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Miranda Kerr & Alessandra Ambrosio: Hello, Bombshells!

Miranda Kerr & Alessandra Ambrosio: Hello, Bombshells!

Miranda Kerr looks sexy and sweet as she announces the launch of Bombshell – The Fragrance at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City on Wednesday (June 16).

The 27-year-old Aussie model was joined by fellow Victoria’s Secret beauties Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel for the announcement!

Bombshell hits stores September 9! The new fragrance is fruity, aromatic and floral.

10+ pictures inside of the Victoria’s Secret beauties introducing the world to Bombshell

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alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 01
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 02
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 03
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 04
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 05
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 06
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 07
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 08
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 09
alessandra ambrosio miranda kerr victorias secret bombshell fragrance 10

Photos: StarPix
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  • tom

    Stunners. Miranda look elegant, Al looks sassy & Candice looks very sexy

  • yvette

    Wow they all look beautifully perfect as usual. Love all their dresses. Now for the jealous and ignorant people to start find things “wrong” with them.

  • http://@larabrigatto Lara

    I’m in love with Orlando Bloom but Miranda Kerr is soooo sweet that I can’t hate her haha, she is so pretty. Alessandra is hot! Come on, brazilian models are the best. haha. both are very very pretty.

  • hero

    love them, especially miranda, she is stunning

  • Jonne

    Does anyone low if Orlando and Miranda went to the World Cup together? i know he was there.

  • From Paris with love


  • xxx

    *Gets on treadmill for 15 hours*

  • CanadaGirl

    *sigh* so tired of seeing Miranda Kerr.

  • @8

    *sighs back at ya*
    so tired of reading posts from people complaining about seeing celebs after they specifically come to their threads to post about how tired they are of seeing them.

  • @5

    What evidence do you have that he was there? He was recently seen by several people back in LA.
    I know that there were rumors that he/they were going, but maybe they will go to the later games.
    I hope that he does get to go and enjoy himself.

  • hmmm

    It’s funny.
    VS is trying to promote Candice. She is the face of the Bombshell line, after all. And she is featured in all of their new commercials and print ads. But they always send Ale and Miranda to back her up. When Miranda was new to the scene, they would send her by herself to promote the Dream Angels bra and Heavenly perfume lines. And they sent Miranda by herself to Chicago for the Bombshell promotion there (to huge crowds, BTW).
    Is Candice just not being as well received as they had hoped? Or are they just hedging their bets by sending in re-enforcements?

  • Runaway Jane

    Ale = always hot. Miranda and Candace = yawnnnn. Whats with the maternity dress Miranda?

  • DL

    Miranda looks gorgeous.

  • http://hotmailaustralia zana

    Miranda is just stunning.

  • yes!

    So beautiful!!!

  • hey

    Any news on who will get the Fantasy Bra this year?
    Do you think that it is Ale’s turn? Or will they give it to Miranda to capitalize on her new HF fame?

  • susan

    Candice is perfection!

  • kevin

    Absolutely love picture n.2.
    Candice’s legs are TO- D-I-E-FOR, awwwww!!!!
    And looks like cabbage-head Miranda is about to punch bag-of-bones Alessandra, lmao!

  • Y A R I S

    Sure is that the ugly one wearing the white maternity dress is pregnant.

  • pupupidou

    hard to decide which one is the creepiest, Miranda or Ale? prolly the 1st one even tho they are both too old and ugly to be modeling lingerie.

  • Gabriela


    no I assume its quite the opposite to what you stated. they are using candice like crazy, because she is probably selling product like crazy. everyone I know is talking about the new “blonde”chick with a to die for body over at VS. so I think public reaction is quite good. she is head of the semi annual sale ads why? bc she is probably saling alot right now. especially now since the target audience seems to get younger and younger. she appeals alot to young people..blonde,smiley,perfect body…whats not to love????? America loves blondes.

  • @21

    Then why is she never by herself?
    If she was so popular, VS wouldn’t need tp pay Ale and Miranda ppearance fees to back her up.
    They never had to do that with Miranda.
    Your reasoning just doesn’t hold water.

  • ha

    four posts in less than 30 minutes.
    No hater sock puppets here.
    Not at all.

