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Shirtless Jim Toth Takes Reese Jogging

Shirtless Jim Toth Takes Reese Jogging

Reese Witherspoon and her shirtless boyfriend, Hollywood power agent Jim Toth, go for a jog near her home in Los Angeles on Monday morning (August 1).

Reese has been busy shooting Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson, who plays Jacob Jankowski, a nursing home resident reminiscing on the time he spent as a circus veterinarian during the Great Depression. Reese plays Marlena, a girl who becomes a star performer with the circus after she runs away from home to marry August (Christoph Waltz).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Reese’s main man going shirtless — HOT or NOT?

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jim toth shirtless reese witherspoon jogging 01
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  • Lila

    Not cute. DNW.

  • OK


    She really believes that Jim is better than Jake. She will regret


  • Ava

    They look ridiculous.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    so this guy.. jimmy tot’s (LOL) is um.. some kind of celebrity now?! ahahahahaha..
    ..headline should read – Reese Takes Tots Jogging.

  • Whatever…

    A. Does he no longer work at CAA?
    B. Why does he look like Mr. Clean?
    C. Are there any two people MORE boring than them?

  • boobzilla

    um EWWWWW NOT NOT NOT CUTE~~~! she can do sooo much better !!! EWWW EWWW EWW~~

  • LeSigh

    He is such a presswhore failed actor turned agent that hardly spends time being an agent for his clients anymore.
    Hes too focused on his own “fame” shirtless loser presswhore look and all.
    Im sure Reese knows though its like it was with Jake all for publicity with her ever since her divorce. She just dates people for the press.

  • lulu


  • reese deserves better

    She needs to go back to her hot ex-husband! I think he’s still single. Stop hanging around with this ugly gay!

  • Yasmin

    @reese deserves better: Jake is not into women sweetie.

  • Pattycake

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Too true.

    Give this guy some credit for courage. Or a dope slap for stupidity. I can’t decide which one. Isn’t everyone looking at this photo picturing what Reese’s ex’s would look like jogging next to her shirtless? Toth just doesn’t fall into their league.

  • bubbaness

    Him I don’t care about. The most awesome part of this post was that my brain kept reading “Tim Roth” and it Did. Not. Compute.

  • Josie

    Reese and her PR must be desperate if this is the best photo op they could arrange. He’s not toned enough to go jogging without a shirt and Reese should spend more time actually exercising instead of pretedning to for photo ops and tone those flabby thighs. Being skinny doesn’t make you firm.

  • Ryan and Jake

    DUDE! Keep your shirt on!!

  • Frank Adams

    Definitely Resse is hot and the weather too. But its different with Resse, we don’t see what she sees. Maybe there is something special about his man. She has her own qualifications for a man.

  • Robin

    Holy downgrade Batman

  • Jazzy

    How about you put your shirt on Jimmy? You’re no Jake Gyllenhaal, that’s for sure…

  • sisters

    She was married right after that it was jake and right after that she is with this dude. She is J.lo’s little sister.

  • cjjourney1

    hot? not!

  • superman

    Hmmm intresting you would think she would have a better tast in guys. But that is common with meny girls in Hollyweird

  • Patrick

    You people kill me. First off, Jim Toth was never an actor. He started from the ground floor with CAA and HONESTLY worked his way to the top. Look who he represents ( Robert Downey, Tobey Maguire, Forest Whitaker, Matthew McConaughey) and they are no slouch actors. So a regular guy goes jogging with his girlfriend without his shirt. BFD, problem with most of you, you are closet STALKERS and you can’t leave people alone. You can’t hack, that a good guy meets someone big like Reese Witherspoon and they are getting along like REAL couples do. So she is not dating another SHALLOW Hollywood actor, good for her.
    Get over the JEALOUS rants and face facts that it is working out. I have a saying in my line of work ladies and gents…… “Build a bridge and get over it.”

  • jeff

    Thanks for posting Jim, I mean Patrick.

  • Patrick

    No Jeff I am afraid not dude. I am sure Jim Toth does not even read the TRIPE most of you post on here. But you keep up the post there Jeffy and click your heals three times and repeat… “There’s no place like living at home with Mommy and Daddy, there’s no place like living at home with Mommy and Daddy, there’s no place like living at home with Mommy and Daddy.”

