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Mark Zuckerberg Visits The Farmer's Market

Mark Zuckerberg Visits The Farmer's Market

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg enjoyed the afternoon at a farmer’s market with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan on Sunday (October 10) in Palo Alto, Calif.

The 26-year-old billionaire and his girlfriend also went to a Jewish festival that took place near by. On the way, Priscilla pumped her own gas as Mark hung out in the car.

‘s $100 million gift to Newark schools has reportedly run into some legal obstacles given the terms he’s proposed.

20+ pictures inside of Mark Zuckerberg visiting the farmer’s market…

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  • ????????

    i actually don’t get it.
    she cannot have a great enough personality or be intelligent or witty enough to make up for that outfit – and the rest of whatever is going on there…

  • shan

    Everytime I see/hear this guy’s name I want to start singing “Billionaire” out loud

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]

    …oh boy. now jared’s going to jump on the zuckerberg bandwagon. i’m guessing he’ll keep posting this douche until the movie’s out of theaters.

  • FYI

    He’s so knock kneed…why are people interested in him, he’s not a celebrity!! I must admit though I’d rather see a photo of him than Kate Bosworth or Rachel Bilson.

  • lala

    what a douche…cant he at least buy his girlfriend some better clothes?

  • Alison

    It’s actually cool to see that he stuck with his girlfriend. He could go and get any hot gold digging model girlfriend right now with all the money he’s got but he hasn’t.

  • Ann

    What a schmuck… sitting in her car while she pumped the gas. I guess not even billions of dallars can buy this schmuck some class…

  • shoegal

    to her credit, she’s a third year medical student and harvard grad. but i think it’s douchey he didn’t get out and pump the gas.

  • Annie

    She’s a grown woman, why on earth can’t she pump her own gas. You’d think women’s liberation never happened.

  • hanni

    @Ann: C&NT, it’s HER CAR, why should he pump her car? and he’s been dating her since his junior year in Harvard when he was 19. He’s in his 30s now and he’s still with her, they love each other a lot. They’ve been dating before he became rich and never broke up when he got rich or before he got rich.

  • hanni

    @Tracy: Her heart, her INTERNAL BEAUTY!

  • hanni

    @shoegal: Sexist, much? It’s her CAR, why on earth can’t a women pump her own car?

  • shan

    @hanni He’s not in his 30′s…..he’s 26 years old

  • ne

    You have to give to him, talented guy.

  • dee

    Does Mark have a bulk of those shirts somewhere? Everytime I see him he’s always wearing that grey shirt… anyway talented guy and kudos to him for giving back.

  • Yoko? Oh NO!

    ew. She is ugly he can do so much better. Chinee girls always go after rich white nerds.

  • Donnie

    He’s worth a billion dollars and that’s all he can get. I could never get “it up” for that and I don’t care how smart she is. He can get himself a hotter asian chick

  • pinkydoo

    Are we sure that’s the only girlfriend he has? He probably has a girl in every state for all we know…

  • Heads/Tails

    @Jedi: It’s funny you can’t swear on here…but you can use slurs like that make people shudder….you are disgusting…if you hate Jews so much why did you get a Polio vaccination….yeah, the doctor, Jonas Salk, who saved lives with it– was Jewish…and you should cancel your Facebook account too….you hypocrite….and you should change your name JEDI…..the screenwriter of that film…Lawrence Kasden…yeah….he’s Jewish…….you ignorant anti-semite.

  • lauren

    you know i usually don’t care about the bitchy comments about people’s appearance’s,usually because they’re aimed at famewhoring,moronic celebrities,but i don’t think this girl deserves it.They both keep their private lives private,and if she’s doing a medical degree and has a harvard education,she’s probably smart enough to overcompensate for her lack of beauty,which people seem to think she has.I mean in all honesty there are ALOT worse looking people in the world.I think its just a case of picking the wrong outfit.

  • shelly

    He is not a celebrity, please stop reporting about him.

  • haah

    Well i guess all the money in the WORLD doesn’t mean a thing. Gosh, that outfit and hair of hers is terrible!!

  • Sean

    Billionaire and that’s the best you can do? You only live once kid!!

