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Jessica Simpson: Engaged to Eric Johnson!

Jessica Simpson: Engaged to Eric Johnson!

Eric Johnson has popped the question to Jessica Simpson!

“We’re thrilled to confirm that it’s true!” Jessica‘s rep confirms to “They are engaged.”

Jess, 30, said yes when Eric proposed on Thursday (November 11). The 30-year-old singer and her former NFL player beau began dating back in May.

Earlier in the week, Jessica‘s ex-husband, Nick Lachey, announced his engagement to girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo.

Us Weekly was the first to report the happy news.

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: WireImage
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  • http://j ivanka

    wow that was fast

  • miss infamous

    didnt he just get his divorced finalized from his ex wife??

  • Hannah

    I hope so! Poor Jessica has had a rough go at it in the romance department. I hope this one sticks around a bit longer than the others, she seems to be a nice, down home girl with a sweet personality, but the major issues concerns her father. His feelings towards her are bizarre.

  • Cristobal

    I hope not. Jessica needs time to love herself. It seems as though she is also the latest celeb in this “Rush to the Isle” business. What happen to real love? Bouncing from guy to guy will change nothing about yourself in the morning.

  • Marta

    she probably proposed to him.

  • yassss

    she is the epitome of desperate. her v@gina always has the ‘occupied’ sign up. so sad.

  • KAY

    hahaha, this is too funny. that dude is using her to get frame. too bad jeesica is too dumb to realize.

  • Kayla

    So now when he drains her dry she’ll have no legal recourse? Is he going to become her new manager? Will that creepy dad allow that? Shouldn’t she want a man who has a life of his own? Don’t see this ending well – the timing screams desperate and needy.

  • lacey

    How funny is it that Jessica gets engaged as soon as Nick and Vanessa announced their engagement? At least those two were together long enough to take the plunge. Hope it works out for them.

  • Alison

    I really hope that this is true and that he makes her happy, she’s been through a lot lately! But this is kind of funny timing considering Nick just got engaged…

  • frazzle

    this is just pitiful. she’s so desperate.

  • Lisa2

    I say she will “rush” to the altar before Nick…. She has to be in the limelight before Nick gets married….I wonder if Jessica’s dad made him sign a pre-nup?

  • Ruth

    Cristobal @ 11/14/2010 at 10:38 am +6

    I hope not. Jessica needs time to love herself. It seems as though she is also the latest celeb in this “Rush to the Isle” business. What happen to real love? Bouncing from guy to guy will change nothing about yourself in the morning
    ———————————————————————————————She is obviously in love and hopefully will have some luck this time – heaven knows she really deserves it after the past few years.

    Btw, Aisle in a church is spelt like this.

  • Cole

    ummm couldn’t they wait for another week so it isn’t so weird?

  • Syd

    wow, harsh comments! jessica seems so sweet and i wish her nothing but happiness. i hope he’s the man for her! they’re adorable <3

  • taylor

    1. He just got divorced
    2. Her Ex just got engaged (after 5 years of being together)
    3. They have been together 6 months
    Really Jess whats the rush!

  • Carrie

    I wish Jessica and Eric much happiness. She truly has had alot of negative experiences with the men in her life. Hopefully Eric will prove everyone wrong.

  • SaadGkhan

    I m really happy for them… they look perfect together… Wish them all the luck :-)

  • ace11

    both her and nicks new marriages will fail

    she is pitiful

    and he clearly DOESNT want to marry vanessa

    both of them are pathetic

  • babs

    Is his divorce even final? Didn’t her ex just get engaged? I really think she should have waited.

  • Veruska

    congratulations to eric and jessica! I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m very happy for them.

  • whitney

    I don’t like that it comes so soon after Nick’s news…it seems kind of desperate, whether it is or not. And though I have nothing to back this up, her fiancee doesn’t seem, TO ME, to be with her for her, rather her fame. That’s just how I’m reading all of this. And to propose so soon….

    Nick and Vanessa have been together for what, five years? These two have been together for just over five months! it’s all kind of eye-roll-worthy.

  • smiley

    I’d have to agree with most of the comment on here. Why all of a sudden she’s engaged right after nick got engaged? she probably got jealous and begged Eric to propose. Low life.

  • M

    I don’t even like her, but I wish her well in the romance department. I never thought she’d get another guy to marry her. Big-nosed Nick and his skank Vanessa flaunted their engagement news, and they’re nobodies, so Jessica has the right to do the same. She’s lucky she’s found someone to even date her with her silly, crude ways; yet, she still seems a lot nicer than that high-maintence ho Nick has been with.

  • She-whom-shall-not-be-named

    she still loves long as Nick didn’t make another woman official in his life, her loss was bearable…the engagement news of her ex to Vanessa must have hurt real bad ….jessica’s luck miust have also gone up 1 notch if she proposed herself and the guy agreed!

