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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Prague Pair

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Prague Pair

After taking a romantic stroll together, Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes hold hands as they return to their hotel in Prague, Czech Republic on Wednesday (September 22).

Tom, co-star Simon Pegg, and director Brad Bird are in town to scout locations for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie co-starring Jeremy Renner.

Last week, Just Jared finally met Katie and her stylist Jeanne Yang, who were sitting front row at the Calvin Klein show during NY Fashion Week. Their own fashion line Holmes & Yang is currently being sold at Maxfield and Barneys New York!

15+ pictures inside of Prague pair Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

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katie holmes tom cruise prague 01
katie holmes tom cruise prague 02
katie holmes tom cruise prague 03
katie holmes tom cruise prague 04
katie holmes tom cruise prague 05
katie holmes tom cruise prague 06
katie holmes tom cruise prague 07
katie holmes tom cruise prague 08
katie holmes tom cruise prague 09
katie holmes tom cruise prague 10
katie holmes tom cruise prague 11
katie holmes tom cruise prague 12
katie holmes tom cruise prague 13
katie holmes tom cruise prague 14
katie holmes tom cruise prague 15
katie holmes tom cruise prague 16
katie holmes tom cruise prague 17
katie holmes tom cruise prague 18
katie holmes tom cruise prague 19

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  • zzzz

    Time for the gnome to put on his heels and work it.

  • Can’t even open a movie ..Kati

    A MILLION DOLLARS AND here she is preening herself as if she
    was the queen at the Calvin Klein fashion Show when she can’t
    even open a movie…Again we have to see Tom Cruise who is the
    biggest pap paying star out there..So give me a break when you see
    Jen and her kids when we have to see Tom and Katie walking up a
    sidewalk and more of her braddy daughter Suri..oh..

  • Jolly Folly

    Well, gee Jared, it is about time you met her–you are about the only major entertainment blogger that cares about her anymore. Was she as vapid and brainless as she appears in her interviews?

  • zzzz

    Where did the bald spot with the plug marks go? From yesterday”s pix? In pic #2 here, Tom’s hairline looks perfect! What did he do to work this magic?

  • Ali

    he must be growing his hair long for this movie.

  • too hot

    Sorry but Katie and Tom are the most ridiculous people in Hollywood. Their love is just fake. They always try to act happy in public which is stupid because neither of them do it good.

  • Teuta

    I hope that Tom Cruise does more dramas from now on. He is pigeonholing himself as an actor who just does action movies. I’ve always wanted to see him do a movie with Julia Roberts and one with Tom Hanks. They are all incredible actors and it would be amazing to see them bounce off each other in a film.

  • Paris Jade

    It would be good if they include Henry Czerny, Thandie Newton, Anthony Hopkins, John Polson, Michelle Monaghan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maggie Q and Laurence Fishburne and hopefully conclude the series. They have to bring back Michelle Monaghan but I’m not sure if they are going to bring back Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Laurence Fishburne and Maggie Q.
    I hope that the main villain’s name will be Vanning which was originally going to be the name of the main villain in M:i:III before they changed it to Owen Davian.

  • Maruschka

    I am from Prague, I saw TC the other day and he is teeny weeny. He must be something like 140cm tall. His wife is GIANT though!

  • Anna Rachel

    I would never go to a movie just because of the actors. Id go to see a movie because of the plot but I have to admit that good actors and actresses help when Im doubtful

  • Maruschka
  • Happy Camper

    Where’s Little Miss Jackson?

  • Connie

    What’s that spray-on hair that Ronco used to sell? Maybe he had a case flown in.

  • dido

    they are lovely together, ı miss little cute suri



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    @GRACE: …you’re truly a skilled writer. ahahahahahaahahahahha

  • rainbow

    It’s amazing how a simple set of photos of a husband and wife dressed casually as they go for a stroll can rile people up so much. I think you guys seriously need help if you have so much burning anger inside of you. And please don’t call it a photo-op. They’re not even facing the camera.
    Lovely couple!

  • Happy Camper

    That’s hysterical!

  • Susie#1

    Tom Cruise does not look good here. He and his giant “wife” should find some dark caves and retire from their “careers.”

    Please Jared, find some interesting people to cover rather than these two fools. Cruise’s hair plugs are covered up by his long bangs, and the new color is not flattering. So is his stylist Suri telling him that everything is OK?Disaster!

  • Maruschka

    @ Happy Camper

    what exactly are you referring to, love?

  • Star Fox

    Maybe you’re being too cynical, #6.

    Cruise’s last two movies weren’t action flicks, #7.

    A movie starring two or all three would be too expensive to produce.

    Rational isn’t in critics’ vocabulary, #17.

    You should see a shrink for your constant bitterness, #19. And since these threads are so popular, people DO want to see them.

  • Happy Camper

    The picture of little tom and BIG KATIE was hysterical.(is that the post you were questioning?)

  • Susie#1

    #21 Star Fox: You’re a patsy for the COS. YOU need to stop judging people. I’m not bitter, just observant. Use your eyes to see what everyone else sees. Then go back under your rock.

    Cruise was great in “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Rainman,” and “Jerry Maguire.” I’m not anti-Cruise, just anti-phony.

  • Jolly Folly

    You can deny it all you want STAR FOX, but you are a member of the cult. Saw your posts on the Jolie-Pitt thread. And no doubt you’ll post on the new kidman-urban thread.You always take the opportunity to make little digs at them and then you deny you are being mean! You state you are the defender of justice when it comes to TomKat. Why don’t we ever see you on the Lohan threads? The Leann Rimes threads? etcetcetc. BECAUSE you are a cult member and a TomKat stalker.

