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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian are TABU

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are two peas in the pod as they celebrate LeAnn‘s 28th birthday at TABU Ultra Lounge at the MGM Grand Resort Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday (September 4).

Eddie really stepped up to the plate and got jewelry for LeAnn‘s birthday! “Eddie gave me some rose gold bangles which were beautiful. It was very sweet!”, said LeAnn.

As for her birthday wishes, she only asked for “peace and quiet”! I guess Eddie‘s two children – Mason, 7 and Jake, 3, are a bit rowdy!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn and Eddie being TABU…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian birthday tabu 13

Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • charity

    never realized that Leann had such a huge vein in her forehead HOpe it pops all over Leann’s boyfriend, whats his name. She does truly look to be in her mid to late thirties and poor Eddie just looks old, anymore JJ please cut out these multiple names people use. I will send a request over your comment page

  • Krissy

    @Paul: Paul human nature is not a character flaw, or a character trait. It just IS. Human nature, is human nature. Instincts are natural. Nature. Natural.

  • Krissy

    Sorry, I know that didn’t sound right. What I mean is that tempation is a part of human nature. Because one gives into temptation, that is hard-wired in us, does not make a person ‘bad’ or a ‘person of bad character’. I deem a person of bad character to be rapist, a murderer etc. Not someone who gives into temptation and human carnal desires. We all have them. Sometimes they get the better of us. Wise? No. Right? No. But, it is human nature. It is what it is. Sorry, I know thats a bit deep.

  • Krissy

    @charity: “never realized that Leann had such a huge vein in her forehead HOpe it pops all over Leann’s boyfriend”

    Are you like, 9 years old? Please, grow up. What you said is the sort of immature nasty comment a child would make. Very childish.

  • Krissy

    But I agree with registering nicks. This is the first time I’ve ever really read of LeAnn Rimes on here let alone posted, and within 2 posts I’m accused of being someone. Usually, an accuser of multinickers, is one themself. Which perusing this thread, is without a doubt most certainly the case. Perhaps if the owner of this site makes it so that people have to sign up, sort of like Perez Hilton, then this issue would be eliminated and the true multinickers would be forced to flee this site.

  • Paul

    Our ability to base our choices, in response to temptation, on what is positive and constructive in our lives is the very definition of character. Animals simply respond to desire and temptation by nature. You should not pursue this line of discussion with such contradictory thoughts.

  • Jake

    @Krissy: For someone who doesn’t care about LeAnn Rimes, you sure do care to respond to all other commenters, so my conclusion is you’re delusional and a liar. Your concept of what “character” is just wrong. Do you know how to use a dictionary? Resisting temptations is exactly what character is about. It’s been part of civilized societies teachings for millennium. Probably the best know story about the subject is about Adam & Eve being cast out of the “garden of Eden”.

  • charity

    Yes, I am also glad that she burned her eye lid with the curling iron, got a spasm in her neck and had to walk stooped over, amd had snotty nose in LV and I do so hope the vein in her forehead just keeps getting bigger and I also hope that her album will not be released because her single from it flopped, cannot stand a woman who would chase after a married man while he is in counselling with his wife like a bit** in heat. Leann and Eddie deserve all the bad pubicity that comes their way and what disnguishes humans from the animal kingdom is a little thing called conscience and neither one of those two cheaters have have shown that they possess one,

  • former joffrey ballet dancer

    @Krissy: – giving into temptation is a character flaw or defect, or weakness if you will. It doesn’t make you bad as a whole, (it doesn’t define You), but it is a character flaw none the less. I think all the hate campaign against leann rimes is not due to this character flaw, but due to not recognizing it as one! She is human and fell for a married man , but it’s how she handled the aftermath is what defines her character…..not the actual act itself. She flaunted her new relationship in such a shameless way towards the dumpees, that made brad pitt look like his sensitivity chip was fully intact!

  • fjbd

    also, keep in mind she and eddie were double dating w/ their spouses the whole time they were having an affair. Now, that’s just sedistic to the nth degree! The fact that they enjoyed playing an act in front of them and secretly got a kick out of making their spouses a little insecure, and jealous of their connection which apparently was very palpable,….it’s that kind of stuff that has enraged people. I think it’s about time the publlic gets a dose of reality regarding celebrities.. Just because they’re famous for a specific talent, does not make them good human beings. You could be rich & famous and still be a piece of shit….and most are!!:)

  • charity

    fjbd Well said, Krissy also known as Racy says” I’ve never been on here before “that is a character flaw. Lying like that, and if human nature came into play here Leanns boyfriend would be protecting his young like a father should ,working to support them, not partying all the time and following his mistress around like a whipped pupp yand relying on her to pay his support payments Krissy go back to being Racy

  • charity

    If I were Leann Rimes ,I would be afraid to face the people in country music after the shameful way I have manipulated items to make it seem like I am ahead of the other artistes Leann knows what I mean and I am going to make sure the other artitsts know what she did to look like she is not a flop Wonder how they will feel about her hustle on them and their rightful spots.she has flopped and everyone knows it including the other country artists and the public except for her father and mother racy and allison

