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Halle Berry: Popcorn Orgasm on Leno!

Halle Berry: Popcorn Orgasm on Leno!

Halle Berry takes a stroll with her daughter Nahla on Thursday (December 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno later that night to promote her new movie Frankie & Alice.

The discussion turned to Garrett’s Popcorn, which Halle called orgasmic!

Jay decided to egg her on by pouring the bucket full of popcorn into Halle‘s hands, to which she responded by making orgasm sounds. Ha!

Watch the interview below…

Halle Berry appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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halle berry popcorn orgasm on leno 03
halle berry popcorn orgasm on leno 04
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halle berry popcorn orgasm on leno 10
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  • marq

    Every time I blast NBC in general, I feel bad, because Jay Leno is an exception, he’s great. Leno Rocks. Just look what he brought out in Halle, with minimal props.

  • jane

    hahahahaha looved it!

  • bee

    My gosh i love Halle, what a great interview & that orgasm sound is the shiznit.

  • lol

    oh man look at this picture….does it not send anyone a message???? NAHLA is suffering….she looks so unhappy and all Halle is concerned about is her photo being taken and showing what a fool she made herself on Leno once again!!!!!

    Helen Mirren passed a comment and boy was it a SMACK in the face for stupid donkey Berry…

    Nahla is confused,disorientated and most of all not happy without her dad…He is her one and only grounding in this and the beginning of Nahlas suffering is taking its toll and its ONLY the beginning…Olivier would have made NAhla very very uncomfortable I bet..

    Halle Berry is an Idiot..PERIDO

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Nahla is adorable. She’s gonna be such a stunner!

  • Angie Voite

    I like her oh face

  • Dee

    Heh :) I love Jay.

  • kim

    I cannot believe that is a two year old.

  • shame…

    The little girl looks like she has issues.

  • Jon

    She is so corny!

  • Madhatter

    Pretty funny :)

    The popcorn company owners must be jumping up and down with GLEE!
    They couldn’t buy better publicity than this interview! Marketing goldmine Hilarious.

  • Maggie

    I have to agree here with “LOL” !!! Nahla looks frighten by the paparazzi and Berry is all smile for the cameras and couldn’t care less about what her daughter is probably going through. I also agree that Nahla looks waaaaaaay more comfortable with her Dad and is probably the closest thing she’ll ever have to reality. Because let’s face it, Berry is a mess and am I the only who start to think that it is weird that Oliver is now living in LA after knowing the chick what 3 months ? And he’s been in LA what a month ? That would mean he moved out here literally after knowing her 2 months !!! Wow I smell opportunist here !!!!!!!!!!

  • Leno Rocks

    Leno fans you have to go to and watch this video. It is hilarious.

  • Cool down

    To LOL and Maggie: I rarely comment on boards like this but man…some of your comments are just awful. How can you judge Halle or Gabriel for that matter as parents when you know nothing about them. Even if you’re anonymous on this board your comments are still hurtful. These pictures are taken out of context, we don’t know what happened before this or even outside of the frames of these pictures.

    We don’t know why Nahla seems frightened or sad. If you’ve ever been around a child you know that they can get scared over the silliest things…but she’s in her mothers arms being comforted. I’m not a mother myself but I would think that it’s better for the child if the mother is smiling and telling her there’s nothing to be afraid of, rather than if her mother became upset herself. I think that would have been much more confusing for Nahla.

    I wish people would think a little bit more before they say or write things. Judging someone elses parenting is probably the most delicate thing you can do. Why not judge the photographers instead? Their presence is not a natural order of things, they are individuals who have a choice about how close they get to a child…and especially when they see that it’s scaring and confusing her. Why did they not choose to back off? The photographers only care about their paychecks and take no responsibility for their actions. Don’t they have families themselves? Don’t they have responsibility for their actions?

  • Thank you!

    @Cool down: Thank you! It’s the same folks who post the same crap over and over again as multiple posters. The kid’s three years old. I am sure both are very good parents no matter what bs posters and gossip tabloids want make up.

  • Annie

    I cannot stand this fake a%^ chick….

  • van

    @Maggie: Maggie not sure about the Nahla thing but you are so dead on with what you said about Olivier. If one of my best friends met a guy and 2-3 months later they are living together we would be staging an intervention. Lets not forget that the 12 year old girl who’s mother was killed by her 32 yr old boyfriend and just found safely met him on line in the summer and he moved in with her shortly after. And yes it was stated in people that Halle introduced Olivier to her mother and Nahla shortly after he came to La in October. And I don’t believe for one second he has been staying in a hotel all of this time. Saw pics of him when he got here going to her house with all of his luggage in tow.

  • jimmy19


  • john

    I saw Halle on Jay Leno and all of you are just hating!!! Her “orgasm” was funny and entertaining. It was appropriate and not over the top. She’s an actress!!! That is what she does. You all need to stop negativity and get a life.

  • They’re not living together

    @van: Van, LOL/Maggie–they’re not living together. He has his own place that he uses when he’s in LA and keeps his motorcycle and Aston-Martin car there.Know from old photos of his other trips to LA.

