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Rachel Bilson: Equality California Chick

Rachel Bilson: Equality California Chick

Rachel Bilson stops to chat with a representative for Equality California while out and about on Friday (July 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress donated to the organization, which works to achieve equality and secure legal protections for LGBT people.

Yesterday, Rachel was spotted out filling her Prius up at a gas station in Los Angeles.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson supporting Equality California…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson donate equality california 01
rachel bilson donate equality california 02
rachel bilson donate equality california 03
rachel bilson donate equality california 04
rachel bilson donate equality california 05
rachel bilson donate equality california 06
rachel bilson donate equality california 07
rachel bilson donate equality california 08
rachel bilson donate equality california 09
rachel bilson donate equality california 10
rachel bilson donate equality california 11
rachel bilson donate equality california 12

Photos: WENN
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  • Sophie

    Well, at least this time she’s doing something that benefits someone else besides herself.

  • Katie

    ^ True. But she got her picture taken while doing it, so technically it does “benefit” her image. Win-win for them and for her.

  • Katie

    I wanted to add that I like that she donated anyway.

  • XCV

    This girl keeps sinking to new lows. “Look at me, im donating” how pathetic!

    most celebs do it ANONYMOUSLY

  • XCV


  • XCV

    Spotted donating to some humanitarian cause, spotted filling up her prius. I guess her reps are trying to paint the picture she cares about the world……..laughable

  • jess

    where is hayden, rachel? LOL

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous!!

  • viper

    She probably has no clue truly what she is donating to or why better chance she writes checks to anyone who asks for money and claims to be a charity. More or less like the elderly who donate to donate.

    Funny she did this in public and had paparazzi there making sure they get the money shots only in this case the shot won’t pay off that big.

    Ugly outfit she is wearing black a lot she in morning over the dead fakes up relationship.

  • nvrmnd

    seriously Jared???? Stop posting about her NOBODY CARES !
    I’m sick of you shoving her into our faces 3 times a day

  • Lolzzz

    She is on this site way too much! I mean…its like every little thing she does she calls the paps and it becomes news (well at least here it does).

  • tb

    Where is her ring? she doesn’t wear her engagement ring anymore?

  • jamie

    @12 – she and hayden have split

  • Someone who cares

    Guys… if you don’t like her, why you are here? You don’t have anything else to coment? Go see other posts. You all so pathetic.

  • Kitty Kat

    I like Rachel Bilson, but WHY are there so many pics of her on Just Jared lately?

    Especially, when ALL she is doing in these endless pics is running errands or walking down the street.

    If she had some project to promote the endless photos might be understandable, but with (apparently) NO projects lined up, the pics are not only boring but pointless.

    Enough. Please.

  • viper


    Why are you here better question?? I so love the ppl that ask this “IT’S A COMMENT BOARD HELLO” ppl will comment. Like it, don’t like it but it’s open to anyone to discuss. Few like her others don’t as long as she pimps herself out to the press she is open for anything or any comment thrown her way. She wants it, she loves it, and she thrives on it or else she wouldn’t call out the press each and every time she runs to the car wash, pumps gas, food shops, goes to get her nails or hair done, Walks the dog, picks up a dog, Walks with BFF’s to the park, runs in and out of office building, Gets parking tickets, doing her fine dining with mom or BFF’s. shopping with mom or BFF’s, shopping with kid half sister at target. or leaves LAX. OR attends a pathetic function on something she isn’t working in. I’m sure I left out a few important ones but I don’t consider the ex fiance anything to brag about since they were not realistic to begin with.

  • EatYourHeartOutPLz

    This is a new low even for her and thats saying alot to be honest. Disgusting.
    Far as anyone knows she handed them a few dollar bills thats it.. Revolting creature I swear.
    She doesnt do anything there is no reason for her to be posted on here three flipping times a day !!!!!
    I imagine she only gave them a few dollars because she spends all her money on getting the paps to show up and follow her around and sites like this to post on her.
    You know what waste your money Princess Presswhore because in 100 years whos going to care or remember fame is fleeting ………… real art lives forever.
    Scratch that in 100 days who is going to remember her lol
    I dubb her
    Princess Presswhore Royal Pain in the tush of Society.