  • kevin


    I agree. Candice is the one creating sensation all over.
    People mostly talk about Cabbage-head Miranda for her weird features rather than her way to model underwear.

  • ho

    Candice is by far the best looking VS girl ever. Love her <3

  • Evan


    They send Alexandra and Miranda because they don’t have much else to do besides and Victorias’ Secret is paying them anyway,that’s it.

  • @24

    Actually, Miranda is the one creating buzz in the fashion world.
    Her cross over to HF is big news.
    That’s why she is all over the place now, not just in VS ads like Candice.

  • @26

    Yes, VS pays them. Did you think that they just show up for free?
    And they are under contract, but VS has to pay then seperate appearance fees every time they use them. If Candice didn’t need any help, why would VS go to that expense?
    And both AleSandra and Miranda are very busy models. Miranda especially, right now. Saying that they “don’t have much else to do” just reveals your ignorance of the industry.

  • anya 290

    mirandas stunning…however really dont get the alessandra thing. hmm. jst personally.

  • yehyeh

    the thing is VS knows fully well that Candice is bringing them alot of sales and in my opinion she is the hottest thing on the vs payroll at the moment but the thing is shes pretty shy and isnt as good with spokeswomen duties as Miranda was when she just began, so she definately needs the support. In all fareness to Candice though she does seem to be coming out of her shell a bit more and handling the press a little better.

  • @30

    Pretty shy?
    The girl who basically pushed and elbowed her way in front of her fellow models at the bra re-launch is now “shy”?
    Yeah, right.
    Try again.

  • Biscotti

    You guys realize that Miranda is almost 30, right???? In the Fashion world that’s like being 45-50 in real life!!!
    She’s better hurry and start being a little more serious about the jobs she accepts. So yeah, if it’s true that she’ll work for some respected names I say that’s about time!
    It’s about time for her to start getting some “real” contracts instead of doing the cover for some stupid mag or representing a Supermarket brand.
    When you think that Candice is only 21, that’s amazing. She was scouted when she was 15 and less than a year after being spotted for the first time, she was already doing a catwalk with Alek Wek for Dolce & Gabbana and appearing in photo campaigns for Italian Vogue, Fornarina and Top Shop!!!!

  • MeEe


    If she doesn’t succeed quickly in Fashion, she’ll end up like Heidi KLum : -b

  • vanessa

    Candice is stunning,

  • @33

    I love you!
    and LOL!
    Yeah, how awful would that be!
    Still in the top ten highest earning polls at the grand old age of 37.
    Poor Heidi.

    And hey, #32
    Prada, Jil Sandler and Balenciaga using such an OLD model just proves how special Miranda is.
    LOL!!! (again)

  • MeEe


    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga.
    Prada, Jil Sander, Balenciaga……………………………….

    I’ve heard this zillion of times.
    How long has MK been in the business for? These are some good designers, however she’s better do a bloody good job with those 3 because apparently that’s all she will ever get in her so called “career”.

    PS: Heidi Klum is not at all in the top 10. Check your sources §§§

  • @36

    Top ten earners for the last three years running = “her so called career”????
    Heidi is not in the top ten?
    Oh that’s right, Heidi is in the top FIVE! Or is it two or three?
    The more you say, the more idiotic you sound.
    When you said that she would end up like Heidi, you were complementing her. You were just too stupid to know it.

  • @36

    “I’ve heard this zillion of times”
    And we’ve heard the same insults a ‘zillion’ times.
    Stop claiming that she doesn’t have a career, and people won’t have to keep remining you of her success.
    Simple concept, yes?
    Or is that beyond your level of comprehension?

  • @36

    Downplaying obvious success only sets you up for ridicule, and makes you look like a hater.
    You can’t complain when people answer you in kind.

  • @meEe

    Heidi was #2 in 2009
    I think that YOU are the one that needs to check your “sources”.

