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Bar Refaeli: Bikini Bod in Italy!

Bar Refaeli: Bikini Bod in Italy!

Bar Refaeli shows off her toned bikini body as she goes for a swim in Porto Cervo, Italy on Monday (August 9).

The 25-year-old model went for a dip with Naomi Campbell! The two went clubbing with their beaus over the weekend in Sardinia.

Bar and Leonardo DiCaprio also relaxed on a yacht earlier in the day before taking a swim. Sounds like a great vacation!!

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Credit: Ciao Pix; Photos: INFdaily
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  • AnonymousDiva

    I hate to sound so cynical, JJ, but how much is Bar (read: Bar’s stage mommy) paying you for all these posts about her?

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not like the people who constantly use 4-letter words to describe her; that’s ludicrous. But she’s really not all that.

  • amy

    she’s cute..

  • suzie
  • Cheryl

    OMG her boobs are almost falling out..I thought she didn’t had a lot of boobs…hahaha

  • Dani


  • Moon’

    Great body!

  • wackybutnice

    for a model her body doesn’t have the wow factor – she is not long-legged.

  • suzie
  • tom

    HOLY SHIT……..leo is a lucky man……

  • bella

    OMG i saw mr dicaprio and mis refaeli in club in my home place it was such a big thing in town.they come late around 1 and from what we saw were all over each other kissing and hands everywhere drinking out of the same glass even this shocked me as i always read here they dont affectonate toward each other, they were in a booth in a corner with about 10 other people and probably thought they couldnt be seen…then people started to recognise mr dicaprio so he move beside the boys for awhile(they were very loud hehe) and bar moved to talk to the grils it seemed. then these to big men came and moved the realy big crowd away and i think leo moved back to beside bar but thats the last we saw off them….it was very cool to see them in person leo is very hansome and bar is very pretty they seem like nice couple from what we saw. thought id give you guys my encounter with them….sorry for my bad english! ciao

  • brieane

    I’ll take Bar over Mrs. Brady–a.k.a. “Ms. Perfect, I’m so better over all of you, Mommy of the Year ” etc.

  • lol

    It seems girlfriend pulls out the two size two small pink bikini every year to get some attention. Last year in Spain after Leo sent her packing she made a splash showing off her assets and this year it was due in Italy. You would have thought by this time she find the right size but she keeps missing it.
    As for the photos suzie posted sorry to say but Leo seems more and more like a phony douche. Yachting all around southern Europe and smoking doesn`t really scream environmentalist to me. And the cigar? He looks like pervy not to mention their company… The word `overestimate` keeps popping up on Leo threads and I have to agree. I just expected more from him than dating a sex-toy and being a hypocrite.

  • wow

    i would give my left nut for just one night with this woman…….

  • @11

    That doesn`t sound like an encounter to me. A typical club sighting and of course the touchy-feely thing that nobody saw only you. :)

  • wow

    @14: why don`t you give your right nut for an original screen name, mor*n? take her for more than one night but i doubt you have the kind of fame and bank account she desires.

  • anon

    leo has a vice he smokes big deal get over it noones perfect….theres always pics off him at LAX aka he flies commercial

  • french

    Ugly body, ugly face, ugly girl.
    Look at how she smiles to the paps, she loves them

  • wow

    @14 what the hell are you talking about azzwipe?? talking names WHAT?! who says only you can poat under this name….jeeez u people are crazy, bashing on people you dont even know. post some pics off you in a bathing suit and wel see just how good you look LOSER!!

  • boo


  • mmmmmm

    every time i see a pic off leo my ovarys explode

  • french


    On the pics he ignores her

  • sarah

    She is gorgeous. No photoshop for her… no need. She is perfect! Bravo, LdC!

  • oy

    @bella: Hard to believe your encounter but I`m sure she does her best to entertain and satisfy her meal ticket. It seems like they both have a power button so they can turn their affection and feelings on and off depending on the situation.
    It`s remarkable how easily she is able to spot the photographers and what`s more she doesn`t cover her face like any other times. Everyone can see her awesome ( ??? ) company and her bikini body not to mention her boyfriend so why would she hide.

  • pff

    she is NO giselle bündchen

  • blah

    iv been reading up on leo and he is the most accident prone person….getting beat up as a kid, near death experience while sky diving, over turning a golf cart and hurting himself on the set off gangs, braking his finger on gangs, messing up his knee multiple times, getting knifed in the neck (that crazy biotch deserves the death penalty!!) and gettin 20 stitches, breaking his ribs, and having another near death experience scuba diving recently thats 2 near death experiences majority off people dont even have one….and ther just the ones we know about. MY GOD leo take off yourself the world would be a horrible place without you!!! less of the hate people were lucky hes here

  • @23

    No photoshop? Are you for real? Her boobs, her legs, her hair and face… All screams for photoshop. Last pick of the litter for Leo. lol

  • tomo

    inception is INSANE a master piece leo is the man just give em the life time achivement award now……AND he dates hot woman this man is my idol

  • sarah

    My God, why so many criticisms…She is young and very beautiful… It is all!

