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Adam Lambert: Tank Top Tour

Adam Lambert: Tank Top Tour

Adam Lambert gets lei’d at Honolulu airport and then hits the streets of Waikiki, Hawaii in a tank top on Sunday (October 24).

The 28-year-old American Idol vet went shopping with friends before grabbing dinner together.

On Monday and Tuesday, Adam will be performing his Glam Nation Tour tomorrow at Blaisdell Concert Hall Theatre in Honolulu. Soon after, he will be heading to Europe to perform at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland.

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Credit: Derek Shook; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • JIGS

    Watch one of his concerts and what an amazing vocals he has. Im impressed. Now I know why a lot are saying he should have won AI.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I LOVE Glambert but he needs to seriously rethink his career moves and fire the last producers of his album. Here is a great talent who was wasted on sugary bad pop songs . This is why the album did poorly. Adam: rock out on the next album and do something really out of the ordinary and don’t listen to these idol Producers. Free yourself!

  • Xtincta


  • Kaoru

    Album did “poorly”? It made the Billboard charts and his US and International tour is sold out. Do some research. :-P

  • jacey

    His album has sold over a million worldwide and he has multiple singles charting all over the world. He’s doing great. It does appear that he only has one tanktop tho. Lol

  • RCK

    I saw him perform live in my country. He is very amazing to see live. Voice is stunning. I hope he makes more albums and drops by again! His live act has been one of the most interesting ones I’ve been to. :-)

  • Nickie

    Adam’s album “For Your Entertainment” is great! There are songs of every variety (ballads, pop, etc) to please every taste. I saw 8 of his concerts here in the states and he is phonemenal! Great talent, charisma, and genuinely a nice person. and gentle soul. Yeah, I’ve seen this tank top before (Adam’s gorgeous-don’t matter if he don’t wear anything at all , BUT fat chance of that – adam is always covered up) but that’s another thing I love about Adam. He doesn’t need to be our fashion diva – he’s a regular guy when off stage. I love that he doesn’t feel he has to be ‘on’ 24/7 like some performers. Can’t wait to see him again!

  • JIGS

    @RCK: Totally agree with you. I watched because my friend is a big fan and I am not. But I am really totally blown away. This Adam got some pipes. I just hope that he continues to shine because he deserves it.

  • Buck

    I hope he enjoys the sun in Hawaii while he can cause it is freezing over here in Europe.

    I can’t wait to see him perform.

  • Matt

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: That’s funny because I keep reading people saying that he should be MORE pop.

  • http://@TyDut tkumala

    hey guys, if u want to see adam lambert kissing tommy in a HD and very close up, you can see at my youtube account! thanks

  • J-F

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: HOLD UP gurl, whaaaaaaaaaaat ??

    ADAM LAMBRT’S ALBUM DEBUTED AT #3 ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS LOL! It sold thousands in it’s first week, sold millions GLOBALLY and is still SELLING worldwide. lol.

    The Times identified Lambert as the first openly gay mainstream pop artist to launch a career on a major label in the United States.

    “Lambert is the first Idol alum since Kelly Clarkson to have international success, including Top 10 hits in Australia with WWFM and IIHY from his album For Your Entertainment.”

    Not only did it do exceptionally well, he broke a ton of records by default/accident. :)

  • Andrew

    @JIGS: If he’d won that show he’d still be stuck in that bubble with it’s corny duties. Pretty sure he wouldn’t have had as much create freedom as he does now.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    #12: It did not sell in the veins of a Lady Gaga album. Glambert had the opportunity to be as big as Freddy Mercury or David Bowie but he decided to make more Pop albums. He is a rocker. I love him but I think the album was average. The song For Your Entertainment was average. He should do darker things like Mad World and rockers like Whole Lotta Love. He should rock out. The album sold but it was not a huge artistic statement like Gaga’s. He needs to let loose and break from the Idol machine, imo. He is too talented for sugary songs.

  • Tattoo Removal Melbourne

    Saw him in Australia. Was a great show.

  • Tattoo Removal Melbourne

    Saw him in melbourne, was a good show

  • Leila

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: WHATCHU SMOKIN BOO?!

