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Bar Refaeli: Lakers Game with Leonardo!

Bar Refaeli: Lakers Game with Leonardo!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli get their heads in the game as they watch the Lakers take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday (April 27) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor and his sweetheart, who sat courtside, helped cheer the home team to victory – the Lakers bested the Thunder 111-87!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli at the Lakers game…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 01
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 02
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 03
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 04
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 05
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 06
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 07
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 08
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 09
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli lakers game 10

Credit: Noel Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • Abbie

    Thank you, Jared for torturing us with these Barf photos. What a way to ruin an entire day! Could her smile be any creepier and fake? But she worked the cameras pretty well! Too bad that even a famous boyfriend cannot give her class!

  • smash


  • LILY!

    they look pretty and happy enough with the mean comments already…

  • xxx

    LOL its hilarious how everyone on here calls her “barf.”
    I wonder if she has any actual fans?? Doubt it.

  • lol

    Barf gives me the creeps. Leo is an idi*t for dating someone like her. Girlfriend surely put out a show for the cameras.

  • french


    It’s not because they are smiling that they are happy. Do you see any contact between them? If she is smiling it’s because there are photographers and if he is smiling it’s because he enjoyed the game.

  • http://Crapside Crapside

    LAKER’S WON!!!!

  • gil

    there is nothing genuine about this girl.Everyone knows she is in it for the fame.Everything is a photo op for her.Nobody in israel can understand how he is still with her.He treats her like crap and she stays because she is desperate for the fame.She cheapens him and his image.

  • french

    There is only her who smiles on the pic where they look at each other

  • gig

    She puts up with all his crap because she doesnt really love him.She needs a famous man like that.Without leo she has no career or nice vacations or invitations to parties.No woman would be able to stay this long if she didnt have a hidden agenda.Im sure she was on the lookout for someone of his status while they have been broken up.

  • french
  • happiness counts

    hating never pays

  • @8

    You said it right. She cheapens him and his image. But honestly if he sticks with someone like her I hate to say it but I don`t think he is any better than her… Intelligent and smart actor/activist but as a private person all he wants is her? Double standards!

  • Lisa rose

    Thanks Jared for the pic!!!
    french, we got it already, they are not happy together and they are a fake couple!!!! oh yeah, and they are seems like strangers!!! you just sounds like a broken CD, always saying the same thing over and over….

  • LILY!

    fine then hes miserable she is miserable thats why theyve been together for so long i guess all of you know better that them…
    i mean cmon there must be somthing, he could have anybody but he wants her, may shes the best sex hes ever had who the hells knows anyway

  • just me

    now that`s a textbook fake smile. no wonder she is just a mediocre model, no character or personality. Leo must love low maintenance girlfriends


    What’s up with all the hating? you all are just jealous that she is with Leo. They make a cute couple. They are both gorgeous and seem to be always smiling when they are around each other. Good for them!

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    Get a life too !!

  • cornelia

    @NOHEMY: agreed

  • xxx

    i wonder if she even understands sports or if shes just there for the photo op?

  • @18

    Are they always smiling when they are around each other? Really? I haven`t noticed that at all. Even on these photos it`s only Barf who smiles but whatever you say.
    Barf should get lost and Leo needs an upgrade asap. Heidi Montag has a more natural smile than her!

  • lol

    @21 LMAO! That`s a tough one! LOL!

  • miss infamous

    He is never going to commit to her so why is she still with him?

  • ???

    #24 Isn`t it obvious? #11 has your answer!

  • katelyn

    Why does everybody hate Bar? She’s okay.


    I think they are together for whatever the reason (happyness, or they are using each or whatever).
    I have my own opinion about Bar ( I personally don’t like her) so I am not going to search for Leonardo on the web anymore, I am not going to follow the news about him and I am not going to post comments.
    I don’t wanna get upset anymore.
    I am also not going to watch any of his movies
    I don’t care if he cares or not if it matters or not.

  • sara

    M / F mirror images of each other- good chance they are in love with themselves

  • ???

    #27 I`m getting there, too. Leo is turning out to be a HUGE disappointment because of Barf. And I also noticed that ever since he is back with Barf he doesn`t seem to spend as much time with his old friends like Lukas and Kevin as he used to. I don`t really see them around when Leo is with her and that`s the same with Leo`s parents…
    Shame on Leo for dating someone like her!

  • sasha


    Did Bar move into Leo’s house, recently? Unfortunately they seem to be taking there relationship seriously this time. Unless it’s all for show. Does he have a movie to promote anytime soon. hmmm.

  • dana

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: take a chill pill mate…

  • ???

