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Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' with Mom Tish!

Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' with Mom Tish!

Miley Cyrus walks to the set of her film So Undercover side by side with her mom Tish Cyrus on Tuesday (December 14) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 18-year-old entertainer’s mom, who is serving as a producer on the flick, just flew in to check up on her daughter as well as the production.

The day before, Miley was all smiles as she headed to set despite the controversy of the recent video that leaked of her smoking from a bong.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus being visited by mom…

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Photos: INFdaily, GSI Media
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40 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' with Mom Tish!”

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  1. 26
    ..... Says:

    When will people realize that Miley never has, nor ever will have authoritative parents in her life? Her parents don’t give a crap about what she does. The only reason apologies came before was because she was tied to Disney and had parents and parent groups on their asses at all times of every day. Also, because she was a minor.

    She’s technically an adult and what she was smoking was supposedly legal. Billy Ray attempted an apology and while they may be somewhat disappointed, it won’t result in any sort of punishment or anything. She’s had no direction, no one’s ever said “no” to her. She’s worth millions, she’s the famous one and her parents, who act more like bratty children, ride her sh!t. Her dad is a bumbling idiot, and her mother’s a wh*re. Why does anyone expect her to be mature and make good decisions in her life when she’s had THOSE people supposedly “raising” her?!

  2. 27
    Lynn 1951 Says:

    Please, I had a child and was pregnant with my second by the time I was Miley’s age (and no I did not have to get married, my son was born 10 months and 7 days after I got married).

    In the life she has led and her parents situation now, it is to be expected that she is behaving way beyond her years. Hopefully she will settle down and be alright. Stop gloating, gossiping and hoping for a trainwreck; you may be better for it.

  3. 28
    K Says:

    All people need to leave Miley alone. Im 17 going on 18 and I have been a fan of Miley since forever. Miley is not that 12 year old girl that we first grew to be a fan of on Hannah Montana. Parents if Miley Cyrus has influenced your child instead of you, you have been a bad parent. Parents if what you think Miley is doing is so inappropiate dont let your children watch her on television. Miley is no longer a part of Disney. I think that is why people criticize her every move because people still see her as Hannah Montana.

  4. 29
    mariah Says:

    do young girls try to act like their parents/teachers/others who are potentially much better role models than celebrities? Get real, Americans place so much emphasis on the media it’s almost expected that teen celebrities practically raise children. Is it fair to young celebrities? Absolutlely not. Is it sad that many parents don’t even pay attention to what their children do anymore and allow them to idolize people who barely know who they are themselves? Very. Howwever, that’s the situation we’re in and celebrities best realize that.

    And ik what Miley did is legal, but does that make it okay?

  5. 30
    Warren Says:

    @Chris: R U kidding? To a celeb IMAGE is everything. Why do you think there was an apology for the Vanty Fair pictures and later an apology for other things from Miley herself that sometimes she makes mistakes? And why did her peeps try to cover up the bong video? A lot of stars have fallen because they pissed off their fans even with just a political or religious view. I will always love Miley, but I know for a fact that she lost tons of fans just 4 being too sexy. And I love that Miley always sings live and what kind of person would get mad if she has an off day? I don’t remember anything that bad with her singing ever and I was at the concert where she got sick.

  6. 31
    emilie Says:

    It seems like her mum would rather be a friend to Miley than an actual mother.
    I wouldn’t be laughing and smiling if i found out my daughter was doing drugs.
    Her mum and dad should get their **** together.

  7. 32
    ..... Says:

    @Molly: you’re an idiot for not being able to differentiate between “their” and “they’re.” oh, and miley’s an ugly sl-t. truth hurts, moron. :)

  8. 33
    Afysel Says:

    @brenda: you are so right,parents dont want to help their kids but leave it to actors.parents are supposed to be role models to their children..i love miley but am not mad ‘cos she’s human,and her smoking dosent mean she’s a bad person,wonder why someone would hate someone they have never met..just goes to show how much hate you have in your life..what a pity

  9. 34
    Jenna Says:

    Here come the new Lohans! Dad is a douche, mom is a ****, and Miley is a product of both.

  10. 35
    Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!! Says:

    Burn mily cyrus

  11. 36
    Maximum Miley Says:

    Thanks for the nice post on Miley., she looks amazing and beautiful.
    People need to get over the bong video, that is something the public should have never seen and due to the age we live in and her stupid friends it was made public. Miley is human , she made a mistake, haters need to get over her and find something else to do with their time.
    Parents can’t depend on celebrities to show their children how to live.rather than worry about what Miley is doing, do something positive with your life..If you are a fan , that is one thing but haters have no need to read or comment about her. Miley never claimed to be perfect, she will come through all the stupid controversy a better person for it. Miley gives Millions to charity ea, not to mention the time she donates to it as wel. she does a hell of a lot more positive than negative. People need to back off Miley (the media included) she is only 18, she is is learning as she grows as we all do. Anyways , anybody who would want to try Salvia after seeing her do it needs serious help. the media made the point it is not illegal (which is ridiculous) she would have been better off if it was weed. I love Miley and her family, people should give them some space during these hard times for them.

  12. 37
    laverdadduele Says:

    Every time you see a screwed up kid, take look at the parents. It all starts at home.

  13. 38
    Wendy Says:

    Can you say Dina Lohan? Version 2….

  14. 39
    Krystle Says:


  15. 40
    anónimo Says:


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