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Kate Bosworth: Met Ball Preparation

Kate Bosworth: Met Ball Preparation

A solo Kate Bosworth heads back to her NYC hotel after lunching at Gemma and shopping at Isabel Marant on Monday afternoon (May 5).

The 27-year-old actress will soon be getting her hair and make-up done for tonight’s MET Ball, which is sure to be a red carpet frenzy.

Over the weekend, Kate partied with the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady at hairstylist Harry Josh‘s Spring Fling Party at the Maritime Hotel’s Hiro Ballroom.

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  • Josie

    hope she fixes that god awful hair…

  • Sandra

    I hope Alexander S will be her date to the MET ball. They’re a cute couple :)

  • evam

    she is so gracious,feminine and beautiful girl

  • Tweetster

    AWFUL shoes!!

  • Nico

    She’s a funny moron. Read this=

    “Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren’t they? They’re just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are.”

  • fresh

    She needs to do something with her hair.

  • M

    Sorry, she’s fug. Don’t see her appeal.

  • T pain

    I’m sorry but everyday i come on this website, there is few new post on Kate Bosworth, shopping, or having lunch, or at Coachella and thats it!!! Im not a fan obviously but it is tiring to see these posts!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …does she work?! …any project whatsoever coming out?!? …ahahahahahahahahaa…

  • dragon

    burn those shoes, girl!

  • kirsten

    Kate again? Every day there’s another post on her. :(

  • nicole

    Yet again!!! This girl is really pathetic!

  • T

    That light blue is beautifull on her skin colour.
    I’m sure she’s gonna look just absolutely amazing at the MET

  • scrug

    why her here???

  • GPS

    Who is this person? Is she an actress? I have never ever seen a movie or tv show she was in. Why is she popping up on this site on a regular (hourly!) basis? Is she famous? If so for what? I´m really confused…

  • justme

    This constant bosworthless promotion has gotten so far beyond riduclous that there isn’t even a word for it. Seriously, what has she done lately besdies shag an up and coming star?

  • Travis

    She looks like a ragamuffin.

  • sigh

    all those beyotches living such a vivid fantastic life. ugh. green =/

  • Sweden calling

    I don´t get it, there´s posts about her everyday – doing nothing special!

    Are all the other celebs hiding in a cave far, far away?

    There are SO many other celebs that are a thousand times more interesting. Celebrities that work on their new films etc. She is more known for being at parties, having famous boyfriends than for being an actress.

    She must have a photographer that is following her nonstop. Weird, not even the A-listers have that.
    And how do you know what she is going to do next (like that she is to fix her hair and outfit for the MET) and what brand she is wearing etc?

    This is really getting ridiculous.

  • Bigz

    Why do you post about this balding bich so much?
    She does not look good. Get us some hotties!

  • cute

    Cute girl but she’s very plain w/o makeup.

  • i heart that

    Is she sick? What’s up with her face?

  • Celia

    I wonder who she’s going to the ball with??
    Emma Watson’s wearing Burberry and sitting with Christopher Bailey, Daniel Craig, Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Mario Testino, and Ed Norton.

  • U&Me

    “I can’t help it. I’m blue blood.” – Kate Bosworth

    Yep, she really said that. Apparently she comes from British nobility or something like that, and she really wants us to know that. Lame.

  • Oopsila

    LMAO this is just getting ridiculous. Jared needs to start a ‘random events in the life of an annoying talentless nobody’ and just post all the KB related stuff there.

  • blonde lover

    I wish she’d go back to a natural shade of blonde. This look is very unflattering.

  • Oopsila

    This thread has actually really made me mad. This is not MET BALL PREPARATION. This is a dozy tart standing in the middle of the street doing nothing except showing off her terrible fashion sense. The only way these pictures would ever have been interesting is if she’d been hit by an oncoming vehicle.

  • Nico

    Kate Bosworth:

    “I, like, loved studying anatomy in high school. It was, like, the hardest class I’ve ever taken. I remember doing a research paper on how the brain sends the signal from, like, one muscle fiber to move, and there’s, like, millions to move just like that? It was so amazing. I could never be a doctor, but it was, like, really fascinating. ”
    She’s like, really deep, she really is.

