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Leo DiCaprio & Paris Hilton Pair Up

Leo DiCaprio & Paris Hilton Pair Up

Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at Cape Town Airport after watching the World Cup match between Netherlands vs Brazil match in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on Friday (July 2).

The 35-year-old actor was also seen traveling through Johannesburg with socialite Paris Hilton, who recently got mixed up with pot possession charges. The twosome were flown from London by private jet to Johannesburg by a mysterious Malaysian millionaire so they could watch the World Cup.

Last weekend, Leo and Paris and Nicky Hilton also partied together in Las Vegas at Surrender Nightclub.

Leo‘s new thriller Inception opens in theaters on July 16.

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  • Berry Sprite

    Leo looks really sleepy
    Anyway,this news is old Jared !

  • CanadaGirl

    Leo, Leo, Leo… what are you doing, man? Exercise a little quality control.

  • wow

    he looks rather sad than tired to me… it seems like he sticks to the same low quality level for the past 5 years… and private jet for an environmentalist?

  • bb

    No bar. Come on you can do better than hanging out with paris

  • provgirl

    how very environmentally friendly of him. not.


    Seriously? I thought he was smart especially after watching his ECO documentary and watching Shutter Island…..
    Mating with Paris Hilton, the dumb fame hoe…… Seriously, Leo?
    What is up with all of these perceptive males, like Good Charlotte and Leonardo, mating with Paris Hilton?
    Is she intelligent internally? Does she act like a fame seeking hoe for attention? Is she perceptive? WTF??


    Why the hell does he use private jets? He made everyone around me die of sorrow and despair after watching his environmentalist movie, The 11th Hour.. he’s fake… What environmentalist travels using non eco friendly private jets? He pretends being wise, his affairs with those fame seeking, scantily clad models and his choice to be BFFs with rich socialites (not talking about Paris Hilton) who waste their lives shopping at Harrods… and do absolutely 0 environmental work and don’t give a damn about the environment.. makes me wonder why the f * c k does he preach to us.

  • Ms Anonymous


    He’s not fake, he’s very real.

  • @6

    Yeah, he could but knowing who he has been dating for the past couple of years and seeing him partying and hanging out with Paris it seems he doesn`t want to do better. The private jet is the icing on the cake…

  • Jad

    What is the matter with him? Hanging and travelling with Hilton. Gee. We see his true colours, now.

  • Anon

    This means nothing. It’s like adding 2+2 and saying it = 6!

    No way is there anything going on between Paris and Leo! She wishes! LOLOL!

    FYI: Paris and Leo probably know each other because Kevin Connelly who is one of Leo’s BFFs (along with Tobey and the weird guy) Kevin used to date Paris’s sister Nicki before she hooked up with the Katzenberg guy. Kevin and Nicki were together for a while, too. Kevin is in Entourage. Anyway, so H’wood is a small town. No way would Leo mess things up with Bar by fooling around with a skank like Paris. Not. Happening.

  • barbara dekich

    War Eagle!

  • @13

    `No way would Leo mess things up with Bar by fooling around with a ***** like Paris.` LOL! It`s not like his girlfriend is much better than Paris…

  • DCG

    Wow, Mr. Environmental flying on a private jet? He and Al Gore are hypocrits…

  • Brasil

    first: jared is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late, and Leo and Paris ARE NOT in the cup together! Gosh, so late Jared, you have to get better sources… yeah, I do agree that jet planes are not the best for environmental, (in this he’s totally wrong) but I think this pics are not from the day he arrives, is he leaving Africa now?
    Anon, I agree! don’t think Bar is the best person in the world, but Paris for sure is one of the worst things ever… seems like jared is turning into National Enquirer, the worst sources and the most ridiculous rumors…

  • Andrea


  • Brasil

    JARED, can’t see Paris here?!

  • Ed

    Too old and fat

  • lol

    Looking awful as always. not hot anymore!

  • AnonymousDiva

    Tell us, DCG, what have YOU done to help the environment? Made a film? Donated money? Publicly supported environmentally friendly companies? All of which DiCaprio has done, of course. Have you done any of those things?

    Yeah, I thought so – none of that. So kindly shut your pie hole.

  • hannah

    he actually arrived at the airport after going to the germany-argentina match but whatever…

  • Caché

    Leo went to see Germany -Argentina. Were also Mick Jagger and Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton not

  • uhmmm

    Private plane, Leo?
    For that long flight?
    Shame on you.
    He’ll have to plant a whole forest to off -set those carbon emissions.
    tsk tsk tsk


    Yep, this dude has become a MAJOR disappointment.
    He didn’t live up to his “ideals”. Whats with the statements like:
    “I only fly commercial”, and the 2 hours long environmental movie?
    It doesn’t really matter anymore, since you are not currently promoting a movie, or what?
    And also – I watched the tape as they arrive at the airport – now there were many paps, but that was to expect. If he likes to keep it private, why fly with PH?
    Second thing- he arrives, and there were many fans as well – and some of them were waiving at him, expecting him at least to smile and wave back. would it be so much trouble to do so? Instead, he got out with that “I am king of the world, don’t you even bother talking to me” vibe.
    I am really disappointed in this guy. Long time I was convinced it was Bar’s fault, but now I see they are a perfect match.

