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Rachel Bilson's Skirt Flies Up

Rachel Bilson's Skirt Flies Up

Rachel Bilson has a slight wardrobe malfunction as she leaves her her hotel in Tribeca, New York City on Thursday afternoon (April 29).

The wind blew the 28-year-old Sunglass Hut Style Director’s skirt up as she was getting into her waiting car. Oops!!!

Thankfully, Rachel was wearing pants and didn’t expose a single thing!!! Whew.

Last night, Ms. Bilson helped launch NYC’s Fifth Avenue Sunglass Hut flagship store.

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rachel bilson skirt flies up 01
rachel bilson skirt flies up 02
rachel bilson skirt flies up 03
rachel bilson skirt flies up 04
rachel bilson skirt flies up 05

Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • sally

    thank you for not calling her an actress anymore

  • Kirsten

    I see and know so much about this girl because of this site. Why her?

  • Casting Calls

    I’m glad that Rachel is at least classy and has jeans on underneath this skirt. Although I’m sure everyone is disappointed that Rachel didn’t give a Paris Hilton view.

  • Best Music Artists

    I was actually on fifth avenue last night. I must say, I missed the whole “skirt blowing up” thing, but yea I don’t think she’s the type of celebrity that would benefit from having her skirt fly up and show a lot of the goodies. That’s more of a thing for Britney Spears.

  • trevise

    LMAO what a has-been or more like a never-been!
    She has to go to every mall openings now promoting some eyewear. Sunglass Ambassador or Director a.k.a… Sunglass Hut PROMO GIRL!

  • Dayana

    looks good!

  • well-deserved

    Ex (h)actress now just working as an “eyewear promo girl” – right on!


    “Thankfully, Rachel was wearing pants and didn’t expose a single thing”

    WHy? Because the parasitic paparazzi would have taken 100 photos and YOU would have psoted them here.

    Are you proud that you are a parasite, eh?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! JJ you are going to milk this “style director” thing for all it’s worth we can see. It’s just like that Cleo article.
    Poor Rachel, she’s now probably about in the same “celeb” sphere as Scott Disick!! Though Scott might be a bit more popular!

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    sick of her!!

  • graybeard


  • Jax

    What would you see? Saddle bags and a flat saggy ass. Wow.

  • LLK

    Funny you act as if its a good thing nothing showed. Because we all know you’d be the first to expose her if her vag was hanging out;

  • Mailaine


  • jamie

    Rachel suck*
    Hayden looks HOT!

  • leimore

    @ Thankfully, Rachel was wearing pants and didn’t expose a single thing!!! Whew.
    And that’s even a news?! Such a very DUMB title! Where in the 1st place it was a no-brainer to even think of it that way. Where you have seen her for most of the time w/ leggings & stockings for her rough chicken legs & puckered knees.
    No wonder JJ like this mediaho, aside from his paycheck from her; both of their are brains are located on their foot/feet. – wheeez!

  • blunder

    jared you’re such an ass kisser. WHY??? WHY must you put this girl in this site EVERYtime???? shes NOT relivant at all?!!!!! dont you GET IT????????????

  • reedley

    Please this oc-smurf is just “retail endorser”; NOT even a signature model who “directly hired” by the likes Burberry, Armani, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Chanel, D&G, Versace etc. whom would pay “millions” on their chosen endorser. Being a D-Lister actress w/ no decent acting credits & no workload related to it all. Her paycheck must have been just a pro-bono but w/ an “over/sickly-saturated & outrageous (an ambassador / style director at that?!?! – such a delusional titles!) promotions, advertisement & media hype to the max” that this vacant-vessel smurf specializes the most.

  • gilliy

    the haters areout and back again jealous jealous jealous does she look unhappy with what shes doing NOI she looks really happy and she and hayden are still going dtrong so eat your hearts out BIGHTSIDE……….

  • wow

    Wow, no wonder there are three posts of Rachel after a week and a half of there not being any, there are 41, 27, and 20 comments in a little over 24 hours! When she shows up, many of the same people show up and comment on each post of her, as if she is a magnet, then wonder why she is here? You know the answer to the question, lol! Don’t worry, she has been spotted back in Uxbridge late this afternoon at a grocery store, so you may not see her for awhile again!

