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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are Romantics at Heart

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are Romantics at Heart

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise hit the red carpet together at The Cinema Society’s screening of her new film, The Romantics, on Tuesday (September 7) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actress and her husband were spotted leaving their apartment together this morning before she taped an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. Later in the day, Katie dropped by the Ed Sullivan Theater to chat with David Letterman!

Katie recently told Parade that she thinks Tom is a romantic at heart.

“My husband has red roses for me everywhere I go,” she shared.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jason Wu dress paired with a Holmes & Yang jacket and Azzedine Alaia shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a screening of The Romantics

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tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 01
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 02
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 03
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 04
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 05
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 06
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 07
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 08
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 09
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 10
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 11
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 12
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 13
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 14
tom cruise katie holmes romantics cinema society nyc 15

Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • vinha

    love them! :D

  • marilyn

    why is katie wearing those shoes with this outfit? black/white dress, black sweater, black tights and beige looking shoes. i’m don’t have the world’s greatest sense of style so i could be wrong.

  • caro

    @marilyn: same thought but for once i like how she looks(hair,outfit)

  • mailey

    she looks so rocker, i luv it.
    luv the dress, her hair.
    nice job.

  • Crazy

    1) The dress(not shoes) would be okay for a night out. not a premier
    2) Where are Anna, Elijah, Josh, etc?
    Tom looks okay, but then again he is trying to look his best for Zac these days.

  • OMG!!!!! Potty Train HER!!!

    What is wrong with these people??? 41/2 year old using diapers and a bottle? She needs real parents and a real doctor!


    lots of four year olds still use diapers. don’t judge the way they are raising their own child. suri will give them up when she is ready.

  • Crazy

    and I do have to say that Katie looks pretty with her hair and make-up…hmmmm hey….looks like a flashback to pre Tom. maybe they are figuring out that looking like a 40 year old was not the way to go. Now it’s all just a show to us anyway, we’re not buying anymore. poor Katie

  • Yipee!

    I think she’s pregnant!

  • to mailey

    i agree, i like the dress, and the sweater. but not the shoes; wrong wrong color.

  • X17 has diaper pic too

    suri is in the car on katie’s lap and to in at the car door.

  • bananarama

    All of the years of bulimia have really taken a toll on her teeth. They are a mess!

  • X17 has diaper pic too
  • Armoni

    Loveeeeeeee :D

  • confused

    So you think they found a sperm donor? Maybe Tom should have been nice to Joshua. Then maybe the kids could have the same birth parents.

  • shannon

    You rock Katie ! There is something very naturally exotic about Katie, she doesn’t even have to wear plunging necklines, or strike pouty poses. Keep it coming girl!

  • Alexx

    Poor thing!
    She has Help mee!!
    Written all over her dead medicated eyes…..
    Tom as always looks like a creepy old man with CRAZY stamped across his forehead…..
    He is disgusting.

  • sped

    Holy crap, who let her wear those shoes? Why is this woman always wearing dark colored hoses? They don’t make her knees look any better. Hate the whole look, but love Katie. That’s right I actually like Katie.

  • crazy

    This is really bothering me. Where are the rest of the stars of the movie?
    I know they’ve been marketing this as Katie’s movie, but c’mon. Are Tom and Kaite THAT egotistical that they had a “showing” without Josh, Anna and the rest?

  • Bette

    Omg! Tommy Girl has bigger boobs then his daughter!
    Oh, oops I mean his very younger wife/robot.

  • Jules

    She sounds dumber and idiotic every time she does an interview..
    Oh what romantic Tommy is, or what a gifted woman (sorry child) Suri is…
    And what is she is wearing?? WOW

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    suri is out of diapers and you all know it. after all you kicked up such a stink when you saw pics of her knickers. Remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garbo

    Ewwwwww!!! Tom is so freeky!
    Ugh! He makes my skin crawl! I always feel so bad for her when I see her with him :-(

  • Frisco

    She’s a horrible dresser. Dark tights and light shoes? Anyone with the slightest fashion / common sense knows this is huge no no.

  • Brit girl

    Tom has a bit of the crazys doesn’t he?!
    I wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with him, That’s for sure!
    He’s so gross

  • vwoman

    This outfit is not flattering to her at all. Makes her legs look huge.

  • LOVE

    Lov The outfit … shoes not soo Much , but this is the best she has looked in a long time. They are featured on J.J. at least 2 a week if not more…. they must have J.J. follow them on all outings … Tom needs a BIG Blockbuster Movie now !!!!!

