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Ziyi Zhang & Adrien Brody: Constellation Couple

Ziyi Zhang & Adrien Brody: Constellation Couple

Omega international brand ambassador Ziyi Zhang and Adrien Brody hit up the OMEGA Constellation VIP Dinner at The Ritz-Carlton on Saturday (June 26) in Los Angeles.

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm and Twilight‘s Anna Kendrick also came out to support.

Anna brought her mom as a date because she is a huge Jon Hamm fan. Anna took a picture of them together on her iPhone!

FYI: Maria wore a white alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet dress and Tacori 18k925 earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Omega’s Constellation dinner…

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zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 01
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 02
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 03
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 04
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 05
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 06
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 07
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 08
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 09
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 10
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 11
zhang ziyi adrien brody omega constellation 12

Credit: Jesse Grant; Photos: Wireimage
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  • K

    Anna Kendrick is a pretty girl, but her outfit here is… ehh. It seems too business-like and a little more casual than everyone else’s dresses/outfits.

  • http://h Kaz

    I don’t like tybe this

  • fashionista

    I love the pop of coloron Ziyi’s nails against the black. Very nice. I’m loving these neon nail colors this summer.

  • fashionista

    I meant color on

  • Brina

    Anna kendrick-ugliest girl in the world. Kristen Stewart does way better.
    Ziyi is also ugly.

  • ….

    Jealous of people much? Ziyi is far more prettier than you. So is Anna.

  • Kendra

    they are hot togethr

  • josephine

    it’s zhang ziyi, not ziyi zhang! c’mon, jared!

  • skaur

    zhang ziyi is not pretty here

  • wewantjustice

    Zhang Ziyi is such a liar. She took advantage of Sichuan earthquake and exploited on the generosity of unsuspecting donors on the pretext of seeking donations from them in 2008. Zhang raised donations
    and pledges up close to $500,000.

    However, two years has passed, she has not given out A SINGLE PENNY to help the relief of the devastated earth quake in Sichuan. At the same time, her Ziyi Zhang Foundation didnt file IRS tax form and let Foundation expired, until the fact was exposed by the net user.

    She is a shameless creature!!!

  • Wendy

    Although ZiyiZhang looked pretty in her dress, but a noble person should use her influence to help people, instead of embezzling donation for her own good. Feel sorry for her.

  • susan

    Ziyi zhang, shameless liar! She is unbelievably brave to come out again after what has she done in the name of the Sichuan earthquake at 08. Please, get out the picture and never come back again! You make me sick just look at your face.

  • loveZiyi

    Love and support Ziyi all the way.
    Ziyi, you are the best! We all love U!!!!

  • Maggie

    I don’t care whether Zhang Ziyi is pretty or not. I just don’t like her fooling people around. She makes me sick.

  • Geoffrey


    I bought some stingy eggs from the store the other day, but I can’t complain it because obviously I can’t lay any chicken eggs, so i have no rights to say anything, or other people would say i am jealous of the chicken.

  • Jen

    Ziyi looks unbelievably hot in her black dress.
    I understand that recently some people try every ways and any ways to tarnish her reputation. Well, anybody with common sense could spot their dark schemes easily.
    I just want to say that we love you ziyi, and we love OMEGA.

  • Jen


    It is kind of hard to believe any places would sell stick eggs??
    or after all, U are a liar yourself!

  • hulainhuaren

    I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do not spread RUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stupidhula

    ZIYI Zhang is the best !

  • hula is more than stupid

    stop spreading the rumor!!!

  • wendy73

    I’m a HUGE fan of hers..Even after I find out about these “rumors” was devastatin but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a great actress and she should b awarded 4 it..

  • gossipgirl888

    Meh…sounds like a witch hunt. Hopefully she can rehabilitate her career!

  • flyingangel

    I am stupid to tell rumors but I not stupid to tell good movies. Simply love her movies and wish her good luck

  • nighteyes

    Liars are those who r spreading rumors, period.

