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Gerard Butler Picks Food Out of His Teeth

Gerard Butler Picks Food Out of His Teeth

Gerard Butler is caught picking food bits out of his teeth on the set of his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, on Wednesday (July 14) in Detroit, Mich.

Stop saying “ew” — we all do it!

Gerry was also seen walking with one of the production assistants, aka personal umbrella holder. Great way to shield yourself from the sun!

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler picking food out of his teeth…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler picking food teeth 01
gerard butler picking food teeth 02
gerard butler picking food teeth 03
gerard butler picking food teeth 04
gerard butler picking food teeth 05
gerard butler picking food teeth 06
gerard butler picking food teeth 07
gerard butler picking food teeth 08
gerard butler picking food teeth 09
gerard butler picking food teeth 10
gerard butler picking food teeth 11
gerard butler picking food teeth 12
gerard butler picking food teeth 13
gerard butler picking food teeth 14
gerard butler picking food teeth 15
gerard butler picking food teeth 16
gerard butler picking food teeth 17

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Cindy Lu

    no comments yet?

  • Cindy Lu

    why the umbrella?

  • Nuts

    Seriously, JJ…

    I mean, seriously?

    We couldn’t just go with Gerry on the set of his film between takes? We had to single out the teeth-picking photos. THOSE were the focus of all the activity in these pics?! How foolish do you think we are?

    *shakes head*

  • Nuts

    @Cindy Lu:

    To shield him them from the sun. It’s scorching hot.
    BTW: That’s Danielle Robinson another member of the Evil Twins team. Evil Twins is co-producing this film.

  • S@n


  • michele

    The umbrella is so he doesn’t get a sunburn since that could affect the continuity in filming. And I don’t think he is picking food out of his mouth, I think he is a nail biter.

  • Nuts

    Yes, nail biting. He’s talked about that before.

    Poor Gerry. No wonder he gets upset with press.

  • Simply Hopeful

    out of all the pictures, all the things that could have been commented on, THIS is what’s chosen??? (shakes head in disgust at JJ)

  • http://justjared lolita

    What a dumb thing to point out. He is between takes and is just hanging out with the crew and his assistant. Give him a break.

  • saw today

    Yes he is biting his nails…he does this all the time. I bite my also, especially when I am nervous or anxious. I think he really looks good. Love this shirt and undershirt. I like his hair like this too, without the extensions.

  • gotta be kidding

    jj, how silly!
    G does look really good here, tho, and in a good mood

  • gossiphound

    Need a new headline writer definitely.

  • Lisa D.

    Ummmm, so? Who doesn’t? How about a better caption of “Gerard Butler Looking Manly in a White Tank Top!!”. Now THAT’S a caption.

  • redOctober

    …headline for the next thread…”Gerard Butler points at photographer with a pen”…

  • gossiphound

    Or this photo Gerard Butler needs to go potty or Gerard Butler grabs his jewels

  • Mr. Giggles
  • Manny

    Well I guess the headline is better than “Gerard Butler grabs his junk”
    In a couple of pics it looks like G is starting to sport a prequel Barbados belly. I hope it is not what it looks like. I still go ewwwww when I see those Barbados piccies.
    It looks like they gave his hair a trim… thank you stylist for killing the pompadour. *applauding*
    *pssssst* Wouldn’t you just kill to put your hands in those locks on his head? And the beard… Manny is a happy camper right now. hehe

  • Mr. Giggles

    @Cindy Lu:
    ……………………..why the umbrella?……………………
    He’s delicate

  • Tonto

    That’s definitely a tooth pick in one of his hands. Unless he’s really digging for gold, maybe it’s part of the scene he’s working on. Okay, maybe not. Still I like this look better than the other thread. Fonzie he ain’t, but he is one cool dude.

  • spanky

    @Mr. Giggles


  • Abby

    Umbrella holder? That is one of the most un-manly things I’ve ever heard of. . .

  • Park

    he needs fitting pants; by the way, the umbrella is there for the sun. the uv is often high now.

  • toothpick

    He was picking his teeth with a toothpick at the Lakers game and had it in his mouth when he met the Laker Girls.
    Kinda gross. Pick in private….

  • Mr. Giggles

    I live to make you laugh ….. 69 :) :)

  • Sally Tomato

    That’s a key in his hand, not a toothpick.

  • cubedweller

    What a ridiculous title. Any one of the regs here could do a better job writing for you, JJ – how ’bout an offer?
    Love those sunglasses – so much hotter than those blechhy aviators he usually wears. Hope he gets to keep these after the shoot. Like the tank, too.
    Back to the previous topic of the whiny fans waiting in the heat. Get over yourselves. Anyone who stands around in the scorching Midwestern heat and humidity, waiting for pictures and autographs, is an idiot who richly deserves to dissolve in their own sweat. Buh-bye, as we step over the puddle that used to be you. The man owes you nothing – let him do his job FFS.

  • Fritz the Scribe
  • cubedweller
  • Old Mia

    JJ is frustrating my computer for some reason tonight. It’s jumping up and down the posts and where it stops, nobody knows. Grrrrrrrr.

    Yes, the headline is absolutely ridiculous.

    I don’t see any tummy coming on. In fact, as far as I can see he looks thin as a rail.