  • kiddos are morons

    @ does she look unhappy with what shes doing NOI she looks really happy – what?! Too much happy words…
    And Dtrong… bightside?!
    - You just go to sleep now kiddo and pronto before your mom caught you using the internet again this late LMAO!


    Lovely shot of her roll of backfat! LOL

  • sidony

    So this is the latest personally-servicing client of Douchel huh!
    Well anything would do just to be (in)famous!


    What is with her Bozo The Clown makeup? THICK black eyeliner and PINK cheeks and lips makes her face look swollen. It also ages her.

  • unreechy

    Whats the big deal about this?! It was as if she had landed Time’s 100 Most Influential or People’s 50 Most Beautiful People or even landed as lead on a big-budgeted acting gig but its NOT but just a promoter of what this some retail store are selling. But as #18 had stated, those over-sickly saturated stuff would be really pouring in and so really hard… predictably it is that its becoz its all/just about (the ultimate braindead) Ms. BilHO.

  • haters are funny

    The 3? of you are so full of hate and the same message, I think you all suck and like it or not are jealous of Bilson because she has Hayden and this is what your comments are about. I demand you give me at least 10 negative marks because it will give you some worth in life and will validate all the internet time you 3 spend.

  • unreechy
  • the truth

    @19 and 26 no one hate rachel because she is with hayden nor are we jeaous are her.But iits not fair how she treated adam and hayden haven’t did any better with his career either. At least one are Adam’s movie came out.So why didn’t she dump hayden like she did Adam.She supposed to have did the same thing with hayden. Talking about them going strong he do9n’t hardly be here and she be with other guys.And she lied about getting ma

  • shaar

    wow, she has no ass…

  • deshaun

    No ass, no brain yet w/ saddlebags & short legged… what a dreadful combo!

  • aberfitch

    What RATchel wants… RATchel gets?!?!
    Daddy buy/get me a producer……
    Daddy buy/get me director……
    Daddy buy/get me a TV show……
    Daddy buy/get me a movie……
    Daddy buy/get me some celebrity boyfriend……
    Daddy buy/get me some brains……
    Daddy buy/get me some class.…..
    Daddy buy/get me some fashion line……
    Daddy buy/get me a spot at any fashion magazine……
    Daddy buy/get me a HW image called fashion icon……
    Daddy buy/get me a humanitarian project that was based in Africa……
    Daddy buy/get me whatever fashion thing that I could represent as a model……
    Daddy buy/get me Hollywood……
    Daddy buy/get me the country’s love & respect……
    Daddy make them all love & worship me……
    Daddy… Daddy… Daddy pretty please, please do it now – waaah!!!

    Pardon LexieHatesBilson, I’ve just got too much fun time re-posting this besides & imho, its not really that farfetched from RATchel’s “awful truths”.

  • the truth

    @!9 and 26 Why say that people are jealous are hate her because are hayden?Rachel was unfair how she did Adam don’t you think?And how her career supposed to have taken off?She thought that if she got with hayden that things would be better for her and it didn’t happen that way.And about them going strong that ‘s an under statement. They are hardly together just because she haven’t say anything about their relationship and how its going.She need to clear up rather or not they’re getting married to the public or have they called it off. And why she haven’t dump hayden like she did Adam.He’s is no better than Adam was.Also if they so going strong why she be with other guys when hayden leave?She suppose to have dump hayden too she did it to Adam when things wasn’t going right in their relationship.And why she lied about getting married this spring?And why she haven’t told people the truth about that? And we are jealous are her? She didn’t make it in people most beautiful people.At least others did. That’s all she’s going to this year is promoted products for other people and not act anymore. What bad career choice she made out are her life.Hoping that hayden would make her a star what joke she made out are herself!

  • Brightside

    LOL – I find the idea of anyone being jealous of these two very amusing. Does that really happen? People should set their sights quite a bit higher if that were true.