  • betty

    @Krissy I am a separate person I don’t use phony names I give my opinion so therefore I only need my name I don’t hate Leann but I dislike the type of woman she is and all like her.Regardless of how marriages breakup or the causes no decent woman would be a part of interfering in that breakup. Women like her have no scruples and consider any man fair game even though she was married too. Thats why she is insecure and clingy because she knows it can happen to her also and will. It takes a desperate woman to move an unemployed and at the time still married man and his children into her home and support them and lavish gifts on them. A woman of character and self esteem would have too much pride to stoop that low. Love runs both ways or it isn’t love and Leann is doing all the loving.and Eddie doing all the taking. So tell me who is envious of this relationship. Only weak men like Eddie take advantage.

  • FACTS 1

    Well we now the above post is a flat-out lie!!! that’s all one needs to know about the troll. Multiple names, intentional disinfo, hatred, threats, stalking, all-around horrible behavior!.

  • betty

    Racy- FYI The truth hurt doesn’t it. You just proved thats what you do. all of the above/

  • samantha

    Trending once again! Yeah, LR!!! Belated happy b’day!

  • fjbd


    boy she sure does binge doesn’t she. i have yet to see an article about her where alcohol doesn’t play a central role. Maybe that’s why her career stalled so much…..i think she’s an alcoholic or on her way to become one!

  • charity

    and I’m with Betty on that Racy is a digusting human being the only troll on here is Racy and all her alter egos and the fact that she is related to the snout nose be it by parentage or in=lawa makes no dirfference all sick self-entitled people


    UGLY! UGLY!!! SO UGLY!!!! ugh…. :O

  • remember well

    I’m with krissy on that troll! And yes the troll is a patho liar!!!

  • Henrik

    Cheeks so rosy I’d love to plant a kiss on one.

  • financy

    Let’s hope she doesn’t slip into over imbibing like too many. Reading tweets that E’s ex might suffer that impulse as well.

  • anon


    she really does seem like a cutthroat! i remember watching an interview w/her talking about her star search experience and the other little girl who was her competition. I remember her making a very cut throat and catty remark about the other little girl. It’s like she accidentally let out the bitch in her, and then after her catty remark, she attempted damage control. LeAnne has a great voice, but she lacks the likeability of taylor swift, and warmth of some of the other country stars. Just her comment on her twitter page about some poor girl throwing up at the airport screams volumes about her. She’s a competitive, catty beotch!!

  • lonie abrms

    Handsome two >>>blessings on your future together >>> true love shines >>> hugs

  • astrogirl


  • Diane

    LOL, I know Racy will.never.believe.this. BUT…

    I’m at my Mom’s and we got the laptop out and I used the 2nd pic of Leann up there to show my sister & Mom what color of blonde I wanted my highlights to be and my Mom (bless her heart) says:

    She is not pretty!


    Spoken from someone who couldn’t care less about country singers, celebs, etc. Anyway, very candid reaction. I actually thought Leann looked good in those pics, except yeah, her face is not pretty. Not that peeps can help what they look like due to genetics. But the fact Leann “thinks” she’s so hot, it’s kinda funny.

    Happy Labor Day all! Beautiful weather…like fall here.

  • H.G Kona

    Doubt your at mom’s and who the he ll cares what your mother thinks. Piss poor attempt!

  • sunfi

    This woman has a terrific voice Check her out on you tube to see for yourself. xoxo

  • Blair

    A terrific voice……too bad she has the face of a wild boar.

  • Debra

    she may have a great voice….but it doesn’t hide the ugly inside….everytime I hear her sing now, that’s what I see, the UGLY

  • FAN of LELE

    SU TROLL!!! No one is as UGLY inside as U & all your AKAS. U don’t fool any 1.!!!!!

    Jealous of Le and Eddie’s warm happy love.

  • charity

    never would have thought that Eddie Cibrian would have turned out to be such a moocher At on time thought he was a real man Think Leann turns her men into feminine cartoons now, that Dean got away from her he has found a great woman and is happy eddie needs to get a job and quit living off his mistress a real J.O.B and that doesn’t stand for JUMP on Buttface most men would be enbarrassed to have to rely on a woman for their daily bread,but not the Cuban who speaks Spanish,very nice macho Latin man

  • Diane

    Oh stop it with the “doubt you’re at your Mom’s” “doubt you’re who you say you are” “you’re a paid troll” “you’re all the same person” blah, blah, blah.

    Freaking idiots. LOL!

    this is funny. Gotta tweet that to Leann & Eddie guys doncha think?
    I tell ya, the more nutty Lele fans are, the more I’m gonna have to tweet her, hmmm…..