  • sarah

    My God, why so many criticisms… She is young and very beautiful… It’s all!



  • sarah

    My God, why so many criticisms… She is young and very beautiful. It’s all!

  • Kary

    I am completely disappointed with Bar Rafaeli’s body. She has fake boobs, she has a big belly for to be a model. I note that all her ads photos are arranged and photoshopedd. Giselle Bundchen has a goddess’s body in compassion to Bar.

  • woah

    i here leo has a rather impresive…..ahem ‘member’……maybe thats what atracts all these supermodels, every girl wll admit its better to have something to ‘work with’……hehe feeling naughty today TAKE UR SHIRT OFF LEO!!!!!

  • ReinaMissy

    Wow her body is amazing!! I’m so jealous lol

  • BOOM

    @ woah i want leos impresive member up my azzzz…….il show em what a REAL woman can do hel never date another model again!!!

  • french

    I hope these little vacations will end soon and she will back to Israel with her pathetic family and Leo will back to LA with his friends

  • ………

    at least we no bar is good at one thing and thats sucking d ick

  • woozy

    wonder what ar the odds of a leo gabourey sidibe hook up?? anyone wanna place bets….ANYONE….o right guess not……

  • Pink panther

    Awful, obviously she needs all the makeup you can get, face is just awful. You can see better at any sorority spring breAk and the suitor awful too. Looks like a drowned skinny rat. The aguabenditA photos are sodifferent, they are what a professional makeup artrist, hairstylist, photographer andcomputer expert can do. This rat face is the reality. At the club she looked cuter but I think the low light helped.

    Stop stealing names scum. It doesn’t change the photographic evidence

  • sharylmj

    girl thinks her s…t.. don’t stink.. can’t stand her or her “I’m better than you and I know it” face.. YUK!!!

  • Pink panther

    She is young but here not very beautiful. She can’t even pick a suit that is flattering? This one isn’t. I thought she was the expert. It’s an ugly suit. She is standing right there so all the paps get a good shot? Product placement if I ever saw it, sooooop obvious and so unattractive.

    Face is straight up Appalachia here. Sorry girl. Go get a job at jc Penney, hear they are hiring.

  • Laura-C

    Welp, there’s a nip slip. Get a bigger top, Bar.

  • …..

    hmmm wonder is she on the pill or what…i would assume so, BE CAREFUL LEO!!!!!!

  • we get it! now get lost!

    Ok, Barfie, we get it. You are nothing more than a swimsuit model and you are not shy exposing your assets whenever it`s possible. You managed to catch a big fish and thank to your pushy mother`s help you are using your meal ticket very well to advance your career. You are good at riding his success… You are a talented gold digg*r and we have to give credit your mommy as well.
    @blah: He might not be such an accident prone. The biggest one happened to him in Vegas when he met Barfie and now he has to suffer the consequences.

  • Leo Fan

    I love to see all the negativity on this board when it comes to Leo’s lady!!!! I just love to have these photos rubbed on the jealous losers’s faces! TOO COOL!!!!

  • AnonymousDiva

    I’d find it as sad as you do, “leo’s fan”, were it not for the fact that it’s obviously one person – most likely Bar’s mother – who borrows other people’s screen names just to post positive things.

    This goes beyond pathetic into the area bordering psychotic.

  • Pink panther

    Leonardo looks miserable and alone in a lot of these pictures. I guess you can have it all and have nothing. Not smiling in a single one and off by himself like he just wants to get away. Does not look happy at all. I think he is bored by these people and trying to be polite. They would bore me too. It’s not like Naom has a nice or partricularly interesting personality. Bar at least is making an attempt at enjoying herself. Maybe Leo is trying not get photoed with ms. Blood diamonds. I am still trying to figure out who looks worse here, Naomi , bar, or Leo and it’s all neck and neck.

    Don’t assume were envious. This doesn’t look like fun to me. Yes it’s a big yacht but I’d rather be jumping off my dad s Boston whaler.

  • Pink panther

    The encounter is obviously made up. Barfs momma does this all the time, she has pretended to be someone who saw barf by accident, once supposedly at bergdorfs and so forth. This is completely made up.

  • Nikki

    She is soooo gorgeous! What a healthy figure and what a happy young woman!

    Please JARED, don’t hesitate to share so more pics of Leo’s lady! Sane people love to see her!

  • Uh Oh

    @SD: I think you forgot the ‘T’ in between those two letters.