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Robin Thicke & Paula Patton: Shopping with Julian!

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton: Shopping with Julian!

Proud parents Robin Thicke and Paula Patton go out shopping with their son, Julian, on Tuesday (December 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The happy family made stops at Barneys New York and the Nike store before heading home.

Julian, 8 months, was born back in April. “He already has Robin’s voice, Paula’s sense of drama – he arrived a little early – and my hair. He’ll visit Kirkland Lake at the earliest opportunity,” grandpa Alan Thicke told ET Canada.

FYI: Robin and Paula are using their Bugaboo stroller!

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Zzz

    So handsome new baby just like her dad

  • psychic

    why is the baby blonde?

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Cute !cute !

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Cute son like his father!

  • Amazing

    The little boy like knox leon=>

  • Naya

    The spitting image of his grandpa Allan ! A cutie!!

  • Exactly like

    Omg the son so beautiful like Brangelina son

  • Jo

    the baby looks so white and the mother is black.

  • Happy Holidays

    Julian looks like Lisa Bonet’s son Wolf. Boris Becker’s son Amadeus and Charlie Woods. Beautiful little biracial boys. Robin is one of my favorite singers.

  • Happy Holidays

    Also Bronx Wentz. Pete’s baby boy is very blond too.

  • Fancy

    Jo, paula patton is only half black. Get it together!

  • dfgdfgreg

    the baby is blonde because paula is half white so she must carry the blonde gene.

  • Fancy

    Jo, paula patton is only half black.

  • Cheery

    People need to check their assumptions and keep their ignorance to themselves. I’m 1/4 black and was blonde until age 6 or 7. There’s nothing unusual about the baby’s hair color.

  • Cheery

    People need to check their assumptions/keep their ignorance to themselves. I’m 1/4 black and was blonde until age 6 or 7. There’s nothing unusual about the baby’s hair color.

  • Robert
  • XYZ

    Ugly nasty kid. Does he have the Down syndrome?

  • Fan Dicaprio

    But robret this picture identical more is Jayden james and knox beautiful like just her mom Ange

  • anon2

    Beautiful baby. The family looks happy and I like the name they chose…nice and normal.

  • XYZ


    Julian Fuego sounds like a normal name to u?

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    THAT is one GORGEOUS baby. Looks like a mixed Gerber baby. lol. GORGEOUS baby. One of my best friends has both parents black (dark) and she is blonde with green eyes! Genetics. Blacks parents can have a blonde kid – happens all the time. But not possible for White parents to have a kid that looks black – well, rare anyway. Recesive gene thing. Genetics! Very cool! But who cares, just a cute baby. Like Thandie Newton’s baby or if you google Victoria Rowell from Young and the Restless – same thing.

  • anna

    @Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan:

    Im sorry thats the milkman’s baby

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    I meant Victoria Rowell’s daughter. Anyway, Mr Thicke is HOT too.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    Anna: Check Garcelle Beauvais’ kids. (Although Garcelle is full black) but her twins are more “white” than black. Thandie Newton’s kids. Victoria Rowell’s daughter. Boris Becker as someone mentioned. Becauase Paula is part black and part white, her white genes for blonde and his recessive genes for blonde ended up on this baby. Genetics 101. There are famous studies on this. There was a couple in England who had twins: one blonde and one very dark. Mom was part black and dad blonde. Both twins came out each with a different recessive gene result. How I know: Several friends this happened to. Baby looks just like Mr Thicke Sr too.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    At end of day, on Christmas Day especially, let’s just focus on how beautiful the family is. Color SCHMOLOR. We all have the same color blood. Happy Holidays!

  • Katy

    Little Son like sleepy eye

  • gloriaad

    Why does the baby have blonde hair? Don’t tell me he also has blue eyes, what the hell? a black person and a white person cannot have a blonde hair child check Angie and Brad unless his wife is part white that’s the only way.

  • Josie

    He is so cute and chunky.

  • LaTanya

    @Glooriaad Yes Paula is bi-racial so it is possible for little Julian to have blonde hair!

  • Maya

    Will we ever get past the race issue? We all belong to the HUMAN race and are all descendants of God. Peace and Love. Happy Holidays!

  • Sharon

    Creeps like XYZ proves that racism is alive and bigger than ever. We will never be rid of people that hate people because of their color.
    Sad that so many people tolerate racist people.

  • Josie

    People have this notion that the white gene is so recesseive.
    Even with heidi klums and seals kids, if you look at color, their color is closer to white than black.
    I know half east african half white people who look completely white , just look at model katja shcheinka, her mother is somali black and her father is russian white. she looks 100% white.
    look at Victoria rowells daughter, she looks whiter than most white people yet her mother is half black.

  • Eyes w!de shut!

    Stop lying to yourselves people this baby is UGLYYYYY. Yes it does look like he has down syndrome. Two gorgeous people produced this?? woww

  • Boggie’94

    gloriaad you should have stayed awake in your biology class honey. Dear god you are Dumb its scary. My eyes are of a grayish/greenish color and I have have honey colored hair, not exactly blonde and my mom has very dark skin and my dads white. Thats very possible are you freaking kidding me??

  • Holly DaY

    Lovely couple.

    I surehope theyamke theirs last.Be unique and don’t do the Hollywood thing.

    For those in the don’t know, who are stupid, no just stoopid, Paula has one parents who is Black Amer. and one is White Amer. How much Black Amer is the Black Amer one too,we don’t know.
    The baby does not look like either one them.
    Hahaha,their babay looks like Gloria Loring!!
    Robin ‘s mom is Gloria Loring. Google her.
    Precious baby. Too curte for a boy as the saying goes..
    Sooo, amy their next one be a girl.

  • aliens

    umm who are these nobodys?

  • hyoid

    Such a cute baby!! n they look so happy, it’s endearing :-)

  • XYZ


    Yeah, I said that too. Plus that he’s ugly and looks like he has the Down syndrome. And they censored my comment, no wonder…

  • XYZ


    STFU and learn some real history and ull see who the racists truly are! Idiot!

  • J


    Get a life, you’re effing obsessed! How many comments have you made already? You’re seriously creepy, stay away from this beautiful family, i have a feeling you could be a stalker or something.
    It almost sounds like you’re angry at them for having a white looking blond baby who is cuter than your ugly offsprings.
    How miserable you must be to make hateful comments about a baby. Wow, just WOW. Karma is a b!tch though so watch your back..

  • Recky

    The little robin like britney little son

  • Annie

    @Holly DaY: Paula and Robin have been together since they were both 15. I recently heard a radio interview with them and they seem pretty stable. They’re a lovely couple and she told a few jokes about when they were in high school.

    Julian is a lovely kid. I won’t even touch all of this ridiculous biracial argument stuff.

  • joe

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  • joe

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