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Vanessa Hudgens: Another Workout with Stella

Vanessa Hudgens: Another Workout with Stella

Vanessa Hudgens wears her support for Stand Up to Cancer by wearing a SU2C cap while leaving a gym on Friday (December 24) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress covered up her face after working out with her younger sister Stella, just like she did earlier this week.

On Thursday, Van also stopped by her parents’ house after grabbing lunch at Burbank Fireplace and BBQ. She also did some last-minute Christmas shopping at Barneys New York.

For more pics of Vanessa out and about, visit!

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Photos: Flynet
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  • annie1st

    whaaa, they both look good…sister time! ^_____^, enjoy your holiday nessa, love you ..

  • Dede

    Vanessa and Stella both look great!
    I love that they are having sister bonding time :)
    Merry Christmas to the Hudgens family

  • Rahz

    Van..? Really?

  • mike

    love her

  • go sox

    Always so great to see celebs with their families for the holidays! Vanessa and Stella are so cute together…..two peas in a pod! Hope they have a wonderful Christmas, and the same to everyone here!!

  • yummynugget

    Ain’t nobody care about these skank hos! Slow news day, I guess.

  • lauren

    the only reason why she’s on justjared is because of her and zac breaking up.

  • Amy

    @lauren: shut up

  • santa

    Nice bootie :p

  • Vanessa Fan

    Ummm she does not need Zac to be on Just Jared she has 3 movies coming out, and has done a lot of other work. I get tired of people thinking that she is not relevant unless she is dating Zac. How would you feel if it were you out there trying to live your dream but more people cared about who you were dating then what you were trying to accomplish. She may not have as much work out there as Zac does but she is going in the right direction and developing her craft, and picking the right projects to do. That is more then I can say for most, and she’s not out there boozing it up, or doing drugs. I personally no longer think at all that her and Zac are dating, and I am not as much of a fan of him or his work as much as I am hers. I admire her most for being a very strong woman even though she has to put up with paparazzi in her face coming out of a gym with her sister couple days in a row, or people spreading rumors and gossip about her that is not verified, and people being angry and jealous because she was dating Zac, or judging her for a mistake she made years ago. How many people in Hollywood her age who have been dating the same guy for five years? She is not out there putting him down, or selling their break-up story to the press. She minds her own business and stays classy. Kudos to her for keeping it real. The last couple of nights shes been with family or Ashley Tisdale and not with Zac so that makes me also believe they are not together but I hope they both do well in their career, and not let the media, or trying to be ‘cool’ change who they are. I think it is slowly making Zac different, but Vanessa is a true blue genuine girl someone you can hang with and feel safe that she is trustworthy. Merry Christmas Vanessa to you and your family!

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    Vanessa looks so Fabulous and Gorgeous in these pictures.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever


    Shut Up This is a Vanessa Thread Not a Zac Thread Stop being up Zac’s Name in this Thread.

  • yuri

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • annie1st


    i know this will come, but she never ask any gossip site to report her, and so far she and her team remain quite, there’s no word from them about anything around…sooo are you being relevant with that, when zac’s rep try hard to clean his image by reporting his hair charity lol

  • lauren

    apparently i cant say what i want on here because i’m going to get bitched at. wow.

  • lauren

    apparently i cant say what i want on here because i’m going to get bitched at. wow.

  • pop86

    They look great.

    Merry Christmas to everyone

  • jk

    Both girls are so beautiful

  • Haters Suck!

    you bitch at people all the time and tell fans constantly to shut the hell up so save it.

  • go sox

    @Vanessa Fan: Wow. I love that. Thank you for saying exactly what is in the hearts of Vanessa’s fans.

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa and stella are both beautiful. ♥

  • kami

    @Vanessa Fan:

    fyi, zac is in slo with his family for christmas. he was seen at a play near his home last night. he always spends christmas with is family. and vanessa with hers.


    love her

  • annie1st

    just admit it, they broke up or break or whatever separate called, and thats not the end of the world and both doing fine, end case….

    she’s single lady now

    paps leave nessa alone…!!

  • Charima jecson
  • scared?

    Vanessa sure is scared to show her face without makeup. Silly and vain.

  • florence

    @scared?: It’s not that but if you were just going about your buisness and having a day with your sister would you like a camera in your face snapping every move you made, I know3 I would’nt. She’s not promoting anything she’s spending time with her sister end of.

    She’ll have enough cameras in her face and interviews to do in ther new year so she deserves some down time like anyone else does and it’s xmas.

