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Gwyneth Paltrow is CFDA Chic

Gwyneth Paltrow is CFDA Chic

Gwyneth Paltrow looks polished as she arrives at the CFDA Fashion Awards held at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday (June 7).

The 37-year-old actress posed for photos with fashion designer – and lifetime achievement honoree – Michael Kors.

Party spies from WWD spotted Gwyn chatting with designer Diane von Furstenberg…and accidentally spilling a bit of her martini on Diane‘s purse!

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Credit: Kambouris/Walker; Photos: Getty
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  • memememe

    i really dislike her – but i have to admit, she is looking gooooooooood

  • mailey


  • whatever

    Nice dress. Awful hair.

  • oseary

    She has a good body but her face is masculine.

  • wexx

    Love the dress but she’s not a great beauty. Just a great example of what you can accomplish through proper styling and makeup.

    She never looks good in her candids.

  • greenfairy

    This would look great on someone like Nicole Kidman.

  • Chris

    Fantastic from the neck down.
    From the neck up not so much.

  • Sway

    I guess she didn’t get enough promotion from Iron Man.

  • jj fans

    @oseary: Her and her younger brother could be twins. If you took away her and breasts, they are pretty much identical.

  • jj fans


  • fat

    you bitches are all JEALOUS OF Gwyneth









  • Vivid

    I think she’s been looking terrible lately; like an aging socialite. This is a much more flattering style. She looks her age instead of close to her mom’s age.

  • incognito

    @fat: There is nothing to be jealous of. She doesn’t seem to spend much time with her hubby and constantly puts her foot in her mouth.

    Feel sorry for the woman. At least she looks decent here. Usually she looks like she got dressed in the dark.

  • fashion 911

    Love the dress but probably anyone you put in this would look good.
    It’s a classic chic style.
    Gwyneth doesn’t look good in trendy clothes.

  • hotlanta

    She has botox face.

  • Blaze

    I think G.P. looks a tad wider around the middle. Still much thinner than the average woman but could she be expecting?

  • Farmer Ted

    Great body. Shame about the horse face.

  • Story

    At least she’s not showing her vajayjay.
    Was getting tired of her constantly parading around in the super short dresses like a teenager. Nice to see her dressing like an adult again.

  • curious

    Fabulous dress but she always looks like she finished sucking a lemon.

  • YU..CK…


  • YU..CK…


  • twenty-two

    I do like the dress. Everyone looked pretty good tonight.
    Agree, Gwyneth’s regular style is not the best.
    Did she recently change stylists?
    Her style has been off for a while.

  • always

    She is so plain but classic clothes really flatter her frame.
    She looked so silly trying to flash her crotch when she was promoting Iron Man.

  • lilac

    I do not find her pretty either and her personality seems to leave a lot to be desired but I adore this gown. I wish more actresses would dress classy.

  • Alec

    @fat: I hope not. She’s an ignorant woman. That would be pretty sad. There is more to life than looks.

  • shamrock7

    Absolutely beautiful=bellisima!!!

    Gwyneth has always been a class act and I love listening to her in interviews. She sounds so pleasant and cozy:)

    Definitely would like to see her in more Renaissance projects for film work. She is PERFECT for this era.


  • ace11

    why don’t she take her husbands last name?

    does she have something against it?

    also it looks like she had a boob job, any thoughts?

  • Peaches

    She looks fabulous.

  • fashionista

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • fashionista

    Dress: Classic, beautiful and a great fit for a tall woman.
    Hair and makeup: A little too severe in the hair (it really emphasize her square jaw) and her makeup looks a bit greasy on the cheeks and forehead.
    Overall look: B+, Much, much better than her normal attire.
    New stylist perhaps? Or maybe just wearing Kors because she was his guest for the night? Either way, this is a designer she should wear more often.

  • Lydia

    She looks amazing!

  • California Dreaming

    I adore her dress and the ponytail. Gwyneth looks beautiful/1

  • deets

    She looks like a tranny.