    Babe I’m not sure if you know this but Adam got 100% input in his album.

    The ones who weren’t sure what they wanted andor didn’t speak up, were ~directed more than the ones who did. Adam wrote and co-wrote more than half the album in under 2 months and was SO happy with the outcome.

    I’m not sure whether you bought his album as it’s not a typical pop album….


    fever – written by lady gaga (they drank whiskey while recording it in the studio to give it a raw party vibe)

    a loaded smile – adam, linda perry

    strut – adam

    broken open – adam

    pick u up – adam, rivers cuomo of weezer, & greg wells

    music again – justin hawkins

    fye – claude kelly & dr. luke

    wwfm – p!nk & max martin

    soaked – matt bellamy of muse

    sure fire winners – david gamson, alexander james, oliver lieber

    iihy – max martin, shellback, savan kotecha, greg wells

    sleepwalker – aimee mayo, ryan tedder

    aftermath – adam, alisan porter, ferras, prince ben

    tfm – alain johannes, natasha shneider

    (bonus tracks)
    voodoo – adam & sam sparro
    can’t let you go – adam, claude kelly, greg wells
    master plan – tedder, dave roth, pat benzer, david jost
    down the rabbit hole – adam, greg wells, evan bogart

  • Leila

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Who HAS sold as much as Gaga?

    Your comment just proves everyone wants something different from him. Someone wants him to do classic rock, someone wants him to go back to this underground sound

    Someone wants him to be more pop, someone wants him to be more dance…………………….

    I just don’t get it. Why do one thing when you can do a variety? His album proved that.

    Have ya heard songs like Soaked, Music Again, Broken Open, SFW …? They don’t sound like what you hear on the radio, they’re certainly not sugary pop or generic lol.

    It’s funny cos Adam said he wants an even MORE mainstream rock/pop sound for his next album as apparently this one was too out there for America LOL

  • V

    Describe your album.

    “As if…a 70s time capsule blasted off into space & you’re watching it through a holographic filter : )

    The album is essentially a Pop album but with a lot of guitars —- and a lot of classic rock influenced vocal riffs. I tried to mix it up as much as I could. Like…..a REMIX SAMPLER for the different directions I hope to take in the future; still very retro I guess with heavy hints of classic and rock influences but with a glossy POP overlay. I wanted it varied but with a cohesive overall sound & lots of fusion, y’know?”

    What have you learned about bridging that gap between your rock, maybe the 70s glam and the more modern pop fans?

    “The show definitely has a lot of theatrical sensibilities to it.

    Internationally I don’t think people shy away from flamboyance as much as Americans might.

    As far as genre goes, I think the whole concept of genre is kind of passé. I don’t believe in genres, we’re past that. Although, people still get pi*sed off when they can’t box you.”

    BTW, even if his music was more pop he could get away with it because they beef it up onstage. It doesn’t sound (or look) like that live if you know what I mean.


    COME TO KENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Come to Turkey :D

    JJ & Ean Chillin With Adam Lambert

  • rye

    Jared! Do you think you can find out where the ring Adam wore here is from? Pretty please?

    I’ve asked around and no one knows knows :/

  • Zac


  • Sandy

    What a bod!

  • Kepilynn

    just a minor oversight…but it was Saturday, 10/23 when he arrived/shopped in Honolulu :)

  • ;)

    @Sandy: He looks like this guy I used to know >.< He has a swimmer’s body.

    Jesus knows what you’re looking at

  • Pete

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: yes I”m sure you have you hand on the pulse of the music industry and in the know right? Perhaps you should inform RCA that his CD failed. Maybe they’ll take back those 1/2 dozen gold & platinum awards and refund the money for the multi millions downloads I mean he should do a CD based on what “you” want right? I agree, RCA should just ignore the international success of the CD because some Internet person named Jolie Gaga wants him to do dark covers. LMAO!!! Get over yourself.