  • florence

    @kami: And no doubt getting pat’s on the back from all his mate’s who told him he should be bathing in women and not sticking with the same one, bet he’s already hooked up with someone after all someone from his hometown the press would’nt be interested and it could be kept very quiet.-

  • Karen

    annie 1st:
    CLEAN UP HIS IMAGE???? That is so totally UNJUSTIFIED. I think it is time some things are down in black and white. I love BOTH Vanessa and Zac and I don’t want to hear crap about either of them. There are unproven rumors about both and yet it would seem that the Vanessa-only fans think that all the ugly rumors about Zac are true but ugly rumors about Vanessas are without doubt false. Here’s the thing:

    1. NO PROOF they are completely done and kaput. Even the person who first reported this says they would probably get back together so that pretty much says there is more to this than meets the eye—possibly there was a fight which all couples DO from time to time.

    2 NO PROOF that Zac broke up with Vanessa and broke her heart. As a matter of fact Vanessa says with thumbs up “we’re good”—so are we saying Vanessa is lying? She doesn’t look devastated.

    3. NO PROOF that Vanessa didn’t break up with Zac and now he is devastated. There are rumors of Vanessa putting the breaks on the relationship because she wasn’t ready to settle down yet.

    4. NO PROOF IF a break up did occur that it wasn’t mutual.

    5. NO PROOF to the rumors that Zac was having any kind of untowards relationship with his costar—even most of the media bringing that subject up has debunked it as FALSE.

    6. More than one source/tweet/whatever reported seeing them together shopping the same DAY he returned from NO. Don’t a few red flags shoot up about that?

    7. There have been no more “sighting” because since THURSDAY he has been in SLO where his family live and where he has always been at this time of the year.

    I have a feeling if it was a definite and ending split the statement would have been more of the “they have decided to take different paths, they remain friends, and with all the best to each other”… not that they are “on break”. Also, I have a feeling they won’t be issing some statement of “We’re back on now”. People will simply see them together, period. They don’t owe us anything. It is not for us to know about their personal and private matters. I have a feeling they will live their lives the way they want. But IF people want Vanessa to be thought of in a fair and justified way then it is only fair Zac get the same . I don’t care if someone does not like Zac and likes Vanessa better, but let’s be fair.

  • ivanka

    nice to stay fit in xmas

  • http://@charlii172010 Charlii (zanessa Supporter)

    @lauren: Lauren she was on Just Jared WAY before she broke up with Zac, you need to change your attitude and stop posting about Zac on a Vanessa post

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Where vanessa??

  • Haters Suck!

    here’s the thing Karen, zac set himself up to be questioned if something like this ever happend with all the stunts he pulled in this relationship.
    He started off with that magazine shots with the naked model on top of him. He constantly in my opinion overly flirted with his co stars. He kissed Nikki on MTV and said he found the sex scenes with Amanda pleasurable. He was the first one to come out and say that he may never want to get married. I know what vanessa said after that but what was she supposed to say? He then made the remark about how he was in the relationship because it was “serving him”. Then came the remarks of him saying why he isn’t out playing the field and swimming in women. Then he heads to a strip club while promoting CSC. All those things raise red flags and I believe made it harder for people to give him the benefit in the doubt in a situation like this. I like them both to but I’ll admit that I do like Vanessa more. But I even defended zac when those stunts did occur. Your right there are all kinds of rumors out there and we don’t know what the truth is and maybe it’s not fair but I can at least see why people would question zac more.

  • Karen

    I think there are a few more things that should be taken into consideration and then we should let Vanessa’s threads be hers and Zac be his. Here is a running tab on what’s been going on the past 7 months:

