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LeAnn Rimes Makes an LAX Landing

LeAnn Rimes Makes an LAX Landing

LeAnn Rimes gets a little camera shy as she arrives at LAX airport on Saturday (September 27).

The 28-year-old singer hid behind a few magazines, including Fitness, as she walked to her car.

Sounds like LeAnn got home a little later than expected: “Sitting on the runway in Dallas. A bit of a delay cause the plane in front of us got struck by lightening [sic],” she tweeted.

“That’s comforting! Just get us all home safely…an asap please!!”

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  • gwen

    Oh JJ if WEWE was so camera shy, why did she tip you off?

  • baseball

    the lightning was aimed at her but misfired. hey, nothing’s perfect.

  • Aubrey Titmuss

    I wish that LeAnn Rimes would do more mainstream movies.

  • gwen

    We all know why WEWE wants to get home ASAP. She is afraid that her sweets if off with another woman, or worse will try to hook up with his ex-wife behind her back.

  • gwen

    @Aubrey Titmuss:

    Well she has to have some way to support her sweets and reward for pimping out his kids to her.

  • blair



    love the outfit! simple lines, striking and she looks great……

  • Dantius

    God, LeAnn has great legs. She is really sexy.

  • ddc

    Oh hear comes the LR PR parade

  • charity

    oh my goodness Leann beat us here to the new thread to brag on herself What an ego she has Bet that concert won’t be rescheduled because of terribly low ticket sales you can dress a pig up but it’s still a PIG

  • blair

    She’s in mourning over her dead career.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE.

    We get it, your album is going to be released in just weeks and you have to create a fanbase by posting under different names.

    So how many different names are you going to use.

    Hey WEWE does it hurt your feelings that JJ is willing to make all these posts about you, yet they won’t include you in the top celeb list?

  • gwen


    No no you have it all wrong. WEWE is probably thinking, “I hope EC doesn’t get word that my plane was delayed”, because for EC it means that he can have chemistry with his other mistress a little longer.

  • hatecheaters23

    They always compliment her….lol. Your hair looks shinny and clean, your outfit is gorgeous and your body is in great shape, your teeth are so white. Haha.

  • mailey

    she has a nice body and nice hair, but her face is weird.

  • gwen

    WEWE(aka dantius and kaitlin)

    I thought you had severe stomach problems, so what are you doing on JJ posting? Or even tweeting for that matter?

    What are you doing with mags? Figuring out which one you can leak info to? Or were you catching up on what people are saying about you because you don’t care what we think?

    Did those severe stomach problems have anything to do with the anniversary of EC cheating on you with SMJ coming up? Or were you tryng to scare EC into marrying you by acting like you were pregnant? Or did you tell EC that you were pregnant and you are trying to act like you had a miscarriage so that he doesn’t get suspcisous when he doesn’t see a baby bump?

  • blair

    @gwen……the correct medical term is “the sickness”

  • gwen


    Hey do you think that they will name the “sickness” after WEWE Rimes soon to be Mrs Cibrian?

    They can all it: WEWE sickness

    Often marked by the need to post under 10-30 different names on JJ, the need to open up several twitter accounts just to stalk and harass BG, to tweet about two innocent kids when their mother asked her to stop and EC made a big oh fuss about how he didn’t want his kids exposed to the media and press, to boo hoo when people comment about the things she says on a PUBLIC forum, to play the victim despite that she is the one who cheated, to get Darrel Brown to do her dirty work, to cancel concerts because she is afraid that EC may try to hook up with BG, saying that she is sick despite the fact that she wasn’t to sick to get a pedicure and tweet somemore about EC kids, and to tip off the paps and then boo hoo about how they are hounding her despite the fact that she managed to evaded for three weeks and we hardly ever see EC out and about LA that is unless he is trying to do damage control.

  • http://luvsxjs luvsxjs

    Le looks great, her body is rockin’

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE.

    So what you are saying is that you don’t have the support and you are going to create it by posting under different names?

    Too bad that “great body” won’t stop your sweets from cheating on you. So are EC and SMJ going to hook up this Oct, like they did last Oct. Oh wait, that explains why you had the “sickness”. Were you afraid that EC was going to have SMJ over your house?

