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Sarah Palin & Family Meet Mama Bears

Sarah Palin & Family Meet Mama Bears

Sarah Palin takes her family out fishing in this new scene from Sarah Palin’s Alaska, an 8-week event on TLC!

Sarah takes to the water with her husband Todd, daughter Piper and niece McKinley and goes salmon fishing. The family even gets up close and personal with nearby bears!

“I love watching these mama bears!” Sarah said. “What I see in that is what a mom would do, too – anything and everything, laying down her life for her kids.”

Sarah Palin’s Alaska premieres Sunday, November 14 at 9/8c on TLC.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska – The Mama Bear
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  • Dan

    I thought this story was about Bristol Palin, if you know what I mean.

  • susan

    Palin for President!!!!!!!

  • Jade

    Please tell me that this particular episode ends with the bears killing Mrs Palin!

  • well

    it’s a good thing she didn’t see any Muslims because we all know she hates Muslims and all brown people. In fact, she supported Dr. Laura when she went on that N-word rant. That’s how Sarah feels about black people – she supports the use of the N-word.

  • my gosh

    it’s Sarah Palin – the quitter from twitter!

    A woman so incredibly dumb she can’t name one newspaper or one Supreme Court case! :(

    A woman so shockingly stupid she just tweeted today that Raese is running in PA when he’s running in WV! Duh!

  • I wonder

    why Sarah is always tweeting/posting on FB about the male anatomy (“cojones” etc.). It really is quite vulgar and offensive. I certainly hope her and Todd aren’t having marital problems! They are MFEO!

  • will she

    be targeting any wolves from a helicopter? I know she likes things best when they are rigged in her favor. A level playing field, an honorable fair fight, just does not work for Sarahcuda. She kind of prefers to go the demagogue/ fear-mongering/ cheap shot/ Joe McCarthy route in most things. She fights dirty! Like when she puts up on her website the names of Democratic politicians with a shooting target on them, and then advises her unhinged minions to “reload”. Family values “prolife” holy Christian lady sure has a lot of contradictions.

  • elvis chan

    She’s still on this bear thing? Whatever…I guess it makes sense, bears don’t use logical reasoning or know the Constitution either.

  • tunkamerica

    does she shoot them from a boat, just for the symmetry?

    are you feeling what I’m feeling? Palinicity… 2008 was just a dream.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Please we we are beingoverrun by wackoks, illogical poeople, and these type of citizens do not ,refuse to THINK!!

    AND for the record, I DO NOT support all about Obama.

    Things will get worst before they get better.

    Mitt Romney Pres/Gingrinch VP or Guilani VP in 2012 for 8 yrs. and then another GOP pres/vpand then, 12 yrs.from now, after the draft, and China owning more of the US and the deficit,THEN we ALL will wake up. Read some books…not boks by Rush,Glenn, etc., but books about the Constitution, books from unbiased scholars,etc.

  • Sheigh

    Very very interesting! ^^
    WTF with her dumb and dumber speeches?
    Next challenge for her, maybe she will success to persuade bears to vote for her for the next presidential elections!
    Humans leave her alone in an Alaska’s hole, plizz!

  • Vanessa

    She’s a jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • America

    I see the Obaaaamasheep are out in full force. One of the Moonbats from DU, aka Democratic Outhose, must have posted something on that forum.

    All of those delusional, uninformed, uneducated idiots will probably flood the comments on this article.

    That guy Skinner is making a fortune off of all those idiots.

  • America

    Sarah Palin is vilified by the left, because she pointed out what DUmmies they are. I’m sure Skinner’s DUmmie crowd will be here shortly to cry foul.

  • Marge

    Is this cable show supposed to be a joke. I can’t see any sensible person watching Bailing Palin the Tundra Twit bounce around in a helicopter shooting wolves. I guess tho Discovery owned by one of the republican corporations has to pump up Palin. Goodness knows what a greedy money hungry quitter is doing on a learning channel. BUT it does give people with strong stomachs the chance to see what the republican party has come to. Oh for the real republicans like Ike, Dirkson and Howard I guess they will never come again. Mores the pity.

  • a3strand

    Do you want to explain to me again how it is Palin who incites haterd?

  • rockerboy

    Enough w/ the Palin insults. Did you know Obama thought there are 57 states? Of course not, because the media won’t harp on that. She’s fine and wishing her death is terrible and hypocritical.

  • I wonder

    the bears can see Russia from their cave?

  • wow

    Sarah Palin has been very successful at making racism and hate speech mainstream American values. This must be what it was like to live through the Red Scare.

  • hee

    who doesn’t want to see Palin (and her knuckle dragging supporters)mauled by bears.. I’m sure she’d be spit out as spoiled meat

  • think about it

    First the Tea Party came for the Korans…

    Then the Tea Party came for the mosques…

    Then the Tea Party came for the gays…

    Just like the Nazis.

  • jackson

    what are you people queers or commies or both

  • check the news

    Because of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, racists are emboldened. Some racist retards are attacking a Houston area group registering voters – sending them threatening emails full of all sorts of racist slurs and threats of a “dirt nap”. It’s been reported to the authorities and it’s up on the TalkingPointsMemo website right now if you want to read a sample of the racist and threatening emails. I hope they find EVERYONE responsible and throw them in jail for a long, LONG time.