  • Lilith

    I figure she is wearing a black dress with black shoes and a black bag with black shades because shes channeling Breakfast At Tiffany’s not that she is doing a good job but shes trying in a sad sad way . Epic fail , I call on this one her hair looks like a soccer mom nightmare
    ugh and the dress looks like something a 300 pd person would wear . She is no fashionista shes not even a fauxionista lol ooo i like that one Im going to keep that fauxionista!!!! hahahahahahaha

  • Brightside

    Yawn…wake me up when JJ has pictures of her doing something interesting.
    I see people donating all the time, and pumping gas too. Not note-worthy for a post, JJ.

  • ee

    i hate u now you post on stupid worthless ppl. (not celebs)

  • ee

    were already 9 days in july and there are already 4 posts about this WORTHLESS TWAT!!!!! get a job rachel, from all of us on JJ :)

  • kellli

    EWWWWWW!!!! x46189468364234236429396423

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant you just tell she is still mad as hell at hc for wanting out,

    you just know thats what happend no-way she would end it,

    and dont worry she would have thought that was a new clothing brand
    pity we cant see the look on her face when she finds out its not,


  • Lilith
  • Slig

    I dont care angry woman

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ are you kidding with this?? Does this charity not have an office?? Why is Rachel making out checks in the middle of a street in LA while the paps take pictures??? Talk about a load of crap!! It’s worse than you having those fake photos of her getting ready to go to an Oscar party!!!

  • Brightside

    Is that what she’s doing? Writing a cheque? I didn’t know people still did that? How quaint.
    Why didn’t she just take their details and arrange a donation via her bank? Easy to do on an iPhone (or any phone, these days)…only takes a minute. She could have done that then and there much more quickly.
    I didn’t realise there are people in the world who still carry cheque books!

  • the truth

    For no 7 and no12 she has called off the engagemnent and hayden has broken -up with her.where have you two been? She got what she wanted the single life.There was no going back with him. That’s what she shoul have said that she wanted to be single again. It been a month already..Shehaven’t change at all.Jared should say that she’s single and loving it.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Brightside – it looks like that’s what she’s holding – her check book! There’s nothing wrong with her writing a check (I occasionally do it but I’m with you – I do almost everything online) but wouldn’t her manager or accountant handle it?? Doesn’t she want a receipt for tax purposes?? Or why wouldn’t she do it in an office?? And how does JJ know who these people are – it’s not like she’s at some sort of event where there’s a booth).
    It’s like that old photo of her & HC exchanging gifts with his family in a parking lot?? This is just pathetic!!!
    @ Truth – I don’t think she’s THAT stupid. I think she knows where her bread is buttered and will get back with Hayden!! She’s probably kicking herself for not popping out a Baby Vader!!

  • unreechy

    (Phony) betrothed or not anymore – BilHO’s still & continuous to be a constant source of amusement… that when God spread out to pour “utter” idiocy, desperation & baloney in the world, she goes “sunbathing” – lol!

  • Brightside

    LOL @ the exchanging gifts in a parking lot…LOL a lot at that! Clearly done as a pap-able opportunity!
    The acid test is…would she have donated to the charity if the paps hadn’t been present…or would she have shaken her head and walked right past.
    D-listers often alter their behaviour to produce favourable images when they know paps are in attendance.
    What I want to know is ‘Why is she wearing a saggy, black one-man camping tent and why does her friend have bricks on her feet and a leather jacket?’
    I thought it was summer in LA!