  • Jake

    Hangin’ her head and no smirk without her douche-bag in hand, talk about co-dependency, not strength! Album “supposed” to be out Oct 5th, waste of money LOL. LeAnn may need to “save-face” and get it released, bet Curb made her pony-up a higher percentage of overhead costs, bet Eduardo didn’t like that!

  • gwen

    A day in the life of WEWE Rimes soon to be Mrs Cibrian:

    Did I tell you about OUR family Christmas cards? They are so gorgeous. It has me, my sweets, and our lil sweet boys in. I am going to make sure to send one to Brandi just so that she knows that THIS is MY FAMILY, not hers.

    There is so much to do when I have to post on JJ and open up several twitter accounts just to stalk and harass BG, oops I mean go to my lil boys soccer game, make lunch, get a pedicure, and watch the game.

    I love that I can use charity as a means to tweet about the kids that I am not supposed to be exposing to the media because it disturbs my sweets, well that is what my sweets told a judge. As we all know, my sweets even very trustworthy.

    I really didn’t have a stomachache. I was scared because as you know around this time, EC had an affair with SMJ and we had to hire lawyers to sue Life and Style because they refused to go along with the flow. It won’t be long before that case is settled. I will use the same money and lawyers I used to cheat BG out of divorce settlement to make us look like all the victims in this.

    I got to go, you know how I enjoy tweeting about another woman’s kids and then tipping off JJ, DailyMail, and x17 so that they can say just how much in love my sweets is with me. Even though my sweets looks depressed and he was playing the devoted lover thing with his wife last year.

    My sweets is so wonderful to allow me to tweet about his kids. The best thing is that those RUDE handful of people who pick on me for no reason can’t do anything about it. I am not going to stop tweeting about BG kids even if it costs me my career. Taunting Brandi is more important than my career.

  • blair

    @gwen….yup, that’s the sickness (but it’s more mental than physical).

  • Darla

    She an Lindsey with Paris should have their pics taken together and posted on this site. They’re all do nothing has-beens. Hollywood’s not what it use to be. Just do drugs or someone else’s husband and you’re a celebrity. Enough of them all.

  • Kaz

    Copy britney

  • gwen

    A Day in the life of WEWE Rimes soon to be Mrs Cibrian so that she can promote her album:

    People are just so evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they judge me for tweeting about another woman’s kids and then wanting to tell them EVERY detail of my life with a man who has on more than one occassion said that he wants privacy?

    Even though I am too busy tweeting about another woman’s kids, everyone is SAFE. No harm will come from my tweets in which I tell complete strangers where they can find MY FAMILY( because when those boys are at OUR house, they are mine, all mine.

    I am not sick anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So because I am not sick, I am going to tweet and in between the tweets post on JJ and stalk BG under as many different names as possible.

    People are being RUDE to me, simply because I want to share my love and happiness with the world.

    Why are people so evil and rude? I mean why are those handful people who dislike me so evil and rude because my BFF who I love so much told me so.

    I am getting a pedicure because pedicures make everything better when you are being oppressed for falling in love with a married man and then constantly using a twitter account to taunt his wife and kids.

  • Kelly

    I never hear of her doing anything but these stupid pub shots but I read she had two concerts cancelled last week alone. Are tic sales that bad?

  • elaine

    can’t understand why she hasn’t been tweeting about her album coming out Oh, wait can it be that just maybe it will NOT come out oh the injustice of it all Oh the karma of it all Eddie may have to get a job down at the Wal-mart store as a greeter or heavens he could be a personal trainer to all the good=looking stars in Hollywood now that would be poetic justice, but Leann would have to cancel even more concerts just so she could go with him while he has his hands all over the GOOD-LOOKING women’s bodies

  • Maggie

    Slime ball co-adulterer boy friend not their to pick-up his sleaze due to something about bar+ waitress+ braces+zipper stuck. Stitches unknown as of this update. Check for skin glue LeAnn!

  • Collin

    This thread is about what? Someone getting off a plane. I know she used to be a celebrity but that was some time ago.

  • Twitter Pic

    Dean posted a picture of him and Sarah on twitter. Found it through Karla’s tweet. They look really good together. Go Dean and Sarah.