  • Lindsey

    she is lovely

  • MeEe


    U’re such an idiot….
    Go back and read yourself: “top ten highest earning polls”. Yes? What polls?
    There are tons of polls out there so which one are you referring to? Top earning celebrity, richest person in the world or what???? She is certainly not in the top 10 Forbes list of billionaires. Even Gisèle is not in the top 10.
    So yes, check your sources and check what you write before insulting others. “You’re just too stupid to know it”…. you will excuse me if I don’t spend my life “studying” models’ lives and their bank accounts. It may seem strange to you but I do have a life.

    Yes, Heidi Klum’s career is terrific, LOL! She has money, but that’s not the same as having a great career. Drug dealers have lots of money too. Now, that’s really a fab career.

  • MeEe


    what’s your problem, exactly? for someone whose native language is not English I have a great level of comprehension, thanks for asking.
    If you consider that working for 3 major names in over 10 years is a great achievement for you, that’s fine,it’s your opinion.
    To me that’s not so great. There are dozens of teenagers in the model industry who have done better. Don’t ask me their names because that’s not my field, but coming form a Country where everybody wants to be a model, I can say that 3 designers is a mince objective.

  • @meEe

    Well, when one is commenting in a MODEL’S thread, then you SHOULD have some basic knowledge of the industry before making comments.
    Everyone else knew that the top ten list being referred to was the Forbe’s list of top earning models, why didn’t you?
    If you don’t care about the lives of models, why are you here passing judgement on their careers?
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Pretending to know about someone’s career, then back tracking and claiming that you don’t have time to “study” the facts when you are PROVEN WRONG, makes you a hypocrite.
    Just another pathetic, hater, hypocrite.

  • @MeEe

    English doesn’t have to be your native language to understand the concept of hypocrisy.
    You seem to have concept down pat.
    You make statements then whine when you are shown to be wrong.
    If you don’t have the facts, don’t state the facts.
    Now that IS simple, isn’t it?


    Alesandra is perfection, but a little on the skinny side. I dont get the big fuss tough, Miranda is just as skinny, she just doesnt show it in her round face like Alesandra does.

    Candice on the other hand is STUNNING. She’s skinny and yet still has those womanly curves.

  • @21

    Sorry to pop your bubble. But Candice is stirring NO sensation in the US. She’s basically just another VS model. The only VS models that the public care about is pretty much Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. Mostly Adriana. VS is just going through a ‘phase’ with Candice and want to introduce her to the public by shoving her down everyone’s throat.
    So what if Candice is the face of the annual sale? Are you forgetting Miranda and Ale were previous faces of the annual sale?
    I don’t mind Candice. I like her. But what I don’t like is people spinning ‘facts’ to push their fave model in a good light. Candice is not a hit with the public. She’s simply a hit with the people at VS and with you personally. But she’s not with the public. She can barely bring fans and press to VS events . The only ones who could bring people and press to events solely were Gisele, Adriana, Heidi, Alessandra and just recently Miranda can bring a crowd the way the bigger names could.
    With all this exposure Candice is getting from VS you’d think she can at least draw people into her solo appearances? Her last solo appearance for ‘the naked’ VS bra barely brought any people! that’s why she has to have big names with her. So the product actually sells.

  • @47

    Now there you go again.
    Bringing facts that get in the way of the hater’s ‘logic’.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    You big meanie!

  • Gorgeous girl

    Candice really is gorgeous — beautiful face and a near-perfect figure. Miranda is very pretty too – although I actually think of her as more ‘cute’ than beautiful. Her features are a bit irregular to be described as beautiful in the same sense that Candice’s are. And I know models are supposed to be thin but I find Alessandra a bit TOO skinny imho.

  • MeEe


    “pathetic hater hypocrite” that’s a good one, because the same applies to you, dear.
    Just Jared is not a website specialized in models and high fashion, it’s more for distraction and it deals with celebs and Show Biz in general. So if you wanna show off your fundamental knowledge in the fashion field, I’m sure there are plenty of other websites where you can do so.
    And by the way, had I said that Miranda Kerr is the best model in the world and praised her amazing career in my first post, I’m sure you would have ignored my statement about Heidi Klum. You would even have given me thumbs up.
    The bottom line is that you are the real hater and don’t wanna admit it, which makes you the real hypocrite.

    PS: don’t bother answering me because I don’t give a damn about your opinion. Thanks for the laugh and have a good day.