  • the truth

    @lexy hates bilson: You makeup your mind what you want them to do You come here and make bad comments about her and hayden then you change it. what’s up with that.Rachel got to do things for herself.They haven’t gotten back with him so far.You can’t get get mad about what people say here. You are against them as well. Don’t you think she has uase hayden enough already. You is is dunb as she a rachel is. Who sde are you on anyway. You come here and make comments about about and how bad she is and whatshe do. Hayden don’t need to be use again. Rache still haven’t told eveyone that she had split from him.Its time for her to say she single. And what did she tell those people that she had plit from him.. Rachel has not change this is what she wanted and that’s what hayden wanted too. But she can find another man for herself. But you don’t like her..Rahel isnot not worried about hayden. if she was she wouldn’t have done the break-up in public like that.There is way to do things.Do you see her upset ? No you don’t. She’s happy that it happen. Ther are other men out there for than hayden . don’t you know that.Hayden has been use by her too long. Hayden broke -up with her in April and she didn’t tell anyonw about it. She let everyone believe that they was a couple and they was not.She is doing alright by herself.Its time for her rep and rachel to say she sngle. Like somene already said here she is single and you didn’t get upset about it. Its time for rachel to stand on her own two feet. Yopu can’t change what happen.Rachel is nothing but trouble anyway. don’t you see what she’s doing?It was good that hayden left her alone and think about work for a change.Becue rachel sure not doing it..people wanted her and adam to get back together and it didn’t happen.She seem happy anyway that this happen. She ‘s not sad. She need to start dating other people like she did when she was with hayden. Why she haven’t been seem with other guys. When she split with Adam she start dating hayden and other guys.What the big change.?She no better than she as with hayden. She can’t lie to people like that .She can’t say that now that she and hayden has split that she don’t have feling fr other guys. When her and hayde eas together that’s all you saw. whsn she wasn’r trying to,hide it.Other people say here that she’s single and her and hayden has split. what can’t i ?Stop making comments about her than like you do then.But that what jared suppose to be saying instead are making her look good about the split.I know hayden has been to la and haven’t gave rachel a second thought like he has been. And rachel haven’t given hayden a second thought either. Don’t know how long that been?you can’t go back when that happen. Talking about two weeks about the have been since feb when she went to visit him.She lost her job because are it.No one want her to their fashion shows its seemsShe ca’t balm e hayden for this. its not his fault she mess up .Like he said he can’t keep fixing things for her. she got to do it herserlf. All this for attention anot for work. She need to start going out to things likeshe use to Not walking the strets like this.Her reps has the wrong idea about what she supose to do.Hayden went out there by hisself and he was fine with it. She coping what he’s doing that’s all.She need to start been seem with other guys that are well-knwo again. Its five months. She single get use to it.

  • viper


    To use her phone for more the text messaging or talking would require that she could multi-task. It takes common sense something she doesn’t have to use it beyond that. Most smart ppl would check out a charity something like this one from the link JJ provides it’s seems like it’s in support of Gay rights if thats what she support good. But if she doesn’t then she best know what she is handing money over to. My guess is that she can’t web browse either she is a follow the Celebrity leader and does what is popular.

    We know she had cash the other day from the ATM run she made or was that JJ paycheck.

  • Brightside

    I certainly wouldn’t give a large sum of money (cash or cheque) to a random stranger in the street, no matter how honest they may appear. A few bills, perhaps. If I felt the need to donate more then I would do it through the charity’s office, either by internet or phone, after doing a little research first.
    Quite a few reputable charities have very high administration costs and I hate the fact that, instead of helping those in need, my money might well be going to pay some office worker’s wages and that’s certainly not the reason I donated the money.

  • Brightside

    I find this site invaluable…and disheartening at times
    but it’s worth knowing…

  • Lilith

    I went to that site and guess what there just happened to be a coach purse ad at the top
    lol with the same three stupid purses that brat picked out for faux charity work
    life is funny sometimes lol

  • Shaz

    i like her outfit, it’s cute.

  • HerCalledTheRain

    love her outfit! plain&simple and stylish same time!

  • Please Not Again

    I think ts interesting that she calls the papparazzi to record her not just giving to any charity but to a political organization working to repeal Proposition 8 in California. There are thousands of worthy charities and political action groups to be giving to, like Ronald McDonald House or Center for Bio Diversity for rescue of sea birds and animals at the Gulf of Mexico. Is she doing this to send a message, like Hayden dumped her because he is gay and she was a lousy beard? She sure tried to make the relationship look real but it was he that always looked either bored or nauseated or irritated every time they were photographed together. They both exploited the sham as long as they could but few people were stupid enough to buy it.

    Stupid girl can’t get a job no matter what. Still even this shapless dress is an improvement over the tight jeans and knee boots with high heels. No fashionista for sure.