  • Ringo

    I hope he doesn’t end up murdered by Miss Chow Chow like Elliott Smith and John Lennon. We all know that gross Yoko Ono had John murdered to get his fortune. John was going to divorce that ugly Jap within a year.

  • Piper

    he might be a jackass and she might be “ugly” but it’s you people who are disgusting. they have brains, power, money and each other. what do you have?

  • Rachelsun

    Right on Piper!

  • deedith

    @Piper: well said Piper!

  • crazy MMer

    Jew boy won’t get any golddigers because he’s too cheap. The fugly whoriental pumps her own gas because white is right to her.

  • Keira

    @Piper: I agree!

  • From paris with love

    she makes britney spears look slender LMAO

  • Minni


    She is not white trash. She has a brain. She is intelligent. She is not a gold digging whore.

  • Minni


    Are u stupid?! U said he can get a hotter Asian. Wtf is that?! Do u think he is with her caus she is Asian?!!!!! She is n own person with her own personality!!! She is not just an Asian to him idiot!!!! So every white guy with a white girl, u can say he can get a hotter white girl. Stupid dork.

  • Minni


    He is not a celebrity? He is the founder of the largest social network in the world.

  • Minni

    She is not worth him just because she has a Harvard degree and a medical student. She should be worth him even if she was just a chepa gold digging white trash whore model ala Bar Rafaeli, or a famewhore Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth.

    The question is if HE is worth her. I guess so.

  • @4

    I must admit though I’d rather see a photo of him than Kate Bosworth or Rachel Bilson.

    Im glad that MZ is not as shallow & dumbtool as those who hooked up (per press or not) w/ the celebut@rd likes of Kate BosWH0RE & Rachel BOOson.

  • Sel

    Whoever said he isn’t a celebrity and isn’t worth posting here, well he’s a lot more worth than many people being posted here on a day to day basis.

  • Lucy86

    His gf > most of you here

  • shoegal

    hanni-if you read my whole comment, i defend her as being her own woman. there’s something to be said for the lack of chivalry these days but to each her own.

  • me me me

    i can’t believe all the pathetic comments about his girlfriend! i guess the trolls are just jealous because priscilla isn’t uneducated white trash like they are and zuckenberg a shallow loser like they are.

  • hanni

    @Yoko? Oh NO!: You’re pathetic.

  • hanni

    @Piper: she’s no where near ugly, Priscilla is beautiful.

  • hanni

    @From paris with love: britney spears is thin, priscilla is medium.\

  • Anthony

    This is his asian gf?!!!! She looks like a smart studious girl but they put some skanky model-type in the movie “The Social Network”. Bwahahahahha. It just became obvious to me that the movie is a complete work of fiction. I actually thought it was going to portray his life.

  • Smart dude to avoid the whorez

    Glad he’s not stupid enough to be with one of those money hungry gorgeous women. So man of them in L.A. but he took the high rode and is with someone who’s liked him for who he is and has been with him since he became a billionaire.

  • Tina

    Cute couple. I bet their mixed raced babies would be adorable!

  • Pump gas you fool!

    @Ann: To comment #8: “What a schmuck… sitting in her car while she pumped the gas. I guess not even billions of dallars can buy this schmuck some class…” AGREE! I’m a man and I ALWAYS pump gass for my gf. Even if she’s driving in her own car. What a douche.

  • uGLY jEW

    Dayuuuum Mark is one ugly azz Jew.


    So she has to get out to pump gas while he’s sitting on his azz on his cellphone in the passenger side? HAHAHAH. What a shmuck!! He needs to man up and learn to take care of his girl. My boyfriend would never let me pump gas. He knows he better do it.


    is this poor asian girl like his slave?! she’s also carrying the bag of their groceries, and she’s driving and pumping gas all while he chats away on his phone. what a major dick!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Ok, so she is not attractive but he is not either. I guess it is not about looks for them but about friendship. I do have respect for him after giving 100 million to Neward schools eventhough I don’t like his Facebook Privacy policies. Agree that he should pump his own gas and carry his gf’s bag but maybe she is an independent woman. Who knows. Two geeks. You never know with them. lol.

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