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Christina Aguilera: Disneyland Birthday for Max!

Christina Aguilera: Disneyland Birthday for Max!

Christina Aguilera takes her adorable son Max to Disneyland to celebrate his 3rd birthday on Tuesday (January 11) in Anaheim, Calif.

Max, who turns three tomorrow (January 12), seemed to be having loads of fun as he posed for pictures with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck!

Last week, Christina went out for dinner with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler at Boa Steakhouse the day after her estranged husband Jordan Bratman moved out of their marital home.

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Photos: Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland
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  • ace11

    i hope Max’s father was there

    Jordan should sue this pig for full custody

    running off all over the globe with her new boy toy

    she should be ashamed

  • alison

    Cute Max is Cute

  • christinalover

    great pics. christina looks adorable as always and max is cute!!

  • laverdadduele

    I feel sorry for this kid, I really do. We don’t choose our parents, but he’s stuck with trash.

  • JB

    @ace11: YOU should be ashamed of yourself for passing harsh judgement on someone you don’t even know. You don’t know anything about Christina and Jordan relationship other than media crap you appear to enjoy feeding yourself with. Before judging the lives of people you don’t know and never will, have a hard look at yourself in the mirror.

  • JB

    To ace11:

    YOU should be ashamed of yourself, for passing harsh judgement on someone you don’t even know.
    Other than the media lies you appear to enjoy feeding yourself with, you don’t know anything about Christina and Jordan relationship.
    Before judging the lives of people you don’t know and never will, have a hard look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Stephen

    Find a happy place: HELP and FOLLOW Team GREY on Focus Rally America. #john&carolyn

  • LopezTonight

    Max & Xtina look really cute and happy!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    That was sweet of her!

  • 2 cute

    Max is such a cutie, he is lucky to have parents who put him first. He look so happy with his mom . Christina is a great mom, she look so happy to be with her son other than some people who look miserable when they are with their children.

  • love xtina

    omg she’s pretty
    and max is so cute

  • Jasmine

    Aww, just like his mama…ugly.

  • ace11

    @ JB

    what i do KNOW and is FACT is that she has been galavanting all over the map

    and IF she is pregnant which she probably is with her lovers child

    that’s real acceptable Morral behavior

    Good role model huh JB?

    should be Mother of the year?


  • Lilakoi Moon

    Aww how adorable =) I can’t believe he’s already 3! I remember the day he was born back in january 12th, 2008. How time flies. So many things have changed in my own personal life ugh. Where’s the time machine?! I think he’s cute.And Xtina is beautiful and has what lacks in this business, T-A-L-E-N-T…!

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Max is Cute!

  • BEN

    I wonder why Max wasn’t invited to Harlow Party???Christina reinvent your face!!!

  • brandon4113

    It’s funny how all these people claim to know christina.

    She wasn’t “Galavanting” all over the world. She was promoting her movie Burlesque. The camera’s only focus on her when she is on her off days hanging with matt. It seems like she’s ditching her son, but really she isn’t.

    She’s stated that every night, she calls max and sings to him and web cam chats with Jordan & Max before Max goes to bed.

    She honestly isn’t a bad mom at all. You hear about her maybe 2 times a week (her off days when she see’s matt). So it seems like she’s not with her son, but really they don’t post about the other 5 days of the week she really is with him.

    You cannot go by what the media says. Thats why many celebrities get mad.

    Image, you spend 5 days with your son (if you were a parent). You take him out, you play with him, you go shopping with him ect. Then on the weekend (or what ever two days off you have), you see your “lover”. Wouldn’t you be pissed if the media ONLY post’s about you with your “lover” and people start thinking your a bad mom because all these reports start stacking up.

    It’s all a mind trick done by the media.

    She is a great mom.

    AND this “galavanting” thing has only been going on for a little over a month. She’s about finished.

    She wasn’t going to drag max all over the world with her. Instead, she left him home with his father in his home where he can play, NOT in strange hotels all over the world.

    Leave Christina alone.

  • Mah BaBa

    This kids is so ugly

  • Chloe

    It must be sad when your mom looks more like a cartoon character than Mickey does !

  • Marieme

    Aaaaand of course she has to milk all the PR she can out of spending time with her son. She’s a boring cliche. Even Britney has more class than she does. Ska nk.

  • Rosario

    So adorable! :D

  • Caroline

    Aww adorable! Love Christina, she’s amazing :D

  • Audrey

    Both of them are adorable!!

  • Zoe

    People talk like they personally ‘know’ her, she wasn’t galvanting if you hadnt realised, she has a movie out and was promoting it, you dont need to be a genius to figure that out. But I guess with some of you haters you do. Christina is a great mum, she took 2 years off from her music because she wanted to spend a year or 2 being a mother to her son, now thats dedication and love. I dont see many other celebrity mums doing that, its like as soon as they have their baby they are back to work and thats normally when their kids grow up and end up on drugs and everything else. So you cant hate on somebody’s personal life when you dont even know them. So just leave Christina and her family alone and fyi Christina isn’t a fame whore like some you never really hear of her outside her music. Yeah she was in he public eye a lot when news broke about her divorce, but you didnt see her going onto chat shows or splashed on the cover on every magazine talking about it, thats a fame whore, so just get over yourselfs.

  • ERIC


  • dea.

    they are so cute! thanks god there isn’t the new christina’s boyfriend in that pics!

  • bill

    Christina is a working mom. She’s under contract to Sony Pictures to do these promotional tours and for Sony Pictures, RCA Records, as well as Christina’s and Cher’s music production companies there are there are millions of dollars at stake. Then she made two concert apearances where she made a reported one millions dollars just for the private party in France. She’s under an enormous amount of pressure on all sides. She has to deliver her music and art at consistantly high level to her fans and she has to deal with the critical eye of the press and movie critics. I admire her work ethic.

  • Lalalove


  • Bitch

    Some of yall are just losers… Tracking stories about her just to write nasty comments. Real high moral behavior for gossiping and passing judgments. Last I recalled the only ones we have to answer to our ourselves and God. So you really don’t matter. I mean get a life. Those of you making fun of child don’t cry when you have kids because that comes back to haunt you… Just plain ugliness towards a kid no shame!!!

  • B

    @ERIC: Making fun of a child and retarded children that must make you feel really big in life. You are such an imbecile….