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Megan Fox: Coffee Bean Bliss!

Megan Fox: Coffee Bean Bliss!

Megan Fox looks quite content while enjoying a cup of coffee with boyfriend Brian Austin Green in Studio City on Wednesday (May 19).

The 24-year-old former Transformer star will not be a part of the third installment of the series. Various reports are conflicting whether Megan was dropped by Paramount or whether she chose to leave. A rep for the actress reports to People that, “Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3. It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

WHO DO YOU BELIEVE – Megan or Michael Bay & Paramount?

10+ pictures of Megan Fox with bf Brian Austin Green

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  • MM

    michael bay on this one…this girl needed to shut her trap!! did anyone else read her interview in allure. BAT. SHIT. CRAZY.

  • Sacha

    @MM: Whatever, I like her. She’s spunky and a little batsh*t, we would get on.

  • hungry

    what else is her rep supposed to say? “i can confirm that my client did get fired.” she has talked so much smack about michael bay that i can’t believe he even entertained the idea of bringing her back for this long.

  • frenchie

    Don’t think she quit, i bet the truth is somewhere in middle, can’t wait to here what Shia thinks :)

  • mika_says_hi

    i thought megan was an important part in transformers. how are they gonna write her out??? she went off to college???

  • Kirsten

    I disliked the 2nd transformers. I had no idea they were making a third one.

  • ck_always

    @mika_says_hi: She cheated on Shia with Optimus Prime and he forgot to change his motor oil …so she died.

  • naylah

    she’s not in T3 who cares? the movie will suck anyway!! But without this franchise she would be nothing.
    she ‘s where she is thanks to her beauty, because she cant act!! I guess she reached the height of her career and the fall is gonna be tough!

  • .

    @ MM You know what. I am indifferent to Megan Fox but none of us know what ANY celebrity is like, until we spend at least a week living with them. Judging people by print articles is lame.

  • Hi

    Transformers has nothing left to offer her besides people shitting all over her acting abilities because Michael Bay is a terrible director. She quit. And good for her.

  • David Peet

    oo i’m so glad to see that she finally changed her old red flip flops to these new black ones))) love her cute feet anyways))

  • Dreads

    @naylah: Right. @hungry: RIGHT. I believe her ass got dropped. And that’s good. BUT as much as I HATE this batshit hoe, Transformers will not be the same without her….I mean, fans love to see her b!tch face in the movies and it’s gonna suck. I hate it when an actor/actress leaves (or gets dropped from in this case) a franchise. It’s never the same. Just like the next Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s gonna suck!

  • michelle

    nikki finke (who broke this story on has confirmed that the reps are lying. michael bay fired her.
    who cares? shia is the main character in the franchise anyway, and guys will go see tf3 as long as there’s some sort of eye candy….which i’m sure michael bay can muster.

  • lucas

    @michelle: it doesn’t matter what nikki said i read other sources that her info is wrong about getting fired, the truth will come out soon enough, we just wait

  • Jennie

    This “Movie” is going to suck ! I will really miss her , let’s just put it this way … Without her I really don’t think it’s going to be worth my money.

  • Matt

    Clearly, she was fired; 99% of franchise actors are signed for 3 films, as were the Twilight kids etc. They sign for 3 (whether 3 get made is another story), negotiate after, the same way tv show actors have to sign for 6 season should the show become successful. She would have no reason for quitting; its what put her on the map and gave her the Maxim/FHM lad mag fanbase. Jennifers Body bombed, she hasnt proven herself yet and she isnt on the Hathaway/Johansson/Knightley level. She is is Jonah Hex for about 15 mins in total, her project with Mickey Rourke could go either way, so it would be beneficial to her (in terms of exposure and money) to complete her third, even as a safety blanket. She has seen some backlash (read the NYT interview) and her silly interviews and slagging off the fanchise hasnt help. Not to mention she is going overboard with the surgery and starting to look like Pete Burns.

  • hu

    @frenchie: he’ll be sad about this. :-(

  • lilian

    I don’t care if she left or was Michael or paramount that dropped her.She is not in the 3 movie,and it is so cool

  • V

    Haha for a second I was like OMG shes got BOOST.

  • Kat

    I saw photos of her filming T3, it is odd that she starts shooting and then drops out… Anyways I still love her!!!

  • Matt

    Its been confirmed by Paramount (via CNN/Gossip Cop/ET) that THEY did not pick up the Megan Fox contract. Her reps are lying, she got the boot. Never bite the hand that feeds.

  • bebe

    megan look perfectly fine and i hope this bad news will get over her someday. come on, no one knows what happen or probably she love to be kicked to the curb with the franchise because she has personal problem with bay. who freaking care anyway.

  • solangeriva

    she is not that hot.her eyes is small.She can’t be compared to angelina jolie in the same age.

  • kvd




  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    ..c’mon.. lets be honest.. transformers2 sucked. who cares who returns.. i was hoping Michael Bay wouldn’t return, cause he was the reason it sucked.
    oh yeah.. Megan really doesn’t need to be in the 3rd movie (which will most likely suck).. for those who don’t know she’s not starving for movie roles. hahahahahaha..

  • Just Interested

    i won’t watch transformers 3 if megan’s not in it

  • LadyB

    There must have been a blow-up on the set. Expect the Transformer Crew to start dishing the main gist to TMZ.