  • hotterdudethanjim

    Ick…..he’s like Mister Clean meets Mister Fat and Pasty……

    PUT ON A SHIRT!!!!!! You haven’t earned it yet!!!!!!!

  • Lexi

    ALMOST speechless – WTH was he thinking. At least put a hat on + a shirt. Reese looks like a teenage girl with big hips. Good birthin hips those are!! Jared – why??? And I do have to ask myself why do I even comment. WHY


    power agent, now is that more important than super agent or senior agent? silly, silly term. and it looks like he has hair too…..

  • bartman

    They Resse and Robert where in my home town this weekend, filming there movie and left girls screaming and nothing was said about Resse.

  • kiley

    Can someone stick a fork into Miss Withaspoon? She is done. There are “cute” actresses all over the place and she is over the hill for cute roles. She isn’t sexy and the idea of two men fighting over her is ludicrous. She should reprise her role as Tracy Flick. Oh and tell her “super agent” to keep his clothes on.

  • SD

    Thankfully not everybody is so superficial, as to discount a person because they do not have flawless features. This guy looks like he’s in shape (probably runs a great deal), and is doing the best he can with what he has. Kudos to him for that.

    I don’t think Reese sets as great of a store by her partner’s appearance, as other people might. She seems to value substance over style. THAT is what makes for long-lasting and meaningful relationships, not vanity.

  • Meri

    Well he’s no movie star, but he looks ok to me.

  • what you talkin bout Willis

    I don’t think she has ever done anything to indicate that chooses substance over style. She TALKS about it but doesn’t do it. Reese is a total hypocrite and has never had a long lasting relationship. I bet she never will.

  • madmax

    according to forbes mag Reeke is one of the highest paid actresses (she and Cameron Diaz made the top of the list. I think reeke was #2. I don’t see how she falls into this category, I mean what is she being paid for? She can’t act. I’ve seen her Legally Blonde movie. she sucked, Walk the Line PLEASE why did they give her an oscar for that! and Rendition. OY!

    4 Xmas bombed too. Hollywood should save their money

  • Pattycake

    @what you talkin bout Willis: Hey, no fan of Reese here, but she was with Ryan Phillippe for 10 years, counting the time they lived together. I don’t know about where you come from but I say that is a long lasting relationship.

  • YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reese Witherspoon looks disgusting,
    I hope she’s paying well that gigolo – NOT HOT at all.

  • Julie

    Actually have never cared about making fun of how people look.
    I don’t think she would spend time with someone she didn’t like.
    But for some odd reason the minute i saw the picture of she and Toth out running and he was wearing the same type of “Livestrong” t-shirt that Jake had worn when the were out jogging I’m sure she could of said another t-shirt? It did make me think it was Jake who broke it off. And it was a way for her to say – see how quickly I can be in another relationship?
    I sure way off base, but that was an immediate feeling.

  • Barb

    By the way…Jake is not a “shallow” actor…he’s intelligent and someone that people who have worked with have loved working with him. He cares about his work and people respect him.
    Some comments made about him would not be made in front of people who have worked with him. Try that with Robert Downy, Jr.
    I dunno, think it kinda started with him when he was around 8 and had such a crush on Martha Plimpton.
    Didn’t he get kicked out of his own little band way back when he was having a fling with his drummer’s girlfriend…This was before anyone knew who he was.
    I think it just makes people who seem to be jealous of others who do well in their life to try and make others not like them through their own “agenda”..

  • WHA?


  • RunTheline

    Why on earth would you want to run without a shirt? He cant possibly think that he looks cool can he!?

  • Jim

    Good grief, people. MAYBE they just wanted to go out jogging like normal people. For those of you who are ripping Reese apart because her fiancee isn’t “hot” enough or she isn’t toned enough to go outdoors in public…. I sincerely hope that YOU get treated this way when you go out in public. If your choice of mate is determined on how great a body he or she has, then you are the shallow ones. MAYBE they actually love each other, which has nothing to do with how they look. Get a life.