    He was not with his luggage in tow, he had a small bag and a plastic with him as they were going to Halle’s Malibu Beach House, while Gabe had Nahla. He’ not around Nahla that often–and can’t believe you are naiive to believe the crap about meeting Halle’s mother. He may have, but who hasn’t.

    Btw this relationship is as fake as hers with Aubry’s was and Aubry’s brief bearded fling with Kim Kardashian.

    Olivier’s around only because of a Halle’s Oscar run and their movie coming out. Know for a known fact they’re not together as much as folks think.

  • felicity

    Halle Berry is an excellent actress. Her performance on the Jay Leno Show was entertaining and tasteful. It would do you all well to find a better use of your time than to spread negativity on the internet about individuals who you do not know.

  • Halle asks Santa ….

    Clip backstage of Halle asking a trip to Paris for Christmas or New Years’
    –lol –like she can’t afford it? Guess they may not be spending the Holidays together? One think is for sure, if she goes, he’s not paying for it.

  • eric

    Halle is so Hot! And not only is she a babe, but she is a riot! I never questioned her acting ability, but her performance on the Jay Leno show made me a fan for life!!! She rocks!

  • eric

    @jimmy19: You don’t know Halle or anyone affiliated with her. What is your problem???!!! Find a better use of your time than writing lies about Halle Berry on the internet. Dude, get a life!!

  • kiki

    @Maggie: Maggie, stop wasting everyone’s time with useless and senseless commentary about Halle Berry. Do you know Halle? Do you know her boyfriend? Are you privy to the details of their relationship? Do you know how she cares for her child? I am sure that you don’t know any of these things and it isn’t anyone’s business anyway. So, Maggie, why don’t you mind your own business and stop spreading garbage about people who you don’t know!!!! And you seem to have some underlying hostility and it might be a good idea for you to deal with that.

  • rebecca

    Halle was wonderful on Jay Leno!!! I know that she is a fabulous actress, but she is totally funny too! I haven’t really seen that side of her before. She’s awesome and she looks great.

  • The B is Back

    You idiot….these thugs as PAPS are outside taking pictures of a child and you blame her mother??? Where do you idiots come from.? Papaparzzi can make a decision to be decent and rarely if ever do they choose to…Why not put your brain in gear and suggest that those Aholes simply not take pictures of this child? Nah, you want to talk smack about Halle…..Angelina Jolie just said that there should be a law that requires these creeps to say a certain distance away from children. …They can literally walk within ten feet or closer and they yell things at Halle, and the child …to get the kids attention…

    I get so tired of neanderthals like you sitting on your butt talking smack about the mother and never considering the abberant behavior of grownA men standing around harrassing a child….get real

  • The B is Back

    @shame…: Yeah, she has a problem…AHole paparazzi in her face everytime she walks out of a door with her mother or her father….otherwise she would probably have no other problems than other 2 year olds…And its because Aholes like you who cruise entertainment mags, that these Aholes hussle children for pictures…so you can then make dumbA statements about them having problems…when are you idiots gonna place the blame on the people who deserve it. Are you saying if Halle walked out of that same door at the same time doing the same thing, EXCEPT WITHOUT AHOLE PAPS HASSLING HER AND HER CHILD YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE STUPID STATEMENTS ABOUT THIS CHILD? NAH, SOMEBODY HAS TO GIVE YOU ACCESS TO THEIR LIVES…SO YOU CAN TALK BS

  • The B is Back

    @Maggie: yOU DAMN IDIOTS…Angelina did the same thing the other day and explained…that this neanderthal ripoff PAPS can scare the kids and because they have no power to keep these Aholes from stepping in very close to their cfhildren to take pictures and because they can call out anything they want to the kids, She and Brad smile and act as though it isn’t scary and the kids shouldn’t be afraid when the last thing they want to do….Are you people that stupid that you haven’t a clue that these paps behave just like you…calling celebrities names and baiting them in from of their kids to get a picture? Geez

  • The B is Back

    @lol: LOL…how would you know what she likes or dislikes? Stop the sucking on Halle’s life to try and breathe life into your abysmal stalker existence. You guys sit on your fat butts and look at still photos and behave like you know what celebrities are doing in their lives? Puleeze if you had a life worth living, you would hardly be on here pimping Halle’s life.

  • The B is Back

    @van: Are you people from Mt. Olympus or just so butt ugly that you could find a man or woman to date you in 2-3 months or ten years. Do any of you read this crap back and hear yourselves..

    Don’t know how many of you are racists bigots, self haters who need someone else to hate or just sick wannabees…but yall are some sad silly puppies who come here to talk smack about a woman you do not know .Do any of you understand that you do not know this woman, her child or any of the people in her life? Yet you come on here to talk about her life as though you’re not looking at still photos taken by the same type of people as you are…pimps trying to suck the life out of Halle’s life to make yourselves feel better about your own existence.
    Well, it won’t help your life will still smell like shiate !