  • Chloe

    @hula is more than stupid:

    Thats not rumor! She just failed to simply publish the audited detailed account for her Ziyi Zhang Foundation as the public request for more than half year.

  • wewantjustice

    @hula is more than stupid:

    It’s not rumor. She just failed to simply publish the audited detail account of her Ziyi Zhang Foundation as the public request for more than half year!

  • wewantjustice
  • lvhuaele

    Rumors and accusations surrounding Ms. Zhang Ziyi are dizaster. I personally feel very upset to find these false and vicious rumors in this website and I completely condemn them.

  • wewantjustice


    Its not rumor, but a serious matter! If you knew what happened, then you will be just like one of those people who don’t want to be fooled by a fake image! Under a ‘pretty’ cover, its a not so pretty mind who sucks fame and $$$ desperately!

  • zhui

    She needs to explain her “charity activities” in 2008. If she still wants to save her career, she should be honest and open to the public. Unfortunately, we just heard lies after lies. Why couldn’t she just learn the lesson?

    PS, which brand is she wearing that night? It looks like JC Penney pron dress to me.

  • lanhua

    I am a Buddhist. As you know Buddhism remains most popular within China. I would say, Ziyi is innocent. Those vicious people who have been spreading slanderous rumours will be punished by law of moral causation————–KARMA

    Wait and see………….e mi tuo fo

  • wewantjustice


    Because you are a buddist, then everything you said will be right! Are you kidding me?

    The one would be punished will be who took advantage of victims from earthquake to earn her own fame and $$$, and didn’t deliver even bloody one single penny after two years!!! Those victims are truly innocent!

  • lanhua


    me , lanhua ,never tell lies. True gold fears no fire. listen to your heart, you will hear the voice from buddha

  • wewantjustice


    just like what i said – someone who took advantage of earthquake victims to chase fame and $$, and someone like you, who take advantage of buddha, and try to prove you are right!

    Justice is based on the fact! Not someone’s feeling!

  • shenzhen

    Following is a letter I wrote to IRS. Let me publish it here to see what is the fact.

    Dear Department Director:
    ?I am a Chinese citizen. I am writing to report a charity fraud related to Chinese earthquake occurred in May 2008, and the disaster relief fund has never been contributed to Sichuan disaster areas in accordance with donors’ original will. I suspect the behavior is a crime.
    ??The non-profit charity organization I am reporting is Ziyi Zhang Foundation, CA FEIN 262637316 (the “Foundation”). Below are the suspected criminal evidence:
    ??Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, DOB 02/09/1979, (“Zhang”) registered the Foundation on 05/19/2008 in the purpose of raising fund for China earthquake of May 2008.
    ??On 06/25/2008, the Foundation acquired IRS tax exemption, indicating the reason is that the Foundation raised as much as $500,000 in the first three weeks of the establishment.
    ??On 07/21/2008, received tax-exemption approval confirmation from IRS, valid from 05/19/2008.
    ??On 11/04/2008, California Attorney General approved the Foundation as non-profit organization status valid through 05/15/2009. The foundation was then out of status until the renewal on 02/09/2010.
    ??According to Zhang’s own claims and Chinese press releases, Zhang conducted at least three solicitation campaigns between 05/21/2008 and 05/22/2008 in the name of China earthquake, in Cannes, France. After that, Zhang also posted an ad on the magazine The Hollywood Reporter, appealing for public donation, for the same purpose. Also according to Zhang’s own claims and Chinese press releases, the total amount of the disaster relief fund the Foundation raised was as much as $1,000,000, some say $5,000,000.
    ??The crucial fact is that, as of today, 04/10/2009, Sichuan disaster areas have not received any relief fund from the Foundation.
    I suppose that the behavior of the Foundation, has already broken the law of the US. Please see below:
    ??1.As a legally registered non-profit charity organization, the Foundation must obey the relevant state laws and federal laws. However, the Foundation has no transparent records of donation details and account transactions related to disaster relief activity, which is the Foundation’s largest program,

    ??2.As of on 2008 Form 990-EZ of the Foundation, the total revenue is $45,471, total expenses is $5,755 and the net assets is $39,716. As of on 2009 Form 990-N, both asset amount and income amount are $0. Obviously the relief fund that the Foundation raised in 2008 has been embezzling because the money did not go to any disaster areas in China.
    ??Based on the above facts, I am reporting to you and hope you can conduct judicial investigation of the Foundation.
    ??For more detailed evidence, please go to

    ??Thank you very much.