    1. Early May: There’s the Nylon party for Vanessa where she is wearing the purple and Z&V are on the carpet together and cozy in the backseat of their car later
    2. 5/25: Get Him to the Greek premiere TOGETHER
    3. 5/26: The Wait List at UCLA
    4. Memorial Day weekend get-away with Ryan and Brittany.
    5. 6/9: Pictures of them where later we found out he had Poison Oak on his face as they were in V’s car.
    6. 6/3: MTV Awards with the KissCam and they were on the red carpet together.
    7. 6/17: Vanessa seen picking up clothes from her home and returning to Zac when he was in Hawaii getting his award and with brother.
    8, 7/4: At the beach for a party.
    9. 7/20: CSC Premiere arm in arm on carpet as if he wanted her to be part of it all and making it like a statement of “We’re in this together”.
    10. 7/30: With Vanessa during Rent Rehearsals
    11. 8/7-8-9: RENT—never missed a night and yelling he loved her
    12. 8/11: Details Magazine Party
    13. 8/18: In NYC watching Broadway play with Adam Shankman.
    14. 8/22-26: Maui Vacation-new rings exchanged.
    15. Zac off in September gushing about Vanessa everywhere he went for CSC promos even mentioning ring.
    16. Z &V together in NoLA a week before Zac’s birthday and a week before she started filming J2.
    17. In Las Vegas a little over two weeks later.
    18. 11/29: A little more than another 2 weeks we get the video from Hawaii’s Thanksgiving holiday where Zac didn’t just travel halfway between their 2 locations but traveled like 4000 miles to be with V. There were reports how romantic they were inside the restaurant just prior to them on the street kissing.

    And most of this time from about June Vanessa was living with Zac until they got back from Hawaii because her house was being worked on. And from the time they were staying at Zac’s they looked BLISSFULLY happy and particularly intimate on those red carpets.

    That kiss and embrace at Thanksgiving does not look like they are growing apart or tired of the relationship. So, it is quite hard to believe that LESS than TWO weeks they are totally through with a 5 year relationship. I think it is time for us to WAIT and see what happens and more than that to STOP making judgment calls about who and what and why.

  • saniya

    yeah u r totally right.I mean after seeing so much no one can doubt or question Zac’s love for V.Its really unfair.

    Honestly speaking I m still not sure abt that mall sighting.I want to believe it but i can’t coz the other ppl who saw Zac at mall only spotted him n not her.So Karen do u think the sighting was true coz i just saw 1 fb who mentioned them together?

  • Abby

    Merry xmass everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zanessa is a live everybody @Karen I love you everything you said is true!!!

  • Karen

    Haters Suck!
    I’m sorry, but when you say “all the stunts he’s pulled in the relationship” makes it sound like he has done things like be unfaithful and there has been no indication of that. Many things that people have gotten mad about was really because they didn’t want to see him as anything other than the Prince Charming type guy. They wanted too much to view both Z&V as only seeing each other in all way loving, intimate, and sexual. I have never cheated on my husband in nearly 27 years of marriage nor did I ever cheat on any guy I was involved with. BUT I certainly couldn’t notice some other sexy guy and that he was that way.

    The n*ude model may have been a way to make people notice he was more than a Disney actor but was it really a “stunt” that reduced the importance of his relationship with Vanessa? Did he ever say anything about the n*de model like “oooh lala?” Many an actor has done similar things—even ones in solid committed relationships. I don’t like nudity or think it is needed but this in Hollywood terms was not see as smutty. As a matter of fact in that interview he talks about how he had fallen in love…

    The stuff about being overly flirty with costars? I don’t see that in the least so that is a matter of opinion between people. Again, he has not acted any differently than any other on screen couple. Have you ever listened to people like Julia Roberts talk about her male costars? And she is a married woman with children. Everyone wants to build that up for the movie’s sake. People got mad at him saying nice things about Leslile Mann!!! That is just ridiculous. That type behaviour is just wanting him as this “perfect Ken doll” type persona. Did people REALLY think he had any notion towards Leslie except in a professional way? That just shows how touchy and critical people can be.

    The Nikki thing… this is a guy who was just starting out in a big movie producstion and trying to work hard to put all his effort into this job and PROVE himself. He really didn’t know what he was going to face. At the time he and Vanessa were tying to play up that they were friends. They didn’t want their relationship on the front page for all to see. The kiss came out of left field and clearly you can see he doesn’t know how to handle it or get out of it. But he even call Nikki “Tracey” the character’s name. But you notice, he learned fast and that kind of thing never happened again. So, he deserves to be cut some slack.

    The Amanda thing was he didn’t actually say it was Amanda he found having sex scenes with that were pleasuable—and I hate how everyone talks about “sex scenes” as I believe when the question came up it was “love” scenes, etc. BUT the thing is the question was about if he thought THOSE TYPE SCENES were hard to do or uncomfortable and he said he found them pleasurable IN GENERAL— not because they were with Amanda—no offense meant to Amanda. I have heard over many years other actors and actresses say they like love—sex—scenes. That doesn’t make them dogs or all the bad things people think about.

