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Christina Aguilera: SLS SLS SLS!

Christina Aguilera: SLS SLS SLS!

Christina Aguilera hops out of her car and walks into the SLS Hotel after attending a meeting on Tuesday (October 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old newly single singer lent her talent to pal Justin Timberlake‘s benefit concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After the concert, Christina took her backup dancers out for a night of fun at Tao, where they partied together until 3am.

FYI: Christina is carrying Christian Louboutin‘s Marianna Rider handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera attending a meeting…

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christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 01
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 02
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 03
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 04
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 05
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 06
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 07
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 08
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 09
christina aguilera meeting at the sls hotel 10

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  • Sci

    UH, FIRST??????

  • Franck

    hot mamma !
    She is looking hot without so many make-up on her face like it’s Halloween every single days

  • tork


  • tork

    Why is she so beautiful ? x)

  • jenny

    Finally she looks so much better than she did at that concert held by JT!! although the hair is questionable her figure is enviable

  • x-jaquelineworld


  • Josh


    She looks absolutely gorgeous! Everything about her is basically perfection <3

    Hair, makeup, outfit.. Gorgeous!

    She’s glowing! :D

  • Aani

    she is BEAUTIFUL no matter what they say

  • 000

    UGLY. retire pls

  • dean

    aawww, I <3 Floptina! I think she took my advice to use this divorce drama issue as a publicity stunt. The Queen of Flops! or Shocktina, cuz she’s always shocking us w/ her next upbringings…or better, Legendtina….lol! <3 U Floptina! DONT FORGET TO BUY FLOPONIC LIL MONSTERS!!!

  • An Intelligent Mind

    I don’t want to believe all the media reports, but some sites are saying that she was very manipulative and mean-spirited to her husband, especially after her newest album didn’t do so well. I hope it’s not true, but a lot of celebs have reportedly said Christina has a ‘nasty’ attitiude. I hope she isn’t leaving her hubby for superficial reasons, life is already tough enough without someone special to share it with, a friend who will be there for you in good times and bad times. Oh well, I wish nothing but the best for her!

  • J

    She is so cheep looking! Bleh! Absolutey disgusting!

  • PopLife

    If I was there, I would have thrown my shoe at her ugly mouth.

  • gaga

    @dean: LMFAO!!! NO, we should call her Innovatina! Since she’s such an innovator! lol…..<3 sarcasm!

  • Dianne

    She is such a mean evil b!tc# and deserves all the flops that have come her way!
    Karma is a b!tc# & so is Floptina!

  • lu

    she’s looking good!
    i love her!!

  • marco cassillas

    LMAO! The Queen of Flops! Floptina, aka Xtina.

  • You&me

    That old lady is straight up NASTY!
    One hit WonderTina” ! lmao!!

  • Milo

    The Legendary Miss Britney Spears Queen of Pop!

  • XtinaStain

    That would be amazing if someone ripped off her horse-tail wig and started whipping her with it until she ran into the building!! LMFAO!!!

  • Jo

    Her ugly B!tcH face makes me want to vomit

  • Icarly

    I thought when you got DUMPED you were supposed to look all Hot!!
    She went backwards! She lookes like trailer trash! Ugh! She is so gross!!!

  • Grace

    Oh man, That face is just begging to get slapped

  • KellyT

    She looks like a fat clown. Anna Nicole Smith anyone?

    Enough makeup.Dang.

  • ChristinaFan

    omg she looks stunning!!! Dont worry guys Id be jealous too, its so obvious you are. Lmfao!

  • T Pain

    Dolly Parton!!! LMFAO

  • Rosie

    Gwad! She’s like that scary aunt with way too much makeup that smells like way too much cheep perfume & booze! She is the queen of tacky!
    Is she still doing anything these days? Dancing with the stars perhaps? lol

  • Dan

    @ChristinaFan: It’s true, many of them seem very jealous. How would you guys know her attitude toward others if it’s kept personal? Just because someone reports something to the media doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Also, those calling her ugly, please do us a favor and show us your picture, I need something to laugh at to get me in the mood for the holidays.

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    Christina Aguilera is the ultimate bad@ss diva, the best singer worldwide, it makes all the other singers look kind of bad. Christina is the only artist whose CDs are the only CDs that should exist in music stores. Everybody else is just an autotune-robot-alien disaster. They don’t deserve to release albums.

    Christina is the best pop singer, whether she flops or not. Any sane person who knows what real talent is will confirm this to you.

    Poor haters… I can completely see and understand how an EPIC pop artist like Christina can make so many strange people angry… poor haters.

    Christina remains amazing and she keeps wearing her trademark epic colorful makeup. She truly does not give a f*ck what you think.

    The most underrated, outstanding pop singer : Christina Aguilera. Indeed, it’s true.

    You poor haters… keep crying about flops and lipsticks… go ahead… if that makes you feel better… LOL…

  • DFDS

    she looks soo pretty aand happy :)

  • tork

    KellyT / Grace / XtinaStain / Icarly / Jo (and almost 50 pther people) > Same person. Sorry guy, you don’t have a life. Get one ! Or at least, use only one name. :)
    Have a nice evening Schizophrenic guy/girl.

  • Emily

    The sound of this older lady’s voice is obnoxious!
    I’m super glad they dont play her on the raido ever, That would be annoying !
    JJ why are you posting on this hasbeen? She hasn’t had a hit song since the 90′s!
    Let’s move forward shall we?

  • Andy


  • Jake

    Why does she looks so old & miserable? She’s the woman who sings that annoying “Beautiful” song right?
    Kinda ironic. Hahaha!