  • csherri2007


    The action is what made the movie NOT Megan Fox. Unless you can name another good movie that broke box office numbers w/her in it that can prove people only go to see her. Otherwise you’re WRONG.

  • zolofty_aspirations

    It’s about time Megan verbally bitch slapped Micahel Bay upside his James Cameron wannabe head!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @zolofty_aspirations: LOL @ “James Cameron wannabe head”.


    Megan will get a better movie.

  • Dread not


    The Transformers franchise is a joke! Whatever the reason(s) Megan is no longer part of that cr@pfest, she’ll be WAY better off for it. Michael Bay should team up wiith Joss Whedon and start work on a live action movie based on Space Ghost. *snicker* Megan’s last name says it all, she’s crazy… like a Fox.

    Nice user name, BTW.

  • tiffany

    i find it so entertaining that people refuse to believe that she got fired. regardless of how good/bad a franchise is, walking away this late into production would be terribly unprofessional and most certainly cause prospective employers to take notice. at least by getting fired she can claim bay had some sort of personal vendetta.
    @lucas: actually DOES matter what nikki says because she is by far the most reliable outlet to report on this. give me an instance of when she has been wrong before and then i’ll believe there’s a SLIGHT possibility that she’s wrong about this.

  • save my money

    It’s funny how the trolls are trying to save this movie from sinking…

    give it up already.

  • mailey

    Yah, NOT being in Transformers 3 isn’t really gonna break her career lol So I wouldnt stress over it if I were her.

  • a realist

    Getting a reputation as being difficult and hard to work with, and trashing your boss, is the kiss of death in Hollywood.

    Too bad Megan did not learn this.

  • mimi

    IF I were sexually harrased I would feel the same and wouldn’t want to return to work with the perv who made me do horrible things as part of the job interview.
    She is leaving right on time. Transformers s-u-c-ked big time.
    People came to the second film based on the first one, and now that the second one was shitty- no one will watch it.

  • Erin

    she says she doesn’t want to soil her repuation by going out and partying at clubs, but giving ridiculous interviews and all this crap isn’t much better.

  • mimi

    Magen was hot and had spunk. Shia is a nice guy but bland. Now that everybody hates Michael Bay and his work tanked, without Megan- there is no Transformers.
    She’s got personality, and I love it that she told on the director who sexually harrassed her.
    All the disgusting powerful men of Hollywood should join the 21st century and stop abusing their status.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @Erin: think being honest in interviews are as bad as being a lindsay lohan, paris hilton, etc, etc, drunk drugged up – fcuking up every single night in front of TMZ party girl?! ahahahahahahaaa.. you cant possibly think that.

  • juju

    Sure Transformer 2 sucked but did it make a lot of money??? Hell YES! People did not watch this movie for her. It would had still made a lot of money without her in 1 and 2. Frankly, I don’t really care just throw in that awesome robot sound effect and I am a happy camper

  • ha

    Michael Bay & Paramount

  • well

    she should make the most of this by getting signed to be in something else non-action related. and no, staring with the weirdness that is Mickey Rourke does not really count.

    and come on Michel Bay is a sexist, i say more power to Megan.

  • denise

    You guys have the nerve to take up for Megan.

    Being call Hitler, when you are a Jew, is VERY OFFENSIVE. That is what she called Bay. If I were him, I would have axed her ass too.

  • N99

    @kvd: Megan COPYCAT Fox got FIRED. KVD are you serious when you say you want this no acting non-talented actress to star in Tomb Raider. You have got to be out of your mind. Megan Fox won’t take the role because she would be compared to ANGELINA JOLIE and Megan Fox would KILL the Tomb Raider Franchise and ruin her career in the process. When I say she would be compared to Angelina Jolie, I mean Megan Fox’s acting not looks. I would like to see how Megan Fox could play a part with a English accent like Angelina Jolie and make it believable. When I was watching Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie I forgot Ms. Jolie was an American actress because she played the part so well.

  • emma

    She is big mouth it will continue to cost her. Let’s hope this incident helps her “carrier”. Transformers will be fine with out her. People went to see the Transformers not her. All they need to do is to get hot girl with no big mouth.

  • denise

    a realist
    Getting a reputation as being difficult and hard to work with, and trashing your boss, is the kiss of death in Hollywood.

    Too bad Megan did not learn this.
    When people bash their boss, they will get fired. ESPECIALLY in Hollywood. And if she keeps it up, she will get blackballed.

  • emma

    Parmount must fire that big mouth and egostic Micheal Bay as well not only her.

  • Jennie

    I never thought I would say this but Michael Bay Sucks! The studio got his ass too he had to do Transformers 3 in 3D! After he swore he wouldn’t !

    First he said Megan was comming back then he said he would never shoot in 3D for various reason including the fact that ” It ruins the viewers periforal vision ” and he actually called 3d a” fad ” but I guess Paramount threathen him with not producing / backing his future deals/projects That just goes to show how LITTLE CONTOL HE AS OVER HIS OWN JOB/PROJECTS!

    As for the rest of the cast and crew I wouldn’t expect any honest or any statement for that matter because most probably they are all under confidentiality agreement !

    Megan has more BALLS than all of them together!

  • Ash


    Same here,I saw some on-set px
    and I don’t think there’s gonna be a TF3 without Mikaela Banes,Sam’s gonna hurt…