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Ke$ha: New 'Take It Off' Video!

Ke$ha: New 'Take It Off' Video!

Ke$ha and friends have remade her “Take It Off” video!

“heyy to all my fans! sooooo….me n my friends were bored and we were really channeling some 80s hard (tron, david bowie in labyrinth, revenge of the nerds) and we made this new video for take it off,” K$ wrote.

“it was really fun to make,” she added. “i hope you guys like it!!!!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new version of Ke$ha’s video?

Ke$ha – ‘Take It Off’ with Friends
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  • bubbaness

    Her voice is absolutely wretched.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Waste of space.

  • E.

    Better than the original.

  • sarah

    people are gonna hate as usual, but if she did all of this including the editing by herself/with her friends….i’m impressed!

  • http://WWW. V

    I love the neon makeup and all the fabulous people, excluding Jeffree Star (blech).

    If I were famous, 1 of my videos would be so similar to this. I think I’d be slightly less awkward than Ke$ha though bwahaha…… noticed she has no rhythm? Not hatin, just sayin. Overall, I like it.

  • pay-pay

    @sarah: Not everybody is going to think that Ke$ha is a nice person. That happens to everyone. By the way, the video is original for Halloween.

  • really?

    @pay-pay: Why would anyone think Kesha’s not a nice person? She seems hella genuine and caring to me.

  • Ben

    @V: She always looks the most awkward one in her videos despite being the Artist. She’s grown on me though…

  • Yasmin, 22

    This vid’s better than the real one, if only it had professional editing and was sped up a bit.

    Btw. She has fabulous friends :) But I don’t like JS, racist trollop!

  • lol
  • pay-pay

    @really?: I’m not saying she’s not nice I don’t know her I just know her music. But there are people who could see her and their first impression is she’s silly or whatever. Or people who listen to her interviews and say the same because they don’t like her answers: she doesn’t say much, she talks bullsh*t… There are millions of reasons why people may not like her. But many of them could be personal too of course!

  • HerCalledTheRain

    TRASH! the previous one was the waaaaaaaaaaay better!

  • Aani

    TOTAL COPYCAT !!!!!!

  • SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Aani:How can she copy him when he’s her friend!!!!!!! Stupid. These are HER friends!!!!!

  • tao

    the first one was much better

  • Lucas

    @SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!: ‘How can she copy him when he’s her friend?’

    ….wtf LOL? Easily. It’s clear to anyone with eyes she was *COUGH* inspired *COUGH* by his video. Speaking of, at least he has mad talent. BY THE WAY I find it interesting this basic bish shares the same Label as he does but they pushed her harder and shoved $$$ into her disposable clueless ***. Everyone knows it’s easier to shove generic autotuned lazy acts onto the public ’til they’re played out on the radio. Then they fade away after their flavaofthemonth sound goes stale….nothin against Kesha (to be honest, I forget she exists most of the time) but ‘artists’ like this never stay for longer than a Decade let alone 5/6 years. TIK TOK TIK TOK TIK……

  • Aani

    @#14 so friends can’t copy each other ??????!!!!!
    i don’t care who’s friends these are i’m talkin about the VIDEO it’s a copy of “IF I HAD U”

  • whatever

    ugh, she’s so…..useless. shes fun but so are my friends and i….doesnt mean we deserve a record deal rofl even my friends can sing better -__-

  • :D


  • Josh

    Hate to admit it because I’m no fan of Lambert but the person who said this was a rip-off of his latest video is right on target.

    Now if only she could rip off Lambert’s voice…

  • Stu

    I like this one better than the original. The original was too polished and not as much like Ke$ha’s style. This one doesn’t take itself too seriously and I think it is fantastic. :-)

  • Aly

    Lambert’s not the first person to have a video with his friends dancing either. (Janet Jackson comes to mind.) Janet Jackson comes to mind. Visually his video reminded me of videos from Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias that had people running out to woods or other exotic locations to dance, laser light shows and all.

    It’s not even a deep or profound concept, let alone anything new. I’m not even a Kesha fan, but that’s just dumb.

  • Sarah L.G.

    God, I love this song! :)

  • laverdadduele

    Not worth my time.

  • Kevin

    WOW she ripped her own friend off…..can she do ANY thing…? Someone described her as ‘disposable’…..sounds about right.

  • blahblahblah

    @Kevin: lol you think adam cares ? he has a LIFE, you think hes sitting behind a screen thinking, “hey, my friends random homemade video looks a bit like my official video……she copied me!” lmfao he doesnt care its just a danceparty at night

  • anon

    Umm…Lambert himself tweeted on 10/11 the following: “Kesha’s new video for Take It Off is amazing!!! Much better than the first one.” So…no, I don’t think he’s comparing them.

  • Tegan

    @anonI don’t care if he liked it, it’s STILL a ripoff. He’s just being loyal.