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Prince William: Engaged to Kate Middleton!

Prince William: Engaged to Kate Middleton!

Prince William and his longtime love, Kate Middleton, have announced their engagement.

The bride and groom, both 28, will wed in spring or summer of next year. Prince William proposed back in October during a trip to Kenya with Kate – but only after asking the permission of her father first, People notes.

After their wedding, Prince William and Kate will live in northern Wales and he’ll continue his service in the Royal Air Force.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

Prince William & Kate Talk Proposal
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection; Photos: WENN
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  • Shellbee

    Congrats!!! Can’t wait to see what her wedding dress will look like.

  • lauren

    YAY im so happy!

    Celebrities in h’wood should take note-you don’t have to get married after knowing each other for only a few months*cough*Jessica Simspson*cough*

    but back to them YAYAYAYAYAY.Fan of the royal family or not,you can’t help but be happy for them-especially as her family are pretty working class(something the stupid snobby upperclass in england,don’t like,and frown upon)

    I wonder if their wedding will be as big and as extravagant as his parents.

  • newbie


  • ace11

    oh boy…she probably has no idea what she’s getting into with that royal family

    Im sure he will have at least 20 Lawyers drawing up a prenup, if there isn’t one already

    don’t think this one will work out

  • darla

    She seems more stronger and stable than The diseased Princess.
    I have no dibs with Princess Diana but William is taking a much more non traditional route in choosing the next queen of England. I’m glad that he’s not into pre arrange marriage, or just marrying- your- own- kind type of thing.Kate Middleton seems like a nice girl. I guess now she will be in the same shoes as Dianna within the next couple of months as Dianna’s before her actual wedding how will she fair.?

  • Mariposa2007

    i hate that he proposed in the location where his ex lives and where he’d go to get away from Kate to be with another woman….tsk tsk

  • Orchid

    William has given Kate his mother’s ring. I look forward to seeing her wedding dress.

  • darla


    Maybe when your a member of a royal family you’ll see differently.
    Do you think that just because they are royalty they live in a fairytale lives.Your comment makes you looks so ignorant and out of touch
    it takes a Disney royal princess story to be a real Princess. It takes Blood, guts and iron will to be one. The Current Queen can’t last this long in her reign if she behaves and succumbed to her emotion every step of the way. The British Monarchy will not last that long.

  • blair

    Congrats to Kate & Wills!!!! Hope they will be very happy!

  • ihateph

    About time. I was worried that william and harry would throw away the whole royal family tradition. totally get wanted to have fun and be with right person but its definitely a relief that he has decided to be who he’s meant to be. I really don’t think his father will get a chance to king it’ll probably fall right to prince willian. I wish them the best

  • yassss

    who gives a f-ck?!!

  • helen

    hey ace11, pre-nups have no legal standing in the UK. I think she’s probably more than aware of what’s she’s getting into!

  • Anastasia

    Congratulations to them both!
    Wow,it;s going to be the wedding of the decade if not the century..
    they are a very beautiful couple and i am sure they’re going to live a happy life together..I am wondering what her wedding dress will look like but i guess it doesn’t really matter cause whatever she’d be wearing she’ll look amazing,she is a really pretty woman.
    What a huge change for her,eh?from just another girl from Britain she’s going to be married to Britain’s next king!!

  • zzzz

    Beautiful couple, and they had the sense to wait until they had matured a bit and fully understand what they’re doing. Can’t wait to see this wedding!

  • Elton John

    Hope their marriage will work out, at least nobody knows what the future is but I’m wishing them happiness and long life. Good relationship and healthy children. Congratulations!

  • Michele

    I wish them both well. Kate has withstood the glare of being with a “royal” for years.. she will be just fine. I like them together and hope they will be very happy (whatever their definition of happy may be).

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Not as beautiful or exciting than Diana – who could be? But she is pretty and seems quite normal. Hope kids look like Diana or Kate, not Charles and the bunch. WIndsor genes not so great. lol. Charles’s ears? lol. Congrats to the couple. Wonder who will design the dress?

  • Annie

    Beige, balding, boring, tenhead….perhaps he’s a pod person like Bosworth?

  • From Paris with Love

    Not exciting at all. They’ve been a couple forever, he has already cheated on her, they have already split in the past… What a fairy tale NOT

  • ace11

    his mother slept with everything in tight pants when she was alive

    hopefully, Kate doesn’t turn into her

  • Butter_Fly

    I just hope his marriage doesn’t end up like his parents. It’s definitely going to be crazy for them with all the media hounding them, it’s going to be worse after they are married. I wish they (paps) would just back off.