    Glad the clip-on mullet or whatever you want to call it is gone. It probably is only in about two scenes in the whole movie. I can’t fathom why so many people latched on to that.

    What did someone say about the umbrella. I’m not going back to look. Unmasculine or something ignorant like that. Must know nothing about movie making. They don’t want him to change color in the middle of a scene Stupid.

    As to fans waiting in the heat for hours. Well, that’s their problem. Yep, he owes them nothing but a good movie. As he said once before, he’s not a trained monkey. I’ve stood outside theaters in NYC on a number of occasions to see the stars come out. Sometimes they do and are nice, sometimes they blow everybody off.

    And, I think he looks gorgeous as usual in these photos.

  • N.

    Still think he’s looking good. Still looking forward to the film. With silly headlines to grab our attention or not. :-)

  • Vinny

    Wow .. does it get anymore fascinating than this?!

  • Shallow Hallie

    The blond handsome guy in the white T-shirt with the ear things and mic must be near 7 feet tall. He should consider being on the other side of the camera. I’ve been reading all these posts tonight and am going bleery eyed. Back aways, the Celebitchy thing. OMG. I never have laughed so hard. I’ll take Butler anyway, anyhow, (love in the back of a truck) but I hope he leaves the mullet thing at home. I’ll have dreams tonight of biker guy outside a bar with a pickup truck ……….. but he has to look just like Gerard Butler. Fingers crossed.

  • LidaConnie

    1) pick in private – please! The people on the set and now the rest of the world, don’t need to see the picking or nail biting for that matter…icky poo!
    2) use a toothpick or floss for pete’s sake…it’s a titch more sexy, but ONLY a titch more.
    3) Reminds me of my 4 yr old in the photo where he’s holding his parts and wincing like he’s gotta pee…Isn’t he 40something??
    4) me thinks the taller blond guy w/ the headset, wearing the light blue shirt and khaki’s is much hotter than GB w/ a mullet.

  • The blond guy
  • OMG

    Lida. Put a sock in it. NO one is hotter than Gerard James Butler.

    Oh god, he’s 40. You must be a Justin B whatever fan. Perhaps you like the Jonas bros? Do your parents know you are on the computer?

  • Ashley

    He is still hot

  • LidaConnie


    Who is Justin B or Jonas Bros??? How old are you? What does my/your age have to do w/ GB looking ‘hot’ or not?

    btw….GB is attractive but not with a mullet, or while picking his teeth, or looking like he’s gotta wee, or when he dresses like a dork. Sorry, but GB’s looks are subjective and perhaps you should wipe up drool off your keyboard and raise the bar a bit cuz GB just aint that hot sometimes.

  • LidaConnie


    I thought this was Just Jared NOT the Gerry Butler fan club site. You should simma down about people posting things you don’t like here. And I believe it’s JJ who posted the finger picking food photo and gave it the headline, not me.

  • Old Mia

    Where is Sukar when I need her.? I watched the first of Chasing Mummies tonight on the History Channel. I’d last about two minutes working for Zahi. I know he’s brilliant, but good lord.

    And, on that note, I’d love to see Butler in some Egyptian themed movie. Any news on the Cleopatra front?

  • Old Mia


    I thought this was Just Jared NOT the Gerry Butler fan club site. You should simma down about people posting things you don’t like here.

    Dear person. First of all learn to spell. It’s hear you want to say not here. Now get back to class and then come back when you are all grown up and can spell.

  • trying to figure it out

    What a boring thread. Good to See Mr. Giggles, Spanky and Fritz around tonight though.

  • Shelley

    Is that the blonde assistant holding the umbrella? Who is that guy in a black tank standing by himself by the motorcycles?

    I like these shades much better than the aviator ones too. Why does he look so pasty even in summer without the orange spray tan? His skin tone isn’t the best, kinda dull. Maybe it’s the makeup. Nice to see him laughing and relaxing with co workers.

  • Pooh

    You all need to take a chill pill. What is going on here? It’s a movie set. Let it be. Let him be. Let him do his job. Stop waiting for him to come out and see you in 90 degrees of heat. Yes, you love him. I love him. But he isn’t your property. See the movie.

  • spanky

    @trying to figure it out: its nice to see you too trying….. { :))

    stay tuned tomorrows’ thread will be either gerry takes a dump or gerry pops a zit……

  • am I

    wrong, or am I seeing a slight bit of double-chin action there?

  • LauraS

    what’s wrong with you JJ? is this thread for real? teeth picking? seriously? that is just lame…
    actually knowing some of the posters here this thread will probably go from GB’s teeth to….I don’t know…..the healthcare bill, then to world peace, world hunger, maybe religion and end up being about how men are so different from women or something…
    Good mornng! What say you JJ Nation?

  • hey

    change the title of this thread before we all go insane!

  • Now Then


    I don’t think that is Danielle Robinson as this one is very thin Danielle is shorter and more shapely.

  • Mr. Giggles

    @am I:
    ………………am I seeing a slight bit of double-chin action there? …………
    Yep …… Gobble Gobble

  • CC

    im gone for like 3 days and when i come back there are like 4 new threads! lol i think we can all agree that the title of this thread is dumb and gerry looks good.
    @cubedweller: i dont know why but i thought your post was funny and agree with everything you said about the fans. i can imagine them melting, too funny lol