a fan I would still find her beautiful, but if she would stand up a little more and not slouch as much it would make her frame look a little better. She already has a bangin body, but better posture or however u spell that would make it EVEN hotter. But I must say she looks great and her tan and legs are all lookin good and her make up and hair is nice too. Go britney!!! As for k fed… it’s funny I never cared to watch celebrity fit club until I found out shar jackson and him were going to be on it lol. I must be honest and I hope ppl and other britney spears fans don’t hate me, but I am starting to think he is an ok dude after watching the show lol.

  • sexy Boy

    By the way, I have no room to talk because I slouch a little too and have to make myself stand up a little better, especially if I have my shirt off or whatever so I don’t mean to pass judgement or anything and I don’t mean she should have a stcik up her ass either lol. Just it would make her body nicer.

  • mia

    she walks like an old woman, ugly shoes! lol

  • chinese fvcker

    ugly,ha ha!too f*ckiing fat!

  • Taay

    so cute *-*

  • Madelene

    She looks so pretty here! White looks so cute on her!

  • Roar

    Hot, great legs. But what’s that on the paper bag? another pair of Uggs?

  • sharylmj

    At least she is smiling and looks relaxed for a change!! I think the dress is cute, just a little too small… the glasses are ugly with that outfilt.. I think she looks better than she has in awhile.. good for her!!
    she is by herselft with only her bodyguard.. she’s probably smiling because nobody is there telling her what to do.

  • annie


  • natasha

    She looks great and she does have great body and she can show this much skin. God, i don’t understand haters!
    Love see her smiling … cute, very cute…

  • changeling

    That smile is just not real, i know how she smile naturally! She just hasn’t any sense for fashion, in that boutique surely were a lot great clothes but she has to choice the most inappropriate pieces! Those are some granny shoes and that dress is just to short, to tight, weird and doesn’t fit her body at all! Please Britney you are a young mother and should start to wear smart clothes like any other mothers in Hollywood do! This looks just cheap like mostly everything on her!

  • yo sista

    @changeling: No she doesn’t look “cheap”, get over it, she’s a young woman, NOT a Grandmother! She’s 28, and she dresses her age, give her a BREAK! She looks good by the way and her body is just FIT.

    Haters keep on hating.

  • Sexy Boy

    @changeling: Why does everyone have to be the same? Just because some other milf wears something, as you say, “smart”, Doesn’t mean she has to be like everyone else. People love britney because she has NEVER gone by what everyone else does. Everyone now a days always say britney is not a good influence, but she actually is, because when it comes to her clothes she goes by what SHE wants to do. She wants to please HERSELF not everyone else, and who cares if she doesn’t always fix herself perfect. I actually think she looks great in this dress. I will however say, yes it would have looked even hotter if her hair was done better and somehow her boobs were pushed up a little more, but still the dress looks great on her.

  • yo sista

    @Sexy Boy: This!
    You don’t HAVE to go with the Flow. Bitchez think it’s the only way to get respect, is by acting a certain way, that’s bullsh!t!!!! U can get respect by being yourself and dressing the way you feel like dressing. I think she’s an authentic person and lives by her own standards, y’all can keep on hating. You don’t have “to dress SMART” to be smart! U Idiots, because being smart has nothing to do with the way you get dressed-up. Plus, she’s dressed in a very normal way, most women her age or older dress the same so shut up please.
    SAVE IT.

  • mary lou retton

    rightly I realistically just like your web log keep choice active in the knowledge I will definitely pop in a number of different reason in order to view out several even more be thankful for it.

  • Justin Tims

    @VIRGIN: How old are you .12?! she is not old.She not 28 either. Only in her early 30′s.Britney is too young to be lying about her age.