Top Stories's Most Popular Actors 2010's Most Popular Actors 2010

They’re some of the hottest guys on TV and the big screen and now they’ve also made our list of the most popular actors this year!

Did your favorite actors make‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back in the next two days to see who made our list of most popular actresses and the top 25 celebs of 2010!

10. Alex Pettyfer
9. Jude Law
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. Wentworth Miller

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actors of 2010!


5. Alexander Skarsgard
4. Gerard Butler
3. Robert Pattinson
2. Brad Pitt
1. Zac Efron

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actor in 2010?

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  • http://wentaddict wentaddict

    Wentworth did it! GREAT! And for all – he deserved it!!!!


    Most popular actors on JUST JARED you guys, not world-wide. Popularity covers the gamut of qualities and characteristics – good looks, talent, charisma, etc. Although I question the presence of some of them (Miller seems to have disappeared), you have to concede that all of them are attractive with a modicum of talent (if you are capable of objective observation, which most of you are not, Zac is actually a good actor) and have charisma and charm. These traits are what make them popular.
    I do think JJ overlooked Johnny Depp, who easily fits the bill.

  • ssl

    Wentworth is my most favoured actor.
    Glad that he is on the list.



  • Thuy

    Miller should be@ numba 1

  • appena

    I would love to see Charlie Hunnam on that list.
    He totally deserves it.

  • Clairedelune

    What is this?……. I think JJ’s demographic is under 21. JJ is the new Tiger Beat (on line version of course). James Franco? Chris Pine (hot!)? Shia? George Clooney? Danzel? C’mon….. Don’t trick us JJ

  • Perfection

    Congrats to all! My favorite is Wentworth Miller!

  • Raluca

    Ryan Reynolds!

  • Blaze & Ice

    Wentworth hasn’t been acting at all this whole year. He’s got more comments because of ppl wondering if he’s gay than for his acting!!!As an actor he’s been out of work this year so why is he on this list!!!

  • chris

    I don’t know if Zac realy deserves to be no.1 but I am glad that Wentworth is on the list….I am a huge fan….

  • 72 V

    So u Excommunicaded fangurls are aloud to comment on jared now!!! last time I checked you advised your members to only read jared.Cos its a trolls place LOL Now it is ok to suck up to jared. Hipocr…..

  • kris

    Alex f*cks me up

  • sukri_yusoff

    there is my list………….
    1. Bruce Willis
    2. Leonardo Dicaprio
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Jesse Eisenberg
    5. Andrew Garfield
    6. Jake Gyllenhaal
    7. James Franco
    8. Danzel Washington
    9. Chris Pine
    10. Tom Hardy

  • observation

    Could JJ have chosen a worse picture of Brad Pitt? Does he really look that bad?

  • the truth

    i would think think that you would have put hyden christense up there. while you posed him so much last month. Why idn’t you put hayden up there too. Is it becaus he don’t live in la?

  • Cammie


  • Shinoa

    Wentworth Miller is cute but he’s done nothing in 2010.
    Where are the BIG names?

  • azerty

    Wentworth Miller is on the list because his stoopid fangurls have been voting and re-voting for him.

    Check on their site Excommunicated, this vote is worthless!

  • carlos

    Two gay actors: EFRON and MILLER

    One Bisexual: GYLLENHAAL

    The others are straight.

    Good representation of all types of sexuality. Good list!

  • anwar

    For sure wentworth miller :D

  • jo

    Wentworth has a lot of fans in China and places where Prison break is like new stuff :D

  • Dasha

    Leo for sure, the best actor!

  • claire

    Gerry Butler makes my teeth sweat. He’s hot, hot, hot.

  • Emma Efron

    yay Zac is #1

  • Biljana Miller

    Wentworth Miller :)

  • anonymous

    HE IS MY TOP 1

  • overated.

    .. As much as I love Zac .. Leo should be #1. Inception was mind-blowing.

  • birdie

    @overated.: These are for posts that have the most comments on JJ. So, comment on your favorites posts next year. In the meantime yea for Zac, Robert, and Leo. Love those guys.

  • happy

    Wentworth Miller :)

  • Visual Presence

    Wentworth is very handsome, sexy, smart, great actor. I love all his characters. I’m his huge fan. Went is my hottest actor among the others!

  • lory

    yaaaaaaaaaay for alexander skarsgard he is my favorite <3

  • Tania

    Jude is not sexy, he is a nasty cheater!

  • josh

    @Visual Presence: Perfection AND Visual Presence,Mariana. Now that hes on a top list you cant stop but ehere were you when everyone were bringing him down.

  • chat noir

    Zac? (my eyes jumped out) who did make this list? his PR?

  • cava104

    Zac is butt ugly…my god…why do women evn like this rat face?????
    Jude and Brad are ral men…

  • Cruze Gal

    Luv ya work Wentworth <3

  • Visual Presence

    @josh: Bringing him down? A big LOL on that. Kisses to you!

  • bvlgari

    who is # 5 and #10 never heard of em :-/

  • josh

    @Visual Presence: Having trouble keeping up LOL imitating words from others aint helping, Sandy.

  • ana caroline

    zac, you really deserve that, congrats #1

  • Ghoolie

    We love our gay Wenty!

    Support Gay rights to marriage!

  • Paul Adams

    Wentworth Miller, no doubt !!!

  • Smell the roses

    @Ghoolie: Pull your hand out of your pants and calm down. Calling everyone gay will not get you laid or make you friends.

  • Chrissy

    #194 Unable to think for your self? Someone already said it on the last thread , smell your FAIL copycat!!!

  • RubiksCube

    @Smell the roses: Is that a two for one? I call a COS here.

  • Frog Legs for dinner

    So what? Your a nasty booger-eater. Take a hike, sweet pea, nobody cares about your hate, your hangups, and need to be noticed somewhere, anywhere.

  • Smell the roses

    @Chrissy: Pull your hand out of your pants and calm down, your embarrassing yourself.

  • Chrissy

    @ Smell the roses
    safe your pickup lines for someone who cares.

  • Smell the roses

    @Chrissy: Hand out of your pants, it’s not that hard.