  • Allie

    Wish all the hapiness for them!

  • marie

    Im guessing somewhere Jessica Simpson is sulking about this ROYAL announcement. Her team should have known this would be announced soon and now she follows in the shadow. And FYI to Jessica to NOT try to outdo the Kate/ William wedding for PR because no matter what you do it will look flashy and try-hard in comparison to the Royals and this is a wedding MILLIONS have been waiting for, including the Queen since Diana and Charles and esp. since her death. I wish them both the very best and hope the family has learned from past (tragic) mistakes with Diana and Fergie.

  • voe

    @ace11: And his father wished to be an old hag’s tampon. Hopefully he won’t turn into his father.


  • Halli

    There will be no peace for these two. The press will be just more hungry to take them down the second they marry.

  • Coeur

    It seems like the world suddenly stopped…Who gives a rats azsz wtff. I’ll give them 1 year and 7 months and then all he** will break loose watch.

  • Rose

    I think its great news, and the whole interview not just this two minute snip that was shown over here tonight was really sweet. They are obviously in love and I fell a little for him tonight especially when he talked about waiting so long to do it to give her and her family time to see what their lives would be like, giving her the time to back out. Princess Diana always wanted her two boys to be more normal, to have the happiness she didnt and William obviously has found it.

  • boston61

    She looks old enough to be his mother.

  • Manny

    Well done William. Great genuine girl. Your mother’s ring couldn’t have a more appropriate recipient. Congratulations!

  • Marieme

    Kate is pure class and beauty just like Diana. I am so happy to see them both so happy. It’s clear they are a sweet, mature and caring couple. No doubt his mother is sending her blessings to them both. What delightful news!

  • Susan

    Congratulations William and Kate!

  • mimi78

    Cautionary tales, kids! Both of them must be aware of cautionary tales. I hope so.

  • anon

    That ring is so ugly and big, sorry, I know it was D’s but that doesn’t make it any better, really.

  • anon

    That ring is so ugly and big, sorry, I know it was D’s but that doesn’t make it any better, really.

  • jules

    awww, congrats…they seem like a very well-suited match. she’s beautiful and classy.

  • lonely

    Congrats!!! Some good girls have luck there are others that dont. I cant say anything against Kate because I like her

  • luvd80s2

    I have a question, is It true that he will be King of England but she will stay a princess and not Queen because she is not of royal blood line? just wondering so if anyone has the correct answer can you reply. Thanks.

  • yes, she’ll be queen

    As long as he becomes king.

  • Congratulations!

    Kate is beautiful and William would be quite handsome if it wasn’t for his receding hairline. Too bad he inherited that from his father (and grandfather). Hope in all other important ways he’s like his mother and NOT Charles.

  • Mr. Giggles

    And about time too some might say
    Well done Wills

  • luvd80s2

    @yes, she’ll be queen: Thanks for the reply! Congrats to the happy couple!

  • fashionista

    Love this couple. They are a mature and been around the block a couple of times. This makes a big and better difference in how they see the world and how the world sees them.

  • Ginger

    I’m happy for the both of them… It’s great she wasn’t this young little girl. And it’s good he is marrying Kate that he’s been with for a while. I would hate for him to regret it like Prince Charles did to Diana…

    Anyhow, Prince William and Kate are going to have beautiful kids!!! I hope a few of their kids have blue eyes too!

  • yep

    i am so happy for them. this just made we want to cry for Princess Di though. it was so sweet!!!!!! she would be so proud….

  • http://ww Rippary

    Waity Waity Kate finally got the deal!!! Prince proposed her in a premise of his ex(the girl was prettier and cleverer than this Kate) , and gave her the ring of Prince Charles gave to Diana (less important one than his granma’s which was gone to Camilla) This gonna exciting in a whole new way!!! Huge congrat……lol!!!

  • Goodluck

    Good luck to them both it should be an amazing time for time right now.
    Good Story.

  • truth


  • Mercedes Wellington

    A bit distressing to find Kate telling a whopper in her first interview. She states she didn’t have a poster on her wall of Wills when her roomate of four years saw it every day for the same length of time.
    Will she be the first royal with Jewish bloodlines?

  • tiredbrit

    Soooo tired of this already……………….. They already look like a middle aged couple, especially Kate.. or is that Catherine.

  • french

    Kate seems to care more about to become a princess than about William. I would prefer to see William with someone who is prettier and with someone who love him not because he is a prince.