  • Sharon

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: I’m sorry, but complaining that an artist is a failure if he doesn’t sell like Lady Gaga is absurd. 99% of recording artists don’t sell like Lady Gaga. When all is said and done, one needs to remember that this was Adam’s debut album – he was not releasing it as an established artist, and even at that, he has managed to outsell many, if not most, established artists. The music industry is in the toilet right now, and it’s a very select few who still rack up huge numbers. Adam has sold almost 750,000 albums domestically, and well over a million internationally (he reached the 1M mark some months ago, so no telling what he’s sold now). He’s laying the groundwork for a very successful career, particularly since he’s doing well internationally. That’s a HUGE point in his favor, and a very unusual one for AI alumni. Other than Kelly Clarkson, no former Idol has achieved significant international success. Adam is poised to change that, and a big reason is BECAUSE of the music he chose to put on his album. It was selected to not only sell here, but to have international appeal. It clearly worked.

    As for wanting him to do more rock – well, that’s lovely, but (1) rock music, as a genre, is not what’s selling now, but to the extent it IS selling, it isn’t the kind of rock music Adam is attracted to. He goes for classic rock, not Daughtry/Lifehouse/Nickelback rock. As he has said in an interview with Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo! Music, classic rock is, by definition, not current, and even if he came up with new music with that sound, it would still seem like a throwback. (2) Rock radio would not play him in a million years. Rock radio won’t play Daughtry, despite his success and RCA’s attempt to make that happen. Rock radio wouldn’t play David Cook. If it won’t play Daughtry and Cook, it certainly wouldn’t play Adam, who’s not only an AI alum (strike #1), but also gay (strike #2 and 3),

    FYE the album was put together in three months, and Adam was on tour with Idols Live during much of the time. Considering the time pressure, I think he came out with a damn solid album. His tour in support of that album has been an enormous success from a sales and critical standpoint, and has established him as a live performer with incredible showmanship and vocal ability – as many critics have noted, he sounds even better live than recorded. No autotune needed. Maybe if you let go of inflated expectations of immediate superstardom, you’d recognize that Adam is doing very, very well.

  • Tyrone

    One of his backup dancers Taylor Green was detained at the airport for his Ammo bracelet. They thought it was ammunition-

  • lane

    saw him in Malaysia & Singapore
    OMG he is REALLY AMAZING!!!!!

    he is truly world Idol loved by millions!!!

  • J.Taylor

    I LOVE all the songs on FYE but I think it could have been produced better. The fact that Adam sings the songs SO much better live shows me that the producers need to have his voice more prominent and they just didn’t get Adam and what his sound should be. Ryan Tedder produced Sleepwalker and made Adam sound like One Republic on the album but Adam singing that song live blows that song out of the stratosphere! SOoo excited for the next album!!

    To the person saying Adam should do more rock, the rock community is even more homophobic then the pop com.. and most of that music does not sell as well or get played on the radio. Adam has to be himself, which seems to be a mix of pop, dance and rock.

  • Terri

    another oversight, this guy will 30 in Jan, he is not 28.

  • lol

    @Terri: what?

  • whatever

    @tkumala: F**K Tommy.

    This was hotter
    AND cuter

  • Josie

    @Terri: Actually, Terri, he is indeed 28. On Idol (during “year of birth” week when he did “Mad World”) he gave his birth date as 1/29/1982.

  • Pete

    @terri get your facts straight. There’s nothing more annoying than a chick who starts babbling about oversights when she’s getting the facts wrong. He’s 28 now dumb dumb.

  • Josie

    @Terri: Actually, Terri, he is indeed 28. On American Idol (during Year of Birth week, when he performed “Mad World”), he gave his birth date as January 29, 1982.


    Him and his friends are too good live. His guitarist in particular (…the older one/master player not the little one) are ridic. Every other song has a diff sound entirely and his voice holds up mad strong considering all the soaring it has to do. 3rd best concert I’ve been to in my life.

  • XXXO

    @Terri: YOU WISH! LOL!