  • Thinker

    @Please Not Again: Im going to say that she is trying to take the side of the industry and the money in it and come out so to speak and support the repeal of Prop 8. Do i really think she believes in the cause? Hell freaking no this woman cares for nothing and noone except for herself.
    Do I think she is hinting that her showmance relationship ended because he is infact gay?
    Nope I dont think he is gay either, but I am sure she would love for people to make the connection, After all it would give people more to talk about with the break up no one gave a damn about. If she hints he is gay then she thinks it will make her look better like its not her fault it ”ended” When infact it would make her look worse for being a liar to begin with lol. Not a very clever girl not that anyone ever thought she was. If anything I think he has been seeing a girl in Canada that he was hiding and maybe that relationship ended so there was no longer a reason to have a distraction relationship that wasnt helping either of them.. nor was it believeable.
    The real reason I think she donated to that of all causes is first of all no one has head of it so she seems like she is on forefront of a cause and second of all she gets to kiss some Hollywood As@
    If she really cared about Prop 8 she would be out protesting to have it repealed but I guess she is too busy…. um pumping gas and going to an Atm and very important things such as that!!!LMAO

  • blahzae

    Of course it could have been fake on just one side which is an even scarier thought.If it wasnt fake for him but was for her that is just well pathectic on his part and f@cked up on her part.
    He seems to let people walk all over him, her , his brother Tove etc Maybe he has issues and needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

  • WeHateLexy

    @lexy hates bilson: Seriously, your pissing me off. I get this is a gossip site, but if you hate rachel so much, why do you click on every single one of her posts and leave hateful comments. You really need to have your name set to ‘lexyhatesbilson’?? I think somebody is alittle jealoussss. :)

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    you say you hate her? but why do you read everthing she say’s then?

    face facts she along with brightside they have more fans on here,
    then rachel bilson how sad it that for rb then?

    you could not make it up.

    btw in case you forget when people like rb put themselves out there
    not the haters, they dont make her do the things she does,

    if she wants a private life no doubt she would have one if she did
    not tell the paps where she is,
    they dont seek her out.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Can’t I be jealous of someone who’s successful – like Marion Cottilard…Giselle or Charlize Theron??? Even Lourdes – Madonna’s kid has herself a job and a career!!!
    Why am I jealous of a woman so desperate for publicity that she pays the paps to take pics of her writing out checks to alleged charities in the middle of the street?? It’s a new low!!! I don’t even see Paris or the chicks from Jersey Shore sinking THIS low!!

  • blahzae

    @Britney Nooner:
    Thats going to be hard when she just got dumped from her last one lol
    but Im sure someone will want a out of work nearing 30 years old leach with the brain of a 13 yr old at best and the appearance of a soccer mom I mean in LA who doesnt want that girl? hahahahaah

  • sidony

    Hey Douchel, you are engaged (?!?!?!) “much much ahead” of these two celebs isnt it?!
    Look out for the latest buzz on them & “Eat Your Heart Out” LOL!

  • Brightside

    Marion Collitard is simply an amazing actress…truly talented…I went to La Vie en Rose and she was incredible as Edith Piaf.
    I love Charlize Theron…the epitome of talent and beauty.
    Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Carey Mulligan…there is a wealth of superb young actresses in the industry today…
    What is Rachel Bilson compared to them? She is a nothing…well I suppose she’s a style director for Sunglasses Hut….whoop-de-sarcastic-woo…

  • blahzae

    You all should all check this trailer out another reason for Rachel to EAT HER HEART OUT . The film looks really good cant wait for it to come out.
    Also I think she may no longer be the style director for Sunglass Hut lol sad isnt it

  • Brightside

    F*cking awesome! I can’t wait! I think most people realise by now that I’m not the biggest Hayden Christensen fan out there but, on the basis of this trailer, I’m willing to give him another go and forgive him for Jumper. This film looks f*cking fantastic….pardon my French! Very, very excited now!

  • Soraya

    OMG HATERS THESE DAYS!!! it’s getting a little pathetic people, you don’t even know her!! I mean, it’s crazy!!!

    Every time I check the comments on a Rachel post, there are like billions of comments hating on her…Some people gotta be very jealous to loose time commenting on it! If you don’t like her, FINE, but then don’t come here and bash her! Gosh!