  • Vouge

    Her clip on hair is so nasty can’t she afford something that doesn’t look like synthetic doll hair? It looks like it stinks

  • maria

    Ok, why does she ALWAYS look like a hooker? It’s a little glaring wearing bright red lipstick during the day too. It’s too bad….she’s not unattractive….she just tries way too hard to look sexy 24/7. It’s SOOOO not necessary!!

  • ChristinaWins


    Emily, you poor hater. You know you can’t move forward. Christina’s epic vocals make you so mad that you just can’t get over it.

    Christina doesn’t need hits or sales : She’s still the best pop artist. She’s still the most talented. Her albums are still the best. Christina is EPIC.

    Poor you and all the other jealous, strange, bitter haters like you. LMAO.

    Christina always wins and always makes your favorite artist look extremely lame, whether she flops or not. That’s why you haters stay nervous and angry.

    It’s not Christina’s fault if so many strange people in the world would rather purchase little Justin Bieber’s freaking strange CD instead of the EPIC Bionic. LMAO.

    But Christina remains the best, regardless of charts and numbers. You can stay angry, haters! LMAO….

    POOR YOU, CHRISTINA IS THE BEST!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! You wack haters, always so bitter and pissed at Christina : the most threatening pop star!!!!! Stay mad at Christina’s bad@ssness and realness and talent! LOL…… it’s really hilarious how your hate for this amazing singer makes NO F*CKING SENSE… LOL truly hilarious, you poor fools.

  • ChristinaWins

    Were you fools born yesterday? October 25th 2010?? LMAO??
    It’s Christina’s style to wear big wigs and bright makeup, it’s always been. So what? Can you not get over that?

    Do you panic and get pissed every time you see some random person walking down the street with big hair and makeup? What is the problem?

    Why do haters complain about the most irrelevant and pointless things?

    Christina is the best singer worldwide! She is better than your favorite! She has better lyrics, better songs, better CDs. Flop or not. Christina remains a constant EPIC threat to you and your favorites! Just get over it! We all know that’s the real reason why you’re angry.

    LOL……… you bitter fools.

  • Kay

    Wow! Christina fans sure love to over use the words “epic” & “amazing”
    lol! It’s a very young childish thing to do but then again that IS Christina’s fan base these days, I dont know anyone above 24 who STILL likes her, She’s outdated and old news, very unoriginal & cliché at this point, it’s kind of sad really watching her struggle to be some what relevant.
    I wish her well but I doubt the public will ever like her as much as she believes they do.

  • madamXtina


  • Xtina_Extraordinera

    @ Kay

    Christina IS indeed epic and amazing. If you can’t see HEAR that, you have ear problems. lol. You are an ignorant clueless bitter fool.

    What is your problem?

    Come on, we all know you are just angry at Christina because she’s such a fierce bad@ss pop singer. One of the best vocalists of all time. You feel like Christina makes your favorite artist look wack. That is why you are mad.

    Don’t just type comments about how you think Christina fans are young and how outdated Christina is. Or how you don’t like red lipsticks. That is so freaking WACK and makes you look so incredibly strange and bitter. LMAO.

    Post your real feelings regarding Christina (if you must post something) example :
    “Christina is so epic that it makes me mad and jealous. If my favorite singer sang like Christina, I wouldn’t have to worry about my favorite artist being number 1 on the charts, he/she would still have something called A HUGE TALENT. I need to feel very proud of my favorite artist but Christina makes that so difficult! I want her to quit the music industry so I can sleep better at night! My favorite artist would sound less ridiculous with their autotune tracks. I hope Burlesque does not get released in November! I am so worried! Christina is so amazingly gifted! A great singer, dancer and actress! I am angry!”

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 1 trillion.

    POOR HATERS! Who cares about outdatedness? You fools worry about the wrong things. I have “outdated” songs on my MP3 player from the 1950s and whatnot. Do you haters only have songs from 2010 in your MP3? Do you go to music stores and purchase music only if the artist is NOT outdated? WTF. LOL YOu are truly weird and make no sense, you haters. You are not smart. Use your little brain for 5 seconds.

  • Jordie

    @madamXtina: Sweetheart, She’s not important she’s the industry joke! A total failure!
    It’s hilarious that this woman thinks so highly of herself, is totally mean to her peirs a witch to the Paps & she hasn’t had a hit since the 90′s!
    She’s a total hot mess & it’s funny!
    But as a fan you are brainwashed to think everyone is just jealous! Haha cute! :0)

  • Just me

    Floptina = Over

  • Supastar

    She is stunning, Awards daily is predicting an Oscar for her movie song!

  • Xtina_Extraordinera

    @ Jordie

    Christina is a industry joke? What is this jibberish? LOL How exactly?

    Here’s the thing. Let’s pretend for a seond that Christina is actually supposedly a huge failure. Because we all know a flop album is something that should never happen to any artist! Even though it happened to Michael Jackson, Mariah, and many other legends. A flop is apparently a huge crime! How terrible. LMAO.

    Let’s pretend Christina fails like that. Well, Christina is still THE BEST. Christina cannot control the crap people buy or don’t buy. Christina is a better vocalist than your favorite artist.

    End of discussion, you poor foolish haters.


  • Supastar

    You can tell it’s the same hater commenting and just switching their name lmao get a life.

  • Ken

    Omg Christina fans are nuts! Eww

  • Xtina_Extraordinera

    @ Ken

    You know who is nuts? The haters who are angry at Christina. That’s nuts.

    Like I don’t go into a rage when I see a person wearing a wig and red lipstick and call them outdated and whatnot.

    How does that make sense? No, that’s nuts.

  • Xtina_Extraordinera

    Face it haters :

    The bottom line is that you have no real reason to hate on Christina.

    LMAO. You bitter haters.

    Don’t forget to go watch Burlesque in November. TRy not to get to angry while watching the film. Remain calm and seated while eating the popcorn.

  • Coal

    “FlopTitsina FuglySkanka”