  • Maddie

    hey jared, I´m from germany and I saw the match, which leo attented, live and it was Germany-Argentina. In German TV they showed all the celebs,who were watching the match..and there were no paris !!

  • Slig

    Wow beautiful man in the world .look younger and sooo cute i love he

  • http://h Kaz

    Thanx jared for posting gorgeous leonardo ^_^ i love leo u the best in all hollywood

  • http://h Kaz

    Yeah of course in the world ,he looking fabulous as always, i hope to meet one day leonardo and girlfrined and i wanna kiss him. He is my favrioute from all celebrits just leodicaprio , im kaz love him

  • leo the one and only!

    LEo I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • this fat man

    Biggest Head in the World!!!!!

  • jhon

    paris hilton is super suckss…..

  • http://h Kaz

    He’s beautiful boy, why people jeolusy him cuz u nothing . Look in the mirror u ugly & leo beautiful beautiful man in the earth .., i can go on and a bout why i love leonardo dicaprio


    @Ed: Nothing wrong with old if ya exercise self-control, which evidentially he does not in any aspect of his life. That’s why he looks wrecked. Celebrities give age a bad name, when it’s all a matter of lifestyle choices.

  • http://h Kaz

    Were bar refile were?????? I hate paris wired face ..

  • http://h Kaz

    Leonardo dicaprio is my celebrity crush

  • the parrot Hilton

    ugh! What the hell is he doing with that witch?? What a mess!!

  • wow

    leo had a chance for another party in south africa the other night according to this tweet ( no mention of paris ):
    Fez ( a club in cape town ) was on fire tonight: spotted Mick Jagger and Leonardo Dicaprio partying up a storm
    about 12 hours ago via UberTwitter

  • gg

    this is what the celebpsychic has to say about leo

    hmm, i don’t think its gonna happen this way

  • MKhay

    Cant help justshake my head

  • @40

    This psychic might be right about the reason why they are together but the rest ( and the rest of her whole blog ) seems rather guessing than predictions.

  • plum

    leo dicaprio is dated with paris hilton????
    leo in a private flight???


    Yeh!! Hey you guys are just jealous, Leo should come to
    Benoni, he can meet a real down to earth Tannie!
    He can hide his socks under my bed anytime!
    Fancy living here Leo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hear the Roar,<<<<<<<<

  • DCG

    What I’ve done for the environment is my own business. I don’t preach one thing and then do another unlike other so-called environmentalists…

  • DCG

    What I’ve done for the environment is my own business. I don’t preach one thing and then do another unlike these so-called environmentalists…


    I love you Leo! Please don’t look sad. Be happy. Life is good for you.

  • AnonymousDiva

    The point is, you’re being childishly unrealistic. No person, no matter how committed to bettering the environment, can be completely free of a carbon footprint.

    If you can’t grasp that, then you’re too young even to be posting here.

  • ava

    To Anonymous Diva

    Who cares, he making millions, Leo ONLY travels in private jets and every other week he’s in some part of the world, on vacation, sightseeing, parting it up with his girlfriend ( or his beard from what people say) or with guy friends or his mother, on yachts in the French Rivera, in a 5 Star hotel in Mexico, at the World Cup in South Africa, drives around in a 100 thousand dollar Lexus, lives in a mansion but supposedly that’s O’k as long as you have solar panels, right Al Gore

    And because he gives a couple of pennies of his income to what ever cause is PC at the moment, lecturing all us common folk how to live and demands America adopt a Cap and Trade system , that will make our present standard of living for the middle class unaffordable, we are all suppose to believe hypocrites and con artist like him and Al Gore who try to get away with this attitude of “do what I say not what I do”, please go and sell your b.s to some other fools, we ain’t buying.
    It’s time for the so called celebrities to entertain us and to shut up, we don’t need to know what these uneducated fools think about politics, the environment or anything else that’s way above their pay grade.

  • wow

    @49: you are right nobody can be completely free of a carbon footprint but getting to the world cup by a millionarie`s private jet is not something the he couldn`t have avoided. he dis travel on private jets ( and so does his gf ) while promoting movies in europe, the yachts…etc. He is a movie star so he can afford this luxury but at the same time he is trying to raise awareness about the environment… honestly it just doesn`t add up.
    @ava: as far as i know his lexus is a hybrid…

  • Brasil

    @wow: totally agree, maybe they invent a free carbon footprint airplane, but this day isn’t come yet… so people have do to what it’s on their possiblities, and this is for everyone, the planet is ours!