    I had a good chuckle at the style director tag, JJ. Did you know that in England they have a job title that reads Waste Disposal and Management Technician? It’s just your regular garbage man with a bit of added word spin! Same here, too.

    I am reminded of so many c-listers who, not being able to find a worthwhile career after their five minutes in the spotlight has ended, have taken to promoting this or that product/brand/company to keep the cash coming in.

    BTW, I remain firmly convinced that Hayden Christensen is gay and the relationship is not a valid one. If they are still together 10 years from now I’ll be more than happy to admit that I was wrong but…the whole relationship thing just gives off all the wrong vibes.

    Yes, I agree, he can’t act and it’s not like he’s even particularly good-looking. I am baffled as to why he still gets work! The guy must have a seriously good agent/salesman.



  • The truth

    @brightside the reason why hayden can get work cause he do try and he has appeal. Something that rachel will never had. And he dose do the job he set out to do. Rachel don”T even try.Also he is handsome guy and well liked. He has done alot than rachel ever done.And yes i said that he have not any better.But he dose try.About their relationship well no want to discussed it anymore.Until rachel”s rep come out and tell us it”s over or a rumor get started by her people.You know its going to go down. For now no one is saying nothing wrong with them right now.To make everything look ok.And like the person who commented about what her daddy do for her. But i don”t think her daddy can get her a boyfriend for her she has to do that herself.Lol but the other things you said was about right.

  • Hint time

    Brightside/VendrediSoir you do give yourself away ;-) only a jealous person would defend the fact that they are not jealous and you do it numerous times, on every post about Rachel and your belief that Hayden is gay, thus making him out of your league–it’s a way to cover the hurt because he is with someone you hate, thus he must be gay to be with her. In your head problem now solved.
    Very few Hollywood couples last 10 years-it’s because the 10 year mark is a windfall of money under California law hence very few make it, because then money/property everything goes 50/50.
    In this case they may or may not get married but it will probably happen in Canada, at least be happy that it’s taken them over a year and counting before walking down the aisle and I have no doubt that a pre-nup will be signed before the “I do”.

    Now as someone else suggested get off the computer before you start dribbling you useless piece of crap, and find somebody to love in a positive stalker way, rather than a dangerous filled with hate one.

  • Rattlesnake

    Just Jared is soooo lame, how many dumb ass pix of this loser are we going to be subjected to ?

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK I think some of you are confused as to who this girl is…
    She is NOT Jessica Beil – a young actress who gets on REAL magazine covers, has an endorsement deal with REVLON and dates the VERY WELL KNOWN AND SUCCESSFUL Justin Timberlake. Yes people are jealous of Jessica – she’s beautiful and her man is a Grammy and Emmy winner.
    She is NOT Jennifer Garner – a talented and successful actress who manages not only a successful career but manages to raise 2 children, remain happily married to an OSCAR WINNER and very famous & successful man (Ben Affleck), and she manages to do charity work too. Oh yeah and her endorsement deal from Neutrogena
    The list goes on of SUCCESSFUL young ACTRESSES and their TALENTED & SUCCESSFUL counterparts – so no…no one is jealous of the Style Director for Sunglass Hut and her boyfriend who’s movies go straight to dvd and enjoys spending more time with his mom and pigs then Rachel!
    Keep dreaming…the list goes on of people who one could be jealous of and it doesn’t include a woman who’s biggest accomplishment is Style Director of Sunglass Hut
    - There’s also Heidi Klum and Seal
    - Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
    - Zac Efron and Vanessa H.
    - Brad and Angie

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh yeah and there’s Gwen and Chris Martin – why be jealous of those “losers” when there’s Rachel & Hayden.
    Hey Brightside – as usual with Rachel posts you and I have proven more popular and well known than Rachel!!! As usual you’ve got a bunch of “posters” who ONLY come to JJ to see this “huge star” Rachel (LOL) – they don’t post about anyone else on JJ but they come to talk trash to us! Maybe we can get jobs at Sunglass Hut and live the dream!!! LMAO!!!!