  • charity

    Elaine I bet you’re right about her album not one peep from her or the record company and the record companies are already touting Taylor Swifts new album coming out in November Think rhe record company knows that she has sunk her career with all the lies, cheating adultery and then twittering about her nasty behavior for well over a year She has no remorse because it’s all about what Leann wants , Leann gets. Well, hope she has saved and invested her money because she may need every dime she has to keep her gigolo on the leash they don’t call him wandering Di*k Eddie for nothing

  • Somethings Up

    She’s gone real quiet so somethings up. Maybe the album is a bust or maybe Curb told her to STFU about everything but she’s never took their advice before. I saw where she might be working on another album already. LeAnn’s famous for throwing all kinds of crap against the wall and hoping something sticks. They may release the album on the down low so if it tanks, there’s not a lot of hype about it. Why not release it as a download? All the money has been spent so posting it as a download is cheap. Maybe their going to add even more tracks to make people think they’re getting something for their money. It will be interesting to watch. I noticed that her last song really tanked after her peeps quit buying dozens of downloads per person. Stay tuned.

  • charity

    Yes and now she is wanting people to think she is pregnant maybe for the sympathy vote for her album cripes she’ll try anything

  • Ashton

    @Twitter Pic: Yea-saw the pic of the 2 potruding fore-heads. Dam there must be some brains stored up in those forheads

  • betty

    @Ashton Well thats more than you can say about Leann&Eddie. Where are their brains stored below the belt.

  • google alerts

    gwen (aka Blair, ddc, baseball, hatecheaters23) thanks for “outing yourself” (your stupid line) that you’re obsessed and get google alerts for Leann Rimes. First comment… then your dumb nicknames follow. Just because your ex-husband left you for another woman doesn’t mean you need to take it out on Leann and Eddie. What did they do to you?

    A day in the life of gwen : ex-wife of some loser.

    There is so much to do when I have to post on JJ and open up several twitter accounts just to stalk and harass Leann and Eddie.

    Did I tell you about OUR family Christmas cards? They are so gorgeous. It has me and my 38 cats in it. I am going to make sure to send one to Leann just so that she knows that THIS is MY FAMILY, not hers.

    I got to go, you know how I enjoy tweeting about a woman I’ve never met and then commenting on JJ, DailyMail, and x17 so that they can see just how much in love my sweets, Leann, is with me.

    I am not going to stop tweeting about LR and EC, even though it resulted in me losing my career and my husband. Taunting LR is more important than my career, and harassing LR is now my new career.

  • Just Sayin…

    1. it’s impossible for gwen and baseball to be one person because they posted at the same time. posts #1 and #2 exactly the same time
    2. #11 post of blair and #12 of gwen are one minute apart and gwen’s message is quite long so it’s improbable that they are the same person.
    however, you google alert, racy, cbme, leann, and so many other aliases have been proven one and the same several times.

  • Just Sayin…

    hatecheaters also posted well within 5 minutes of gwen’s next post so unless she types like superman then they are the same…which is unlikely.

  • Just Sayin…

    too bad your theory flopped just like your album!

  • Just Sayin…

    Maybe you should change your name on post # 37 to Booger Alert. LMAO.

  • Leann looks hot!

  • @Just Sayin…

    It’s not impossible. Think about it.

  • Just Sayin…

    wutevs lol. try again next time.

  • @Just Sayin…

    Post # 42 and #43. Both by me. Too bad YOUR theory flopped! Loser. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love how you try to defend “gwen” and you end up looking like an idiot. OK now go back to trying to “prove” people wrong. “Google alerts” post was hilarious by the way!

  • @Just Sayin…

    Ok you can go back to using the name “gwen” now. You don’t need to change your name to “Just Sayin…” to try to defend yourself.

  • http://deleted lol

    @@Just Sayin…:
    so when is wewe”s album being released? lol cant wait for the flop of an album to drop..too bad all ten of her fans cant save her career

  • Just Sayin…

    you’re really stupid. your posts 42 and 43 are 3-5 short words of course you can do it in one minute. you’re a nutcracker.

  • danielle

    What does WEWE stand for? I know it’s something about Leanne but I can’t figure it out. And is she pregnant?

  • blair

    @danielle….Im not sure of this but I think when Dean tweeted Leann after this mess all came out, he called her “wewen” so now everyone calls her wewe. I hope she’s NOT preggers.