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Suri Cruise is a Beautiful Baby

Suri Cruise is a Beautiful Baby

Suri Cruise smiles wide while visiting her mom, Katie Holmes, on the set of her new Dito Montiel-directed movie, Son of No One, in New York City on Friday (April 9).

The 3-year-old tot seems to really be enjoying quality bonding time with mama Katie!

Katie, 31, was last seen shopping up a storm at Bloomingdale’s earlier in the day.

15+ pictures inside of beautiful baby Suri Cruise

Just Jared on Facebook
suri cruise beautiful baby 01
suri cruise beautiful baby 02
suri cruise beautiful baby 03
suri cruise beautiful baby 04
suri cruise beautiful baby 05
suri cruise beautiful baby 06
suri cruise beautiful baby 07
suri cruise beautiful baby 08
suri cruise beautiful baby 09
suri cruise beautiful baby 10
suri cruise beautiful baby 11
suri cruise beautiful baby 12
suri cruise beautiful baby 13
suri cruise beautiful baby 14
suri cruise beautiful baby 15
suri cruise beautiful baby 16
suri cruise beautiful baby 17
suri cruise beautiful baby 18
suri cruise beautiful baby 19

Photos: INFDaily, Fame Pictures
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  • JoJo

    wow, photo no 1 and 16 looks like a pro shoot!! she sure know how to strike a pose!

  • mary

    she’s not a baby anymore -.-

  • carly

    what a gorgeous little girl.

  • Kimberly

    She is such a beautiful child! I love to see her smiling and happy. That is what it should be all about at this age!

  • Pauline

    She’s such a cutie. Even if you don’t like her parents, you have to admit she’s beautiful. and she has the same smile as Katie.

  • Anon

    I worry about the amount of attention showered on this little girl. Her parents should do something to stop the paparazzi photographing her so much.

  • Carol

    She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Taly

    She is so cute!
    Suri always look happy when the paparazzis are not too close.

  • darkside

    Suri is super cute!! I hope her to live a normal life


    GROOMING is not optional.

    The child, not baby, requires bathing and grooming. Alas, the people in the background and her mother are all wearing coats, sweaters, and wool caps, while the child is dressed in yet another flimsy sleeveless dress.

    Temperatures were in the 40′s in NYC yesterday.
    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the wind was quite cold.

    I seriously question the comon sense of this mother.

    Note: The child is smilig widest in the arms of her nanny.

  • arlene

    por favor ya basta ya no pongan tantas fotos de suri hay otras babies lindos en hollywood ya es mucha la atencion ,basta ya por favor just jared

  • Neil

    It looks like she has inherited that same quirky lower lip smile from her mother.

  • Venom

    Suri is cute.
    I always wonder why Tom’s other 2 children have been basically ignored.
    It it because they are adopted and the son is black?

  • sigh…

    Suri looks like she is freezing in some of the pics.


    What is VILE?

    The nanny leaves through a door with no photogs. What can’t katie as well?


    she is really beautiful!Such a sweet little girl!

  • susan

    @TIM GUNN:

    That’s her sister Isabelle

  • ??

    @TIM GUNN: How come this site and free Katie are the only one calling tomkat out ? I think Tom has the media in his pocket. He’s never even on the tabloids.

  • kira

    she is so pretty looks like her mom

  • go sox

    Seriously, how often do we have to see pics of Suri? Can you PLEASE allow this child some privacy and stop stalking her for pics??? It’s disturbing.

  • Carol

    She is so cute !
    I love S

  • old nutter hubbard

    She could pass as L.Ron’s daughter in this pic:


    Similar wide, cupids bow lips and facial shape.

  • ck

    Great pics. Sure is a cute kid, even if she’s not always dressed correctly lol.

    Here’s another cute pic from yesterday

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    omg! suri is gorgous!

  • chin can’t act

    she’s going to be 4 yrs old. US Weakly has a pic of her still using a baby bottle.

  • Pat

    Look at her fingers they are curled up.

