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Katie Couric: Miami Beach with Brooks Perlin!

Katie Couric: Miami Beach with Brooks Perlin!

Katie Couric relaxes on the beach in a bikini with her shirtless boyfriend, entrepreneur Brooks Perlin, on Sunday (January 30) at the Ritz Carlton South Beach in Miami, Fla.

The 54-year-old news anchor shaded herself from the sun with a New York Yankees hat and read some of Stieg Larsson‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo while Brooks, 36, strolled along the beach.

Katie‘s guest appearance on Glee will air on Sunday (February 6) directly after the Super Bowl.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Couric and Brooks Perlin on the beach…

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katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 01
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 02
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 03
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 04
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 05
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 06
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 07
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 08
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 09
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 10
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 11
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 12
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 13
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 14
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 15
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 16
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 17
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 18
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 19
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 20
katie couric miami beach brooks perlin 21

Photos: Splashnewsonline, Fame Pictures
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  • frazzle

    THAT is Katie Couric’s boyfriend?!? FML!!!!

  • nox

    way to o Katie Couric ! x

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Old boring

  • lol


    You wouldn’t even touch the sides, bee d!ck

  • ck_always

    @lol: lmaoooo, what a nice way to start my day

  • blah

    what a beast :) my my… give me some of that :)

  • remember da truth

    LOVE that at 54, a successful woman can get a young, smart successful man who looks like THAT!!!

    Way to go Katie Couric!

  • hungria

    hm, they have nice bodyes, and good muscles!

  • Bojack

    Hope she gets a good sunburn. She’s a box of rocks.

  • Amanda

    Katie, don’t you know that a US puppet regime is about to fall?

  • irishalaman

    Katie really doing all she is mentally capable of..
    Egypt is above her pay grade..
    and besides it’s Arabs and Peace Loving Muslims!
    ..who really cares..
    someone hand me my Burqa!
    Which way is the East?

  • Marcus

    This is too funny. I know guys making minimum wage with better looking girls. This Brooks guy is a joke. More blind than Barbara Streisand’s husband and Bruce Willis’s son.

  • lisali

    Is he fame hungry or something? Cause I don’t see much about Katie to get excited about.

  • maurico

    why would anyone expect anything somewhat intelly from KC other than a good poke at the beach

  • Jahn

    It’s a shame when the “journalist” who CBS throws hundreds of millions at to save their fledgling numbers would rather suntan her cellulite than cover a major international story. I bet she also was in attendance at the Axelrod going away party a few tables away from Barry.

  • Dr. Bombay

    Hi Katie, do you know the world is on fire?

  • http://buzznet chuck

    @remember da truth:
    Maybe her money has something to do with it?

  • DJH

    Bwaaahahahahahaaa… the half wit with no credibility looks like the old snack tray went straight to her hips, I guess her head was already full of fat so it had no where to go.

  • trolling

    Yuck! cellulite and hemorrhoids… he must be in it for the money!

  • Wayne

    The only thing missing from her mouth is a hook. Talk about a case of “bass mouth”. She should be swimming in a lagoon while I cast a fishing lure she can swallow with that “bass mouth”.

  • TGC

    She’s just a stupid bimbo that is paying for an “escort”. She’s a complete waste of space, a joke at her “career”, and I’m sure without paying this guys bills, he wouldn’t be there. Just wait, the next story you hear will be how he was with other women on the side…she’s a loser.

  • DV

    So what if KC is enjoying herself? She’s a news reader – not a journalist or a State Department employee. Duh.

  • Jim in Houston

    She wouldn’t know news if it bit her in her ample butt. She is a liberal stooge.

  • Nick

    Anyone watching anything on SEE BS since Dan Rather’s debacle needs a head examination if they THINK these people even care about anything revolving around the truth.

    these are the same slime riding the crack ho roller coaster of Chuckie Skeezer Sheen on One and Half men, and YES, 8 Ball Chuckie is the half a man….what human slime.

    As for cutesy Katie…….Today show janitor is over her pay grade.

  • Dan

    I’m not a fan of hers, but are newscasters not allowed to take vacations anymore?

  • Principaldad

    Why does anybody care? She’s is a news reader. Are you thinking there isn’t anyone else who can read the news in her place?

  • Morris Berry

    Interesting Katie the Communist tells everyone in the world that bankers and wallstreet exec make to much money all the while she lounges around on the beach letting here 15 million year salary collect interest.

  • Roger Feltersnatch

    Bet she is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  • Flint’s John

    How’s this news? Many already know “America’s Sweetheart” (NBC Today Show marketing at its finest) is actually Green Day’s American Idiot (CBS News at ITS best). Just sayin’.

  • Yankee Fan

    As a life long Yankee fan, I wish she had been wearing a Red Sox hat instead…

  • tom

    I don’t know why CBS people hired her in the first place? I don’t see anything good from this woman, the destryer of pretigous media outlet. She is a liberal democrat activist nothing else I can see differently. She turned, twisted, deceived, even lied on national television a lot of times. My oppinion, If I were her boss, I fired her in just one second. She is not worthy, not to be trusted as an anchoress

  • daveinwyoming

    Who cares? Can’t believe I even looked at this story, what a waste of time…

  • GozieBoy

    Poor, pathetic Katie! Old enough to be his mom, but dumb enough to be his teenage daughter!

  • GetReal

    Katie Couric grow up…..ever since the untimely death of her wonderful husband Jay she has never been the same. As well as the loss of her husband, she lost her mind!!!!!!

  • Katie is Evil

    This is a win-win. An old frazzled has-been hag pays a gay pretty-boy as an escourt for some cheap publicity. She thinks she will get points for being seen with a hot (gay) stud, while he gets paid and will then get beaucoup publicity when he goes public with this scam.

    By the way, the Nile actually IS a river in Egypt, Katie. Thought you should know…

  • jnsesq

    Gosh, what an ace journalist. No wonder she earns so much. HA!

  • tld62

    All the comments about her “boy toy..” NOT the point…..wake up Katie, aren’t you a high power “journalist?” Hardly! Stay on the beach, no worries.

  • zaks5thave


    Rocks do not burn. They just get washed away in the storm.

  • rocky

    my cat eats catfood and his breath smells like fish.

  • Golfendude

    He must enjoy digging into cellulite, eccchhhh!

  • leslie

    Why shouldn’t Katie be out getting her tan? It isn’t like she brings anything to the conversation. She has nothing to add. Maybe the person who writes the script for her to read each night was off.

  • http://n/a dean

    i’m an american an proud to say i don’t know where egypt even is.

  • edsmo

    Katie is farting dust. What is wrong with this mental midget?

  • Anon E. Mouse

    Maybe someone should tell her she is only a new reader. She is a shill for the Dems as she is “reading” the news.

  • Christy C

    Awkward couple! Perhaps this fine-looking chap loves the liberal side of her bias BS…

    It’ll be over soon!

  • rodlang

    At least Katie is putting her money to use and bought herself a boy toy. No wonder Katie is shot up with botox.

  • steve sharkman

    i think i’m gonna throw up.

  • Pete King

    She’s noose worthy.

  • Intheknow

    On vaction while world history in the making? Either that $15 million salary was cut or she’s heading to CNN. All while rating continue to drop.