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!


    bang on what you are saying you have just hit the nail on the head,
    (so to speak).

    @ HINT TIME-NUM 36

    why you keep the dead long dream that these two are going to get
    married is beyond me,

    he is so supportive of her carrer he could not even be botherd to go

    to the premire of her last film, long live never land.
    i mean when you are engaged are you not supposed to supportive
    of each other?
    and not act like youn cant stand to be with her for longer for 5mins,

    or only when the camera’s are there because its being paid for?
    i mean i’ve said it before he’s not busy is he?

    sad really the fact she gets treated that way by him,
    but if that what she likes, better then nothing.

    there is no RESON to it really.

  • stupid

    you are all pathetic… haters
    thanks justjared for posting!! I love your rachel posts!! :) and I love her!

  • Jabba The Sunglasses Hutt

    There are those who actually find this young lady attractive and appealing. I suspect these constant posts of Rachel Bilson might be done as a favor to somebody special… Though, you do have to admit, Rachel might look saucy on the end of a chain in that Princess Leia bikini from, Return Of The Jedi… but wouldn’t every woman.

  • whizbang

    Not really… this now PIZZA HUT creature endorser would apt much better w/ movies such the “Hobbit” playing the very obvious or the “Narnia” movies playing one of the centaurs.

  • same old rumors

    @ Brightside I laugh every time I read rumors of good looking men in Hollywood being gay, because it seems every good looking actor has these rumors about themselves. I know you do not think Hayden is good looking, and that is your opinion, but many women think he is very good looking. Search his name on twitter and notice the comments about his looks, and you will see what I mean. Back to the gay rumors, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Daniel Radcliffe, and yes Brad Pitt, have been “said” to be gay, also. The last one that made me laugh was Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge being a “couple”, and should “man up” about it. What is also funny, is that almost no actors that are not good looking are accused of being gay. If Hayden and Rachel are using their relationship for publicity, they are not doing a very good job of it. They could be much more visible together than they are. Both of their families are supportive of their relationship, and spending Christmas together like last year would not have to happen, if they were “fake”. Whether or not they get married, time will tell, but I would not base the rumors of being gay on any Hollywood actor as to whether an actor really is “gay”. We do not see Hayden and Rachel behind closed doors, so basing what their relationship in private is like on what you see in public is also not an accurate picture.

  • @wow

    What proof do you have that she went back to Canada and out shopping?

  • wow

    There is a random comment on twitter from yesterday that says “Just saw Rachel Bilson at the grocery store”, or something like that, based in Canada from a young girl. Look it up if you are interested. It makes sense she would go back there, Toronto is very close to NYC.

  • @wow

    Random anyone can comment to twitter many who have the actual real story have pictures to back it up with. No saying she went to Can or is still in NYC maybe LA, she plays games as per instruction from PR to hide from time to time. Saw a few twitters that said he was with him mom in Bayview Village which is not in Uxbridge, and was seen at a spa on his bday alone. Should I believe them b/c they came from Twitter.

  • Beth

    She is pretty

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Ms. Barkson’s (5 or less) followers should just simply be thankful for these haters who keep on flocking in on her JJ thread; coz if not, it would be just pathetically like this other “patronizedly paid” gossip site of hers who’s so struggling so hard to even reach a 2 digits comments even after 24 hrs. or so.

    Oh and yes, one oddly & funny thing is that one wouldnt even miss Ms. Barkson in half a heartbeat. Anywhere/everywhere she goes, “”it must be reported at any/every random way”". But her homeboy fiance would “supposed” to continue being a hermitt for months in his hometown and no one would really even notice as its not that believable that “he” didnt crave to get out of his cave even after a week… But when Ms. Barkson comes to his town instantly, aaah, it would just take at least 3 days or so or even less, and the public would just discover that Mr. Cringetensen is still is “vibrating”. Totally Deliberately Fishy! Go figure…

  • @47

    First, Bayview Village is an upscale shopping/entertainment center in Toronto.

    Second, The National Post expanded their report on the birthday get-away later in the week.