  • The B is Back

    @Annie: Annie Fannie, you are a lyingB…you are on this site every day pimping Halle’s life….just another sick biatch with no life trying to make yourself feel better talking smack about Halle.

  • The B is Back

    @Halle asks Santa ….: What would you know? Do you think actors only act to make their income? He has a very lucrative contract with Chanel. What I love about you celebrity obsessors/ who get online to pimp celebrities lives by saying nasty things about them when we all know you don’t know them and depending on what a sickA you are…you end up talking trash about her daughter and the people in her life when you have no mucking life of your own. Take your meds, get your fat butt out of that chair and get off the computer…and take a damn bath!

  • The B is Back

    It is always confusing to find a group of people who come online to this site in particular… for the purpose of saying cruel and nasty things about a woman and her life …a life that they only know from magazines, movies, television, video clips and still photos. Just think about the psychology of the people who do this? You ask yourself, what is their problem? Why are they pimping this woman’s life? You can only come to the conclusion that they part of this subset of people who simply live in their houses, no life, no friends, and the only entertainment they have is to attach themselves to a celebrity about whom they have become so obsesssed, that they begin to believe they actually know something about the life of this celebrity. When, really, they are only pathological obssessive neurotic lonely people with no one of importance in their lives. Or better yet, they are probably NOT important to anyone else. They haven’t the social skills or perhaps even the intellect to change their lives. So it becomes this hateful existence, where they say things about the celebrity, that they really feel about themselves. They are underachieving unhappy incivil wannabees. And guess what guys, every time you come on here snarking at Halle, you reinforce the reality that you are probably gonna remain losers the rest of your lives. Works for me!

  • B can’t you tell a joke ?

    @The B is Back: B/Beetlejuice/and the many other names you go by….the post was meant as a joke not as a hate message. Don’t be so quick to judge, not hating. Do you even see the clip? It was Halle having fun with Santa, asking him for a trip to Paris for the holidays. Again, was joking.

  • aguing/defending not research

    @The B is Back: Arguing with these idiots and defending Halle is not gathering research for your book with your experience in the industry 30+ years ago.



  • correction 27-34

    @NUTCASEH: Our resident NUTCASE made comments 27-34. If you read closely 35 & 36 were done by someone else.

  • Nutcase alert

    @NUTCASEH: Not Halle, ex or current co-worker. Some whacko who claims she’s a former AA actress who left Hollywood 30 years ago is supposedly gathering research for some book. 27-34 comments is nothing, on another recent thread she did 15 or so post. Seriously, not Halle.

  • Danielle

    Actually I think the same… Nahla looks so Unhappy, I used to love Halle but I don’t have the good impression of her anymore

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @lol: your mother wants to know why you never visit her at the home?

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @Nutcase alert: @Nutcase alert:

    How odd is your priority….people who come on here and say the most vitriolic things about Halle Berry without knowing her…. and you cruise by that crap but, me, who decides to challenge you Aholes…you choose to whine about:)) I love it, glad I got your attention…but the name isn’t nut case…this week its Skippyjjonjones! By the way I am not a AA actress from 30 years ago, but I am happy you were busy reading…so does your kittyboy whine,,mean you want to me write more or less? As if I care…tootles

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @NUTCASEH: Remedial classes for the obviously dumb. You people mistake Halle Berry for yourselves…she has a life…my goodness, do you really believe someone like Halle would be on this damn website fishing for your stupidity? No wonder you do what you do, no sense of reality. Do you actually think celebrities, don’t know there are nut cases like you?
    And you actually think they come online to read this shiate? please you can’t be that stupid? Even I thought you were smarter than that.

    No honey this is not Halle Berry……you poor silly ignorantA

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @Danielle: Odd,
    your impression of Halle comes from still photographs, the silly Aholes talking smack on this forum, entertainment magazines…what value is your impression that is not based on any real contact with human being. Are you people this needy? Oh my goodness gracious. You have such awful lives you spend your time making up things about celebrities so you can comment on their lives?

    whoa…this is got to be America’s bottom scrappers. any functioning IQ’s?

  • Skippyjonjones aka skippito

    @aguing/defending not research: Duh!! tell me something I don’t know

  • what abt this?
  • attack not challenge

    @Skippyjonjones aka skippito: you attack not challenge or try to dialogue in most cases.


    @attack not challenge:

    Wait!, you are honestly suggesting that the the ad hominem attacks on Ms. Berry by these people are worthy of some type of serious considered dialogue? What society were you raised in? These neanderthals spew vitriol and hatered at every aspect of this woman’s life and they deserved to be taken seriously?
    Sorry I am not doing remedial life programs for the seriously ill mannered and desperately jealous. That’s another program run by someone who has the patience to raise other people’s grown children.


    Bravo and Congratulations, Halle Berry on your Golden Globe nomination! The best revenge is to live well and be as excellent as possible in all your efforts.!

    I know Ms. Berry’s accomplishments only infuriate the haters, but it feels good to say I told you so!:))