  • CanadaGirl

    JJ, you both look wonderful. I’m happy for you that you get to meet wonderful celebs after all the hard work on your site.

  • Dieter


  • Abby

    Theres Cankle again. SLOUCHED over, pigeon toed, and wearing that “Is it time for my next valium?” look. And Crazy? Showing to the world that he got his plugs fixed and looking just as gay as ever…what a joke.

  • aml
  • jim

    Who gives a rat’s a*s about these two fakes other than Jared?

    Tom is a “little person” and Katie is just a misfit in everything she attempts.

  • jim

    Katie Holmes is Box Office Poison.

  • annie

    Lovely family, the pics of them from Prague are super sweet.
    I believe Tom has been nominated as one of the great all time movie stars. There were a lot of the older movie stars, like Bogart and such, but not many modern ones.
    The thing that fascinates me, is how peolple who spew such hate about family Cruise, are so cluey about them , even going to their sites. Why go to Katie online if you hate her and her family so much, and why pick the the worst of the dozen or so pics, does it make you feel good, the other cute pics are still there.
    Those cute pics of Suri pushing her dolls pram, are going to go in every mag in the world, whether you like it or not.
    It also seems to bother some people that the creative director Franko( forgot his last name) from CK said that she’s the perfect CK girl…….he didn’t have to say that, it’s not like Katie wears his clothes, he could have said that about 100 other stars .
    As for Tom Cruise, he is a very good looking man, and you guys can say all the BS about him you want . When you see him in interviews, and the camera does a close up of his eyes and smile…….to die for!
    You know what they say about hate.

  • shayne

    Do Tom & Katie pay JustJared more than Rachel Bilson to post their obviously photo-op pics here on this site? Cause there is no way on God’s green earth Rachel (who the eff is she again?) Bilson deserves so many posts on a daily basis.

    I hope all these posts are helping Rachel get hired.

  • me

    I would die to be holding that hand….

  • ^-^

    Tom is more beautiful than Katie.
    Tom is a lot prettier than Suri.
    Tom is not tiny. Katie is just tall.
    Tom is not gay. He just like to wear skinny jeans.
    Tom is not bald. He uses REGROW for his thinning hairline.
    Tom is not a fameho. He just love to pose for the paps.
    Tom is a good actor. His last movie Knight and Day was box office hit ABROAD.

  • RD


    Not everyone likes Cruise and not everyone thinks like you do. I happen to think he is NOT cute or handsome whatsoever. He looks like a little twerp who is trying to be taller than he is. I also don’t think he is a good actor. Ruined Born on the Fourth of July and A Few Good Men. He is good in movies where he plays a pipsqueak trying to be a man–like Risky Business, Days of Thunder and Jerry McGuire–because he is being himself.
    He is almost 50 years old and the demographic that movie goers represent and film makers try and get (teen audience and 18-35) could give a rats you know what about him. Unlike Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt or George Clooney, Cruise is trying to remain perpetually 25-30 years old. Ain’t workin’ for many of us!
    Do I wish him ill? No. Most of the time I don’t give him the time of day. But like many I’m a fan of this blog and unfortunately JJ likes this couple so they appear frequently. Great for those of you who like this couple. Not so good for those who don’t.

  • annie

    Funny,there was no mention of Pitt, Clooney, or Ford on that list. Not everyone thinks like you either, because it’s easy to come out and bag somebody, but there is a lot of hate around here , and people who do have something nice to say, prefer not to come here and say anything.
    I don’t mind what anyone says, everyone to their own opinion.
    I don’t see him remaining 25-30 . Valkyrie was a good grown up movie . Actually , you are right, can’t remember seeing any 18 yr olds in the theatre that night.
    But, saying that he ruined those movies, sorry you are wrong there.
    The Samurai is my favourite movie, lost count how many times I’ve seen it. He was brilliant in that. For me anyway.
    Cameron Diaz said that Knight and Day script was given to her, and she asked Tom if he wanted to be in it. Maybe he should have gone with Salt. Maybe he felt he had not made a comedy for a long time.
    I feel sorry, because Scientology is what has shot him in the foot. I don’t care what peoples religious philosophies are, there are bad things everywhere, but in his case, it just doesn’t let up. So… sorry but I disagree with what you say.

  • RMV

    I wonder why people who supposedly don’t like Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes take the time to click through the two or three screens it takes to post a comment if they are not interested. If you don’t care, then don’t look-duh! It is a pretty simple concept, try it out!

  • RMV

    @Abby: Maybewhat you say is true, maybe not, but here you are spending time looking at their pictures. Every click makes them more money, so by all means click ( and complain) away. They are laughing all the way to the bank!

  • melani

    whenever i see the couple my day’s complete….theyre very inspiring.i wish them gud health and harmonious family…….just wnder why people arent happy to see other people happy..i think their lives full of bitterness and hatred…….@15 ; your nothing but a 2nd rate trying hard copy-cat…pls……..@6; pls mind your own business ok???

  • coralle

    @ Happy Camper :-* I know, imagine, dating such a small maggot. She can dine on tope of his head easily!!!

  • Vivi

    Suri: “Daddy, what’s wrong with your hair? Put a headband or something, you’re driving me crazy!!”