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Gerard Butler: Geena Heraty Hug!

Gerard Butler: Geena Heraty Hug!

Gerard Butler gets a hug from Haiti aid worker Geena Heraty while visiting Port-Au Prince, Haiti on Monday (April 12).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller, Olivia Wilde and Susan Sarandon took the time to visit a camp for internally displaced persons managed by actor Sean Penn and his Jenkins-Penn Humanitarian Relief Organization.

The celeb visitations were organized through Artists for Peace and Justice, which is working to rebuild Haiti’s education system in Port-au-Prince.

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  • angel

    Way to go Butler!

  • Busybee

    Ben Stiller is tiny next to Gerry.
    Nice work guys.

  • eliott

    Mr. Butler you look handsome AND helpful.
    OT –
    My what big teeth you have, Ms. Moore.

  • natalie

    My what a ugly face you have Mr. Butler. You’re hideous. Gerard looks like a knuckle-dragging caveman, especially when he has a beard. Too much fug in his pictures. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sallyo

    yeah, yeah, great job but why on earth is he touching that garbage can? god knows whats inside! who leans on garbage cans at a refugee camp!?

  • Stain in his shirt

    Eat and Drink carefully. Do you need a bib?

  • Busybee

    @sallyo: It’s not a refugee camp, it’s a camp for displaced persons, you know, cause they don’t have where to live now?
    I’m sure if there were any harzedous or toxic material inside, that can wouldn’t even be there. Oh it’s a camp, so it must be dirty yeah?
    I thought all garbage were.

  • Stain in his shirt 2

    You do know it’s hot and humid in Haiti and the moisture on his shirt is good, old fashioned perspiration?

    Reason carefully. Do you need a brain?

  • sallyo

    @busybee displaced persons – > refugees = semantics
    im sure they are having cholera issues over there. i think its great that they’re there but i’m not talking out of my *ss. if they are in makeshift camps with restricted access to clean water etc..sanitary conditions won’t be the greatest. i wasn’t saying he was about to get radiation poisoning.
    i wonder what they was saying to those kids, and what they were being told at the first set of photos. isn’t the point of releasing the pics to educate everyone else on what is and can be done? im curious.

  • r.

    Natalie, it’s pretty clear what kind of person you are that would come to badmouth someone who is out there trying to bring attention to those that need help. Ugh.

    Kudos to Gerry and Ben and those who are over there trying to bring attention to this situation. And for those discussing the sanitary conditions in Haiti, even on a good day when the place hasn’t been knocked down by a freakin’ earthquake a very large percentage of children there suffer from waterborne illnesses.

  • Stain in his shirt

    @Stain in his shirt 2:

    Perspiration in armpit areaboy it’s called dribble. People do not just perspire in the middle of a shirt. The boy is a slob

  • To Tell The Truth

    @Stain in his shirt: Guess you haven’t been around people who perspire much. You can see that there is a hint of sweat under the arms and yes, chests get sweaty too.

  • Lisa D.

    To the people who need to come on here and be negative, get over yourselves. Gerard Butler and all the other celebs who are down in Haiti are doing a terrific thing by lending their support, and money, to make sure the people of Haiti get their lives put back together. What have YOU done? I’m so glad you think it’s so important to point out sweat and other things when you’re sitting on your computer putting someone else down. Nice.

    BRAVO GERRY and your sweaty shirt. You’re an inspiration to those of us who feel like one person can’t possibly make a difference. You’ve made those children smile, and have shown the world some of the depths of your heart. Thank you. And YOU will continue to have MY support always.

  • T pain

    Good job Bulter and everyone invloved!! Now if ony he can get Miss Frigid Aniston to come out at help..that would be something I’dlike to see for once, but i doubt that will EVER happen.

  • redOctober

    OMG!…Gerry sweats…. thank God! ; )

    “sweat is honest” (Tara Fitzgerald to Gerard Butler in Little White Lies , TV drama , 1998)

  • daffodil

    Good Job Gerry Leave Jennifer Alone Lots of actors were not their for all those who were there I give my Thanks for giving up there spare time.

  • gerry

    Why is he wearing jeans in a tropical setting?
    That is why he is hot and sweating.

    BTW, I applaud the efforts in Haiti, but this thread is just an extention from the last one. I’m tired of JJ pimping out Gerry for hits on his site. Gerry is overexposed and it’s all getting old.

  • Hahhaa!

    Why isn’t he drinking cocktails in Mexico and helping save the country with Aniston. Looks like he wants to distance himself from that idiot.

  • the real gerry

    Thanks to Gerry and everyone else there from Artist of Peace and Justice. I pray for your safety and well-being and for the haitian people.