  • Oopsila

    Hey, here’s my version of this post!

    A solo Kate Bosworth heads back to her NYC hotel after having lunch at Gemma restaurant with people she barely knows but is happy to touch intimately in the hope that it’ll get her some page space on JJ (it does).

    The 27-year-old unemployed has been didn’t actually eat anything, but no worries, she’ll soon be on the red carpet, jumping all over the nearest A-lister in a strangely psychotic frenzy.

    Tune in to JJ tomorrow for the supporting evidence.

  • Oopsila

    @Sweden calling:

    Apparently desperate times call for desperate measures

  • jamie

    loving the comments. I’m also wondering why JJ is the only site that has what hourly KB updates? Yeah, she’s supposedly attached to AS but that’s about the biggest thing she’s got going for her.

  • mimi


    I like it.
    I gotta say you’ve got a great sense of humor!

  • Oopsila

    Awww that’s sweet, thanks. I’d say I accept cash or credit card, but that would be a bit like stealing the only line KB has left to call her own

  • mimi


    well too bad you don’t accept paypal! LOL
    Thanks again for the laugh.

  • Selina

    @U&Me: So her family is from British nobility? Are you sure? I wonder if her name has anything to do with the Battle of Bosworth then? Interesting ;)

  • WTF?!

    Why don’t you just suck it up and change the site to Just Kate.
    Come on, mindless updates day after day showing her doing NOTHING except posing for you. What’s next? pictures of Kate taking out her garbage?

  • mimi

    oh please, blue blood persons don’t do this!

  • chip

    Or Just Rachel or Just Olivia or Just Kesha or Just Gerard? ;)

  • Raven

    Seriously, WTF JJ? Enough.

  • Diora

    Could someone please open her mouth and feed her something? Because it is obvious that she is incapable of eating herself. Seriously though, does she suffer from Anorexia? That is not the way a healthy female body should look.

  • Acey

    This has got to be the third post today. I vote all of these updates be placed in a “Kate’s Corner” link, so that there is something more to speak of than Pocahontas shoes and bleach. I want what every girl wants from this site…more half naked men. thanks.

  • @

    I was at a party in Brentwood recently and I met a girl there who said that she worked at a place where Kate regularly comes to get Brazilian waxes. She was kinda drunk and I doubt she would’ve told me if she had been sober. Now everytime I see pictures of Kate I keep imagining her on all fours getting a wax, LOL. Not nice.

  • Shannon

    If you guys want JJ to stop posting about here. Ignore her. Stop commenting. Why would he stop posting about the most comment person on here?

  • Oopsila


    I don’t agree. I would suggest the nature of the comments is far more telling. JJ is rapidly losing any credibility it ever had as a result of these ridiculous KB posts, and people are just making their feelings known. Rather than look at the number of comments JJ should look at the nature of the comments before it’s too late and people just jump ship. Can’t say Jared hasn’t been warned!

  • Misses

    I would rather see that JJ stopped posting about Gerard Butler. JJ has his face so far up Gerard’s butt he will never get out. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  • commonsense

    Is JJ doing this to spite us?!

  • Random Post


    That interview may be one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. I’m reading all her comments with all of her “likes” and I’m thinking… She never had a chance to really grow up. Granted this was five years ago. But it definitely doesn’t seem like she got any smarter or more sensible along the way.

  • Random Post

    I’m not gonna lie. I like her outfit. It looks breezy and summery and the blue looks really good on her. I think that tank top is padded or something, though, because she is not that busty. And yet in spite of the cute outfit, she still bugs me.

  • Stacey Slore

    she is pretty

  • Whynot

    OMG JJ are you getting paid by KB or what? There are soo many celebs in NYC now due to the Met yet you only seem to post about this famewhore!!! Yeah people are right this biotch has you paps on speed dial!!!!!
    By the way this chick has weird legs she has no calves just strait bone and flesh as legs ewwww…..with knobby knees Kate stop showing off your legs they are not cute ….time to start wearing pants! You are not Jen A that is an example of great legs even if I do not personally like her!!!