  • lame

    I hope she makes him sign a pre-nup. Anyone who dives into an engagement so soon after getting divorced is clearly not thinking. This guy seems to have no ambition nor any money. Clearly, Jessica is desperate and wants to one-up Nick. This poor desperate fool will plan a showboat wedding and engagement just to steal Vanessa’s thunder….so sad.


    we shouldn’t be quick to judge..maybe Eric has been seperated for a while from his wife but we only know that their divorce was finalised last issues are tardy sometimes..otherwise i can’t fathom how a guy would nose-dive into another mariage seconds from leaving another one.

    thank God Nick didn’t pop the question while Jessica was still with John

  • attention-horrs

    poor fella, he must be at an all time low in his life or just completely out of his mind.
    way to try to steal nick and vanessa’s limelight. at least that couple’s genuinely in love.

  • Glee


  • me


    no comment

    hopefully he can explain to miss piggy what chicken of the sea is
    nick wasnt very sucessfull with that

    OMG hahahahahahahahahahha

  • jaye

    They’re engaged, that’s not the same as being married. In an engagement you can take all the time in the world to get know each other before being married. I hope she doesn’t rush into this; the timing with her ex getting engaged is odd.
    She falls in love with every guy she dates, she should find out who she is and what she really wants before jumping into a marriage just for the sake of being married. She does seem to be a nice girl, but she seems very needy also. Best wishes to her and I hope, for her sake, that she makes the right decision.

  • SN

    I don’t know why everyone on here in so mean. Unless you know thier relationship personally, there shouldn’t be such rude comments. People who are saying he is poor and using her, do you know how much money he has???? I don’t think so.

    And yes, they are engaged, but that doesn’t mean they are getting married tomorrow. It’s been 5years since she has been with Nick, get over it.

    She deserves to be happy and I wish them the best.

  • испански език

    Whaaaat the…. JS engaged to Eric… Fail

  • Gar

    Nick gets engaged so she does too? What’s next? Is she going to schedule her wedding on the same day?

  • The Comedian

    I don’t know if the whole story is true but this is pathetic.
    Really sound like :
    Jessica “what ? my ex husband is getting engaged..that can not be” “honey you don’t want to marry me ?”
    Eric : “we’ve been dating for only 6 months and I just got divorce”
    Jessica : “come on, don’t let me down on this one, I feel sooooo miserable”…

  • longchamp

    this HAS to be the most stunning coincidence in recent memory! …b/c if it’s at all related to the nick/vanessa engagement, it becomes simply the most pathetic move ever.

  • Jokergurl

    I’ve always liked Jessica Simpson more than her ex- Nick Lachey, she’s got personality, so I hope it works out.

  • sam

    Oh Jessica, you look so very desperate and insecure right now. Fire your public relations team immediately, waiting 4-6 weeks to announce this would’ve eliminated alot of this negativity.

  • Butter_Fly

    This just makes her look even more pitiful and desperate. Kinda sad, really.

  • Marieme

    OMFG. Hasn’t she learning anything from her failed marriage & failed relationships? She’s known this guy for what? Two minutes? So g-damn lame this one. And how tacky to even announce it at the same time as her ex? What did he get too much attention and she couldn’t stand that? Just ridiculously lame altogether!

  • Haters Suck!

    Geez some poeple need to learn some manners or go back on their anti depressives whichevers easier. Congrats to Jessica and Eric may they have a happy life together.

  • I think

    She looked very prego on project runway. If you all say he just got finalized his divorce that may be a reason she denies prego rumors and may also be the reason for a rushed marriage. That’s her business though. Even if she’s wrong, leave her alone. Let her tell when she’s ready to. After Tori Spelling, Fantasia and LeAnne Rimes experiences, I understand why she may not be so willing to be upfront with the why’s of her situation.

  • http://ricktucker RICK

    I think her ass must stink

  • carl

    Eww it won’t last. Dumb-azz she is. And manipulative father to beat!

  • isHotr

    That is very cool and exciting. Though weird that the timing is so close to Nick and Vanessa’s announcement. I wonder if they still think about each other? It’s weird to think that it was 5 years ago…5 YEARS!

    @Smiley and @She-whom-shall-not-be-named
    Re: she probably got jealous and begged Eric to propose.

    Then let me ask you, who is hotter? Eric or Jessica? Seems like you think Eric is the hotter, less desperate one

    either way, congrats to them!

  • British Latin American

    I’ve done my research; he’s a good catch in many ways. Jessica could do far worse. So what if he is not some hollywood celebrity? If anything, he is marrying down by proposing to her!

  • LA

    Is she trying to compete with Carrie Underwood?