  • @gerry

    @gerry if it’s annoying you so much, I’m sure you can find something else to do in you’re oh so busy and important life than be here. But, you are right it generates hits for JJ and then there are those who complain when the threads run too long and they want a new thread. So no matter what JJ does, someone will complain. Same goes for GB, no matter what he does someone will complain. But, then what else do we have to do all day?

  • aha

    Wow! Gerald “finger in the” BUTTler is doing something meaningful!

  • sallyo

    Yes this is a great effort!! lets lighten up a bit. wheres mr giggles and his inappropriate links to naked pictures of Gerry? this is our 3rd round of ‘Gerry does Haiti’ pics. as much as i think the haiti trip is admirable, there’s only so much clapping I can do – especially when we don’t get that much info on the topic they are covering. what were they saying to these kids? i guess there was a translator since they speak french. I read somewhere that GB is sponsoring a school..don’t know if its true.

  • ??????

    @eliott: Anyone who doesn’t think those two aren’t doing the nasty while they’re there is probably very wrong.

    Rumor has it that series of steppin’ out booty calls has been going on for about two years.

  • ??????

    @T pain: I’ll applaud them when they actually do something other than walk around and smile to people, as if being visited by a celebrity is going to change their world and is such a gift to them.

    Let’s see them roll up their sleeves and do some real work – not just getting their pictures taken for publicity. No one forgot Haiti. If Gerry wants to help, let him go there and WORK without having cameras follow him around.

    I doubt he even knows how to use a hammer.

  • ??????

    My other comment asking what he’s done for other recent natural disasters got blocked? There were no swear words in it, just a list of other tragedies he hasn’t gotten involved in because there was no publicity in it.

    I guess JJ doesn’t want to upset Mr. Butler.

  • the real gerry

    Just wondering, what is the average age of posters here???? 12…how did you get out of school or are you still on spring break????so juvenile.,,

  • angel of music

    @the real gerry:
    Hi, Gerry! Nice to se ya! Marry me!

  • Pantload of the Opera

    There’s a kind of smarmy self-righteous tone to some of the posing in these charity type thread. Gerry’s ventured outside his comfort zone to do some good in the world. I expect he’s handled it about as well as I could handle venturing into his acting world and trying to function. I’d sure hope that the regular participants would cut me some slack and give a bit of credit for trying my best…KWIM?

  • the real cece

    a href=”/2010/04/14/gerard-butler-hug-geena-heraty/comment-page-1/#comment-16864802″>Stain in his shirt 2: I don’t see you getting angry over the insulting comments here about Demi Moore’s teeth or Ben Stiller’s size. Why aren’t you as upset over those comments? They’re direct attacks at the person. The comment about Gerry was over a stain on his shirt and you’re being defensive of THAT?

    If you’re going to demand others play nice, then require it of everyone, not just those who say something about Gerry. Otherwise, keep your comments to yourself because you look like either a phannie and/or a hypocrite.

    ????? (or however many ? marks there are), I think you’re right. I’ve heard some things about that too. Maybe she and her husband have an open marriage. It’s Tinseltown, so it’s not unheard of. Either way, she’s too old and pale to be anything serious. He might be using that for career networking purposes. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

  • scissers

    The ol’ timers are gone and replaced by crazed newbie fans of G…inevitable evolution in G’s fandom?

    Natalie, Stupidfans, ?????? need to go away and find some new hobbies. You won’t be missed here.

  • @ @gerry


    Gerry is overexposed everywhere – not just at JJ.
    So telling someone to leave the site isn’t really going to cure his/her overexposure to Gerry. They were making a comment on how it’s getting tedious. And in my opinion, are spot on.

  • the real cece

    @Pantload of the Opera: He doesn’t have a very good track record for sincerity, so if his sudden interest in charity is suspicious, it’s not unfounded. I don’t automatically give anyone the benefit of the doubt just because they’re famous. Fame doesn’t automatically equal being a good person.

    So far, I haven’t seen him do anything that didn’t feed either his career, his ego or his sex drive. After making millions and acting for more than a decade, he’s all of a sudden so dedicated to charity?

    More likely all the comments about how no one sees him do anything but party and needed to get involved in charity got back to him and he’s just doing image control. Him becoming a figurehead for charity all of a sudden is like career criminals who “get God” in prison and then expect everyone to trust them and forget their pasts.

    Then again, some of his fans are the types who would marry death row inmates, so it explains their need to defend him.

  • huh?

    @Stain in his shirt:

    It’s probably sweat! It’s freakin’ HAITI !

  • the real cece

    @scissers: I like them and hope they stay.

    @huh?: Why is anyone arguing over sweat?