    @30 Yeah, this whole `public couple` thing started just before Leo started promoting Shutter Island and in June his next movie, Inception is coming out. I assume we will be tortured with more photos of them together while he is promoting the movie in Cannes and everywhere else. Let`s see how serious they are going to be after that! LOL! Even though I can`t imagine how could someone like Barf help him promote anything in a positive way!
    #31 No, she doesn`t need to take a chill pill.

  • Go SandraB

    Guys there is hope for Leo and Barfie. Sandra broke up with Jesse they will too!!! Breaks are in now!!! Just chill everyone. They’re going to be OVER for GOOD!!!

  • Hardy

    Leo looks sad in a lot of the pics. Barf is the ONLY one that is smilling. They don’t smile at each other. They’re smiling at the game. Aint nuttin change! I have never seen Leo showed his teeth when talking to Barfy! She doesnt make him LAUGH OUT LOUD!

  • french


    i agree

  • They go somewhere together and the post is about Barf and Leo is just like a supporting character in the post. Since when is she the one worth noticing in this unfortunate pairing? JJ must have a thing for Barfy…
    These photos remind me of the `balcony scene` in Mexico earlier this year that was so staged and fake just like her smile on these ones.

  • Lisa rose

    its so interesting that since Leo is back with Bar he is hanging out more with this couple, or with his other settled down friends…. maybe he just want to stop with all the partying image that he has.
    maybe its will makes good things for him, to slow down a little bit with the partying, all the alcohol that he probably used to drink at clubs was so unhealthy.

    but I’m sure that he didnt forget Lukas and Kavin at all, I am sure that he is still hanging out with them a lot.

  • Mari

    I hate to say it guys, but they look pretty happy and relaxed together. They’re both smiling and he even has his arm around the back of her chair. I wish he would choose someone with more substance than Bar (and someone a little closer to his age), but it’s his choice and from outside appearances, he looks like he’s chosen Bar. I know this won’t be a popular comment but I think it’s accurate. Now, given how many times they’ve broken up in the past, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they broke up again. I just hope they aren’t the couple mentioned in the “blind item” a week or so ago who are supposedly planning a wedding this summer.

  • french


    Everyone know that JJ loves Barf.

  • ……..

    omg u people ar crazy can these to not go to a game annd enjoy it without literaly their everymove being jugded…..they smile: its fake, they dont smile:they hate each other….ts the most ridiculus thing i have ever read!! leo looks great by the way and hes a BRILIANT actor lay off guys!!

  • carla

    how the heck do any of you ppl know what either of them ar like behind closed doors u have no clue….so stop making these supid assumptions about them. they seem happy and relaxed to me, drinking beer, hanging out with another couple leo was even taking pics of bar on his cell phone on other pics i saw…their normal leave them alone!!!!!!!

  • carla

    go to splash there are more pics there……

  • @38

    You are right, it does seem like he has chosen her. He touched the back of her chair in public! In another 5 years maybe they are going to look like they have something in common! Way to go! I still say let`s wait how things turn out after his promo is over.

  • Mari

    @43, I think Leo has more integrity than to put his personal life on display for the sole purpose of promoting his movies. Give me a break. He’s intensely private and hates the paparazzi.

  • july

    haha why ar leo and bar sitting in between that other couple….inconsiderate b@stards!! lol

  • carla

    EXACTLY mari exactly…

  • @44

    Leo does have integrity but he is part of Hollywood no matter what you say and this is part of it. I used to think Leo was an awesome guy but ever since he hooked up with her ( and still dates her ) my opinion about him changed drastically.

  • goldie03

    Sorry all-
    Apparently Leo had a labotomy this past week!
    Very disappointed in him- his image and behavior has been a farce to stoop so low.

  • Nicki

    COOL PICTURES OF BAR WITH LEO!!!! Thanks JARED…. Oh I love to watch all the pathetic losesrs here wasting their time on bashing the best looking couple on the world. Eat your hearts out, envious losers! BAR AND LEO ARE VERY HAPPY TOGETHER!!!!

    And please…. stick to Gisele’s boards and drool as much as you want.

  • ???

    @48 Have you seen the source of the story? National Enquirer?
    @49 I just love it when pathetic Barfilla fans keep referring to Gisele. I`m sure you also see the difference between how Leo was with her and how he is with Barf. It`s striking! Barfy is a weak shadow of Gisele and I doubt Leo is dumb enough to commit to this low class sk*nk!

  • Mike

    It is absolutely hilarious to see how some “people” (or is it the same coming under different names) spending their precious time and energy on celebrities they are jealous of…??? Amazing.

    Thanks for the pictures, jj. DiCaprio is a happy camper with his sublime lady!