  • Wow

    @to SURI STILL IN DIAPERS!!!: I don’t think so. A four year old in a diaper is weird but fellow scientologist Leah remini let her kid where a diaper for that long and also let her use a bottle until she had enough and went to dr Phil or one of those shows for help

  • Coarl

    That was nice of Tom to let the robot wear high heals to the screening of her movie, what a guy…..(sarcasm)

  • Wow

    Am I tripping or does katies jaw look wider? Something is different with her face and Tom looked good earlier but he looks waxy/plastic man in these new photos.

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    Hair and make up on Katie are good, not so much on Tommy-girl. Dress is lovely, but not on her. She has thick legs, shouldn’t be highlighting them this way. Paired with the Holmes/Yang jacket (and who the heck would pay that kind of money for something so cheap looking???) she looks like a linebacker. Shoes are horrible. If this is what Suri picks out, she ought to keep an extra pair of black heels in the car or something. Terrible with the outfit.
    She obviously has had a professional make up person do her make up. Now if she’d only get a stylist.
    Tom looks horrible. He has obviously had work done on his face. Not looking good Tommy.

  • wackybutnice

    Picture 9 & 10 – Is that really TOM CRUISE????? I swear that person was a female!!!!!

    Katie??? There is always something off the way she dresses. Peachy shoes???OMgoolly it would have been perfect if she opted for just black shoes…..

  • to frisco

    i agree with you. those shoes are a real no-no. i don’t know what color she should have worn but definitely not beige. maybe she wore the shoes because suri chose them.

  • missy

    funny how they always get romantic when one of them has a movie coming out.

  • Lavito

    Wow, I have to admit that Katie looks really pretty, good job with makeup and hair. Love the dress the whole look and I too find that shoes just ruin the whole look. Why does Bella have to be the slave girl, always holding onto Suri’s things, stuffed animals, blankie, etc. Why doesn’t Katie have a nice bag to carry the brat’s things and she carry it or Tommy boy. Crazy ass family.

  • jenna

    Katie is beyond stunningly beautiful on Letterman.

  • Piper

    oh my god, we get it. Tom is amazing, he’s so romantic, he’s all man, he’s a manly man man, he lights up my life, he gives me the reason to carry on. TIME FOR A NEW SCRIPT!!

  • LOVE

    When are they having another Baby?

  • Wow

    @Piper: a lot of celebs go on and on about their s/o . I don’t think that’s as weird as the 4 yro kid walking around with a bottle and diaper

  • Lucky Charm

    I thought the contrasting shoes and tights went out in the ’80′s….I feel such pity for this girl (woman?)…

  • pr person

    That Suri… she must have forced her mother to wear the shoes that matched the rolled up silk sleeves from the fugly jacket. Probably couldn’t leave the apartment without putting them on. Want to make Suri happy you know and she has great taste. What a dumb a$$. Here is a news flash…You sound like a fool! Loved what Kelly Ripa said to her “I let my daughter dress me and then I have another outfit in the car” Duh!!! That is what every mother in America does…. except for Mrs. Crazy.

    “sigh”…. These two are revolting….when this movie tanks…because of the hag and Crazy…. I will be a bit sad because of the other talent involved… but it is just more proof that nobody cares about these clowns!! .

  • Pookie

    Ugh. light beige shoes with everything else black?

    So tired of Katie, Tom and Suri.

    Once people realize Katie can’t do much of anything…soon it will be Katie who?…….until Tom decides he does not want to pay any more money to get his wife promoted.

    simply stupid.

  • #33, big LOL!

    I had the same thought about Tom looking female In pics 9& 10. It was so disturbing, I had to click for a closer look, then wished I hadn’t, haha.

  • TIM GUNN,where are you?

    I’m sure you will need a sedative after seeing Katie’s peach shoes, but just wait til you get a closer look at Tom’s in pic # 10! Like lifts much, Tom?

  • Star Fox

    Why on Earth are you blaming the mere attendants for the rest of the cast not popping up if that’s the case, #20? Quit blaming TomKat for everything!

    Cruise has never had plastic surgery, #32.

    They always are, #35.

    She’s not treated as a slave just because she carries things, #36.

  • The Cruise PR tour

    They are really working it this week aren’t they? I hope Bella, Connor and Suri being paid for being dragged around all week like circus animals.

  • Suri

    Star Fox yur cwazy, I’m telling my daddy on you.

  • Tom’s lifts

    Tom is allowing Katie to wear his, oops, I mean her pink pumps to the premiere because he’s wearing high heels, too.

  • anyone?

    Does anyone here know why Tom’s daughter Bella isn’t being treated for her severe acne? Is acne medicine against the family’s religion?