  • Holly

    Where is that childs coat? I’m not far from New York and I can tell you it is not summer dress weather. A few days ago we had a hot day, but NOT yesterday. it was too darn cold!!

    This is New England, people need to realize that we can still get blizzards in this month!

  • june

    @TIM GUNN: tim you are a loser, use your eyes and mot your idiot mind.

  • bundle of joy

    In a weird way she looks like a young Jen Aniston.

  • janie

    Gorgeous child! the picture of her sticking her tongue out at the paparazzi is so funny!

  • Marie-Lou

    It’s obvious, she smiles and strikes poses in the arms of the only person who truly loves her – HER NANNY, only when nanny holds her she looks like a normal happy child.
    With Katie she looks stressed and scared

  • Marie-Lou

    P.S. She’s reaching for someone in the 11th picture, guess once for who!

  • ellie’

    Suri is absolutely a beautiful little girl.. Always happy.. Tom & Katie doing a great job with all there children…Can’t wait to see Toms movie one of the best actors ever…

  • Pac Man

    Like what, #6? Never go outside and scurry around like rats?

    Not your kid to worry about and blame the paparazzi for targeting kids.

    And in the next set of photos where she’s caught not smiling, the critics will then say that Suri Cruise NEVER smiles, #8.

    No she isn’t, #10. And even if she was, so what?

    How do you know she wasn’t bathed and groomed?

    The kid doesn’t seem (nor ever) seems to mind the cold.

    Ignored by whom, #13? The paparazzi? If so, it IS because they’re adopted and are worth less to the paparazzi. (And no. Racism has nothing to do with it.)

    No, #14. She doesn’t. She never does actually.

    No, #17. She isn’t.

    It’s because people like you keep making these threads popular, #20.

    Show it to us then, #25.

    I think you’re thinking of the Midwest and not the Northeast, #27.

    Then why does she look so happy where Holmes I holding her, #31?

    How dare you say that only the nanny truly loves her. You don’t know any of these people.

    Or WHAT, #32…

  • peter

    tom doesn’t ignore his kids. You just see the pics of suri all the time that’s all. It has nothing to do with color

  • Pac Man

    So what, #26?

  • xyz

    Why is this child always being carried around?

  • pr person

    That is a nanny (one she had for quite some time), not her sister.
    That child is freezing in some of those last pictures and all her mother can do is put her hand on her? It wouldn’t have taken much to grab the edges of her own jacket and wrap it around her daughter.

  • Sweetness

    The one thing Tom Cruise does not do is ignore his kids…Connor is Tom Cruise’s #1 man in his life..And Connor is gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to be seen with such a handsome young man, so playing the race card on Cruise is a total fail. What some clueless people don’t realize is his two other kids don’t want to be followed and hounded by the paparrazzis and he goes out of his way to make sure his mature children aren’t swarmed by them.

  • peter

    why is she carrying a soon to be 4 year old. Hey katie she isn’t a baby anymore. What’s up with celebrities carrying around their kids. Let them walk.

  • lil

    She is cute, but beautiful… NOT

  • denise

    She is still on the bottle, and wearing diapers, at 4 years old. That is TERRIBLE parenting.

  • Jen

    She’s cute, but she is NOT a beautiful child.

    I wonder why Jared did not post her sucking her baby bottle. Sickening.

  • David

    Her looks does not go pass cute. So people stop the lying, saying she is beautiful, or pretty.

  • Wes

    Just to let you all know go to celebritybabyscoop and you can see Suri with a baby bottle in her yap. Really I think KH does not want this kid to grow up.

  • Wes


  • Dina

    #40, not only does Katie carry Suri, like she is an infant, but also Suri is still on the bottle, and wears diapers. US Weekly has a photo of her sucking a bottle.

    Katie is one strange mother.

  • bundle of joy

    She will need a nose when grown up. Sorry she got Tom’s masculine nose.

  • teri

    Kinda shocked JJ you didn’t post the picture of her sucking on that baby bottle. I’m sure you’d post a picture of Shiloh if she was caught with one. Thanks JJB for the baby bottle pic.

  • Agnes1

    Suri is not cute. Her nose is big,