    With the question about “swimming in p…y” he was obviously shocked by the question and insinuation that Zac was just trying his best to be factual and not withdraw from the question. The interviewer also admitted to having a little too much to drink when asking Zac this. But Zac pointed out how THAT kind of thing wasn’t in his heart. If people would care to really look at this young man it is clear he isn’t interested in running with every woman. From an early age before he was a big name he said he would like to find one girl and STICK with her. He’s interested in committment—perhaps not marriage at his age—but he wants something that is REAL and definite and secure. He knows he is laughed at for not running around with his zipper down. SOOO, it seems to me that some are trying hard to sell him as that and sometimes women tend to believe that of all men anyway.

    The “serving me well” was most likely one of those things that could have been said better. Have you or I ever had anything come out of our mouth that once it was out it didn’t sound quite the way we wanted it to? But you and I don’t have to be scrutinized for everything we say. Half the world don’t judge us by everything we say. And I think he was saying “At the moment I am very happy so why would I want something else?” It is as simple as that. BUT some just won’t let it be simple. It has to be hard to be under a microscope with every world you said and then have judgment passed on you. And that is the way it is with Zac. No wonder some actors—I’m talking the likes of Al Pacino—who over the course of their career have refused to give interviews. No wonder young actors end up drinking too much or one drugs. THis kind os pressure would be unthinkable. People wanting you to be in THIER little box and if you go against it one iota then you are scum.

  • saniya

    Karen reply plz. I asked abt those sighting at mall.

  • Karen

    Lastly, VANESSA has always said Zac ALWAYS makes her happy and has her back. Those who want to say “what else could she say?” Are you serious? Unless she is some weakling she could say plenty and do plenty—maybe not int he public eye— but if there were not redeeming qualities then I think she could/would have kicke this horrible person to the curb. To me, what could she do/say holds no water. She doesn’t seem too willy-nilly to me.

    Also, it is all the scuddlebutt from “fans”—those who are just so quick to find fault in EVERY movement, facial expression, word, or deed EITHER of them do—that just might cause them to say “let’s take a break”. And it might not be that they are really taking a break from each other but trying to distance the fans from their relationship so they the public would believe they are not together right now. That way they would not have to be scrutinized as to where they go, who they see, or if they are on red carpets together or being seen with each other with any frequency. Because all these things cause so much publicity and put the spotlight on therm. They are busy trying to work on their careers and are supportive of each other.

    People must have fogotten the $$$$ he spent on her birthday last year or his support and glowing expectations from the CSC premiere of her upcoming performances in Rent. all people want to remember or talk about is what they don’t like.

  • Karen


    There were more than a couple tweets from people who saw them in the mall TOGETHER.

    Heck, even the situation caused ol’ Perez Hilton to mention it.

  • jazmin

    I really want her legs….wow.

    Thanks for posting

  • http://lala big fan of vanessa!

    both looks so great!!!
    love them always!!!

  • lalabub28

    you guys are intense… woo hoo! merry christmas anyway!

  • Karen


    I want to make one correction. It wasn’t on Perez’s site that made mention of them being seen together. It was another articl that I can’t put my fingers on at the moment.

  • maeli


  • Abby

    Why my comment not yet out,merry xmass everybody be happy!!!!!!!!!!!ho!!!!!!ho!!!!!! Ho!!!!!!!merry xmass and happy new years to all zanessa fan!!!!!! 2011 will gonna rock!!!!!!

  • yets

    Love the Sister bonding.

  • saniya

    Thanx Karen. Well it doesn’t matter if it was mentioned on Perez or some other site. Whats important for me is that sighting to be true.Thanx

  • nell

    not to be negative but i think they are not together. They both dont wear their rings now . And dont say that sometimes its ok for them to not wear rings because right after returning from Hawaii with new rings, they both wore them regularly and now since all this drama started they have stopped wearing so i really doubt them being together still.

  • Vanessa Fan

    And you have to all realize Zac and Vanessa have a lot of pressure to break up so they don’t get associated with the big mouse. Being single is more money and if he is getting hammered by the Kellan Lutz, or trying to emulate Leonardo, or the other heavy hitters who stay single forever like George Clooney the pressure could be on to be single. And if Vanessa is constantly slammed by the media and Zac fans and lovers and his buddies who say to him be single and he does not speak up she can get fed up with it. I doubt she would take a break with him to date others she had a few dates before she knows what it is like so that is a weak excuse the media made up to take the heat off Zac for a rumor no one knows is real . I have not read one reputable site say they heard from their reps. None of their reps would answer phone calls back enough said.