  • RedRock

    @greenfairy: Kidman sported a very similar look when she accepted her Best Actress Oscar. She was gorgeous back then before she started messing with her face and possessed a beauty that Paltrow’s never had. Paltrow’s rather plain but she is tall and can wear designer gowns well.



    Because of the dress, not by choice, Paltrow was forced to stand-up staright with her knees together.

    What a change from her usual affected (fake) slouchy pigeon toed stance.

  • Who is she wearing?

    Would love to know who designed the dress…

  • ro

    she looks beautiful.I just love these moronic comments here.Why didnt she take her husbands name??How many actresses take their husbands name.

  • Royal

    A lot of women don’t take their husbands name and besides, she doesn’t seem to spend much time with the man. I can’t see those two being together in five years.

    I like this look dress better than the pink Prada one — awful, awful look.

  • aska

    i haven’t been a fan of hers lately but i must admit she looks good here

  • Marieme

    Brava Gwyneth! You’ve found your best look. Stunning dress and sophisticated hair. Well done!

  • jade

    She is beautiful. The best look ever, for her.

  • Liz

    You guys are awful. She looks wonderful!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I’m not a fan but she does look great and she’s very talented!

  • phoenix

    To everyone posting trash about someone you dont know, haven’t seen save on television and if you are lucky in the cinemas get a life. Seriously you like her or hate her what difference do you think it will do to her, she is happily married, she has a career you guys dream of (no wonder you are hating) and beautiful kids. So seriously before you start yelling she is beautiful, oh no she looks like a man, look at yourself first and see if you have accomplished anything she has and if you haven’t how about you leave this post and do something about it otherwise stare at your computer screen and pour out your self hate out on someone else ‘cos you just aint her

  • Di

    I think she’s classy.

    What surprises me is that people who dislikes KB on this board are the same who dislikes GP..

    At least GP is classy and has work…

  • Katsaridoula

    @fat: what a “convincing” statement from someone who calls themselves “fat” :-)))

  • Di

    maybe because she can exists by herself (we’re not at the beginning of the 19th century, women can achieve things on their own) .
    I don’t think about the boob job.

  • Grayson

    @Di: There is nothing classy about making xenophobic comments.

    Paltrow was rumored to have had a boob job prior to Two Lovers. Personally, I don’t see it. If you’ve ever seen her in workout clothes, her breasts look quite saggy. I think she just wears a push-up bra and spanx for premieres.

  • North

    @phoenix: This isn’t a fan site. Everyone can post here and no one has to leave because someone doesn’t agree with their opinion.

    Agree, she looks better here than normal. Most of the time she looks mess. Also agree, she’s not very attractive except when she’s made up Hollywood and fashion premieres. Most celebs aren’t although G.P. in particular doesn’t look very good in her every day pics.

    Not everyone wants to be an actress so please don’t accuse people of wanting her career. For an Oscar winner, she’s not very accomplished and doesn’t have the career of many of her peers including Kate Winset , Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman. It’s kind of sad that she’s pushing 40 and still playing the ingenue role in a comic film. It won’t get any easier as it’s very crowded in her age group and she’s not on the go-to list for scripts like other A List actresses.

    Happily married? While that remains to be seen. She comes across as pretty ignorant in a lot of her interviews so she doesn’t strike me as a happy or thoughtful person. Maybe it’s her natural personality or maybe it’s due to tension from an unhappy marriage. Agree, she doesn’t appear to be with her husband too often and he’s been rumored to have been cheating on her for a while. Apparently, it’s an open secret in the UK press. I think she will probably stay with him a while for the sake of the kids.

  • brneyes22

    I think this is more a case of a great dress than a great overall look. When I looked at the thumbs, I really liked the outfit. When I opened the larger photos, it wasn’t as flattering and her face does look oily. Whoever styled her hair is doing a better job than the stylist for her last two appearances.

    She is kind of square in the middle and this dress does a good job of hiding that. Probably anyone who’s tall and not too busty would look good in this style.