  • http://Musicalyte1 Vada

    Post the photo of mushy Adam and ripped Kris Allen in the swimsuit, side by side.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    ALRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Geez. I said I am a big Glambert fan, I just think he could be even more out there and edgy and dark with his album. That’s how I see him. We should be alble to name every song on that album and we can’t. Not good. He has the best voice in the business, bar none, yet I feel they are trying to turn him into Kelly Clarkson or something and that is not what he is. He is a modern day David Bowie with a little bit of Elton John. Forget the teeny boppers Adam and do a rockin album that will blow people’s minds. That is what I think he should do. No special effects just hard core guitars like his cover of Beth on AI. I do believe he needs to step up the game because he is that talented. I love Glambert but I want a Ziggy Stardust type of album from him. Screw the pop charts. That is not who he is. Nothing wrong with pop but he is a ROCKER. He just stay true to that. Period.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    #31: Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Elton John and all the “drag like” rock singers (Jagger, etc) so rock can and has accepted Gay icons. Adam just has to dare to not be afraid. And to the moron who thinks a fan’s commentary on the record is dismissed by record labels: you are DEAD wrong. They def pay attention to what the blogs are saying you tool. Anyway, Adam ROCK OUT on your next album. That was what he was supposed to bring to the table. That is why we all voted for him on Idol cause he brought sexy and glam back to ROCK.

  • Weezle

    Hope he gets a little R&R while in Hawaii. I just heard his release of Sleepwalker in Canada…Wow…he is great.

  • Weezle

    @Pete: HaHa…love ya tell em.

  • Seth

    @Vada: LMFAO! Post the photo of Kris Allen’s lackluster and TINY tour performance alonside Lamberts and WEEP for Kris.

  • Sunny

    Great singer and entertainer. Your article should add that aside from Finland, while he is in Europe, HE WILL ALSO BE PERFORMING in 10 other countries including England, France, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Sweden, etc.

  • MIA

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: I would be agreeing with you if it weren’t for the fact that Adam is doing what HE enjoys not what the label wants him to do.

    HE listens to a lot of POP, Funk and Dance music AS WELL as a lot of Classic Rock.

  • Sharon

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: Honestly, I don’t know if you’re stubborn, totally frigging clueless, or both. I’m leaning toward “both”.

    THE TYPE OF ROCK YOU WANT ADAM TO DO IS NOT SELLING. This is not the 70s, so never mind about Freddie, Elton and Ziggy.

    ROCK RADIO WILL NOT PLAY HIM. Rock radio is not looking for the New King of Glam Rock, particularly the New Gay King of Glam Rock. Rock radio has it in for AI alumni. Fact. If Daughtry, a guy’s guy rocker dude with millions in sales, can’t get played on rock radio, there’s way Adam would, and if you think otherwise, you’re being delusional. No airplay=no sales. Pretty simple.

    ADAM LOVES POP MUSIC. He gives it a rock edge when he can, but he genuinely loves pop music. And let’s face it, he’s the one who has to perform his material over…and over…and over. He loves a genre that’s popular right now and fits his performance sensibilities. A genre in which he has the potential to be a major success, unlike rock. We all want Adam to do the kind of music we personally prefer, and lord knows he’s versatile enough to do almost anything, but it doesn’t work that way. Adam is building a career here, and IMO the direction he has chosen is his best shot for succeeding in that career. And FWIW, I can certainly name all the songs on his album, so don’t generalize just because you can’t. I can’t think of many albums (or even ANY, unless we’re including Greatest Hits collections – and maybe not even them) in which every.single.cut. is top-drawer and memorable, and that includes Gaga’s.

    Bottom line – it’s not All About You. Hey, I love Rocker!Adam, and if one day he’s able to do an album of classic rock-esque songs, I’d be delighted. But this isn’t the time…he doesn’t have the track record yet to do something like that, because it’s just too different from what is currently going on in modern music. Maybe he’ll toss a rock song or two on his next album as filler cuts. I think that’s about as much of Rocker!Adam as we’re likely to get for a while.

  • http://Musicalyte1 Vada

    Seth, Adam is STILL mushy. All of your Kris bashing won’t change Adam’s spongy torso. Thank god he kept the tank top on.

  • Jonte

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: @Vada: SMH.

    I can’t…..even.