  • customer

    hi. ladies, when you work with Ziyi Zhang, please watch out her, she probably would sleep with your husband if he is rich.
    hi guys, when you sleep with Ziyi Zhang, please watch our your pocket, she defenitely would charge you a lot of money for the night, she is not free of charge
    ladies and guys, wish you have fXXcking nice cooperation with Ziyi Zhang, the most famous liar in China
    That’ true. She is now having a lawsuit in China regarding a man who declared Ziyi Zhang had stolen 200 million RMB from him.
    Yes, She even pledge judge not to open details to public. A report before said she had returned 100 million RMB to the man. What a shameful bitch!

  • truth

    charity scandal actress ziyi zhang , she is cheating peopled for more than 10 yrs

  • disgusting ZZY

    Without integrity, Zhang ziyi could never return to the vanity.

  • Maggie


    That is true. Zhang’s team did spread this rumor that she raised millions dollars for about two years. Now the truth came out. She is a liar, or a criminal suspect.

  • truth

    Ziyi Zhang is a liar, so she is a ugly woman.

  • iminnie

    a lot of people are saying that I am so stupid to stand out for her. But I just love her movies and she is so pretty. What’s wrong with me? I just wish if I could be as pretty as she is. LOL

  • truth

    watch the link you will see how innocent ziyi zhang is ! she is such a brave girl, brave enough to put the money people donated to her own pocket for 2 yrs , she believe the brave girl should have done charity not only non transparency but also all the money belong to her own .

  • Eva

    Liar liar, pants on fire. Ziyi Zhang’s pants is on fire.

  • anita

    What a shame! Those people hired by the big liar Ziyi Zhang are really disgusting. Only because people want to know the truth of Ziyi Zhang’s scandal, her team hired low moral people to spread rumors 24 hrs every day. How ugly Ziyi Zhang and her team are!

  • wewantjustice

    Lets see Ziyi Zhang Foundation! They had been delaying to file IRS form 2008 until Feb 2010, when its account ONLY carrying abt US$40,000 was exposed by net users! And also they let Foundation expired for more than 10 months. At the same time, nobody can find any information and details related to how Foundation operated since there weren’t any contact phone number, email address, website, or even office address.

    Although, the most ironic was that inside China, Ziyi Zhang did few interviews with media to talk about her charity ambition, and accepted many important charity awards, which praised that she raised 1million USD funds for Sichuan Earthquake during Cannes movie festival in 2008. If now she confessed in front of media that she ONLY raised US$1300 cash, how she could feel comfortable to take those awards.

    The actual situation of Ziyi Zhang Foundation and what have been reported widely inside china have so much difference. The public demand the truth! But so far, Ziyi Zhang still failed to publish any audited detail account to the public after half year.

  • an

    That Chole is hired by Ziyi Zhang.
    She and her team are good at cooking faked news. They stolen those ids who disagred with them, such as lanhua, lvhuaele, hula, nighteyes, gossipgirl888, etc. to post faked news. Shame on Ziyi Zhang, Chole, and her team.

  • Maggie


    You are too good for her. I hope she won’t do those kind of things to hurt her funs anymore.

  • wewantjustice

    Love yourself and be a good person:)

  • bluesky

    I wil tell everyone i know not to buy Omage,
    Shame on ziyi zhang , the big liar.
    Reture the all the money you collected to the Sichuan peole.

  • bluesky

    I wil tell everyone i know not to buy Omage,
    Shame on ziyi zhang , the big liar.
    Return all the money you collected from others to the Sichuan people.