    @@ @gerry: Well said. It’s gotten ridiculous. Didn’t he say he hated all that Hollywood stuff? Perhaps he hated it back then because he couldn’t be a part of it.

  • Kristine

    Look at these men…being the men God intended them to be. It’s not about what they look like, not about how much money they have, all about helping the world we ALL live in……Keep up the great job, and I don’t mind saying Life in Haiti looks good on both you handsome men!!

  • Fritz the Cat

    “Gerry is overexposed and it’s all getting old.”


    @gerry….No effing way! It’s what I live for!

    *dirty snicker*

  • ??????

    @Fritz the Cat: If that’s all you live for, then you need a life.

    @Kristine: Don’t tell me. Let me guess. You think Gerry is a gift from God, don’t you? Can he turn water to wine too?

  • ??????

    @scissers: Neither will you or your many socks.

  • hellotheregb

    Heheheheh-I like Gerry chest sweat! I could live with that!

    LMAO! “Then again, some of his fans are the types who would marry death row inmates, so it explains their need to defend him.”

    Read more:

  • Pantload of the Opera

    @the real cece: Oh puhleeze lady – you are so over the top. I doubt Butler is auditioning to be A GOOD PERSON and he’s not SO DEDICATED TO CHARITY he’s just a bloke going along with a movement that seems to be doing some good. You really show how over-invested you are in criticizing when you compare his situation to that of career criminals who GET GOD. You sound very young to me.
    You use hyperbole to attempt to strengthen your example. Is your world so small that you try and play it out on a celebrity gossip site? He went to Haiti to help out a little – had a few pictures taken and wrote a few checks – no big huge deal, but it was something. I doubt he sees it as a venue to justify his existence as a celebrity, Get over yourself.

  • I’m not sure

    that someone who so frequently displays such contempt for women is a good choice as a social justice spokesperson.

  • yesssssss

    As I posted yesterday Gerard will be in Serbia in late April.Here is the link:
    and I just read that Vanessa Redgrave came in Belgrade yesterday.



  • cornelius

    Does anyone really give a sh$ttttt about this movie?

  • his contribution

    will not be to start a school, but to start up the first franchise location of Voyeur. Now it all becomes so clear why he is there.

  • sallyo

    @his contribution: @his contribution: very funny. what did he do to slumdog kids?

  • AmIJaded?

    Here is a fine example of another bandwagon this guy has decided to ride if it pertains to stardom and promoting oneself. I think there is plenty of work to be done in Scotland so before he goes off to Haiti or somewhere else where clearly there is a photo opportunity and getting “in” with the perceived Hollywood inside circle, how about doing something charitable for his homeland which he purports he is so proud of. I didn’t see this man anywhere near Sean Connery, Alan Cumming or any other of his fellow compatriots who were trying to raise awareness to the American public as to Scottish culture, history, talent or products during Tartan Week…and let’s not run to his defense saying he was practicing his Shakespearean lines for his upcoming movie because he has been consistently photographed bouncing from country to country and event to event. He’s just another media whore no different than Paris Hilton and the rest of them.

  • the real gerry

    To AMIJADED? – yes you are.

  • LOOK

    Gossip Cop has a stupid story about GBs jeans – check out the comment section. People are asking about Laurie and her long term relationship with GB. Funny it all started at JJ with the regular posters. Good work gals and guys.
    Sarah Bethune says:
    April 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm
    There’s a real Gerard Butler story out there to debunk and it’s not something silly like Jeans. Why did Gerard’s peeps lie to People Magazine when they PR dropped the little story about his date with the French TV reporter? He didn’t just meet her. He was on vacation with her in Miami FL in February of 2009. There are pictures. Why hide that? And why didn’t she say they were old friends when she talked to US Magazine. Now there’s a story in that. What’s the motive behind this PR stunt?

    Dianne says:
    April 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm
    Why is no one checking into Gerard and his pr team lying about how long Gerard has known his French girlfriend.They were pictured in Miami in 2009 together.Why tell People and USWeekly they just met when he was in Paris doing promo for TBH?

    That is more of a story than his jeans.

  • ??????

    @Pantload of the Opera: You sound like a rabid jackal. Cece is one of the nicest and most sensible people here. She’s not here everyday, but you are under various socks. Who’s the over-invested one?

    Stop trying to scare off the cool people with your bile.


    Sting just got outed as another celebrity trash heap who capitalized on charity to promote himself. He got paid by a tyrant to play at a private party for a tyrant’s daughter’s birthday party and he did it knowing the family was on Amnesty International’s (his pet charity)
    sh!t list.

    The stars will do anything for money and to promote themselves. Gerard is no different than the rest of the phonies.