  • Racy

    @charity: No, I AM NOT JRISSY!! That is a lie, pure and simple, and a character flaw – one of the worst – is lying. You have not the first concept of character. You sound like a fourth grader and to wish somebody would be hurt is the first big sign of an a** h***. Keep your mouth shut if you have no more respect for yourself than you do. I would appreciate it if you would keep my name out of your stupid remarks. You are not half the person I am – at least, I don’t wish soebody to be hurt or calling you other people’s name. I would really enjoy telling you what I think you are. Sadly JJ would frown on that.

  • katie

    How can that stupid man stand to be standing beside her smiling for the cameras when everyone knows that he is a kept man and pays for nothing just trails along behind moneybags and waits for his allowance He looks just like cra**ola and probably smells like it to after doing leann Rimes

  • Racy

    @former joffrey ballet dancer: Does it make you somebody special because you were a dancer? Does that make you a fashion consultant? I am a former beauty contest winner (and that is an honest to God truth). Would you like me to give you a few hints on makeup, AND HOW TO DRESS? H*** no, you wouldin’t. Just because you disagree with somebody’s clothes doesn’t make you a great consultant any more than my winning a contest makes me a great beauty. Save it for somebody who asks for it. We are already VERY impressed because you can dance – is that not enough????

  • anon

    whoohoo Racy’s blood pressure is sky high she has a nasty little temper who are you to tell anyone else what they can say or to not use your name in a return post why don’t you go take one of your chill pills and calm down before you have a heart attack see there I’m showing my concern for you as all the anti LR posters have to do from time to time because you really are a messed up person who has a superiority complex Poor old Allison.”racy” she has to pretend she has kids so that no one will suspect who she is
    we all know who you are in real life and who you are related to poor you

  • Racy

    @charity: Of course you haven’t been on here before!!!! Ask Diane how trying to ruing somebody makes out. She can tell you all about how far making fun of somebody’s veneers and finger up the nose gets you. Ha Ha

  • Racy

    @Jake: Yes, we know about Adam and Eve – do you know about the verse that says “there is none that doeth good – no not one!” Soak some of that up, buster.

  • anon

    If Racy was a former beauty contestant winner bet she didn’t win Miss Congeniality Think the beauty contest must have been for hog calling now that Miss Racy could win and with her temper she probably needs anger management classes Let’s all take up a collection for her so she can go before she hurts herself with all that nasty anger

  • joe

    Does anyone else think Leann’s boyfiend whats his name looks like one of the coneheads Head goes straight up to a point maybe he just needs a haircut but probably spent all his allowance on LR bangles . Man,.need to find myself a woman like that so I don’t have to work and still make a tidy little sum each week

  • former joffrey ballet dancer

    @Racy: Sorry Leann, i mean racy…..just trying to help. I really do like the dress though.

  • former joffrey ballet dancer


    Racy says ” save it for somebody who asks for it”

    Attention seeking celebrities who manage to get themselves in gossip rags on a weekly basis…. and staged photo ops are fair game….they seem to be” asking for it”! We’re just indulging their need.

  • yo mutha

    dang she is butt ugly…she looks more of the dude than her paid lover.

  • kaylyn

    Well! I see nothing has changed much! The troll is present! Been away and kept away from celebrity news. This is Monday night-so catching up on my most favorite people in the whole wide world-Ms. Rimes. She sure looks good and I would love to have that dress. It is gorgeous. She has very good taste and looks great in it! Well just looking thru the news I see Eddies divorce was finally a done deal! Betcha he is relieved.Now he can be w/his love. I find the comment made suggesting Ms.Glanville does not have to have a man linked on her arm that she is just glad to be free. I find that her tweets contradict this. She is reaching out to her best friend-sounds like she does not like to be alone either. I think she will find someone -she just needs to lay off Eddie because it makes her look as if she is still in love with him. No man wants to compete with that-its a turn off. Hopefully all of you haters will retire now that this is over. But I see nothing but haters-jealous-evil people still after it. But then that never stops me from catching up on the latest news of my most favorite celebrity-Ms. LeAnn Rimes.

  • Racy

    @Debra: What do people see when they look – and listen – to you? Are you the finest we have to stand up against wrong doing? Examine yourself before you judge others.

  • Dunza21

    i hope they get married soon without a pre-nup. if leann really thinks eddie loves her then she should go for it. lolz i can’t wait till eddie runs away with her money and with the next cute thing he sees. and i can’t blame him…leann looks horrible with makeup and i can’t imagine how she looks every morning. hope the kids don’t get nightmares seeing her morning face. yuck!

  • Racy

    @charity: @<a Eddie isn’t a moocher – he is unemployed. Do you live off a man and you are never employed? I would say if that is true, then look in the mirror at a moocher, ding dong.

  • Racy

    @Diane: Yeah, people, this is big stuff here who made it her life’s work to show a picture of LeAnn’s veneers and her finger in her nose. Didn’t go over too well, did it? Go ahead and tweet. Nobody pays any attention to a half wit regardless of what they say.

  • Racy

    @anon: Trolls aren’t worth talking to.